Say Hello to High-Low Dresses & 5 Reasons to Date a Guy With a Mullet

It’s a party dress in the front and a formal length gown in the back. I’m talking about the high-low trend (aka the mullet dress). Did the high-low dress may stem from all the men fed up with the super comfy, yet somewhat shapeless oversized maxi skirts? Where ever this trend originated, I recently found one at Forever 21 and while I wasn’t gaga over the print, it’s a spring style I highly recommend.

I also wanted to share a few of my NEW favorite Spring makeup and hair products along with a recent “Hollywood Dating” scenerio that truly translates to real life relationships…

High-Low dress on a SF windy day –Forever 21 (recent), Gladiator sandals Steve Madden (old)

I’m seeing more & more Coachella chatter on Facebook these days…Are you going?
My little San Franchella setting in the Mission Bay neighborhood
New Spring Faves
1. I’ve been loving this MAC mineral highlighter (Soft&Gentle) (it’s how celebs always have that glow on their cheekbones) 2. New lipgloss called Buxom Lips (Sugar) by Bare Escentuals (has a slight plumping effect that doesn’t sting) & 3. wavy wanna-be Nicole Richie hair curling iron free ~BaByliss Wave Wand

‘Mullet’ Mania

Of course, the mullet is an outdated hairstyle that is more of a Kenny Powers (jokes on him) kind of look these days. But hypothetically speaking, it seems like there are two types of men in this world personality wise. Although I know this is oversimplified, there is the kind of guy who would walk out of the house rocking a mullet and a guy who would never be caught in such a silly look risking the possibility of getting laughed at in public. 

Hollywood: ~ There were photos snapped of Michelle Williams on a date with Jason Segel earlier this week. While people may seem a little surprised by the pairing, it got me thinking about whether most women would want to date a ‘Don Draper’ character for the long term or a Jason Segel Forgetting Sarah Marshall” (serious, but yet a goofball) type? Which leads me to:

5 Reasons to Date a Guy with a ‘Mullet’ Personality
1. You don’t have to be a “comedian.” But if you can laugh at others, please be able laugh at yourself.
2. I asked around a bit and one female friend told me if she’s out and sees a group of guys paying attention to one guy in the group making them all laugh, she’ll take notice of him.
3. Real Housewives of Orange County Case Study ~ If you watch this show, do you notice how Slade (currently dating Gretchen) is a bit of a slimeball, yet perpetually dates housewife after housewife and has them eating out of his hand? He’s fine with the women making fun of him, doesn’t take himself too seriously, and recently wore a mullet to their 80’s party and had them all cracking up laughing (except for Vicki).
4. Post Grad Comedy School? I have a friend who actually wanted to increase his comedic qualities, so he took comedy courses (although he didn’t need it as he’s quite charming & funny in his own way)
5. There are all kinds of temperaments and men shouldn’t try to be someone they’re not. But just remember, in the long term, a fun-loving personality goes a lot farther than a six-pack for most women. Unless you’re Kim Kardashian 😉

Details by Dale

SavvySpice+High+Low+Dresses+ +San+Francisco+Ca

Leather jacket ~ United Colors of Benetton, Jewelry- F21, leather clutch – Vintage Crossroads Trading Co., Nail Polish ~ Sinful Colors (Cinderella & Hazard). Stylist to the Stars & E!’s Fashion Police judge George Kotsiopoulos considers leopard print a neutral, (not sure I agree) but I threw it in mixing up patterns & colors.

Did you watch the season premiere of MadMen? Don’s new wife throws him a surprise birthday bash and serenades him singing in front of all his friends. Not only is he unamused, he’s completely embarrassed by her and visibly uncomfortable when the guys in the office made fun of him. I totally get the appeal of Jon Hamm’s character, but would you really want to be married to him?

Do you like the high-low dress trend this Spring and are you more of a Don Draper, Jason Segel, or a combo? simple smile

Have a great weekend,

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How Do You Protect Your Body’s Largest Organ? 3 Summer Sunscreen Secrets

As if dermatologists didn’t hammer it into our sun-loving heads enough, now I am. Tanorexia is a real problem in America. I remember playing tennis in high school thinking it was fun to see how tan I could get my arms, legs and shoulders. Well, my teenage tanning determination paid off and the other day I noticed a few sunspots atop my shoulders. Oops!

