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Red Lips, White Hair & Blue Suits! Who Looked the Best at the Golden Globes?

Ricky Gervais had celebs sweating bullets last night at the 69th annual Golden Globe Awards and a couture gown with pit stains is a red carpet nightmare. If only their Dolce & Gabbana tuxedos, Louboutin heels, and cherry lipstick could magically deflect the sting of Ricky’s one-liners. Alas, with all of the pre-hosting hype, celebs seemed prepared for Gervais and nothing was too shocking. Yet some of their forced chuckles, awkward blank stares and unamused expressions were just as entertaining as his Hollywood jabs.

While no one was safe from his jokes, there is one thing stars could control and that is how they looked on the red carpet. Some of Hollywood’s royalty (and their stylists) struck out, while other’s knocked it out of the ball gown park.

Here’s my list of winners and worst dressed last night:

BEST~ In the Land of Beauty and Hotness on the red carpet, Angelina was my FAVORITE.
Even a hardcore Team Aniston fan couldn’t deny Jolie was flawless from head to toe in Atelier Versace.
BEST~ The old ball & cane. Brad was Angie’s best accessory last night in his Salvator Ferragamo
3-piece tuxedo. He was dashing, as was George Clooney, even though I’m usually not a fan of shoulder length locks on guys.

WORST ~ It’s cute Sarah Michelle Gellar’s 2-year-old daughter picked out her dress, but this swirly madness is better suited for a screensaver and her slicked back pony is perfect for Pilates class.
BEST ~ She’s not an actress but Nicole Richie stunned in this silver gown. Her hair (from the back) posted on Facebook was styled perfectly. Can’t wait for her new show this March with Jessica Simpson called ‘Fashion Star’ 

WORST~ I really like Kelly Osborne on E!’s Fashion Police, and she looks pretty in this Zac Posen dress, but I can’t stand her white hair. Are you a fan of the ‘grey’ or say ‘no way’ on her?

BEST~Adam Levine didn’t even need his supermodel girlfriend as arm candy last night. AskMen fashion says it best, ‘You can never go wrong with Tom Ford.’

BEST~ Charlize Theron may play a spoiled brat in her new must-see movie, ‘Young Adult,’ but she looked angelic and gorgeous in couture Dior and a sparkling head band.
WORST~The only thing worse than Gerard Butler in the ‘Bounty Hunter’ is this ill fitted 3 piece tux with pleats. Other risk takers included one of the night’s big winners, Matt Leblanc, in a navy blue tux. Go Joey!
BEST ~ Sofia Vergara can pull off almost any dress with her killer curves and I loved this jewel tone, detailed Vera Wang gown. The only thing I would do is add a little volume to her hair.
There were so many more show stopping looks and a few more worst dressed. If you love the critiquing the red carpet, tune into tonight’s E! Fashion Police Golden Globe’s special. Joan Rivers never fails to make me laugh. It’s not just the gown that makes the best dressed list, it’s everything including heels, hair, makeup and accessories that make or break the look.
 If I missed them, who were your favorites or red carpet failures of the night?
Also, CONGRATULATIONS to Joandy from the blog My Style by Joandy. She was chosen by Random.org to win the 2 Tee’s from the City Supply Co. Thanks to everyone who entered on my Facebook page & Twitter
Have a great week!

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  1. inmyhansonshirt says:

    Charlize and Angelina are easily my favourites! They just looked SO outstandingly beautiful!

  2. Pri Bertholo says:


    Thanks for visit my blog. Angelina is my favorite too….lol
    I’ll wait your visit.
    New post “Look of Day”


    xoxo Pri.

  3. CottonCandyINK says:

    so many beautiful gowns

  4. I hated Angelina Jolie but loooveed Shailene Woodley’s. It’s so fun to see what they choose to wear!

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

  5. Skinny Moonstick says:

    I agree- Angelina and Sofia’s dresses are so gorgeous and exquisite!!! Thank you so much for sharing this because I missed the awards show… 🙂
    Good luck!


  6. I am right there with you on Kelly Osborne’s hair…and agree that she did look very nice in that dress and is fun on E!…great choices!

    Liesl 🙂

  7. Girlie Blogger says:

    Angelina Jolie always looks stunning. Love her red and pink gown.


  8. Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking says:

    I thought Kate Winslet also looked stunning! 🙂 I love Sophia, too… she was gorgeous!

  9. Christianna says:

    I loved Kate Winslet, Clare Danes and Zooey Deschanel’s gowns! Oh and Helen Miran looked lovely too! Great recap!

