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Full House Fashion Finds! It’s Time to Scope Out Your Parent’s Wardrobe

When I grew up, not only did I live in a full house, I had three dads. My real dad and then my Full House dads, Danny Tanner and Uncle Joey. John Stamos was way too cute to be considered anything other than a crush as I’m sure millions of young Uncle Jesse fans and their moms would agree. Watching Full House in the 90’s is a distant memory now, but I’ll never forget one scene in particular during the show’s intro. DJ, Stephanie, Michelle and their ‘dads’ were all playing in San Francisco’s Alamo Square park in front of a street lined with Victorian homes called the “Painted Ladies.”

Yesterday, my sister and I stopped by this same spot with some friends relaxing on Presidents Day. I took some pics of her wearing a fashion find that’s actually from my dad’s wardrobe. Hint: It’s not the sheer pleated maxi skirt.

 My sister, Jody, and the famous Painted Ladies
As I help fix her collar, I want to mention this Levi’s jacket. My dad’s wardrobe consists of commemorative T-shirts from 5K runs along with Nike sweatshirts my siblings and I wore in Jr High. Recently, my mom asked me to organize their closet and weed through their clothes and what did I find? This vintage Levi Strauss denim jacket he wore in college. Score! 
Jody in this Wilster maxi skirt and Wallace, our neighborhood pup
Reason #98 why women LOVE maxi skirts: Super windy days are no match for them!
Wallace was actually here on a shoot for his SF based apparel company The City Supply Co.

Nothin’ says ‘California Girl’ like wavy beach curls & a pair of aviator shades

Random Sidenote~ I ran into Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner) in a coat check line at a club in SF 5 years ago. I was more star struck than seeing a mega celeb because I grew up with her on TV, but I contained myself. She alluded to the fact she wasn’t supposed to be drinking as she was going through a messy divorce. A year later, she was on the cover of People magazine after marrying a new guy, having a baby and admitting to her battle with a meth addiction. Despite growing with 3 supportive TV dads, child stars sure have a rough time in life. 🙁

Details by Dale

crop top sweater~H&M recent, jacket~Levi’s, maxi skirt~Wilster (old), oxfords~Bamboo,  rings/necklace~F21, watch~Michael Kors, nails~OPI ‘Gargantuan Green Grape’

UPDATE- After many comments on this skirt, I wanted to share a couple similar pleated maxi skirts I found on my rewardStyle account:
Deep Purple Sparkle & Fade Maxi $59.95 here
or Alice + Olivia purple pleated Maxi $396 here

While I was happily surprised to find this denim gem from my dad’s college days; there’s a few other reasons to check your parent’s past statement makers. Guys may find old suits, jackets or even pocket watches from their dad’s or grandpa’s wardrobe they can have altered for a new classic look. Women can find handbags, jewelry, flirty retro dresses or sweaters perfect with a maxi skirt or to pair with a bit of peplum. I know I’ll be saving tons of my clothes for my future daughters some day, and in the mean time I loan them all to my sister. 🙂

Have you ever found a fashion treasure from your parent’s past wardrobe?

Also, I want to say Thank You to Abby of SoCal Sophisticate for her touching feature of my ‘Curiousity’ post on her blog. And thank you to Juneli from Fashionable Yours  for giving me the ‘Versatile Blogger Award.’ I really appreciate the support 🙂

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  1. I love the vintage Denim jacket from your Dad’s wardrobe! I wish my Dad had some stuff to give me, but he definitely didn’t save any of his cool stuff! LOL! I love the maxi skirt and the sweater too! Great post! I can’t believe you ran into Jodi Sweetin during that time when she was very messed up! Yikes! xx


  2. My parents rarely kept their old clothes from the 90’s and the 80’s. I wish that my mom did keep some of her old clothes. Granted I do borrow my mom’s bags and some clothes today. I love Full House. The Olsen twins were my idols when I was a little girl.

  3. CameronPoe2409 says:

    Fab pictures, sadly my dad died a couple of years ago but me and my sisters have some items of his to keep and I wore his silver bracelet when I got married so I had something of his on the day. I have been ‘shopping in my mum’s wardrobe’ and have some earrings and bags from the late seventies/early eighties that I use. xx

  4. Blondie's Journal says:

    My dad had some well worn cardigans that ! used to wear over Bruce Springsteen tee’s and jeans! Sometimes I belted them and wore them with cowboy boots! Great post…love the pictures of the Tanner’s old neighborhood!