I’d never judge a sun worshiper; after all in college I dabbled in tanning beds and laid out with my roomies marinating in baby oil. However, there came a point when I quit the “Sun” cold turkey (unless it’s a healthy Vitamin-D dose) in fear of turning into a Magda mini-me. Plus, the risk of skin cancer scared me. I know some people are lucky and tan easily, but I still recommend daily sun protection on some level to everyone.

I shared my favorite sunscreen products a year ago, and now I want to give you an updated list:

Goodbye Cabo San Lucas laying-out-all-afternoon-lobster-tan Days

My Three Favorite 2012 Sunscreens~ 


My current favorite daily sunscreen I put on my face, neck, and hands every morning is Neutrogena Sheer Liquid. It’s super light weight, works for men and women, and doesn’t cause break outs. I’ve read as long as it’s SPF30 it’s fine and doesn’t need to be higher, but this happens to be SPF 70. You can find it here for $12.99

Savvy+Spice+fashion+blog,+Smashbox+SPF+15+primer,+makeup+primer,+skin+secret 6

After the Neutrogena Sheer Liquid, I apply this Smashbox Photofinish primer SPF 15. I recommend makeup primers for all women who wear makeup because it helps your favorite cosmetics last all day and go on smoother. Since I use a daily primer anyway, the SPF is just an added bonus. Smashbox Photofinish SPF 15 full size $42.00 here or sample size here for $17.00


Sunglasses with UV protection are always nice. Also, I first heard about Colorscience 5 years ago when Cameron Diaz said she loved this powder sunscreen. There are multiple shades and I use the “Medium Perfectly Clear” color. The mineral feel is perfect for oily or combination skin, plus it’s SPF 30. It lasts me about 5 months if I use it everyday before I discovered the Neutrogena. Price $50 here

Corona+ +Hawaii+ +Savvy+Spice+fashion+blog
Enjoy your summer vacays & spring break. 
And Please sunbathe responsibly 😉

Photo ~ Hawaii Sunset Summer ’10

The easiest way to remind yourself to apply sunscreen each day is to have it in front of you, ie, your bathroom, makeup box, purse, golf-bag, at the office, in your car, etc. It’s never too late to start using sunscreen either. The 3 products I mentioned are by far the most lightweight simple ways to wear sunscreen without feeling like it’s caked on, but I’m constantly trying new ones so I’ll always keep you updated.

Do you try to wear sunscreen daily and if so, what are your favorite brands?

I’ll be back Friday with a Coachella/San Fran hybrid outfit post…



Meeting Atlantic~Pacific & the Weekend In Instagram

Maybe it’s your favorite movie star, a professional athlete, Madonna, Justin Bieber (jk), Rihanna, etc. who might give you butterflies meeting in person. But as most fashion bloggers might agree, there’s a few at the top who would be inspiring to meet outside the blogosphere. Guys I know do not understand this at all, but I was definitely excited to meet uber fashionista and the creator of one of my favorite style blogs, Blair of Atlantic~Pacific, for a few minutes at the store opening of Alice+Olivia in San Francisco last Thursday.
Here’s a little collage below by the clothing company, The City Supply Co. after its CEO, Wallace the pup, tagged along for the store opening. Wallace seemed less than enthralled with the meeting trying to wiggle out of my arms. But like I said, guys just don’t ‘get’ fashion blogging behind-the-scenes. 😉
Weekender In Instagram…
I also just got my first iPhone ever (not a big deal, I know) but I had to take Instagram for a whirl. I’m learning, but here’s a recap of pics I snapped and filtered in Instagram over the last few days. 
(I recommend this App to everyone. It’s fun, easy and makes any pic a little edgy.)
Filet Mignon Friday ~ My New Favorite Steakhouse in SF ~ Alexander’s
ca2371ac778011e180c9123138016265 6
Dinner apparel in Forever 21 fashion finds ~ Gold Metallic skirt (old) & Zebra ring (new)
‘Pimp’n Aint Easy’ ~ A real one walking down Market St. Friday afternoon
Birthday Celebration for one of my best friend’s, Whitney, in Berkeley Saturday night
Late Night Tennis ~ Un-winding from the weekend. Nail polish (Sinful Colors – Neon Fusion)
Tennis in my sometimes lucky neon Nikes

Philz Coffee (My fave in SF)~ Greater Alarm with cream & sugar ~ Monday morning pick-me-up

Mini+globe+ +Savvy+Spice+fashion+blog

It’s a Small World Afterall ~ I keep this mini globe at my desk to make sure I know where places are I hear about on the news. I recommend it to everyone who is geographically challenged like myself.

