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Can a Woman be Too Thin or Too Young for Spanx?

Hmm…Before you answer, here’s a photo of me and a couple friends almost exactly a year ago.  One of us is wearing Spanx. I’ll tell you right now, it’s ME. Later, this very same evening a friend of mine and I were out grabbing a cocktail. As we approached the bar, he asked “what would you like to drink?” as his hand grazed my back.

I think you know where this is going…

Suddenly, he gave me a really weird look. “Uh, are you wearing Spanx?” he asked with a confused expression.

I wasn’t sure how to respond, but I knew lying at that point was useless after he’d clearly felt the waistband of my Spanx Power Panties. “Uh, well yea, I am,” I said sheepishly and giggled.

He couldn’t believe it. He went on to say “women in their 20’s don’t wear Spanx” and intimated they’re for women like Oprah, Mama from “Mama’s Family” and Khloe Kardashian. It was total Spanx discrimination and I hate to say it, but I was a little embarrassed.

I made my way to the ladies room balancing on one leg pulling the skin tight Spanx over my stilleto booties one leg at a time until my thighs were body slimmer free. Then I stuffed them into the pocket of my peacoat and went back to the bar.

Why am I sharing this?
Because celebs a lot younger and thinner than me have been getting grief for years over accidentally flashing their Spanx showing their body slimming tricks. Last week, bloggers bagged on Kristen Stewart after she unintentionally revealed her Spanx when her dress rode up during her interview with Jay Leno.

I think it’s important for woman all of ages and body types to know it’s perfectly okay to wear Spanx without shame. And there are some dresses so unforgiving, it doesn’t matter if a woman is a 110 lb celebrity, her stylist will have her in Spanx so she’s looking flawless on the red carpet.

Kim Kardashian flashed her Spanx this Spring, but she’d take a wardrobe malfunction over divorce backlash any day
Blake Lively in Chanel lets hers slip up near her waist at the premiere of “Twelve” last year
My new take on Spanx is wear them if you want, especially if it makes you feel more comfortable in a certain outfit or dress. Or don’t wear them. Undergarments should be your right to choose!
Don’t let Spanx haters have you changing in the back of a club’s bathroom like I did. But also try your best not to have a Spanx slip. If they accidentally show, oh well or as Rick Perry would say, “Oops.” It happens so often during Kathie Lee & Hoda on the 4th hour of the Today Show, they have a new “Spanx Alert” segment. There’s women of all ages and sizes wearing Spanx so to answer the title’s question is… “No.”
To see more celeb Spanx sightings, check out FashionIndie’s gallery here
What are your thoughts on Spanx?
Would you stop wearing body slimmers if a guy in your life hated them?
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  1. My answer would be “No” too. If it makes you look and feel good then you should go for it. Good post and I love the new look of your blog! 🙂

    Heel in Mint

  2. Love this post and think the answer is “no” as well! I wear them too when I want a very smooth line, especially on a more fitted skirt or dress…it gives such a great, together look! “Woo Hoo” for Spanx and for this fabulous post!

    Liesl 🙂

  3. I agree you should wear them if you’d like – I heard they’re uncomfortable though!

  4. Chic 'n Cheap Living says:

    If Blake lively can wear spanx, any woman can wear it! You have to do what makes you feel good (and look good in dresses!)

  5. Polish and Charms says:

    Wear the spankx or what ever brand they are all you want! If you feel like a million bucks in them then go for it!

  6. No way Jose! I have been known to wear spanx under tight fitting evening gown bridesmaid dresses and im nto ashamed to say that it gave my figure the umph it needed! Just pulls everything up and together for a slammin figure! 😉
    xoxo Inna 🙂
    Inna’s Daily Fix!

  7. I just wore spanx for the first time during halloween!! I’m going to keep on wearing them without my bf knowing 😉 I think if something shows I’ll say it’s a boy short or something… I’m so surprised that guy knew what Spanx were! I just think if there’s something to make me look better, like fake eyelashes or extensions, I’m doin’ it but on the D.L. 🙂

  8. Girlie Blogger says:

    Totally agree with you. If the US allows freedom of speech, we should wear spanx no matter what age or size.


  9. Lost.in.Idaho says:

    Wear them, but it makes the undressing-with-a-partner portion of the evening sort of awkward. To each their own, I guess.

    If you look good, you look good. The end.


