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Favorite Celeb Look & Legs of the Week

happen to like them both, but whether you’re on Team Angie or Jen was irrelevant last week when Ms. Aniston showed up in a super-sexy plunging Kaufman Franco silver mini dress. She looked spectacular and paired the sparkler with Balenciaga heels at the Elle’s Women in Hollywood Event.

Jennifer Aniston is my fave celeb look of the week, but I feel like she wears strappy sandals like this for every event. Also, she is rocking a spray tan and some leg tricks I recognize

There was some criticism on blogs and E!’s Fashion Police that the dress might be showing too much skin for Jen who is 42 or any women for that matter. I’m not gonna use the played out “If you got it, flaunt it” phrase, but she clearly works out very hard and diets like crazy to look this great so I think it’s okay for her to wear this dress.
And she happened to look better than some celebs half her age. Look at actress Elizabeth Olsen below at the SAME event…
                Elizabeth Olson opted for this shapeless silver Calvin Klein dress
She is the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson so I wouldn’t tell her to run and ask for fashion advice from her older sisters who went through their own sack-like fashion phase, but she definitely needs some style help. Elizabeth is only 22 and this dress is aging her.
What do you think? Is Jen’s look showing too much skin?
I hope you’re having a great week so far!

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  1. I think Jen is showing a bit too much skin but then she works very hard for a body like that so I wouldn’t say anything. She looks stunning. Elizabeth Olsen looks gorgeous too but I agree that she is too young to dress like that. She is going to regret this someday because 20s is too short.

    Heel in Mint

  2. i think it is a little bit too much but she knows how to wear it,great blog,love it <3

  3. Pretty Affair says:

    i actually saw this pic of Jen in a magazine and i thought – she looks amazing and i really love her dress! i don’t thik that she’s showing too much skin – long sleeves makes up for it! 😉

  4. I thought Jeniifer looked stunning in that photo, she has an amazing body

  5. Jennifer Aniston is gorgeous, and i feel the same to about her shoes, i want to see her with something more fashionable…something that stands out!
    My Fashion Bug

  6. Beauty and Bows says:

    She looks gorgeous, but I think that if the neckline wasn’t a plunging one, it would be more appropriate.

    Kisses, Melanie
    Beauty and Bows

  7. Leeann @ Join the Gossip says:

    I love Jen. She always looks so great. I actually saw her in person and she’s tiny!!

  8. I love how celebrities can get away with so much more than regular folk! Although, maybe if we all worked out as if it were our job…

    ‘More power to Jen for pulling off that look.

  9. What Sadie Did says:

    Definitely think Elizabeth looks unflattering in this dress – and Jen often wears these kinds of outfits. She looks great but her boobs are a bit too ‘out there’ and I agree she doesn’t seem to vary her wardrobe style much.

    PS I love these types of discussion posts you do!

    Sadie x


  10. Jen looks great. I would take Jen over Angelina any day!

  11. SassyUptownChic says:

    Hey Dale! Jen is NOT showing too much skin. Her body is in great shop. I hate critics! Notice, critics NEVER look really good anyway. LOL That was a beautiful dress she was wearing and fab shoes.

  12. I think Jen looks amazing as always! If I looked like her, I’d be showing off too!

  13. mmmmm….Jennifer Aniston is still so hot… I couldn’t believe Charlie Day’s character in horrible bosses, I mean c’mon Charlie, that’s Jennifer Aniston!!! C’MON!!!! 😀

  14. Keeping up with E.S.E.M says:

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  15. Fabrizia Spinelli says:

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  16. I think Jen looks great. But Elizabeth Olsen looks so old here that I hardy could recognize her.

  17. Kirstin Marie says:

    I think Jennifer is beautiful, and looks amazing in this photo. The silver shapeless dress is hideous.

  18. Kim's Vanity says:

    Well I think Jen looks great! She really can pull anything off with that figure. And you are right, she makes someone half her age look older than she is! Jen has awesome legs.

  19. JustPatience says:

    Jen definitely has the best legs in the business and she is not afraid to show them.


  20. Alexandria says:

    JA is my all time favorite too!

    thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I am following you back now 🙂


  21. Alexis the Honey B says:

    Not a huge Jennifer Aniston fan but that lady could wear a potato sack and still look amazing. She has great legs!

  22. Jennifer looks absolutely stunning. Her body is hard as a rock and the dress is gorgeous.

    <3 Marina

  23. CottonCandyINK says:

    i love jen aniston, classic beauty.

    thanks for visiting my blog, hope you come back soon!

  24. Hi!!! Thank you for the compliment and comment, and following (following you back), but I can’t see you on my followers list, my blogger button often doesn’t work so if you want to follow me, you can do it via twitter or bloglovin… and I think that in this case Jen is not showing too much skin and agree with you that looks better then E. Olsen!!! Wow, totally love your blog!!!

  25. Jen looks great, but the fit of her dress doesn’t seem right to me? I think she’s dressed appropriately for that type of event. As for Elizabeth Olson…you nailed it, the dress is really aging her and washing her out. Not her best look.

    Thanks for the follow and sweet comment on my blog, following you back now!

  26. jen looks fabulous, she had a great body and well proportioned, and she had the confidence to showint it!!

  27. The Glamorous Gourmet says:

    Love your blog and thanks so much for stopping by mine! I think Jen Aniston looks great – loved your tips on fabulous looking legs too:)

  28. inmyhansonshirt says:

    Not at all! Jennifer looks stunning as always! She is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood!


  29. Jen is definitely stunning. not too much skin at all. Elizabeth on the other hand needs to get a new stylist. This dress is not doing anything for her!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  30. audrey marie says:

    i like jens look! and usually elizabeths – but not here!

  31. Tamara Nicole says:

    She looks soo amazing! I would show it off if I had it for sure:-)

    P.S. I changed my domain for my blog and wanted to let all of my Google followers know:
    http://www.stylesoftamaranicole.blogspot.com 🙂

  32. I think she looks stunning, if you have a body like that I think it should be shown. Go Jen!

  33. gotta love Jennifer’s legs – they are amazing!!

  34. First, I love you because you’re a fellow Libra.

    Second, to answer your question…I definitely think J. Aniston pulls this look off.

    And poor, poor Elizabeth Olsen. Such a pretty face should be complimented with a pretty dress. What a shame.

  35. Lindsey A. Turner says:

    somewhere in between, please! I always go with the either or rule. If you show lots of leg then cover up on top and vice versa!

    Lindsey Turner

  36. I think Jen looks great, but Elizabeth could have done much better. The dress is way too old for her!


  37. Jen looks amazing! And I agree with Ellie that the dress would look better on an older lady.;)

  38. | C AND C | Sarmin says:

    Team Jennifer all day!
    She looks so hot at that event. Saw her on Fashion Police, amazing! Her legs, AMAZING!

    xo SARMIN

  39. I love Jennifer Aniston! I think she’s gorgeous and talented. I actually like her better than Angelina Jolie. Although Angelina is gorgeous as well. I think the dress looks beautiful on Jen. She has the body so why not? And besides she’s old enough to rock it!

    Now, Elizabeth Olsen needs to wear something flattering. She’s too young to dress like that!

    P.S. Thanks for such a thoughtful comment! I’m much better now!

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  40. Café Bellini says:

    I think maybe a bit too much cleavage but she looks great. And I can’t believe how awful EO looks. Poor girl.

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