Best Dressed at the SAG Awards & Who Hit a Surprising Snag?

Did you watch the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards last night? Probably not, and while it’s saggy in ratings compared to the Golden Globes and Grammys, the red carpet fashion still sucks me in every year. In terms of star studded style, this event is one of those pre-Oscar awards shows where actors slowly step up their game as the night of the Academy Awards creeps closer. There were few surprises last night and one major fashion flub from one of Hollywood’s leading ladies!

Let’s take a look at last night’s fashion report card:

Ashlee+Simpson+ +Jenny+Packham+US+magazine+Beaded+gown
B+ ~Simpson Surprise: Ashlee attended with her boyfriend in this Jenny Packham gown. I rarely see photos of her unless she’s palling around with Jessica, but I think she looks very glamorous.
Balengiaga +Kristin+Wiig+at+the+SAG+awards
C ~I really like the simplicity of this dress on Bridesmaid’s star, Kristen Wiig, but over all the neckline of this Balenciaga gown and the thick metal choker screams “I got styled by a 7th grader” so I wasn’t a fan.
A ~ Octavia Spencer looked gorgeous from head to toe in her perfectly styled fashion bun and figure flattering gown. Have you seen“The Help?” It’s on the top of my movie list right now.
B- ~While this is one of my fave colors for Spring, I wasn’t green with envy over Emily Blunt’s Oscar de la Renta floor length gown. The one-shoulder style is a little over-done and her hair was kinda ‘blah.’
A ~Guilana Rancic was flawless in this cherry detailed Basil Soda gown. She was glowing and if she’s allowed to vote for herself as ‘Best’ dressed on tonight’s Special SAG Fashion Police on E!, she should go for it! 
LWren+Scott+gown+ +Shailene+Woodley+designer+SAG+awards+2012
D+ ~Shailene Woodley is amazing in The Decendants, one of the best flicks I’ve seen lately, which takes place in Hawaii. But the print on this L’Wren Scott gown is cute for a luau, not the red carpet.
B ~ Is for boring as Sofia Vergara looks a bit like ‘Miami Beach Barbie’ in this raspberry Marchesa gown and purple accessories. But she’s still stunning and ponytails were a hot hair trend last night!
Angeline+Jolie+draped+gown+ +Jenny+Packham+liquid+metallic+draped+front+gown
D ~ Angelina Jolie failed to impress and if it weren’t for the sexy back of this dress, she may have earned a “F”. Sure, it’s a little harsh, but I expect more from her. Unfortunately, this draped Jenny Packham dress described as ‘liquid metallic’ looks more like a plastic garbage bag. See more looks from the night here:(Photo credit- Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
What did you think of last night’s gowns?
Feel free to change grades on the fashion report card. 🙂
UPDATE:  I mentioned in my previous post how Facebook will start notifying accounts this week on FEB. 1st that people have 7 days to clean up their profile. The mandatoryTimeline Profile” will automatically take effect and your old pics & stale status updates will resurface. Everyone in the world with FB will experience this new change, eventhough nine in 10 users don’t want it.
There’s nothing we can do to stop it, so why not jump on a popular Youtube trend and make a video called “Sh*t People Say About Facebook Timeline?” 
Below is my brother’s newest Youtube creation (there’s lots of free time in the country to do stuff like this). If you’re not saying these things, you might when you get the big announcement on your FB account…;)
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Who Knew Hugh Hefner was Such a Trendsetter?

Hef has been lounging in his robe for decades, and now Puffin’s trend of wearing ‘PJ’s in public’ has caught fire in schools nationwide. Before I delve into Spongebob jammies in Chemistry class, have you noticed some of this week’s news stories have been like one big Freaky Friday?!

First, TMZ reported Demi Moore’s hospitalization a couple days ago was caused after she had a seizure from doing whip-its. Maybe I’m naive, but I just assumed people of all ages were over inhalants after that super disturbing Intervention episode with Allison-the-huffer. The only thing I want a whip cream can dispensing is some fluffy goodness on top of my Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha.