San Francisco lunch time stroll around the Embarcadero ~Bay Bridge

If you use Instagram, do you like it? 
Let me know if you do and I’ll follow you. simple smile

I recently discovered Lauren & her super-cute blog ThreePinkDots (she could design blogs for a living). She just feautured me in her “What’s in her Bag” post. So after I cleaned out all the TJMaxx receipts, pennies and candy wrappers, here’s a peak into the essentials I stash into my purse almost every day. Thanks Lauren!

Hope you had a great weekend.
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California Vintage & How Would You Compare to the Retro Housewife?

Mad Men, The Brady Bunch and Leave it to Beaver all have one thing in common; some pretty amazing housewives who keep cool under pressure (for the most part) and know how to sew, cook, etc. Sometimes I daydream about what it would be like to be transplanted into that role and era, but the thought of a table full of kids complaining about another dinner of choking down SPAM instantly snaps me back to reality.

However, I love creating retro restorations and altering vintage dresses, but I can’t sew a lick. Every time I switch up a 60’s or 70’s dress, I consider it a K~DIY (Kinda Do-It-Yourself) project. I find a dress and decide if there’s anyway to change it, then I cross my fingers and hope my affordable Bay Area seamstress, Grace at Lux Cleaners, can work her magic. These projects can be extremely inexpensive as well (total cost of the dress in this post~ $10 vintage dress at Clothes Contact, $7 dry cleaning, $20 alterations ~Total $37).

Here’s my most recent K~DIY belowI tweeted this pre-altered before pic of the shapeless bright 60’s vintage dress (right before it went under the scissors) that I’m wearing here:

Watermelon hues & bubblegum backgrounds ~ Yay! Spring is here and bright bold colors are everywhere.

My Vintage Restoration Rules~ 
1. Look for “in style” details. I liked the long sleeve and high neckline aspect of this dress. 
2. I try to pair vintage dresses with trendy accessories. I feel like wearing an entirely vintage outfit head to toe is a little much. I went with these silver metallic heels & purse. 
3. Accept It won’t be perfect. The material of vintage dresses are often thick or may have weird lines, but try to alter it as best you can. It important your tailor is honest whether they can make changes or not. I had this dress taken in on the sides and shortened. This eliminated the belt loops so I could place the belt a little higher. What are your rules of wearing vintage?

There are endless murals & houses painted in every color of the rainbow in San Francisco.
Side street in SOMA SF near 8th & Folsom St.

Highlights & Lipstick~ I pulled my hair up in a messy bun in an attempt to hide my roots & tried out my new fave MAC lipliner & lipstick combo~ “In Anticipation” & Sheen Supreme lipstick “Gotta Bash”

“The Good Wife’s Guide” Housekeeping Monthly ~ May 1955
Here were the top tips for being a “good wife” back then

~”Have Dinner ready. Plan ahead, even the night before, to have a delicious meal ready, on time for his return. This is a way of letting him know that you have been thinking about him and are concerned about his needs…”
~”Prepare Yourself. Take 15 minutes to rest so you’ll be refreshed when he arrives. Touch up your make-up, put a ribbon in your hair and be fresh looking…”
~ “Be a little gay and a little more interesting for him. His boring day may need a lift and one of your duties  is to provide it.”
~ “Clear away the clutter. Make one last trip through the main part of the house just before your husband arrives.”