  5. love the look! great idea, wearing dad’s clothes and i bet it really comfortable….


  6. Great outfit! There’s nothing good in my dad’s closet, except for the awesome Budwiser shirt my grandma made him that I stole and LONG time ago. 🙂

    I love the Painted Ladies!

  7. CottonCandyINK says:

    great photos, love the long skirt

  8. that skirt just dominates! 🙂

  9. Everything about this post is adorable X

  10. Vonae Deyshawn says:

    What a great outfit and post! I love that deep red maxi skirt. Did you mention where it was from? Maybe I missed it. I love the idea of going into your parents closet to find old fashions to make new. I love getting vintage jewelry that way. For my wedding my mom gave me this amazing vintage bauble bracelet from the 1950’s as my something old. Absolutely adorable!

    Vonae Deyshawn

    • Hi Vonae, Yea I love the skirt too, I added it in there again but it’s a clothing company called Wilster. Vintage jewelry is so fun, your 50’s bracelet sounds beautiful!

  11. Great find! I’m ALWAYS in my mom’s closet!! everytime something comes back in style I know I can count on my mom’s closet to find some sort of version because she keeps practically everything and she gets excited when I find something in there… I took a faux fur coat from her, and just this past weekend I took a necklace that looked like those chain ones that are really trendy right now…

    great pics! I’ve always wanted to go there!! I always wondered how they fit so many people in Full House and how uncle Jesse was able to make an apartment for him, Becky and the twins out of the attic! lol

    • haha Pau, I never thought of that. SF houses are way too small to cram an entire fam in an attic. LOL You’ll have to let me know for sure if you’re able to visit here

  12. Kaitlin Mattingly says:

    this look is so pretty on you.
    i love the pretty maxi skirt. and your nails are darling

    xo kaitlin

  13. Awesome pics!! Is that a papillon?? I just put a deposit on a 4 week old papillon the other day 🙂 I’ve totally raided my dad’s sweater collection…this past fall it was awesome, what with fair isle print being back in vogue!!

  14. So gorgeous! The skirt is perfect.

    Love from South Africa


  15. Your sis AND Wallace are so California Chic!

  16. the jacket looks sooo good with the skirt! very pretty pictures! awesome look for a windy San Francisco day 🙂 I recently acquired a pair of my mom’s white vintage cowboy boots from the 80s like a month ago, and I wear them all the time! Love shopping in her closet hahahaa


  17. Sunny & Star says:

    You look amazing. I love your flowy pleated skirt paired with the denim jacket. Everything looks so pretty in my photos.

  18. What Sadie Did says:

    Great styling with your sister – and the doggy is too cute!
    When I was growing up my mum let me wear her long fitted leather coat – oh I felt the bees knees in it!! And my nan recently gave me some vintage beads so that I could make jewellery with them – well some of them I couldn’t dream of breaking up and have held onto them to wear myself! I love hand me downs!

    Sadie xx

  19. dreaming en francais says:

    Such a beautiful outfit! And that’s definitely a spot I want to visit sometime soon! xo


  20. LifeStyle Journal says:

    Very interesting post and amazing beautiful photography!
    I love the background on the photos.
    Very nice place!
    Have a wonderful day!

  21. OMG, obsessed with Full House… still watch reruns until this day!
    Love the shoot you and your sister had. I always make sure to stop there when I’m in the Bay.. soooo nice and just love the view!


  22. I love your little doggy’s sweater and those nails are awesome!


  23. I LOVED Full House! I still do, we get reruns all the time! Now MY kids watch it. (Scary, how old am I? haha)
    I would love to visit this park, it’s so famous and so pretty. Gorgeous pics! LOVE your outfit and jewelry and nails…haha…
    I haven’t found anything great in my parents closet but I haven’t looked lately. I might have to be sneaky and check it out.
    : )

  24. TheGirlAtFirstAvenue says:

    I love full house! I still watch it sometimes when I have nothing to do! Its one of the best shows ever made!
    Love the skirt!


  25. winetastegirl.com says:

    I adore this post as the entire outfit is just fabulous! I recently found an old, dark denim jacket I owned in high school that I just broke out the other day. I’m also with you on saving the designer duds for your future daughter. My daughter already has an entire wardrobe for when she grows up and she’s only 14 months. Wish my mom had saved!

