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The Catwalk & the Catfight?! My Night at the Macy’s Fashion Show

Before I review the fashion show I attended last Friday in San Francisco at the Orpheum Theater featuring Bruno Mars, I have a REVELATION! I think it’s time I admit that I wear hair extensions. Not always, but if I want my hair to be longer or a certain style, I ADD in hair extensions.

Why am I sharing this? Because after a Friday’s fabulous fashion show and concert, I was walking a block by myself to meet up with my brother when I saw a homeless woman cracked out of her mind walking toward me. I don’t want what happened NEXT to happen to anyone else.

But first, the 2011 Macy’s Passport Presents Glamorama fashion show

I was able to get a press pass thankfully to see a little what goes on before the show.
What I wore: leather shorts (Romeo & Juliet Couture), blazer (F21), white tank
My new fave black suede heels (Kelsi Dagger) -TJ Maxx
I met new people like LC (and Bionca) from their fashion and music blog VibrantDoll.com
Far East Movement performed “Like a G6” & thanked the Bay Area for always supporting them
There’s a reason “Super Models” have that title. 🙂 Kathy Ireland was stunning in 
a coral Herve Leger dress (always a bold choice).
Kathy made a touching tribute honoring Elizabeth Taylor and her activism in the fight
against AIDS over the decades 

Fashion Show: I’m a fan of anything sparkly or with faux fur detail this fall

Leopard print and leather too: Designers included Tom Ford, Tracey Reese, Tommy Hilfiger and others
 Perhaps the only part of the fashion show that got as many cheers from the audience as Bruno Mars 😉
Bruno Mars performed a few of his most popular songs 

This year’s event benefited AIDS Emergency Fund, Glide Foundation and Project Open Hand

This show is always amazing and so professional! I highly recommend going to next year’s Glamorama.

Patron night cap at the after party

Fri. 9/30 10:05 PM…After the show

So back to the story: Cue the “Law and Order” sound effects please:

(Sidenote) I’ve lived in San Francisco for six years so when it comes to dealing with crackheads, this wasn’t my first rodeo. Usually they’re pretty harmless on the streets and not aggressive.
  I noticed a homeless woman walking toward me and she was bra-less in a big white V-neck, but it was her eyes that really caught my attention. They were freshly drugged, terrifying and popping out of her head. All of a sudden as we were about to pass each other, she started walking RIGHT at me! Before I could think, she was in my face and said in an ultra-creepy voice I’ll never forget, “YOUR HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL….!” reaching her hand to my head. I tried to maneuver around her, but she grabbed my hair and pulled as HARD as she could!

The only thing worse than feeling your hair (real or fake) being ripped out of your head is hearing the sound it makes as it’s torn from the roots. I was stunned and spun around clutching the side of my head. I was SO upset! I don’t care WHAT you’re smoking, you can’t go around pulling out people’s hair. “What are you doing you CRAZY bi*ch?!” I screamed. “I’m going to call the cops!”

That’s when I saw her face. She knew she did something wrong and looked shocked. She had stopped about 10 feet from me staring in disbelief holding a chunk of my hair extensions between her fingers….
the smoking gun.

I gave her a look like, You better give my hair back! (Hair extensions are not cheap)
She gave me a look like, Oohh sh*t, I just pulled out this girl’s weave!

I watched as she released her grip and my extensions fell to the filthy San Francisco sidewalk. Then she walked off. I ran and picked them up, darting around her and went into Clydesdale mode (me trying to run in 4-inch heels). I made my way to the police officers standing at the end of the block.
“Um, that homeless lady just pulled out my hair,” I said to the officer fighting back my tears.

Within a few minutes of them catching up with her, the cops came back to talk to me.

“I’m sorry this happened,” they said. “She’s always hanging around here on 7th and Market streets. So…uh, you can press charges and we can take her in if you want,” one officer said.

“No…no, it’s okay. I just hate scary crackheads like that,” I said as I stuffed my extensions into my clutch.
“Yea, I hear ya, but you really shouldn’t walk down here by yourself anymore tonight,” he added.

Lesson learned: As I’ve been taught from “Breaking Bad” and in real life, NEVER let your guard down around crackheads. And if I only went with my wispy extension-free natural hair, the whole incident could have been avoided. 🙂

While I laughed it off the next day, it was horrible at the time. How do you deal with situations involving out-of-control people?
Hope you all have a great weekend! See you Monday


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  1. Ice Pandora says:

    Sorry to hear about the accident with the homeless pulling your hair 🙁
    Anyway thanks for sharing the event with us!
    So lucky to see Bruno Mars in real ^__^


  2. Stephanie Ayu says:

    so cute! i would have died to have attended


  3. Kori Donahue says:

    You look amazing…those shorts and shoes are to die for…nice gams! Sorry bout the homeless guy! I hope you can link up with me tomorrow for Fashion Friday honey! And don’t forget to enter my 2 year blogoversary giveaway!


