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The Pippa Effect ~ 5 Tips to Dress Revealing without Showing Too Much

Do you remember the royal wedding last April and more importantly, which sister’s dress can you vividly picture in your head right now? If you’re thinking Pippa, you’re not alone. People around the world couldn’t stop talking about Pippa in her flattering, form fitted white bridesmaid dress and there was an insane amount of press specifically buzzing about her backside. As many women know when it comes to revealing clothing, whether you’re covered or showing skin, there’s a fine line between sexy and Snooki (who I just learned is preggers btw. Yikes!).

And speaking of Pippa, my friend Gigi and I were shopping a few months ago and spotted a long sleeve lace dress at H & M. We both bought it and she noticed Pippa wearing a lace H & M dress almost identical. The same photo of Pippa was just featured a couple days ago in my supermarket weakness, InTouch Magazine.

I wore the white lace dress a week ago on a SF hill lined with pastel painted homes. I carefully applied my personal “revealing clothes” rules and hopefully Pippa & Princess Kate would approve~

1. Long Sleeve Dresses = Conservative
Dale+Steliga+ +Savvy+Spice+fashion+blog+ long+sleeve+lace+H&M+dress+34.95+nude+heels+Stella+&+Dot+necklace
 They’re a popular trend right now and if you’re totally covered on top, you can show more leg (bare or in tights). The same is true with the reverse showing more skin on top if you’re wearing a longer skirt or pants.
2. Tone down MakeUp & Accessories
Nicki+Minaj+lipstick+for+MAC+ +Dale+Steliga+Savvy+Spice+blog+ +natural+makeup 
I was so excited when my friend Courtney who is a Stella & Dot stylist here in the Bay Area let me shop her collection and wear this Contessa Jade Necklace. I loved the contrast with the lace dress. I also used Nicki Minaj Viva Glam Nicki MAC lipstick, but made it subtle with a light gloss. Check out Stella & Dot here or for questions, email Courtney at courtneyjheinze@gmail.com

3. Take the Proper Precautions
Dale+Steliga+ +San+Francisco+hills
If you’re wearing any outfit remotely revealing and there’s any chance you might slip, fall, or flash more than a smile; plan accordingly with the appropriate undergarments. In this day in age, you don’t have to be a celebrity or a royal princess to have a creeper post a photo of you on the Internet.
4. Going Nude is Still in Style
Dale+Steliga+ pastel+painted+houses+in+San+Francisco+Potrero+Hill
I’ve posted about nude and neutral heels in the past and I could have worn other options, but nude heels are a great understated choice for dresses and skirts in all colors and patterns. Plus, they lengthen legs and put the focus on your outfit.
Baby+Hills+in+San+Francisco+CA+ +Potrero+Hill
Potrero Hill neighborhood~These are baby San Francisco hills but they’re still awful in heels.
Photos by Thomas Delgado Photography
SavvySpiceCollage Dale+Steliga+fashion+blog,+twisted+5+minute+sideswept+hair+style
5. Don’t Forget about the Hair
How you style your hair is a big part of completing your look and I just discovered this quick style a few weeks ago when I read twists are the new braids for 2012. If you noticed on the Oscars red carpet, side swept hair was a hot trend on stars from Stacy Keibler to Maya Rudolph, but it’s too fancy for day time. I wanted a more carefree casual style for this dress.
Three Minute Hairstyle~Here’s what I did:
A. Brush all of your hair to one side
B. Take a small outer section and twist it around to create a loose side ponytail using your own hair as the hairband icon smile
C. Use a few bobby pins and hairspray to keep it in place.
Bonus: I’m also wearing Salon Perfect lashes (#53) that still look natural during the day.
I used this little faux flower clip to help keep it in place and hide a bobby.
What are your “revealing clothes” rules? I’ve noticed everyone has their own and rules vary widely between me, my friends, my mom and of course guys have their own opinions?
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    I love this dress!!!
    kisses from prague and seattle

  • rooth

    Dale – love the heels! I have a soft spot in my heart for nude heels but I can’t find the perfect ones.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15994112162655490024 Dale Janeé

      Thanks Rooth, These are Steve Madden and they seem to have a good selection of shades. I try to pick ones closest to my skin tone :)

  • Kaitlin Mattingly

    that dress is gorgeous.
    i love the fabric.

    xo kaitlin

  • Rhonda

    Great tips! I wish you could do a seminar for some of the women that live here in memphis

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15994112162655490024 Dale Janeé

      Haha, thanks Rhonda. Maybe…one day I’ll be in Memphis ;)

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08924396615802852094 Studying with Stilettos

    i love that dress! it goes great with the nude heels! lovely post! xo


  • Emily

    absolutely wonderful post! need. the. dress.

