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My H&M Versace Gold Medallion Bracelet GIVEAWAY (Closed)

I‘d seen the Versace for H&M hype all month and last Friday decided to attempt the shopping madness. My brother, Drew, and a few friends checked out the scene around 10 PM Fri. night. There were already over a hundred people in line huddling together, playing cards and sprawled out on blankets under black tarps waiting until the store opened at 8am the next morning.
It looked miserable, but it was decision time. The risk of shivering outside with a slim chance of buying anything Versace was daunting and annoying on the part of H&M. Why can’t they supply enough for a whole week?

Friday night few moments before giving up on waiting all night until the SF store’s opening

Versace for H&M stretched across the store’s windows looking like the set of a LMFAO music video
10:30 PM…Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Time was ticking, the line was growing and temperatures were dropping. I gave up. As we drove around the corner, I’m pretty sure what happened next can only be described as fashion fate. We pulled up to a stop light at Market Street and saw a man on the corner holding a cardboard sign that read, “My car got towed, trying to get gas money to go to Portland. Stranded in SF…Anything HELPS.”

With the urging of my brother and friend Gigi, I rolled down my window and asked, “Are you planning to spend tonight in San Francisco?” He said he that he was until he had more money.

Well uh, there’s a BIG line for H&M tonight and we were wondering if we could pay you to hold our spot? But only if you wanted to…”. Before I could say more he said, “Yea, I’ll do it. How much?”

“How about $50?” and he said “Ok, I’ll meet you up there.

We pulled around the block to park and he was already in line sitting with his backpack. His name was Jeffrey. Security stamped our hands and I gave him $20 and said we’d pay the rest in the morning. We talked for a bit and asked if he wanted anything. He was well spoken, friendly, funny and very polite.

Jeffrey had fallen on hard times and was sleeping on the streets after working as a self-employed bike messenger for years in Portland, OR. He asked for socks because his feet were cold from standing in the rain all day. We gave him a jacket, socks and brought him pizza later which was the only place open, although he requested rice because he tries to stay away from greasy food.

My friends and I were going out a few blocks away so we told him we’d be back every couple hours to check in. While chatting, another homeless man walking down the line was begging for change. As he asked us for money, Jeffrey turned his head and said to him, “No man, I’m working right now.”

He told us he’s hates panhandling and would rather be doing something, even just waiting in line, to earn cash. When we came back at 3 am, he was reading the NY Times after getting back from a quick jog around Union Square.

We told him we’d be back at 6 am and would bring him breakfast and coffee. “Actually, I really try to avoid coffee,” he said. “I don’t like high levels of caffeine level in my body, Gatorade would be good. Orange or grape please,” he added. What a healthnut, huh? 🙂

Let me introduce you now to Jeffrey…he was super cool
Jeffrey (He looked like a young Woody Harrelson) & my brother, Drew

6:45 am Sat. Nov. 19th: After accidently oversleeping, I jumped up and screamed. My hair was a mess, but we all raced to the sale! We arrived and the line had already started moving. Where was Jeffrey? He had to be there, right?  He seemed like a real straight shooter. Then we spotted him in line.
Geez guys, I didn’t think you were gonna make it. They’re about to hand out wristbands,” he said. We paid him, plus extra for being late, thanked him and he wished us luck with Versace. I really hope he lands on his feet soon or can get a bike messenger job here in SF.
They gave us wristbands and only 25 people at a time could go in the women’s section for 10 minutes.

People were starting to get excited…

Except my brother who was exhausted…

But he was able to get the black Tux he wanted. I wanted the black leather jacket which was already completely sold out in the first 20 minutes. Oh well…. 🙂

I bought something to Give to one of you…


The bracelet comes inside this cute Versace box (inlcuded)

Winner receives this SOLD OUT gold medallian chain bracelet by Versace for H&M
(selling for $129 on Ebay now, ugh)

This bracelet has the engraved Versace detail. This was my favorite accessory in the collection.

I’m also including this big Versace for H&M gift bag (only size they had) for the winner

TO ENTER: Lots of Different ways
(Open to Everyone)
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5 Total Possible Entries!

Please leave comment below letting me know how you entered the Giveaway and your email or blog so I can contact the WINNER! All entries will go on a spreadsheet and the winner will be chosen by random.org

GIVEAWAY ENDS: Thursday December 8th at 11:59 pm PST. I will announce and contact the winner Friday December 9th, 2011. OPEN internationally and I’ll cover all shipping and handling. Good luck! 🙂

Here’s a short video my brother created if you’re curious to see more of the Versace craziness that day…
Have a great Thanksgiving!

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  1. Mariana Duval says:

    Uhm, I need this. I loved this entry! You documented the journey to Versace so well! =) I’m already entered to win right?

  2. I really enjoyed you background story about Jeffery, glad to see that he was able to benefit from this event too! lol
    Thanks again for your generosity! Can’t wait unit Dec.9th to hopefully find out I won the give away. I entered three ways: facebook,twitter and GFC.
    Since I didn’t get to purchase one of these on launch day hopefully this will be my way of getting one!

