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Save a Horse, Ride a Classic Trend & TOP 7 Perks of Growin’ Up Country

Did you grow up as a ‘city slicker’ or ‘country bumpkin?’ Or maybe you were a ‘suburbanite?’ I grew up in a small town in N. California and always wondered what it would be like to have a shopping mall within a 50-mile radius. I’d see kids on TV meeting up at the mall and say to myself, ‘Dang, I wish I could go to Claire’s and the Sweet Factory whenever I wanted.’ The city seemed so exciting, although country livin’ has its benefits. If you grew up in a rural area or you’re thinking about moving there some day to raise kids or settle down,

Here’s the TOP 7 perks of growing up in the country:
1. No traffic (unless you count getting stuck behind a tractor)
2. You can have a blowout screaming match over a stretched out sweater with your sister (as teens) and what do the nearest neighbors hear? For all they know, it’s the distant cries of a couple wild wolves up in the mountains.
3. You can build a wannabe “Field of Dreams” wiffle ball stadium on your property for the most memorable summer evenings.
4. GoKarts, four-wheelers, tree houses, bike trails, spinning donuts in your Ford Super Duty (never done it). You name it, you can have it or drive over and through it it in the country.
5. Your backyard is essentially Whole Foods. Home grown raspberries, zucchini, spinach, tomatoes, watermelon, etc. If you’re craving greens, just peak out your kitchen window because your garden (or someone’s in the neighborhood) is growing it.
6. Sneaking out when you’re grounded is not glamorous, but it’s an adventure. Step A. Climb out bedroom window barefoot leaping into a pile of potting soil. B. Crouch down in the mini cornfield until the parental coast is clear. C. Make a run for it down the dirt road past your property line to realize you’re still 8-miles by foot from your best friend’s house.
7.* Let’s say you grow up and start a fashion blog and want to dress your sister in an equestrian inspired outfit. The perfect prop is a horse, of course. Bingo! The nice next-door neighbors have a white pony in their pasture.

*Below are photos of my sister after I styled her in some of my favorite classic equestrian trends:

My sister, Jody, pictured in Report Signature boots, F21 dark skinny jeans, H&M blazer
After alluding to my fear of large dogs, Jody has always been more comfortable with animals
so I styled her, stood back, and let her take the reigns with ‘Lily
My Little Pony” & a Steve Madden handbag
Simple equestrian style tips: Skinny jeans ($10.50 at Forever 21) work in place of riding pants,
Then layer a blazer (with details like elbow patches) over a classic sweater. 
While ‘Lily‘ is lucky to have a great home, not all horses are so fortunate. I wanted to mention Equine Advocates which promotes the humane treatment of horses. They rescue thousands from slaughter, abuse & neglect.
Layering with a cream F21 sweater under H&M blazer. Heart compass necklace- F21
Jody’s natural makeup look in Temptu Airbrush foundation
Photos by Thomas Delgado
Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 135 mm f/2 L (natural light)
I was inspired to style this simple outfit after seeing an old photo of Princess Kate Middleton, who grew up in a small British village herself, wearing riding boots, a conservative skirt and sweater. This is perfect for chilly California winter mornings (or anywhere it doesn’t snow) and when you don’t have a lot of time to worry about ‘what to wear.’ Ditch the 4-inch heels and try flat riding boots on days you’ll be walking.
Where did you grow up?
The country, the city or somewhere in between? 
I hope you’re having a great week so far…

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  1. Wow! Your sister looks stunning love those boots and that necklace!




  2. Ugly Duckling says:

    Wow, such gorgeous photos, your sister looks amazing!

    I grew up somewhere in between, a small village outside of the city but close enough for me to develop my love of shopping completely and thoroughly, haha!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


  3. Lien Fashion says:

    Wauw beautyfull pictures !! Love THE CUTE blazer 🙂

    Follow each other ??



  4. Coral and Coast says:

    Your sister and her equestrian kit look stunning! I grew up in the suburbs near the ocean (still live nearby) but I drove out into the country every Saturday morning to go horse back riding, love the country, so peaceful and love the sweet ponies! 🙂 xo K

  5. haha so true about the backyard being like a whole foods 😉

  6. his_girl_friday says:

    Such gorgeous photos

  7. This outfit is perfect! I love the blazer with the patches on the elbow! Those boots are AMAZING with the black skinny jeans too, as I love black and brown together so much! It looks beautiful where you grew up and I am so far from growing up in the country, but I often wonder if I would be a different person if I had. xx


  8. Well aside from your sister being GORG and the scenery being unreal..oh and there is a horse in your photo, FYI.
    But about the clothes…perfectly styled..love the boots and especially that blazer…how it dips a little lower in the back…so cute!
    Happy week to you.

