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10 /28
Red October: How to Mad Men-ify Yourself

If you watch Mad Men, you’ll notice Peggy, Joan and Betty’s lives seem to be falling apart at times, and yet they’re always put together. Dressed to the nines whether they’re baking, puffing on a cig, or preparing a stiff cocktail for guys in the office. It

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10 /25
Favorite Celeb Look & Legs of the Week

I happen to like them both, but whether you’re on Team Angie or Jen was irrelevant last week when Ms. Aniston showed up in a super-sexy plunging Kaufman Franco silver mini dress. She looked spectacular and paired the sparkler with Balenciaga heels at the Elle’s

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10 /25
My Favorite Celeb Look & Legs of the Week


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10 /21
The Evil Notebook

Have you ever worked in a restaurant? Tips can be the least of your worries when you have a table of rude demanding patrons. Waiting, hoping, wishing they’d skip dessert and leave as soon as the bill’s paid. And I’ve heard horror stories about bad

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10 /19
Wanna See a Guy Makeover? From “Oh No” to Hollywood Joe

Have you heard LMFAO’s new song “Sexy and I Know It“? If you’ve seen the music video, then it’s clear a guy’s confidence can go a lot further than his sense of style.While I usually focus on women’s fashion, I can’t forget about the guys because good

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