  10. Taylormarie says:

    I love spanx!
    Even at 16 I own a pair and i wear them proudly!


  11. Keeping up with E.S.E.M says:

    haha funny post! i dont actually own a pair but maybe i will…



  12. You always have such fun posts! Haha!

    I’ve never personally worn Spanx, but I’m absolutely not a Spanx-hater!

    And I’d much rather see a starlet flashing Spanx than see her flashing no undies…can I get an amen?

  13. What Sadie Did says:

    I have the cheaper alternatives to spanks and plenty of them! I like them for streamlining on a night out or in a tight outfit, and definitely better than a VPL!


    Sadie x

  14. Pssssh.. I’d wear spanx no matter how good I look. It’s like underwear – basic stuff to keep you locked and loaded. That guy was a creep more than anything else.

  15. inmyhansonshirt says:

    I’ve never worn them but I see no shame in it!


  16. ChaosButterfly says:

    I don’t like Spanx, because I feel like they don’t work so well, but I do like body shapers in general and I do think that everyone can wear them if they want to.

    Squeem is my favorite one and it can be awkward, because you can totally feel it through clothes, but oh well. It makes me look super good, so I will wear it without shame. >_>

  17. Bravoe Runway says:

    I don’t have any spanx…the only thing I have is a full nude coloured body slip that has some control to it from Cass Luxury shapewear. I usually wear this under my DVF wrap dresses as they’re generally not lined. I think you have to wear what makes you feel comfortable under and over your clothes.

  18. Saphira Thenalia says:

    I don’t love spanx anyway, and how did you wear it??hehe
    beautiful blog!


  19. hahahaha! dale! omg! you made my day with your story. I dont wear spanx. I feel hot in them. haha! But I have this dress like spanx but not spanx. something I wear inside for super thin dresses. are you going to the thread show?


  20. I agree, Spanx is a good thing. Why be ashamed of it, right?;D

    ***** Marie *****
    Giveaway: Shabby Apple Da Vinci Dress

  21. @ChicnCheap Living – Great point about Blake haha
    @Paulina- I think a lot of guys know about Spanx even if they act like the don’t lol
    @ Joanna – Thank you for letting me know about the Thread Show in SF, I’ll have to go

  22. i would totally wear spanx! i definitely love my curves and wear them proudly, but i also would like to look really nice whenever i have a nice occasion to go to!
    sharde’ @ the style projects

  23. @Heel In Mint- Thanks for the compliment on the new layout of my blog, I actually just switched it to Blogger’s new Dynamic views 🙂 It increases traffic a lot too

  24. I love them! and wear them! When I went to purchase my spanx the saleslady made such a big deal that I didn’t need them and proceeded to tell the other salespeople within earshot to agree that I didn’t! Little did she know that it was also another 90 something pound girl working at BEBE who suggested I go because it would make the dress I was wearing seamless and you know what it did! It doesn’t matter what size you are all women want to look and feel their best!

  25. women like oprah? oprah is fine! i mean, look at her curves. she’s quite sexy for her age. 😉

  26. I dotn own spanx but that doesnt mean I wouldn’t wear them…I do wear tights/stockings that are reinforced to tuck especially if its something super form fitting and you just want ot have that hour glass figure! I say why not.

  27. i think spanx are lifesavers, no matter what your age is. just as long as theyre not that obvious.

  28. I own one Spanx tank.
    I think if it doesn’t show and you won’t have anyone running their hands on you – wear it.
    Just last night I was packing and I asked myself if I should take my Spanx tank and I decided against it as I do think it’s embarrassing for people to KNOW or NOTICE you are wearing one, it makes me feel like it loses all the magic.

  29. Universo de um Closet says:

    Não há de que as mulheres se envergonha, é como usar um soutien com bojo e enchimento… 🙂 Universo de um Closet


  30. I tried on my first pair of spanx when the lady at the wedding dress shop said here put these on. Wow! Yes it did make me look extremely flat in the tummy area, but I will say I was glad to TAKE IT OFF!
    Good question!
    Style in the City

  31. miss andrea lee says:

    love the new design! I’ve never tried spanx, but I have always wanted to! Great post!

  32. If it smoothes you out and thins you up a little, why not?

  33. I am in my 20’s and no I’m not 110 or a celebrity but sometimes I wear them. Some skirts and dress practically require them. I have no shame in it and bf knows I wear them. He dis shake his the head there first time but thats all.