And now the cherry on top; Facebook is forcing everyone to change their profile to the new “Timeline” format within weeks! Once you see the announcement on your account, you’ll have 7 days to do some major social media spring cleaning before your old photos and status updates are resurrected to the top of your NEW cluttered page. Zuckerberg and crew are touting the timeline profile as a ‘virtual scrapbook.’ Uhh, since when is scrapbooking cool or cutting edge?

Back to the PJ controversy:

  pajama day school dress code
Some parents and teachers don’t mind, while some administration is furious teens are wearing PJ’s to school and want to ban the trend. One teacher & fellow fashion blogger, Marion in Denver, was even asked one day if she was wearing PJ’s by a 1st grader. Photo from this article on 
I heard retailers were marketing their PJ’s & casual trends big time lately. I decided to do a little research and went to a place I haven’t been in nearly a decade: ABERCROMBIE & FITCH.
I found they’re not pushing PJ’s per se in the kids section, but sweatpants & yoga pants are everywhere! They have four different styles of sweatpants for girls: skinny, super skinny, classic banded and boyfriend.
There’s an announcement on the A&F girl’s sweatpant page that says: “For the first time ever, sweatpants aren’t just for hanging out or working out. There’s no place you can’t go because they look so cute with absolutely everything.” Hmmm…
    This photo is from Glendale School district in Wisconsin. The “Fashion & Furnishings” class sewed their own PJ pants a couple months ago and showed them off one day in school.
Some parents and administration are upset kids are rolling out of bed and coming to school in pajama pants claiming it looks “sloppy” and is a sign children are “giving up.” I remember loving ‘pajama day’ in junior high. I also clearly remember classmates rolling into lectures late in pajama pants when I went to college at Chico State. Plus, teens are always going to push the envelope and silly fashion boundaries. The PJ popularity will pass, hopefully soon, and it’s better than 7th graders showing up to campus dressed like Snooki.
Does this trend bother you and would you let your son or daughter go to school in PJ’s?
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To Tell You the Truth, Designer Denim is the New Thigh Master

Clint Eastwood played the ultimate man’s man in 1971’s Dirty Harry as he protected the streets of San Francisco from a psychopathic sniper. Through that tough guy exterior, Inspector ‘Dirty‘ Harry Callahan was still human. Lately, I’ve learned men and women are more alike than I thought. After the 49er’s difficult loss last night, emotions were running high and niner fans nationwide took it hard. The two sexes apparently share the same body issues as well. I recently asked one of my friends this style question:

“Why do you always wear baggy clothes?” I asked. “You never wear jeans. Why not?” I wondered.

After a bit of prying the answer came out; “Okay, it’s because I have HUGE thighs and when I wear jeans my legs look too big,” he answered.

I was confused. A. He doesn’t have large thighs and B. I didn’t know ‘thigh’ size was a concern among men.
However, according to a new study last week conducted by Yahoo! Shine and Fitness Magazine, guess what the most HATED body part was overall among men and women? The THIGHS (14%) and men disliked their butt the most (11%). Surprising results, but it’s nothing a great pair of denim can’t handle!

I wanted to share a few designer denim secrets so we can all channel our inner Eastwood.

I highly recommend Citizens of Humanity jeans for women. I got these ultra flare CofH jeans for Christmas and went with a leather jacket & flowy white blouse for a 70’s look.
Dale+Steliga+ +Fashion+blog+Savvy+Spice +ultra+flare+jeans%252C+Potrero+Hill+San+Francisco%252C+light+brown+leather+jacket%252C+blond+hair+bangs
Designer jeans can be expensive, but 1 great pair is a staple piece. There are so many styles, shapes & washes. Plus, the right denim can lift, slim, lengthen & boost all different body types.
CofH (Devote Rocker Ultra Flare) The material makes a difference. This pair is thick, yet still stretchy. Breakdown– 44%Rayon, 29% cotton, Cupro-2%, Polymide
 Something to smile about: I’ve found some of my favorite designer jeans discounted
for great prices at Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s & these were from the Macy’s sale section.
If you’re looking for an everyday pair, go with a medium to dark wash.
Styles like bootcut or skinny are more practical than these ultra flare.