  26. I’m kind of obsessed with her skirt! and the painted ladies- gorgeous!

  27. I’ve always wanted to visit San Francisco, those victorian homes are gorgeous! And I love the skirt!

  28. I loved Full House! I remember watching it when I was a kid too. I want to go to San Fran sooo bad! One day I want to live there

  29. great pictures. i have always wanted to visit san fransisco.


  30. Ahka Vintage says:

    I love your skirt! And I’ve always heard of Full House but never watched it – seems like we missed out! xx

    Ahka Vintage SHOP
    Ahka Vintage BLOG

  31. Sara Shoemaker says:

    this reminds me of Full House in the intro song where they’re all sitting together on the grass by those pretty houses like the ones behind you! San Fran is soooo pretty I wish I could visit again. Love this outfit! And also that amazing hand me down blazer that I am drooling over.. such a cool story behind that!

    The House of Shoes

    • Yea Sara, that’s exactly the spot! I remember seeing it all the time as a kid and it was so fun when I actually moved here and could visit. You’ll definitely have to come to SF some time 🙂

  32. I adore the vibrant wine color of the maxi skirt! Love it. (:
    Check out my blog & follow? (:


  33. Love the skirt and the whole look! I loved watching Full House too. Can’t forget the step-on-me tanner part…made me think twice before naming our kids. Beautiful background. 🙂

    Heel in Mint

  34. Thank you for your nice comment!

    The background is so beautiful, I like the little, colourful houses 🙂

  35. Missouri's Lilac AJ says:

    First thank you for stopping by my blog. I always appreciate new readers.
    Secondly, I am so jealous! I loved Full House and would adore seeing the Painted Ladies. Such an icon from TV.
    Now to the question at hand, I love the denim jacket! Classic! The best item I ever found in a closet not my own, was a gold flapper dress my grandmother wore in the 40s at a costume party. It was FANTASTIC! I had the honor of wearing to my High school prom. Even back then I had the vintage retro bug!

    • You’re welcome AJ and that is soo cool you were able to wear your grandma’s dress to your HS prom. That must have been so fun, plus there’s no chance any other girl would have your dress 🙂

  36. I can totally recall the days where I sat in front of the TV watching Full House. Reading your blog and looking at the pics gave brought back memories of the 90s =) Lucky you to be able to find such beautiful scenery to take pics. I’ll be going to SF for a visit soon. Although it’s only going to be a real short trip. Would be really greateful if you’re able to share with me places which are MUST to visit.

    Also, thanks so much for visiting my blog! I really appreciate it. Will be following your blog from now on =)

  37. Collections says:

    I absolutely adore your burgundy skirt! I used to love full house. I was totally shocked when that people.com article came out about her!


  38. Biser Sable says:

    Gorgeous outfit!<3 The skirt is amazing!^^

  39. Fashion Blends says:

    love the pic and love your write up – u write well 🙂


  40. ooooooooooh my gosh you are from San Francisco! It looks really amazing! And you look stunning! I love your blog! If you also like mine, we can follow each other! Just follow me and I will follow you back as fast as I can!
    I swear!!!!

  41. WhisperingWriter says:

    What a pretty outfit.

    And I got some excited when I saw the pictures. I LOVED Full House growing up. Is one of the houses in the background the Full House house?

  42. Eau de Violet says:

    Beautiful pictures, so lovely!

    Eau de Violet

  43. Well, I lost my dad when I was a kid and the only thing I have is his wallet which he last used. But yes, I do invade my mom’s closet once in a while and I still have lots to grab there. It’s like a treasure hunt!!

  44. I used to have a crush on Uncle Jesse too lol. Love these pics! Very well styled photo shoot.

  45. Such Beautiful Victorian houses too! I LOVE old houses and the history behind them.

  46. Sehar Bique says:

    Awww that really reminds me of full house and my childhood <3

    Plus there is always something awesome in dad’s closet!! hehe



  47. Jayme and Mendi says:

    Love this post and gorgeous background! The denim jacket is a great find. I used to wear all of my dad’s plaid shirts…I wonder if he still has them!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  48. Stay Luxury says:

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!
    – I started following your blog – please follow back…!
    Stay Luxury

  49. I thought the back looked familiar! Super cute outfit and thanks for the great idea 🙂

  50. KayJay at Refined and Polished says:

    Love the maxi skirt and I adore your blazer! I so want one with elbow patches.