    P.S. would you like to be my “Any Friend Of Mine” interview for this coming Monday? Let me know and I’ll send you the questions ASAP!

  10. Outside Looking In says:

    Nice picks/pix and I agree….Angelina’s dress is to die for, Brad needs a haircut, Kelly’s hair is beyond HIDEOUS, and Sophia is a DREAM! Nice post!


  11. Angelina was stunning! Good pick, she was my favourite as well. Beside her, Brad looked kind of frumpy, I wasn’t a fan.


  12. Gawd, Angie looks like a doll! Her dress was my favourite but I like her in a softer look

  13. Julie @ The Smitten Mintons says:

    I love your review of the looks! I definitely agree about Sofia…she is so stunning in that color! And I will never understand why Kelly Osborne has gray hair?! I loved her blonde!

  14. KayJay at Refined and Polished says:

    You picked some great ones for best dressed! I also loved Paula Patton in the yellow gown.

  15. I was a little underwhelmed by the looks last night, but charlize theron looked STUNNING!

  16. Chic 'n Cheap Living says:

    Sofia Vergara really picks beautiful styles for her body and Angelina’s dress really grew on me – so old hollywood!

    I agree – Tom Ford just works (especially for men!)

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  17. Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou says:

    Agree with all your choices and what a fun night it was to watch for fashion! Thanks for sharing your pics! xo

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

  18. pavani reddy says:

    wow nice post n ty so much for visiting

  19. Chanel Tonè says:

    Angelina Jolie looks phenomenal!!! Definitely my absolute favorite on the red carpt.


  20. Last Minute Accessories says:

    Love the name of your blog…!French Toast and WineLast Minute Accessories

  21. MikalaFashion by Kalina says:

    great dresses!

  22. Ricardo Miñana says:

    Hi Dale,
    interesting post,
    very elengantes space,
    you have a nice week.
    a hug.

  23. My favorite was Angelina!! Loved her dress!

    Have a lovely day 🙂

    Mundo de Alicia ❤

  24. I love Angelina’s dress! she was fantastic with that!

  25. Cannot get over Kelly O and Sarah MG – awful!! x

  26. Great pics! I also really loved Nicole Kidman in Versace!


  27. The dress Sofia’s wearing is so pretty!

  28. I can just see me wearing that gorgeous pink dress! Following you immediately, hello from Rome!

  29. Courtney Erin says:

    Seriously, what was happening with Sarah Michelle Gellar???

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  30. ADORE Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie. HOTTAYYS!


  31. Melissa Blake says:

    Michelle Williams was my favorite of the night…loved her speech!

  32. Fifth N Sixth Closet says:

    everyone looked amazing! I loved Jolie, Tilda Swinton, Nicole kidman, sofia, & Salma they looked stunning!

  33. Danielle Barbe says:

    you picked all my favorite ladies! i thought angelina looked the absolute best and nicole richie was a close second!

  34. Believe it or not I wasn’t a huge fan of Angelina’s dress. And when I first saw Charlize’s I wasn’t crazy about it either… but then I saw the photos of Charlize online and changed my mind. I really loved Nicole Richie’s dress and I thought Kelly Osbourne looked great–I’m 50/50 about the grey hair. My overall favorite of the night was Kate Beckinsale! She looked stunning. xoxo!


  35. Sarah Lewis says:

    Great pics !

    Would you like to follow each other 🙂 ?
    xxx -S.

  36. You’ve nailed the list.. I also Liked Reese Withersppon, and my favorite was Sofia Vergara, I do agree about her hair it did need some volume.
    Worst of all is Kelly Osbourne I really don’t get why is she a host on Fashion Police she seems to nail every Fashion Faux Pas available!!

    Make-up Overdose

  37. For me it was Angelina Jolie – minus Brad. He looked unbathed and his Salvatore Ferragamo trousers were a bit long.

  38. Haute Eyes says:

    I have to agree with all of your worst and best selections! Loved the commentaries! Would love it if you could check out my latest post and tell me what you think of it! Follow me, I follow you!?


  39. Lovely dresses!! 🙂 I actually really do like Sarah Michelle Gellar’s dress, its so pretty!! 🙂



  40. TzeYien89 says:

    I watched them and they all looked so stunning! I only watched it for the gowns lol

    http://tzeyien89.blogspot.com xxx

  41. The PvdH Journal says:

    You and I are totally in sync. My favourite was Angelina and my worst nightmare was Sarah MG… (she was seriously out of a horror movie!)