Details+shot +Dale+Steliga%252C+Savvy+Spice+blog%252C+blond+hair+Vintage+by+the+Pound+scarf%252C+light+brown+United+Colors+of+Benetton%252C+CofH+jeans
Leather jacket- United Colors of Benetton (from Crossroads), Blouse (recent)- Express, Watch- Michael Kors, ring & shades-Forever 21, silk scarf-vintage from Clothes Contact in SF
Photos by Thomas Delgado
Camera: Canon 5D II ~ Lenses: 35mm 1.4 L & 135mm 2.0 L ~ Natural light
My TOP 3 Denim Faves for Women

1. Citizens of Humanity (These consistently fit well, they have a huge selection)
2. Kasil (While relatively unknown, I’ve had a pair of Kasil jeans that have been my best denim for 6 years)
3. 7 for All Mankind (My only complaint about Seven’s & Joe’s Jeans is they stretch out, so error on the tighter side when you purchase them)

My TOP 3 Denim Faves for Men

1. AG Adriano Goldschmied (I like how they fit guys and there’s no fussy detail or thick white thread)
2. 7 for All Mankind (They’re slim fit, dressy, and they look & feel good. Plus I’ve seen guy’s eyes light up when they say they’re wearing ‘Sevens’)
3. H&M, Levi’s, Lucky- Very flattering and affordable brands with a huge variety of styles and washes

If you’re on the hunt for a great pair of designer jeans, spend time trying on lots of different brands. Especially for women, bring shoes you’re most likely going to wear or ask for a pair of heels. You can also always get them altered if they’re too long. And like my friend, if you’re one of the 11% of men a little insecure about your butt or thighs, you shouldn’t be! Denim these days can work wonders, so try them on, check out your butt and “you’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?” 😉

Designer denim is very personal and with all the options, there’s a perfect pair for everyone. I only mentioned a few, so what is your favorite brand or style?
Hope you had a great weekend!


Save a Horse, Ride a Classic Trend & TOP 7 Perks of Growin’ Up Country

Did you grow up as a ‘city slicker’ or ‘country bumpkin?’ Or maybe you were a ‘suburbanite?’ I grew up in a small town in N. California and always wondered what it would be like to have a shopping mall within a 50-mile radius. I’d see kids on TV meeting up at the mall and say to myself, ‘Dang, I wish I could go to Claire’s and the Sweet Factory whenever I wanted.’ The city seemed so exciting, although country livin’ has its benefits. If you grew up in a rural area or you’re thinking about moving there some day to raise kids or settle down,

Here’s the TOP 7 perks of growing up in the country:
1. No traffic (unless you count getting stuck behind a tractor)
2. You can have a blowout screaming match over a stretched out sweater with your sister (as teens) and what do the nearest neighbors hear? For all they know, it’s the distant cries of a couple wild wolves up in the mountains.
3. You can build a wannabe “Field of Dreams” wiffle ball stadium on your property for the most memorable summer evenings.
4. GoKarts, four-wheelers, tree houses, bike trails, spinning donuts in your Ford Super Duty (never done it). You name it, you can have it or drive over and through it it in the country.
5. Your backyard is essentially Whole Foods. Home grown raspberries, zucchini, spinach, tomatoes, watermelon, etc. If you’re craving greens, just peak out your kitchen window because your garden (or someone’s in the neighborhood) is growing it.
6. Sneaking out when you’re grounded is not glamorous, but it’s an adventure. Step A. Climb out bedroom window barefoot leaping into a pile of potting soil. B. Crouch down in the mini cornfield until the parental coast is clear. C. Make a run for it down the dirt road past your property line to realize you’re still 8-miles by foot from your best friend’s house.
7.* Let’s say you grow up and start a fashion blog and want to dress your sister in an equestrian inspired outfit. The perfect prop is a horse, of course. Bingo! The nice next-door neighbors have a white pony in their pasture.