  9. your sister looks so gorgeous! the white horse adds a degree of magic to this shot and i love the modern equestrian outfit. the boots are perfect!

    pandaphilia style

  10. Prairie Princess says:

    wow, gorgeous pictures!! i love her outfit. i grew up in the city, and now i live in the middle of nowhere!! i have to admit it has been really hard getting use to it. having to drive an hour to the grocery store! lol. each has their perks i guess!

  11. Gorgeous pictures. You sister looks amazing. Great styling!! This has a Kate Middleton vibe 🙂

    Heel in Mint

  12. Girlie Blogger says:

    Your sister looks gorgeous in her riding great. I saw the same blazer at H&M – Lovely!

    I’m unfortunately a city slicker. I need to walk everywhere and have people around me. But I did spend some time in the country side as a teen. I do miss the quietness sometimes.


  13. this looks lovely 🙂 I just came across your blog and it’s fantastic. following you 🙂

  14. CottonCandyINK says:

    amazing photos, great photos

  15. the look book diaries says:

    Gorgeous pictures…your sister looks beautiful!! Love those boots! I grew up in a small town as well and I love it!:)

  16. miss andrea lee says:

    Love the outfit! Such pretty pictures! I grew up in Danville, CA, maybe somewhere near you?

  17. inmyhansonshirt says:

    I cannot imagine growing up in the country. I grew up in the burbs, which was alright! These pictures are gorgeous. I love the way you styled her!

  18. dreaming en francais says:

    Great post, I adore your sister’s boots and bag! xo


  19. Windy City Fashionistas says:

    I love your sister’s boots…they are amazing!

  20. LauraJean396 says:

    Those boots are the epitomy of sexy! Very beautiful!

  21. Kaitlin Mattingly says:

    i have that blazer and i totally love it.
    you look great and that horse is darling!

    xoxo katlin

  22. Love love the riding look and the little pony. I don’t look quite as pulled together when I go riding – I’ve typically worked up a gross sweat and my hair has gone flying everywhere

  23. MikalaFashion by Kalina says:

    beautiful photos, you look amazing!

  24. Monse Fuentes says:

    beautiful pictures!

    thanks for follow me, i’m following you back 🙂


  25. AWWWW Dale the photos are so beautiful!! I wish I could pet a horse at home too! I love elbow patches, your styling is so on point 🙂

    HAHA I loved your country living perks! I grew up in suburbia but sometimes wish I grew up in the country!! Its beautiful~



  26. Thanks for all the nice comments, those boots are definitely one of the best fashion investments I’ve ever made hehe. (old Report Signature boots)

    My sister says thank you as well for the compliments! 🙂

  27. Style Servings says:

    Beautiful styling and photos, love it!


  28. Yovani Turner says:

    wowww lovely pics.
    love the outfit! super nice..
    wanna follow each other ? 🙂


  29. The Afternoon Tea says:

    Nice pictures! Your look is fantastic
    Do not Chanel SS 2012, visit my blog.
    Frances http://www.theafternoontea.it

  30. Green Tea and Cupcakes says:

    I am a city slicker but one day I would love to move to the country. These photos are beautiful!

  31. SewPetiteGal says:

    I’ve always loved the equestrian look – so classic and beautiful! Great job with styling your sister!

  32. Stunning pictures! I am drooling over those boots!!!


  33. Natalie Koltunovskaya says:

    Beautiful pictures! I like your outfit))

  34. Ls Fashion Dish says:

    LOVE this outfit! Was this blazer a recent purchase? Beautiful pictures. xo


  35. the horse is so adorable! I couldn’t even concentrate on your outfit normally.but I saw how darling your blazer is

    Inside and Outside Blog

  36. That's My Mama says:

    I love the styling youve done. The blazer is beautiful :)I actually was raise in between. Chicago and Nashville is where I spent most of my days 🙂 I live in Alabama now and I must say I enjoy visiting the city but the country is where my heart is 🙂

  37. Ahaha.. had lots of fun reading around your blog. Will try to come back!


  38. Thanks so much for visiting! I love that necklace she is wearing. && I love your blog as well. I’m following you now. Have a great day! && can’t wait to read more!


  39. brenda.pulgarin says:

    you are so beautiful! love the boots and the blazer!!:)


  40. Gawgus things... says:

    These are amazing shots! Your sister looks really gorgeous. I grew up in a village which was incredibly boring!