  • Asta

    great tips. showing skin doesn’t always means sexy. it all depends on how you are wearing the clothes. i always wear a tank underneath sheer top and such. i want to look and feel comfortable. take care.


    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15994112162655490024 Dale Janeé

      Yea, I definitely do the under tank a lot too Asta :)

  • Ashley

    Oh. my. GOD. you look amazing in that dress, I love it! The hairstyle goes perfectly with it, too! Now I’m going to frantically search everywhere to see if I can find a dress that looks like this hahahaa! :) I love the Middleton girls’ fashion. So classy and sexy at the same time. Great post, Dale!


    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15994112162655490024 Dale Janeé

      Thank you Ashley…they may still have it or at least something similar especially for Spring. Love H&M sometimes! If you can’t find it, just borrow mine :)

    • Ashley

      Thanks, girl! You are so sweet.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15159984688050901200 Bre

    These care great rules. A friend of mine has a similar dress from Free People and I love it. I look so bad in though! Very sad. YOu pull it off VERY well I love the hair so thanks for sharing the “how to.”

  • andrea

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog!! I love this dress! And very classy!


  • Caitie

    obsessed with that dress, you look marvelous!


  • Jess

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment. Gorgeous dress and your necklace is simple yet stunning.

    I am now following you on twitter too :-)


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04722272263247629635 Abi Tottenham-Smith

    great post and tips, you look gorgeous xx

  • http://absolutelyfaaabulous.wordpress.com/ absolutelyfaaabulous

    Ahahah.. love love love this post! Hum.. dont know about my ‘revealing clothes’ rules. I guess yes I like to wear an open shirt or V thirt showing off just what it should.. and yet look all very innocent. Haven’t visit lot in a while but will definitely try to come back more often. xx from MIlan


    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15994112162655490024 Dale Janeé

      Thanks so much for stopping by :)

  • pinkmate

    Great photos! I love the color of this ensemble’



  • Leslie

    Loving the nudes! The dress is gorgeous – so feminine. Very nice accessories as well!

    enjoy your day,

  • Sehar Bique

    The dress is gorgeous!! But that hairstyle is just superb!! Love it! Love it!!


    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15994112162655490024 Dale Janeé

      Thanks Sehar!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11563416318284349379 Heidi

    I love love love your outfit! It’s so chic but at the same time simple. AND you look GORGEOUS!!

    Check my blog and see how you can DIY your own Jeffrey Campbell Tick wedges :)

    xx Heidi Caterina

  • Jhomaira Agüero

    you look so cute, so pretty your dress! thanks for comment and follow me! i like your blog too so i am following you! xoxo from egypt.


  • http://french-grey.com French Grey

    Thanks for following my blog and I appreciate your comment! I totally agree with your revealing rules. I have an eyelet dress just like this from last year, although not as short. There must be an age appropriate rule too (I’m 48). Love the nude heels, but can’t find a pair that fits without slipping even with all the inserts suggested. Probably shouldn’t do both anyways (age ?). How about with tights and boots to transition to spring?
    Looking forward to following you,

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15994112162655490024 Dale Janeé

      Yea, I totally understand, this is on the short side, but could easily be worn over tights and with boots. LIke Pippa’s look when she wore this dress with boots and a blazer. Especially since it’s still winter now. I actually wore it last week with dark tights and it worked and was much easier to sit down too. hehe…Thanks for stopping by Cindy. :)

    • http://french-grey.com French Grey

      Thanks Dale, didn’t see the picture of Pippa so appreciate the idea!! Gonna wear it tomorrow with grey tights, brown riding boots and a blazer! Cute hair, may have to totally steal your idea! After all, as the saying goes, imitation….
      Btw, you rock the short dress!!
      Have a great day,

  • FAshiOnistA ErA

    great look! love the lace dress! just came across your blog..really nice

    Dont miss my HARVEY PRINCE PERFUME Worldwide giveaway :)

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15994112162655490024 Dale Janeé

      Thanks, I’m so glad you found it :)

  • Steffi

    I love the pop of colour the necklace gives.