*Below are photos of my sister after I styled her in some of my favorite classic equestrian trends:

My sister, Jody, pictured in Report Signature boots, F21 dark skinny jeans, H&M blazer
After alluding to my fear of large dogs, Jody has always been more comfortable with animals
so I styled her, stood back, and let her take the reigns with ‘Lily
Jody+Steliga+walking+with+white+horse +Equestrian+trend+and+over+the+knee+boots%252C+Savvy+Spice+Fashion+blog
My Little Pony” & a Steve Madden handbag
Jody+Steliga%252C+Savvy+Spice+fashion+blog +walking+horse+in+harness%252C+cognac+Report+Signature+boots%252C+H%2526M+blazer
Simple equestrian style tips: Skinny jeans ($10.50 at Forever 21) work in place of riding pants,
Then layer a blazer (with details like elbow patches) over a classic sweater. 
Jody+Steliga +Savvy+Spice+fashion+blog%252C+Mendocino+County%252C+white+horse%252C+H%2526M+plaid+blazer%252C+over+the+knee+boots%252C
While ‘Lily‘ is lucky to have a great home, not all horses are so fortunate. I wanted to mention Equine Advocates which promotes the humane treatment of horses. They rescue thousands from slaughter, abuse & neglect.
Layering with a cream F21 sweater under H&M blazer. Heart compass necklace- F21
Jody’s natural makeup look in Temptu Airbrush foundation
Photos by Thomas Delgado
Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 135 mm f/2 L (natural light)
I was inspired to style this simple outfit after seeing an old photo of Princess Kate Middleton, who grew up in a small British village herself, wearing riding boots, a conservative skirt and sweater. This is perfect for chilly California winter mornings (or anywhere it doesn’t snow) and when you don’t have a lot of time to worry about ‘what to wear.’ Ditch the 4-inch heels and try flat riding boots on days you’ll be walking.
Where did you grow up?
The country, the city or somewhere in between? 
I hope you’re having a great week so far…


Red Lips, White Hair & Blue Suits! Who Looked the Best at the Golden Globes?

Ricky Gervais had celebs sweating bullets last night at the 69th annual Golden Globe Awards and a couture gown with pit stains is a red carpet nightmare. If only their Dolce & Gabbana tuxedos, Louboutin heels, and cherry lipstick could magically deflect the sting of Ricky’s one-liners. Alas, with all of the pre-hosting hype, celebs seemed prepared for Gervais and nothing was too shocking. Yet some of their forced chuckles, awkward blank stares and unamused expressions were just as entertaining as his Hollywood jabs.

While no one was safe from his jokes, there is one thing stars could control and that is how they looked on the red carpet. Some of Hollywood’s royalty (and their stylists) struck out, while other’s knocked it out of the ball gown park.

Here’s my list of winners and worst dressed last night:

Angelina+Jolie+Land+Of+Blood+and+Honey%252C+Golden+Globes+ Atelier+Versace+gown
BEST~ In the Land of Beauty and Hotness on the red carpet, Angelina was my FAVORITE.
Even a hardcore Team Aniston fan couldn’t deny Jolie was flawless from head to toe in Atelier Versace.
angelina jolie brad pitt 2012 golden globes +Brad+Pitt+Suit
BEST~ The old ball & cane. Brad was Angie’s best accessory last night in his Salvator Ferragamo
3-piece tuxedo. He was dashing, as was George Clooney, even though I’m usually not a fan of shoulder length locks on guys.