    Emma xx

  41. lovely!!

    from south africa


  42. christian says:

    Love the necklace!



  43. Alexis the Honey B says:

    WOW, Jodi is ROCKIN those boots!!!!!!! Love these photos. The equestrian look is so classic and your sister looks beautiful here! I want those boots!!! xoxo

  44. Wow…she looks so beautiful!Love the pics!

  45. KayJay at Refined and Polished says:

    Love this look! I’ve been looking for a blazer with elbow patches.

  46. I grew up in the small town but it did have a mall I could go to.
    But I like country living. I even had a horse when I was growing up, so I love this post!

  47. I grew up in the country too! Absolutely loved it. Your comments made me laugh cause they’re so true! You can always go to a city and see what that’s like, but how many people know what life is like in a rural area. The closest most people get to a cow is the steak on their plate.

    Love the pictures! Your sister is gorgeous!


  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. Love the modern boots and classic tweed! Why dress so matchy matchy when you can play and have fun and be completely original! Nice work there, girl! And, the horse and your sister are gorgeous!

  50. Leeann @ Join the Gossip says:

    ADORABLE! You sis is a great model!

    I def grew up in the suburbs BUT SoCal suburbs are like no other in the country. There is no wilderness. There are malls every other town. And we are smack dab in the center of concrete jungles. I have not done anything on your list. Sad right?!

  51. Lisa - respect the shoes says:

    Your sister is gorgeous!

    I am a total city gal – I remember seeing farm animals for the first time a few years ago and freaking out, like screaming at the car window. Now that I am dating a country boy, I am embracing wide open spaces, peace, etc.

  52. Something About Kerri says:

    your sister is so pretty! the photos are so unique. who ever thought to do a photo shoot with a horse? 🙂

  53. Hi there – I love this photo shoot. Thought it was an editorial from a mag at first! Following your blog now

  54. wonderful post 🙂 love your whole outfit .. the scenery is simply beautiful!


  55. I’ve been wanting to get black skinny jeans for a while…glad to know that they’re there are places that sell them cheaper – great pics!

  56. Thanks for your lovely comment and for following! love this post and the pictures are lovely!


  57. I love the outfit. 🙂 Such an equestrian. When I used to ride Horseback, why did i not do that. XD

    I wore the chaps with jeans but not the jacket piece! XD

  58. Hi Dale!

    Just noticed you’re now following my blog 🙂 So glad you came across it because that means I got to discover yours! Love your photos. The recent outfit post of you and your puppy is adorable.. and these photos of your sister are absolutely gorgeous! Loving that H&M blazer you styled her in!

    So glad to be a new follower <3


  59. Dominique B. says:

    Hi! thank you so much for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment! xx followed you!

    btw, I love your blazer and necklace!

    The Niknok Style

  60. GlamorousGirl says:
  61. dina vanessa mercado says:

    wow!!! you are a gifted and superb stylist!!!! i applaud you for that… your sister is so beautiful and the outfit was really so sexy, and hot but yet very elegant… so love the horse.. what’s his name? its nice to live there in the country side, very peaceful and fresh environment… love the necklace too..!!! i so love love love this post!!! kissess!!!

  62. These are such pretty pics, you’re such a good stylist! The outfit is gorgeous, I love the blazer with the boots!! This is a great look 🙂

  63. Thanks for the note Dale!! Lovely to connect–gorgeous pics. My sister is named Jody too! 🙂 xo


    i love the counrty and the city, thats why i love where i live, i no exit street that backs onto a bush and a paddock with horses, but im only a 15 minute drive into the town! so im basically in the city but just my suburb is really bushy haha!

    anyway, your styling is so great and your sis is gorgeous!




  65. wow, your sister looks amazing! Great styling Dale! and thanks for visiting my blog btw 😀

  66. Love your outfit!!! So Ralph Lauren and classic! The horse is stunning!!

  67. I love your shoes!
    Un beso,

  68. The Fashion Moodboard says:

    Amazing pictures! They make me want to go back in time. I used to be a horse-girl. I owned a horse for almost 6 years 🙂

    I grew up in the city though, but you could always find me at the manege taking care of the horses!

    Great post and I love your blog!


  69. Rocker Chic says:


    Jody looks stunning you styled her perfectly. I never realized you grew up in the country I loved your 7 things.