  34. naah I think its nothing wrong if it will make you look better in your dream sexy tight dress haha, at least I wouldn’t mind wearing it 🙂

    great blog!!


  35. I would totally and completely wear Spandex seriously why not? Wouldn’t care if the special guy in my life hates them because if he loves me like he should love me is not going or wouldn’t matter to him whatever I wear under my clothes! 😉

    Great post doll as always.

    <3 Marina

  36. hey dale! I am going to the thread show. and I’m going the the versace and H&M launching as well. I’m going to the one in santana row! are you going???


  37. I don’t think there’s any shame in Spanx! Anyone should be able to wear them, and if it makes them look or feel better, more power to them!

  38. Snazzy Dollface says:

    hey.. if it makes you feel more confident in your outfit… wear them with pride 🙂 that guy was just clueless.. as most are when it comes to what women will go through to be cute… lol

  39. Vanessa@Luxuria says:

    If it makes you feel confident and gives you a lovely smooth finish to your clothes, why not? I think it’s that “Bridget Jones moment” that still haunts some men. But I’m not sure the chappy that had just met you had any right broaching the subject of your Spanx so early on. HE was obviously feeling confident 😉

  40. I’m 18 and I’ve been wearing spans for awhile now…For me it works great under dresses or outfits that have potential to be sheer or that I don’t want any weird lines under. To me, icky underwear lines are WAY more offensive than an accidental spans slip.

  41. Alexis the Honey B says:

    I barely hit 100 lbs and i wear Spanx just to smooth everything out! You’re never too young or too skinny!

  42. il était une fois... says:

    that pic of kim is hilar!! and to answer your question – hell no!! a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! forget what the boys say!! X

  43. Gawgus things... says:

    See, I wear spanx and whilst I can’t say I look any slimmer, it does give me a smoother silhouette shall we say. I’d much rather wear them than have a VPL! XX

  44. Ain’t no shame in wearing spanx!
    I’d rather a celebrities spanx get flashed than have her *cough* Cough get flashed 😛

  45. haha Aline, good point! That’s so true

  46. I love spanx and agree with you wholeheartedly! They give a nice smooth line that I love and makes me feel more confident.


  47. i love this dale!! and i think any woman, any size, any age and any shape should wear spanx if they want too!! they’re just another tool in the female arsenal to look good!! i mean we wear fake eyelashes to make our eyes bigger and fake nails so we don’t look scraggly and homeless.. why can’t we wear a body shaper?? even the skinniest of girls need something to smooth out the bumps! nobodies perfect!

  48. Any age, any size can wear spanx. And they definitely should not let a man tell them what they should & shouldn’t wear!! Hell nos 😉

    M x

  49. Beantown's Barbie says:

    Cannot tell you enough how much I love this post… So resonating with many women with body con issues, women of all sizes. I agree spanx is for women of all shapes, thin and skinny. This product was meant to prep the body for a dress so size or age discrimination is obsolete.


  50. ah, I just love this post!

  51. I wear them sometimes just for coverage if i think a dress is a little sheer or short. Also they help a really fitted dress lay better. I must say though they are seriously uncomfortable, so I do try to avoid them.

  52. theblackshortdress says:
  53. Liz Barton says:

    If he’s not going to see them, why not wear them!!
    Spanx makes you feel held in and supported and
    you don’t need to be big for that!! Great post!



  54. Spanx has changed the way women dress and we can thank one person, Sara Blakely, who created Spanx by cutting up a pair of panty hose to create an undergarment to fight the dreaded VBL—Visible Panty Line. Growing from one women’s entrepreneurial dream, the Spanx shapewear line now includes Spanx panties, tummy control shapewear, Spanx hosiery, and new Spanx bras.
    Celebrities swear by Spanx and for good reason. The various Spanx styles smooth, shape, and can make you look 5-10 pounds slimmer. With styles that range from panties to thigh-length to footless pantyhose to full bodysuits, Spanx styles solve any fashion challenge we women have. Shape your waist, shape your thights, shape pretty much everything and do so in comfort that earlier girdle-wearing generations could have only dreamed about.

  55. I am 40 and have never and will never wear spanx or any body-shaping garment. For me the 20+ years in the gym have done the trick. I don’t want to be confined and hot in an undergarment. That said, though, I see nothing at all wrong with wearing spanx at any age. I just hope that women do it for that added something and not because they are unhappy with who they are.


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