WORST ~ It’s cute Sarah Michelle Gellar’s 2-year-old daughter picked out her dress, but this swirly madness is better suited for a screensaver and her slicked back pony is perfect for Pilates class.
BEST ~ She’s not an actress but Nicole Richie stunned in this silver gown. Her hair (from the back) posted on Facebook was styled perfectly. Can’t wait for her new show this March with Jessica Simpson called ‘Fashion Star’ 


WORST~ I really like Kelly Osborne on E!’s Fashion Police, and she looks pretty in this Zac Posen dress, but I can’t stand her white hair. Are you a fan of the ‘grey’ or say ‘no way’ on her?

Adam+Levine+ +in+Tom+Ford+Suit+at+Golden+Globes

BEST~Adam Levine didn’t even need his supermodel girlfriend as arm candy last night. AskMen fashion says it best, ‘You can never go wrong with Tom Ford.’

BEST~ Charlize Theron may play a spoiled brat in her new must-see movie, ‘Young Adult,’ but she looked angelic and gorgeous in couture Dior and a sparkling head band.
Gerard+Butler+at+the+Golden+Globes+ Bad+fitting+suit
WORST~The only thing worse than Gerard Butler in the ‘Bounty Hunter’ is this ill fitted 3 piece tux with pleats. Other risk takers included one of the night’s big winners, Matt Leblanc, in a navy blue tux. Go Joey!
Sofia+Vergara+Golden+Globes+awards.+Vera+Wang+gown+ Harry+Winston+jewels
BEST ~ Sofia Vergara can pull off almost any dress with her killer curves and I loved this jewel tone, detailed Vera Wang gown. The only thing I would do is add a little volume to her hair.
There were so many more show stopping looks and a few more worst dressed. If you love the critiquing the red carpet, tune into tonight’s E! Fashion Police Golden Globe’s special. Joan Rivers never fails to make me laugh. It’s not just the gown that makes the best dressed list, it’s everything including heels, hair, makeup and accessories that make or break the look.
 If I missed them, who were your favorites or red carpet failures of the night?
Also, CONGRATULATIONS to Joandy from the blog My Style by Joandy. She was chosen by to win the 2 Tee’s from the City Supply Co. Thanks to everyone who entered on my Facebook page & Twitter
Have a great week!


Would you Let your Daughter Submit a Snooki Inspired Yearbook Photo?

Have you heard of Sydney Spies, the high school senior in Durango, Colorado who submitted this pic below as her official yearbook photo? The yearbook officials (a team of studentsrejected it because it was too “inappropriate” and “unprofessional.” Each senior was asked to enter a photo that best described their personality and aspirations, which is modeling for Sydney. After this high school drama blew up in the media this week, she’s had so many Facebook friend requests inundating her account that she had to create a “Fan Page.” How tragic for her. 😉

It’s turned into quite the hot topic. What I find offensive about this photo isn’t the amount of skin she’s showing, it’s how she’s showing it. If she was a cheerleader wearing her uniform, or on the swim team in a bathing suit as her main photo, I woudn’t have a problem. While I don’t want to sound like a “Mean Girl” and we all go through different styles in high school, her oufit in this photo is simply trashy.

When I first glanced at this photo I was shocked. I actually thought she was topless and
the black shawl was a censor bar. The bottom line is a shawl is not a shirt.
This was the 2nd photo (also rejected) she submitted. It reminds me of a girl in a club Pauly D
would take home and then send away shoe-less in a cab at 4 am. She can do better.
Every parent has different standards of what’s appropriate for how their teen daughter should dress, and I think it’s sad her mom is supporting these photo submissions. Sydney could still submit a pretty modeling photo, but in a tasteful fashionable outfit. 
Remember in Clueless when Cher’s dad bluntly tells her to go upstairs and change out of her white Calvin Klein dress? Sure, Cher simply adds on a see-through jacket. But if you had a daughter dressing like Sydney and submitting photos online and to her school yearbook, how would handle the situation? 
Have a great weekend, see you Monday!
You can see the full Today Show interview with Sydney and her clueless mom here 


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