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03 /30
Say Hello to High-Low Dresses & 5 Reasons to Date a Guy With a Mullet

It’s a party dress in the front and a formal length gown in the back. I’m talking about the high-low trend (aka the mullet dress). Did the high-low dress may stem from all the men fed up with the super comfy, yet somewhat shapeless oversized maxi

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03 /29
How Do You Protect Your Body’s Largest Organ? 3 Summer Sunscreen Secrets

As if dermatologists didn’t hammer it into our sun-loving heads enough, now I am. Tanorexia is a real problem in America. I remember playing tennis in high school thinking it was fun to see how tan I could get my arms, legs and shoulders. Well, my

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03 /26
Meeting Atlantic~Pacific & the Weekend In Instagram

Maybe it’s your favorite movie star, a professional athlete, Madonna, Justin Bieber (jk), Rihanna, etc. who might give you butterflies meeting in person. But as most fashion bloggers might agree, there’s a few at the top who would be inspiring to meet outside the blogosphere. Guys

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03 /22
California Vintage & How Would You Compare to the Retro Housewife?

Mad Men, The Brady Bunch and Leave it to Beaver all have one thing in common; some pretty amazing housewives who keep cool under pressure (for the most part) and know how to sew, cook, etc. Sometimes I daydream about

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03 /19
Jessica Simpson Naming her Daughter What?! 7 “Guy” Name Downsides

“Jerry! Jerry! Jerry…!” I don’t know about you, but I watched Jerry Springer and that final thought every morning during summer vacations in Jr. High. It was during that time, as an insecure teenage girl, I started to notice a disturbing trend. Beyond the cheating and

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