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  • MosaMuse

    very informative post. i like the name of ur blog!

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15994112162655490024 Dale Janeé

      Thanks MosaMuse :) I appreciate the feedback

  • Morbid Angel

    So pretty outfit!!! Love ur blog…Following u now hun….I’d love it,if u’d follow back as well. ;)

  • Sunny & Star

    You look so stunning. I love your dress and I think your tips are fabulous. I cannot get over how pretty your hair is and the flower is a beautiful detail.

  • Justine

    such a great idea. so true! You look amaze!



  • Rachel {Da Paura ♥}

    Truly such great tips! It really seems like exposing a lot of leg is a lot more widely accepted as classy than exposing cleavage. I think it depends on how top-heavy one is though, because I have noticed that more flat-chested women are considered very chic and elegant with a lot of chest exposed or a very low neck. Your look is so gorgeous here and just the right amount of skin. The heels are perfect with the outfit and I just adore that necklace! You look amazing.


    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15994112162655490024 Dale Janeé

      Thanks Rachel and I’m so glad you reminded me about that because I was thinking the other day how it’s so true that smaller chested women can definitely get away with showing more cleavage like Rihanna, Kate Hudson and JLO. I think it’s kinda cool, because a lot of women with a fuller chest would be showing too much in a super low cut dress. Thanks so much for you nice comments :) ~Dale

  • Agyness Nilsson Zackrisson

    Your hair is amazing! your blog is so nice :)

    xx Love from London

  • The Love Hanger

    I definitely think of Pippa when I think of the royal wedding. Although Kate looked extremely gorgeous. I love both of them. :) Love your dress too. Very retro fit to it and I think you made it look totally modern. <3


  • Vivi K

    Wow, you certainly know a lot about how to dress beautifully! Love your outfit and hair, it looks wonderful!


  • Alexa

    I love your dress! Those sleeves are amazing!


  • christine

    um, yes! love lace and love your look! adorable! :) have a great weekend!


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/05170121184181319911 Fash Boulevard

    GASP! Not only is this post flawlessly put together and filled with amazing advice, you look simple stunning. Obsessed with your hair in this post. All the little details are fabulous. thanks for sharing, love. xo


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  • http://marionberrystyle.blogspot.com/ Marionberry Style

    As always, you look gorgeous and I agree 100% with your style rules! It’s so important to consider the smaller details to your look (make-up, shoes, etc.) when wearing a style that is a bit more revealing. Otherwise, you could end-up on Fashion Police’s “Starlet or Streetwalker!” lol!

    XO – Marion

  • Anja

    Hey dear

    Very great post, i love it! Thank you o much for the lovely comment. Do you know the Marni at H&M Kollekton? I was allowed in the H&M showroom Zürich to look at the collection. All photos are on my blog. How do you like our collection?

    <3 Anja


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    following your lovely, well structured and interesting [certainly a reflection of your personality] blog! I’m your new follower as well and wish you lots of success!!!

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  • Kalypso

    My revealing rules are based on my body. I like my legs but I have really skinny upper part of my body. So I think this H&M dress is just for me! I go for short lengths and I cover my upper part or reveal my back.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/00915057472772351418 Lisa

    omgosh heart this post dale!! you look so pretty and sweet in that dress and i love that you added the pop of green with the necklace!! your hair is SOOO adorable like that.. i’m soo so going to try that!

    thanks for tweeting my giveaway dale you are so sweet :)!!

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    If I take OOTD pictures of myself, I shoot like 50 photos and choose like 5 out
    of them. Mostly: entire body pictures, a few detail shots, from my back and sides~


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    Wow, this is totally photoshoot ready – Pretty much perfect. Love the nude heals – I will forever choose patent nude over colored heels.

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    In the last years, because of the crisis (I think) many women stopped dressing in a work appropriate way, and go to work dressed in the most casual clothes one can imagine.. I think now, thankfully, people are starting to care again! And I hope there are many people out there reading your blog as well and re-thinking their working outfits!


  • Vonae Deyshawn

    First and foremost, I love your lace dress! So cute. I have a similar rule. If I have on a leggy dress or shorts, I always make sure I cover up on top. Wearing a revealing top and bottom is a total no no. Total Snooki style! I also agree with you on the nude heels. I totally love them and will never remove them from my collection. Be careful on those hills. LOL.

    Vonae Deyshawn

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