  42. I loved Charlize’s dress, it was so pretty! I love Sophia too, but I’m just not a fan of fishtail dresses. And I hated Kelly’s gray hair!
    I wanted to lick the screen when Adam Levine was on!

  43. Vanessa@Luxuria says:

    The person/dress that made me shout out “wow” out aloud (and there aren’t many pictures of her) was Jane Fonda. I think she looked incredible and effortless. Even my Hubs did a double take as he was passing by. Did you see her?
    However, despite loving Meryl Streep, I didn’t like her dress too much 🙁

  44. Mangotatoes says:

    thank you for the sweet comment ;] I’d have to agree, Angelina and Brad are always so classic and it’s always on point!


  45. hello there – thanks for popping by the third 🙂 I loved Natalie Portman – she is such a sweetie and the pink popped with the red – needed a necklace maybe … agree with your choices too 🙂 le xox

  46. little moon lover says:

    my favorite was salma hayek’s! from head to toe, I think she looked gorgeous in that stunning gucci dress

  47. Lisa - respect the shoes says:

    Angelina looks pretty fantastic in that dress – she’s always timeless and classic!
    I agree with SMG – nothing wrong, per se, with her outfit, but the high ponytail and that distracting print and the big ole dress just didn’t work together.
    My other fave of the evening was Kate Bekinsale – sparkling, simple and flawless!

  48. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I can honestly say that you made my day:) As for my opinion on the best and worst dressed, I really liked Shailene Woodley’s whole outfit (especially her hair) and I’m agreeing with the worst dressed that you have on your list. <3

  49. The Chic Sheet says:

    Great picks…What about Elle McP though? She killed it as well 😉


  50. love your blog, it’s great!
    keep it up, and i’ll be sure to come back for more!


  51. Brad looks great, but I’m not so sure about the cane…

  52. My favorite are Nicole Richie and Sofia Vergara and hating how Angelina Jolie and Sarah Michelle looked…horrible.!!!

    Well those are just my picks.

    <3 Marina

  53. I totally agree with you Dale! I loved that Angelina Jolie wore something other than a dark color, I love the rep lips with that dress it was unique… I loved Sofia Vergara and Charlize… I have been very confused with Kelly O’s hair, someone with that hair should not be on Fashion Police because she loses credibility! I love her too but that hair has gotsta go! 🙂

  54. AmazinglyBe-AU-tiful says:

    Amazing! You are so right about all of them! That blue huge dress looks horrible on Sarah Michelle..

    follow me 🙂


  55. Really loved Angie’s look!

    xx Julie xx
    Check out our blog and do some shopping!!

  56. Charlize THeron is my favorite. I have always admired her style and gracefulness!

  57. Charlize and Sofia were my favorites too! I also thought that Shailene Woodley looked beautiful and really sophisticated.
    xo Josie

  58. Angelina is pure perfection!!!

    check out my blog dear!



  59. Chyrel Gomez says:

    Angelina is my favorite. Ever.

  60. Hi dear, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, your blog is lovely, amazing and you have great style! Anyway I can’t see you among my followers on google friend connect, could you please try again? Thank you! Kisses!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  61. I agree with you on this! And i am not a big fan of the whole white/greyish hair trend either! x

  62. realelinkling says:

    Nicole Richie <3

  63. Elle Sees says:

    Totally agree with your picks!

  64. Such a great post, I like it!!! The dresses are simply fab!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???
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  65. I couldn’t agree more with you, the best was Angelina and the worst one was Sarah Michele Gellar…her dress looked like a bed sheet LOL !
    You’re invited to enter my giveaway to win a Zeleb party dress !
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  66. So many pretty faces in one place!!!
    love it!!

    love k

  67. Aurelia (A Pretty Life) says:

    lovely dresses but the best is Angelina.

  68. Ooh love! My have is Sofia, Love Angelinas look too.




  69. Britt+Whit says:

    wow i couldnt agree more with all your picks! The Dior dress was stunning! and SMG dress needs help!

    love from San Francisco,

  70. Totally agree with so many of you, I forgot Kate Beckinsale and she was definitely one of the TOP looks that night 🙂

  71. ashleighjoan says:

    I LOVE Charlize’s dress and Angelina looks fierce.

  72. Amy On The Go says:

    Kelly Osborne’s hair – no, no, no! What is she thinking! Great pics, loved Sofia Vergara’s gown the best. x

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