    Kori xoxo

  4. Alexis the Honey B says:

    Wow, your story is really scary. I wear hair extensions too and if some homeless person yanked it out i would cry!!!!!!!!!!! You look perfect in your picture though!! Good to hear she didnt do worse to you!!!!

  5. Lost.in.Idaho says:

    Your story is freaky, but your outfit is fantastic. It’s professional and “DAAAAAAYUM” all at the same time.

    Meanwhile, Kathy Ireland is drop dead hot. I bet that dress will never be featured in her KMart line…

  6. You looked beautiful and it looks like an exciting time, minus the homeless lady and your hair encounter! Loving Kathy’s coral dress too!!!

    Liesl 🙂

  7. wow that looked like so much fun! you looked beautiful also xxx

  8. dale, that story was scary! i am, not sure how i deal with crazy people. that was some freaked out stuff though, for sure. glad all she pulled out was your hair. ugh!

  9. first of all, you should have known something bad was gonna happen when you heard the “Law and Order” sound effects. dun dun! 😉

    but seriously, i hope you’re alright… and does this mean we get to see you sporting a shorter hair look? 😀

  10. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe that happened to you! I’m always freaked out by crackheads and walk around them, lol! But GEEZ. I can’t believe she pulled out your hair extension! I was wearing hair extensions too (clip-ins) and I would have been PISSED if someone pulled them out, especially a crackhead (i swear they have body lice or something)! But you did great handling the situation. It was nice meeting you at the event!!! We’ll have to go to more soon!

  11. Wow. Can’t believe that happened to you! That had to be scary…and painful! I’ve had a few run-ins like that when I lived in Atlanta…one crazy lady went so far as to kick and punch me so hard, I swore I had a concussion! I’ve learned its best to just assume they’re going to do something like that and try to stay clear.

    Your picture on the red carpet is gorgeous! You don’t look the least bit phased! Once again, I envy your life…minus the homeless lady encounter…


  12. crazy story! but looks like the event itself was a lot of fun!


  13. You look lovely and I love those leather shorts. I can just imagine the look on that lady’s face when she pulled out your hair!

  14. SassyUptownChic says:

    Omg’d, I am so glad you are ok. What a SCARY situation! Glad you were not hurt, but I know it was traumatic. Sending hugs, well wishes and happiness your way. People strung out on drugs are out of their mind and crazy. GOD protected you. You looked amazing at the event and it was a beautiful evening until that happened. Don’t let that deter you from going on. Just stay close to someone. ((HUG))
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  15. Thanks for the compliments and nice words.
    @Jay-Shorter hair pics probably won’t be happening. 🙂
    @SassyUptownChic- You’re right, thanks so much. Definitely won’t walk around there again alone
    @ Bionca – Yea, it was sooo much fun meeting you that night too. I can’t wait to see you two again at the next event

  16. OMG!! I am glad you are ok! That is super scary dealing with crazy people.
    I must say that your outfit is AMAZING!! The fashion show looks like it was fun.

  17. PoetessWug says:

    Note to self: Stay off the crackhead sidewalks in San Francisco! LOL…Sorry. I’m glad you’re okay though. And you don’t mind if I have a lesson learned…and all of my hair intact, do you?! ^_^

  18. What an awful thing to happen! I was so shocked after reading this! I must say when I visited San Francisco with my husband I was shocked to see how many homeless people there were and some of them are very aggressive. We saw one to try to attack a young girl in the middle of the day in broad daylight! I love visiting America and what a great country but the issue with the homeless really is awful..And in Hawaii Oahu I couldn’t believe how many prostitutes we saw in the nicest of the area doing their business openly and police didn’t get involved but if they saw a person being midly drunk they immediately acted on that, something wrong with the system! Anyway I still love coming over there for holidays and every country has their issues, I just had to comment as I felt really bad for you what had happened. It’s good that you can laugh about it now and btw you looked really gorgeous on the photos! =)

  19. Oh gosh, that was a terrifying experience. Seriously, these crackheads are so unpredictable. I’m glad nothing bad happened to you. By the way, I love the leather shorts you’re wearing. And your suede shoes are darling!


    A Single Girl’s Musings

  20. Bravoe Runway says:

    Oh my goodness, I am glad you are ok, and it was only extensions. I live in Downtown chicago and we have a lot of homeless people roaming the streets, and at night I rarely walk alone, I’ll always get into a cab, even if it is a few extra dollars. Be careful Dale and I hope everything is ok!