    Happy weekend

  70. omgosh this post is so funny!! i was a surburbanite!!! i miss it too.. i love the suburbs HAHAHA i never thought i’d say that!

    i loved when you said you had to jump out the window into mud and then crouch down in the corn fields until the cost was clear.. just to have to run 8 miles to your cloest gf’s house BAHAHA.

    your sis looks hot dale.. jody looks so put together and chic!!

  71. Clara Turbay says:

    Hi, again telling you what amazing blog you have.


  72. SO stunning. x hivennn

  73. I LOVE this outfit!! and the photo’s are gorgeous:)xx

  74. Janine França says:

    i love your boots


  75. Belle de Couture says:

    Wow, your sister is gorg and I love the way you styled her for these photos! It’s classic and chic, but still has some sass 😉



  76. What a beautiful outfit and pictures!
    Love the blazer and your blog!

    X Ine, your newest follower!

  77. I love this. I grew up in the suburbs so I had a bit of both. Horses AND a shopping mall!

  78. these are great, i love the heart compass necklace 🙂

    Oh – Fancy That.

  79. Very nice outfit and photos!

    xoxo Mara

  80. cute blazer 🙂 love the elbow pads. Thanks for checking out my blog and following! 🙂


  81. I love this outfit — it has just the right amount of classic equestrian style without being costume-y. BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. =)

  82. You look amazing! I love the equestrian look and these photos are great! http://www.casualglamorous.com

  83. Fifth N Sixth Closet says:

    You did a great job..she looks amazing!

  84. The Chic Sheet says:

    This is oh so lovely and I love the horse!


  85. Style4Curves says:

    she looks STUNNINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG now following u back!!!

  86. Life's a shoe says:

    amazing pictures…love the outfit, especially the boots!

  87. Chyrel Gomez says:

    Your sister is gorgeous and I’m both city and country girl. Ugh, okay. City girl since I spent most of the growing up yeas in the city.

  88. oooh looooooove the boots! gorgeous!! i am loving your blog!!


  89. loving that bag – just divine 🙂 le ps don’t you guys have a great gene pool 🙂

  90. fenni yorena says:

    you look fabulous!


  91. White horse like from fairy-tail!
    Beautiful pics!;)

  92. you know what? I thought that your sister resembled kate middleton before I read the rest of your post!! great pictures! And I grew up and lived in the city all my life. Your list of pro’s living in the country side makes me want to move. lol


  93. Elin Kling says:

    Amazing pictures <3

  94. Kristina Clemens says:

    The white horse just makes this outfit pop in the most beautiful way and your sis is so beautiful! Lovely photos! =)
    Kristina J.

  95. absolutely stunning!


  96. Bravoe Runway says:

    OK you paid $10.50 for those jeans at F21? I think I am a pretty good bargain huntress but you may just have beat me. Your sister looks gorgeous and a real horse for a prop…that seriously knocks it out of the park 🙂

  97. Skinny Moonstick says:

    The pictures are so darling and gorgeous! You sister is very pretty, and the outfit is stunning! I grew up in a big city, but spent my summers in a country, feeding chickens and pigs, and riding horses 🙂 so I would say I have the best form both worlds!
    Good luck!


  98. FashionedLouise says:

    I am a city girl all the way. But was so inspired by this look!

  99. Fashion Confessions of a Mommy says:

    I am in love with your boots. They look amazing. What a great post.
    I grew up in a big city but was fortunate enough for my family had a summer house by the beach and spent 3 months of the year in a much more natural setting.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  100. Such Gorgeous boots! Amazing photography too!

  101. These pictures look so stunning! Loving her outfit 🙂


  102. FireHorse3 says:

    Fab! Great post and wonderful styling. Your sister looks so stylish and beautiful. I love your points about country living, too.

    I grew up between two small villages in the Oxfordshire (English) countryside. I spent many happy years building tree houses, rambling, cycling, sitting in trees, watching insects, birds and animals. I also lived in three different cities as a young adult, now I live and work back in the countryside; this time up in Scotland. I love it 🙂

    Thank you, Dale, for visiting the multi-user blog I write for:- http://vintageandmodernunite.blogspot.com/ We much appreciated your comment 🙂

  103. Veronica Yudina says:

    Such a lovely blog! love it!))
    Follow you now)) Maybe we can follow each other with Google Connect and Bloglovin’?


  104. Great outfit, love the elbow pads on the blazer, she looks fab!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

  105. ♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ says:

    Lovely pictures dear!!! Than you for your comment on my blog 🙂 I am now following back!!!!!!

  106. beautiful pictures 🙂
    Love Lois xxx


  107. Tinfoil Tiaras says:

    Distant cries of the wolves- haha I grew up in the ‘burbs so there was no privacy! I love how you styled your sister- you are both so gorgeous!

