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11 /29
Shedding Pounds this Holiday Season on the NEW Candy Cane Diet

The holidays are a time of joy, spending time with family, friends, and avoiding fruitcake at all costs. Throughout December, we’re bombarded by platters of brownies, pies, cookies, cheese plates, gin fizzes and those tins of stale flavored popcorn. When I’m offered sweets or appetizers at work, cocktail

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11 /22
My H&M Versace Gold Medallion Bracelet GIVEAWAY (Closed)

I‘d seen the Versace for H&M hype all month and last Friday decided to attempt the shopping madness. My brother, Drew, and a few friends checked out the scene around 10 PM Fri. night. There were already over a hundred people in line huddling together, playing cards

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11 /16
Favorite Celeb Look of the Week: Twilight Edition

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 is hours away from hitting theaters nationwide and fans are getting super excited! Don’t mistake the Twihard tent cities in SoCal for Occupy LA. I’ve read some reviews and it seems the newest Twilight installment is for mature teenie boppers and

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11 /14
Can a Woman be Too Thin or Too Young for Spanx?

Hmm…Before you answer, here’s a photo of me and a couple friends almost exactly a year ago.  One of us is wearing Spanx. I’ll tell you right now, it’s ME. Later, this very same evening a friend of mine and I were out grabbing a

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11 /08
Cirque Du Soleil is Six Pack Central

The “Situation” may have abs and an act, but these performers have muscles everywhere plus actual talent you have to see to believe. The past few days I had the chance to see a couple Cirque du Soleil shows I’ll never forget.

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