  21. what a shame what happened to you. greetings friend

  22. | C AND C | Sarmin says:

    Um, can we just get moment for you legs, god damn!
    & now, crackhead lady, so sorry! I wear weaves, & I work at a smoke shop, therefore this hits close to home. I never had them pull my hair out, but I did have one flash me. She wanted show me her new pierced nipples, um yeah…

    xo SARMIN

  23. Francesca R says:

    You gave me the creeps with this story! I am always afraid of these crackheads so I generally walk away from them!
    In any case you look super gorgeous!

  24. Loving those leather shorts! They look like the perfect fit on you. Definitely a great staple and a versatile piece to wear out to an event like that.


  25. Wow I love your look here! The shorts, I mean… Come on 🙂
    You have a great body as well, envyios girl here! 😉

  26. Oh my god that must have been so scary!! I have the creeps just by reading it! I always feel very uncomfortable walking in the street at night, but even more if I’m alone in said street…I always feel that’s when something bad is going to happen!

    I hope you’re ok!!!

    xo Rose


  27. Great blog!! This looks like an amazing night.



  28. That’s awful doll a homeless person attacking…YIKES.

    Anyway you look absolutely so fashionable and the Macy’s event looks so super FAB!! Gorgeous as always.

    <3 Marina

  29. Beauty and Bows says:

    (Beauty and Bows Reply) (Dale) Thank you Dale 🙂 As much as I love my gel/pencil liners, I’ve been using eyeshadow as a liner a lot more lately.

    Dale, that story is horrifying! I’m happy that you were able to laugh about it the next day xx

    Kisses, Melanie
    Beauty and Bows

  30. Sakuranko says:

    pretty pictures..
    God Bles you~~

    Sakuranko Blog
    Fan Page Facebook

  31. Alycia (Crowley Party) says:

    your shorts are amazing, your hair rocks, and that is so freakin scary and crazy that that happened to you! Happy to hear you were all right, how scary.

  32. Essiefashion says:

    So cool!!!
    You look beautiful!

  33. Caterina Salvietti says:

    Hi, really nice blog! 🙂 you’re so stylish!
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  34. Omgsh I can’t believe that homeless person really pulled your hair!!! :S I mean I lived in SF for 4 years but never heard a crazy story like that! Glad she didn’t do any worse tho. You look gorgeous in the picture 🙂

  35. Lovely post I like it.

    I love your blog so I’m following you.
    Check out mine.

  36. What Sadie Did says:

    OMG that’s horrendous!!!! I wouldn’ve freaked out too!! I had a similar incident in Florence a couple of years ago, there are a lot of homeless people there. My friend and I were walking by the Duomo (like MAJOR tourist area, lots of people) at dusk to meet our other friends and a homeless / druggy chased us shouting give me your money and screaming at us. We ran into the nearest building which happened to be a VIP party at a museum! He was trying to get in after us, grappling with the security guards. it FREAKED me out. On the plus side, we were given a free glass of bubbles to ‘settle our nerves’ at the party! So yes, these things can happen when you least expect it huh! Glad you were okay afterwards 🙂

    Sadie x

  37. Whoa. At least it was super interesting and eventful! 🙂 I am going to a Macy’s show in a couple of nights, but I am sure that it will be nothing like this.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  38. Oh god, that was scary. 😮

    Love your leather shorts by the way! 🙂

  39. that seems so creepy! well it was i probably would have reacted the same way! even if you weren’t wearing your extensions she would have still pulled your hair which is scary! you look lovely in these photos nonetheless and looks like a great event!


  40. Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou says:

    First, the evening sounds FABulous! Second … how SCARY was THAT!!! Can’t even imagine how shocking and upsetting that must have been!! So glad you’re ok .. guess we need bodyguards, huh? 😉 xoxo Have a wonderful week, sweetie!

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou
    This Week: Aimee’s Grande Paris Adventure Part II … “Charmed I’m Sure”

  41. GORGEOUS outfit. Sounds and looks like THE best fun x

  42. amazing blog!!! following you!!!

  43. Aww, this is awful! I would be scared to death! I´m impressed how you handled it! Btw, you look beyond amazing and stunning in that outfit!

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City

  44. Saphira Thenalia says:

    maybe I’ll be quiet when I’m around with out-of-control people…hehe
    what a great occasion in there…

  45. love your outfit! especially those heels 🙂

  46. OMG girl this looks like such an awesome event and the pics are phenomenal. Totally and completely agreed with you about LA (sigh)

    <3 Marina

  47. What amazing legs you have! & wow thats super scary that lady ripped out your extensions. Ouch!!

    M x

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