  3. Ice Pandora says:

    I’ve been to the Versace H&M collection ^^
    I’ll post my experience soon 😀

    GFC: Icepandora
    Twitter: Icepandora
    Email: ice.pand@gmail.com


  4. MikalaFashion by Kalina says:

    this is a great collection 🙂

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    * I’m a GFC Follower of your blog
    * I like you on fb (Fede Buizza)

    I like this bracelet sooo much <3
    Fingers crossed! =)

  6. I’m following you on GFC–and I didn’t know you had a fb–on my way now to like!

    This bracelet is killer! Love it!
    Your story about Jeffrey both cracked me up and hurt my heart. I’m so glad you and your brother were nice to him. It must be a rough life.


  7. Also following on Twitter!

  8. JoshuaRyan863 says:

    Amazing prize, I would love to own a piece from the Versace collection! ahhhhhh!

    “Like” SavvySpice on Facebook here- (1 Entry)
    Joshua Ryan

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  9. I’m following you on GFC and I like you on facebook (Angela Scricciolina)
    I love this giveaway! 🙂

  10. I follow your blog on GFC 🙂
    This is my favourite piece of the collection, I really hope I win 🙂

  11. laurachierico says:

    Follower of your blog!!!!
    I adore it so much!!

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    This is a wonderful prize!!!!!
    I follow your blog!

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    I follow you with GFC!!
    Great giveaway!


    I would really really really really really really really really really really really really love to win this because in new zealand there is no H&M so i never even had a chance to go to the store 🙁

    liked you on facebook (Ellen Mackenzie)



  16. LOL Girl definitely give you props for trying and absolutely succeeding. As for me I had my lil’ man with me and of course was not about to go stand in line for the all night with him 🙁 hmmmm…but now just realized that should of done what you did…smart girl 🙂

    Anyway please do enter me I want to own something versace 🙂

    Following everywhere except twitter (don’t have one)…YAY..


  17. The Fashion Twice says:

    I’ve done everything1 i eally hope to win this bangle cuase there were no versace collection into my h&m store 🙁


  18. I could totally related to your experience, playing homeless and sitting on the street all night long was crazy, but it was fun:)) this bracelet is one of my favourite from this collection, great giveaway!!

  19. Wow you helped a homeless and at the same time got your Versace.
    Love your blog I’m following you now.

  20. “My sister the blogger…UGGGHHHH”

    Ah, brotherly love. 😉

    I hope Jeffrey got to Portland and good luck with your contest. 😀

  21. Girlie Blogger says:

    Making friends with the homeless – always fun to do.

    Nice bracelet! Can’t believe you made it to the event. Good job!


  22. Kaitlin Mattingly says:

    omg, i almost was about to go wait in the LONG line but I got sick…looks like such a blast glad you got your hands on some goodies!

    xoxo katlin

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    Beautiful bracelet!

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    Thank you SO much for being kind enough to give something away. H&M just opened at my local mall on Thurs, but unfortunately it didn’t carry the Versace for H&M collection, so I didn’t get a chance to shop.

    —- Nicole

  24. What a totally crazy story, I’m glad I got to live Versace for H&M vicariously through you, glad your brother got what he was looking for!

  25. Chic 'n Cheap Living says:

    I loved reading this story. We meet such interesting people and I really hope that Jeffrey gets back on his feet! You are so cool for dpi his giveaway too. What did you end up getting?

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    I am a tweep as well!

  26. Oh man!! What a GREAT giveaway! Fingers crossed!
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    Wow what a crazy experience you had! All in the name of Versace!


  29. | C AND C | Sarmin says:

    Your brother is hiler! & Jeffery story, how cool.
    My H&M didn’t have the collection…Kinda werid, but I am totally jealous of the shopping bags/garment bags. Weird I know…

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    Hehe J is quite interesting being!!:) U look great in this chaotic situation!:) Excellent pics, and beautiful bracelet!! Wishing good luck to all!! kisses
    Jelena (glamfabchameleon.blogspot.com)
    One more day until the end of jewelry giveaway!!

  36. Hi there, thanks for stopping by yesterday. I am now following you. Your post is funny-I heart H&M.

  37. this free bird says:

    Your brother is a TROOPER!

    And can I just say I think it’s awesome that you gave this guy something to do that made him feel like he was useful and employed. It actually choked me up because I think a lot of people just brush homeless people aside without realizing it could happen to any of us. I hope he finds work SOON. What a great guy–and still with a great attitude.

    Okay I’m following. I wish I could win, sell it and give the guy the money. Is that bad?

  38. TheStylishShoeGirl says:

    It’s probably a good thing that I flew back to Australia pre-Versace…
    Thanks so much for the Encore Vegas tip – we really enjoyed it. Going out til 5am at Surrender before a 10am flight, 14 hours back to Australia wasnt my best move, but it was worth it!!

  39. Fatima Aamir says:

    OMG the Versace for H&M bracelet!!! 😀 Thanks for inviting me to join this giveaway, really means a lot!