  51. Jennifer Fabulous says:

    Oh gosh now I have the Full House theme song stuck in my head!!! I used to love that show. And I love that you went to the location of the house! That’s awesome. You look gorgeous in these photos. Your outfit is fabulous beyond belief. xoxo

  52. Thank you for your sweet comment.I follow you back with google and bloglovin 🙂 And I love this maxi skirt.The color is out of this world beautiful !

  53. great photos!!! i like it!
    if you like visit my blog:


  54. Thank you for visiting

    follow each others?

  55. your photos are so beautiful, it looks like we’re in a movie 🙂

  56. I am not sure whether my father’s wardrobe things will fit me:) Nice pics

  57. I love the ring :’)

  58. Rusia i Lusia says:
  59. Amazing post dear! Lovely outfit and the houses are so cute!
    Great blog you have dear, keep going!

  60. lovely post!!

  61. Jenna Hughes says:

    love all the details of this outfit! nail polish, sweater, colors, accessories


  62. That denim jacket is so classic. Love it! And I am swooning over your gorgeous maxi skirt. I find gems in my mothers closet all the time. Its a great place to shop:-)


  63. Street Lily says:

    i love this!! your sis looks like farrah fawcett… great find. dad’s closets can be gold mines…
    thanks for the follow!

  64. I grew up watching Full House too and now Im jealous that you guys were standing right there where they were!! Love your sister’s entire outfit and accessories! I love when jackets are paired with skirts and dresses, its simple yet so chic! The pup is so adorable!

    PS my mom tries to give me her stuff all the time, some I like some I dont! Also my stepdaughters love when I give them my old purses I dont use any more! 🙂

    • Aww, they so nice you give them your purses Diana and that’s funny about your mom. Actually, that was my first time at that park eventhough I’ve lived in SF for years. You definitely need to make a trip to SF 🙂

  65. Bravoe Runway says:

    You did an amazing job with the styling on this outfit and also Full House was an awesome show! And yes…Uncle Jesse was waaaaaaaaaaaay too hot to be anything else but a crush!

  66. *Glam Chameleon* says:

    She looks great, I’m loving that beautiful skirt, divine color!! And I love your fab blazer!;)


  67. That skirt is amazing! I have not found any fortunes in my mom’s closet! She is much shorter and shaped different!

  68. Will @ Bright.Bazaar says:

    You sister looks so fab and I love the colourful facades of the houses in the background as well!

  69. I really like the photos.
    I found a lot of vintage Blazers and skirts in my moms wardrobe. They have a great touch of the 80ies, but i love to wear them. They’re simply unique.
    I like your blog, so let me know if you want to follow each other .

    X, Ancia

  70. Windy City Fashionistas says:

    Love your outfit. Great post.

  71. Great photo’s. The ‘Full House’ references takes me back to my childhood to. Fond memories! I’m in love with your gorgeous maxi skirt. Stunning colour

    xx Mandi

  72. Fashionobsession-mieni says:

    Wow! Your Outfit is awesome! I love your skirt and your jacket! Looks perfectly together!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog

  73. Julip Made says:

    Love this look and definitely impressed you found the jacket in your dad’s closet. I’m pretty sure the only thing I might find is old hockey jerseys and possibly velour bell bottoms. Glad to have found your blog and happy weekend!

  74. Alexis the Honey B says:

    There are a million things i wish my mom would have kept but i did manage to snag a few cool pairs of boots! And her jewelry is timeless but i have to ask to borrow that kind of stuff! LOL.. LOVE That burgandy maxi skirt!!!!

  75. i find treasures in my mums closet all the time! that maxi skirt is a lovely colour!

  76. I remember those painted ladies! Gorgeous photos dale!



  77. lovely pictures 🙂 your nailpolish is very pretty!


  78. Rachel {Da Paura ♥} says:

    I love her comfy outfit but I’m OBSESSED with your’s!!!! Incredibly vintage jacket! Adore 🙂

  79. Great outfit!!

    My Blog: MyFashionMind

  80. Inês de Castro says:

    I love the skirt! Absolutely perfect

  81. Great photo shot! Love the skirt with the denim jacket! 🙂


  82. Miss Rubio says:

    What a great post. I loved Full House. Awesome blog, loving it.

  83. ksenia shroder says:

    i’ve never been in SF,but i should visit this Amazing and wonderful place=)you look so pretty<3

  84. SideSmile Style says:

    I love these pictures! Classic San Fran. So glad I discovered your blog : )


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