Uh, wow! Thoughts? 😉 

Details by Dale
Heels ~ Versace for H&M, dress- No label (Clothes Contact in SF’s Mission District), ring~F21
Nail polish ~ Sally Hansen Insta-Dri (Lively Lilac & Petal Pusher), faux snakeskin clutchrecent TJMAXX no label

I’m glad times have changed because unless my future husband is cool with microwave baked potatoes and take-n-bake pizzas, that guide just wouldn’t fly. But to think that “The Real Housewives” franchise is now the glorified “housewife,” shows maybe it’s gone too far.

Also….For the Guys~As Mad Men fans know, the new season premieres this Sunday and for any man who has understandably daydreamed about a day in Don Draper’s shoes, you’ll need to start with a stiff drink and  a well tailored suit like this post featuring my brother.

Do you enjoy vintage shopping or is it too much work worrying about alterations?

Have a great weekend! 

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Jessica Simpson Naming her Daughter What?! 7 “Guy” Name Downsides

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry…!” I don’t know about you, but I watched Jerry Springer and that final thought every morning during summer vacations in Jr. High. It was during that time, as an insecure teenage girl, I started to notice a disturbing trend. Beyond the cheating and cousin stealing; it seemed that every week there were multiple unsavory male guests in their 30’s or 40’s with the name, “Dale.” By highschool, I was fed up with my Nascar guy name and decided to change it. I barged into the livingroom and told my parents I wanted a girly name. There were two options: 1. Change the spelling to “Dayle” which looked more feminine to me or 2. Change it altogether to something ending in ‘Y’.

As I stormed off, my mom chimed in, “Well Dale, your middle name Janeé is very feminine. It has an accent mark and it’s French,” she said.“Really?” I asked, unaware of the accent. We weren’t French, but that sounded kinda cool and fancy. A little more Waldorf’ Astoria and less Sam Walton; so I dropped the name change idea.

Fast forward a decade. I recently looked at my birth certificate after losing my passport and discovered the accent on the ‘e’ was drawn on with a Sharpie! They probably added it right after that highschool fight and while briefly annoyed, there could be worse family secrets. Now moving on to a very pregnant Jessica Simpson.

Jessica+Simpson+pregnant+ +baby+names,+picking+guys+names+for+women
Photo via

From Jayden, Madison, Taylor, Jordan and Morgan; unisex names are popular. It was rumored last week that Jessica Simpson is going to name her new daughter, “Maxwell.” There was also a story this month on the Today Show about whether more parents are increasingly regretting their kids’ names. Often, it seems parents regret picking a name hard to pronounce, spell, or choosing a name so common that 5 other kids in their class have the same one.

Whether you’re having a child soon or picking a name for a baby girl in the future, here’s 7 drawbacks to having a predominantly male name:

1. I get mail every week titled “Mr. Dale…”
2. I have to require special notes on accounts that I’m a female (like cell phones, cable bills, etc.) so when I call in the customer service rep gives me access.
3. My identity was stolen in college by a 60-year-old man in Visalia, CA who collected disability checks for years using my name before anyone noticed
4. I get letters from the AARP and a membership application nearly every month
5. I constantly get accusatory or weird looks from sales associates thinking they caught me with a stolen credit card at stores. They look at my card and say “Your name is Dale? Can I please see your picture ID?” If I was a guy, I don’t even think they’d check.
6. I hear “that’s a guy name” or “I’ve never met a woman named Dale” multiple times a week
7. Since Dale Evans, (famous female country singer in the 40’s & 50’s) TV Shows & movies never have female characters named “Dale” and males with the name fit a certain mold. Please see below…

SavvySpiceCollage 0319122%5B1%5D
From left to right: Dale Earnhardt Jr., clip from the Jerry Springer Show, Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, Seth Rogan as “Dale Denton” in Pineapple Express and John C. Reily as “Dale” in Stepbrothers

Celebrities change their names all the time and give their newborns unheard of monikers while they’re at it. I’m a fan of unisex names and I’m fine with mine now, although I’m keeping that accent mark. If you’re going through something like this with your daughter or son, keep a Sharpie pen on hand because having a less common name can have upsides too.

I’ve met a lot of people who go by nicknames, their middle name, or changed it for various reasons at some point in their life so this seems to be more common than I thought.