    I’ve been eyeing that bracelet for so long! (:

    Thanks so so much for having this giveaway, and good luck to everyone entering! <3

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    Your brother looked like he really had some fun with this…dancing and everything! ^_^


    I’ a blog follower…and I’m gonna mention your giveaway on my blog tomorrow too.

  44. I’m not delighted about this collection, but I really like one dress- black one ; )I think Versace could do something better, it of course doesn’t change that Versace is amazing designer!

    hugs, Nikki <3

  45. Ha! Loved this post. Sad you didn’t get the black leather jacket 🙁

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  54. Firstly love this post. Wow I couldn’t cope with all that craziness! Yay for Jeremy!! Bless him. Thanks for the giveaway!

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  56. GREAT STORY! loved it 🙂 and your bro’s video is awesome, I LOVE his choice of song, Avicii one of my faves!!

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  65. Are you seriously going to give away this beauty?? I can’t believe how much determination that would take. (I don’t think I could bear to give it away if it were mine – heavens, even the box is fabulous.)

    Now to the story. I got such a kick out of reading this story Dale. Isn’t it amazing how much good can be done from something which just started as a chance encounter? Feel quite chuffed! Virginia x0

  66. Miss Caitlin S. says:

    What a cool story! I love that you found a way to help him and he help you! I live in Portland and that poor guy looks like all the pedi-cabbers we have here, I think as the rain kicks in they have a harder time with the job. I really like the way you both helped each other out. I’m glad you got to go into Versace too! My girlfriend and I got up early to do that as well… and then,went to the wrong H&M on Saturday, it was really annoying. We thought we would be smart to leave downtown where we live and go to the suburban location – less line! But really, there was no line because they weren’t doing it, haha. I follow you on GFC. And you and your brother look so much alike!

  67. wow, that is pure craziness!!! that must’ve been some experience! 🙂

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    For the 1st entry, I like you on facebook! (didn’t know you were there…exciting! 🙂


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  78. uhm first of all, that is super awesome that you found jeffrey to do that! LOL. I, like you already gave up at home when I heard ppl were lining up around 8 pm friday. What else did you get? I would love to see !

    second of all, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving sweet comments 🙂 following you back! keep up the good work!

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  93. Thanks for all the comments and the nice words about Jeffrey. Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway.

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    I just would like to say, you probably made jeffreys year by paying him for something so simple. He deffinantly deserved it after a long night! To bad you couldn’t get your black jacket :/ I hope you had an awesome ThanksGiving!

    xoxox TaylorMarie

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    OH MY GOSH! This post completely made my day. I’m so in love with Jeffrey. And so in love with your plan to hold your spot in line, help a guy in need and score some Versace. I think we may be soul mates. I’m definitely featuring this whole article on my blog because it’s the most witty and warm post I’ve read in ages. A happy side note would definitely be winning the bracelet as we don’t have an H&M in my entire state (Ugh Montana, how un-progressive of us.) So now I’m a following, I gave a facebook and blog shout out and I’ll def. be back to read more delightful articles:) XO

    real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

  124. nice giveaway. this collection wasn’t really my cup of tea. i stood in line for the elin kling collection,, but it was the only one i’ve actually been waiting in line for.. it wasn’t even worth standing in the cold since people who came just minutes before were allowed to run in front.. no bracelets or anything. but i almost got everything i came for then
    jeffrey does look like woody a bit.how fun

  125. trouble.in.paradise says:

    wow thats amazing! love that bracelet too xx

  126. Your brother is so cool. I wish I had a brother like that. The line was crazy…you have a lot of patience. Lovely giveaway 🙂

    Heel in Mint

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    Love the video and thanks for coming through on my blog! I appreciate the comment and you becoming a follower. I think its sweet you considered us for while shopping.

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    And just tweeted about the giveaway!

  134. I’m now following your blog! woohoo! 🙂 Love Versace.



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  136. Leonor Carboila says:

    So incredible! I’m in love for this collection!

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    Following now 😀

    ahhh your blog is amazing,
    so inspiring!
    now i’m going to have to go back through your older posts 🙂
    i’m going to follow you on bloglovin’ now!

    ohh and i’m having a giveaway so come enter 🙂
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    Love Kendra

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  140. Under the Fluorescents says:

    love that bracelet! probably the only thing i wanted out of the collection


  141. I’m a follower !
    AND what a story !
    I COULD NEVER in a MILLION years convince my brothers to do this with me !

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    Following on twitter and liked the FBook page Dale!

    The video and story were great!



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  146. dale, jp and i were just shooting the proverbial s*** and he just told me about your blog–this is rad! just followed you on twitter for a chance at a stocking stuffer for kate.

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  149. YAY! One more day!

  150. Thanks to everyone who entered and for all the sweet comments about Jeffrey. I’ll announce the winner Friday afternoon PST


  151. Poppy Male says:

    OMG I love the Versace range it is amazing 🙂 your blog is great and has so many hints and tips that I will definatly be taking away with me 🙂 brilliant 😀 xx



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