  108. Clara Turbay says:

    Great and simple inspiration! http://paquetevistasbien.blogspot.com

  109. Annelise @ Aunie Sauce says:

    Your sister is so beautiful!!! Wonderful blog!

  110. Lovers, Saints & Sailors says:

    Oh gosh, I grew up everywhere! By the time I moved out of home we’d lived in over 90 houses so…take your pick really! Mostly mountains and beaches I guess. But I sure can’t remember anyone looking as glamourous as this when we did live in the country!

  111. Lovers, Saints & Sailors says:

    Oh gosh, I grew up everywhere! By the time I moved out of home we’d lived in over 90 houses so…take your pick really! Mostly mountains and beaches I guess. But I sure can’t remember anyone looking as glamourous as this when we did live in the country!

  112. Lovers, Saints & Sailors says:

    Oh gosh, I grew up everywhere! By the time I moved out of home we’d lived in over 90 houses so…take your pick really! Mostly mountains and beaches I guess. But I sure can’t remember anyone looking as glamourous as this when we did live in the country!

  113. darling what a lovely and fantastic post!!! i grew up in the country too so i know what you are talking about;) and after living in the city (Vienna and Barcelona) i´m living again at the country and quite happy about it, there are many advantages. oh and i love those shots!!! your sister looks so gorgous, really a nice look! i like your blog and the way you write and everything. so i´m following you too!
    love and kiss,mary

  114. Chris @ Granola2Glam says:

    Very pretty pictures- did she do her own hair and makeup? I like how she looks super glam, but it also looks really natural- like she’s not trying too hard. Oh and elbow patches are totally my fave. I saw some cool videos on youtube to DIY your own elbow patches onto any blazer in your closet! And it’s a cool touch too.

  115. Shawna Hynes says:

    These photos are stunning! Your photography & styling skills are both incredible 🙂 I adore this equestrian look & the elbow patches make for a great detail! I also love your list of country-living perks! I grew up on an acreage just outside a city, so I fortunately got a little bit of both worlds. Living miles away from my nearest neighbour was pretty liberating though; I certainly wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    Now following you! 🙂

    <3 Shawna

  116. Amazing pictures, you look beautiful!

  117. fashion BOOM says:

    wow ,you are so beautiful
    love your very chic outfit ,and the pictures are so ”zen”

    i m a new follower
    in love with your pony

    By the way ,my dream its to visit one day in my life St Francisco

  118. you are so beautiful! You seem like you have everything! I am jealous! 🙂 x

  119. Tanja van S - PureGlam.tv says:

    The pictures are so wonderful… love the outfit and style of pictures…

    And you have a new follower – please follow back..

    Tanja – PureGlam.tv or via Facebook-Page

  120. Aww what a gorgeous pony! great pictures 🙂


  121. besosmulticolor says:
  122. The PvdH Journal says:

    You look absolutely stunning!

    I also completely agree. I was brought up in Mexico City but during the weekends we went to our family ranch so in a way I got to experience both workds

  123. Beautiful hair! xx

  124. Erin @ Currently Coveting says:

    Wow you look gorgeous in that light and with that pretty horse!


  125. Fashion By Alicia says:

    I grew up in a small town and on a farm. So I know all about your top 7. Love these photos with the horse prop. Gorgeous.

  126. Beauty Follower says:

    Great style. So sexy boots!

  127. Le Chic World says:

    Just divine and beautiful , I grew up in Australia suburbs of Melbourne and then moved to the City and surely has a different lifestyle as a kid growing up you ride your bike and always play outdoors. I love this tweet patch blazer, i have one I bought a few years ago and still love wearing it with boots 🙂

  128. That necklace is so pretty!

  129. Sehar Bique says:

    WoW those boots!!! And that necklace is so lovely <3

  130. Oh my god. Your blog is awesome too! And girl you’re gorgeous, gotta follow ! ♥


  131. Thanks for all the sweet comments.
    ~I did my sister’s makeup and styled her in my clothes, but she did her own hair 🙂


  132. sonsuz dekorasyon says:
  133. Miss Rubio says:

    Wow, your sister is stunning!!!!! And thanks for sharing the photo shoot/camera deets, was going to ask, photos are amazing. Those boots are KILLER too. Great post. xx

  134. Anonymous says:
  135. Great outfit and nice pics!


  136. I love that blazer. I don’t see it on the H&M web site – anyone know if its still available online anywhere??

  137. nice looking outfit.love horses as well godbless


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