Did you ever go through a stage when you didn’t like your name and did you change it or go by something new?
Hope you had a great St. Patty’s Day weekend! simple smile


Spring Trending~Peplum, Polka Dots & America’s Pastime

Batter Up! Spring 2012 has some seriously stylish trends including polka dots and peplum, both worth taking a swing at before they’re “so last season.” A few weeks ago during an unseasonably warm winter day, I took a brisk walk outside the home of the San Francisco Giants. The sailboats were out in the bay around AT&T Park and I could already smell the anticipation of opening day.

In case you could care less about major league baseball, spring training is about to wrap and the season will officially start in just a couple weeks. I’ll share why adding a pop of peplum and polka dots into your wardrobe, along with going to a few games, should be at the top of your priority fun-list this spring.

I don’t usually wear so many items from the same store, but as most semi shopaholics know, blackouts happen. I saw the red pants, then the top, then the hat on a recent visit to H&M and had to have them all.
(Stella & Dot earrings)

Polka Dots are More Fun Now than Ever Before: They’ve been hot since last year and never truly go out of style. But now you can wear polka dots in all different shapes, sizes, colors and then mix the patterns or even pair them with stripes.
Nautical heels by the bay.
When in doubt picking an outfit in the morning, nautical is classic for men & women. Navy blue, red, white, stripes, gold detail…go for it. simple smile These heels are cheapo’s from Footsies Shoe Warehouse in Orange County.
Peplum is one of the most versatile and flattering trends for women right now. Why? Because it can instantly alter and enhance your figure based on where the peplum detail is placed. If you want to accentuate a small waist, you can wear a peplum top. If you want to create more curves, you can wear a dress or skirt with peplum near the hip area. You can create a shorter or longer torso simply based on what part of the shirt has the trendy “p” detail.

‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game…’

Dale+Steliga+ +Savvy+Spice

“Baseball was, is and always will be to me the greatest game in the world”Babe Ruth

Sailboats at AT&T park.  In just a few weeks, homerun balls will be flying into this water. 

Not a baseball fan?
Games can be a truly memorable time, but if you need to get in the mood, I recommend Netflixing A League of their OwnThe Sandlot, and Field of Dreams. You may get invited to a game soon with friends, on a work outing or a date. Or you may have kids who play softball and baseball and they’ll want you to go to their games. 

Here’s my top 3 tips to enjoy yourself and get slightly invested in America’s pastime.
1. Know Baseball Basics ~ (3 strikes, 9 innings, 3 outs, 7th Inning stretch, cute MLB players, homeruns, etc.) It will make the game more entertaining if you have a general idea of what’s going on and a favorite player to cheer on throughout the season.
2. Ballpark Tardiness ~ It’s tough to sit through 9 whole innings. If you’re on a date, suggest a pre-game drink or appetizers. This can easily shave off two innings. Unless it’s a playoff game, you’ve traveled over an hour to get there, or you have seats behind home plate, a guy shouldn’t care too much. If he freaks out and has to get there for batting practice (ie super early), I’d consider that a red flag.
3. Sunflower Seed Situation ~ If you’re with friends or in a long term relationship, get crackin’. Sunnies are surprisingly addicting and make the game pass by much faster. But if you’re on a first date, I recommend skipping them. A smile full of David’s plastered across your chompers or a chipmunk cheek full of seeds can get tricky when you’re trying to chat. (P.S. – Best seeds are Frito Lay salted)
Top & red pants (recent) ~H&M, watch ~ Michael Kors (similar here), handbag ~ Jason Wu for Target, ring~ F21, Bracelet & Necklaces ~ Stella & Dot (Please contact my Stella & Dot Stylist Courtney for more)
Photos By Thomas Delgado

Which are you more excited about; peplum, polka dots or going to baseball games this Spring? simple smile

Speaking of sports, I was on the ‘Miller on Sports’ sports talk radio show out of Jacksonville Florida 1600 AM with host, Richard Miller this afternoon. We discussed women’s ‘sporty’ fashion and what’s fun, fashionable and still comfortable to wear to major league basketball and baseball games to avoid looking outrageous like Kim Kardashian sitting courtside in real fur. Thanks Richard ~ @MillerOnSports

AND Thank you for all the support on my first Youtube video. I really appreciate the feedback simple smile
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