Red October: How to Mad Men-ify Yourself

If you watch Mad Men, you’ll notice Peggy, Joan and Betty’s lives seem to be falling apart at times, and yet they’re always put together. Dressed to the nines whether they’re baking, puffing on a cig, or preparing a stiff cocktail for guys in the office. It shows stereotypes and real life situations of women in the 60’s, but the acting is great and the wardrobes alone are too stunning not to watch. They inspired me to create my own MadMen look in my favorite fall color, RED.

I found this dress at one of my favorite boutiques in San Francisco called Belle Cose. When I saw this dress in the window, I instantly thought of MadMen and then we took these pictures below.


 MG 8177
Are you a fan of retro styles andMad Men?”
Happy Halloween and have fun in whatever costume you wear!


Favorite Celeb Look & Legs of the Week

happen to like them both, but whether you’re on Team Angie or Jen was irrelevant last week when Ms. Aniston showed up in a super-sexy plunging Kaufman Franco silver mini dress. She looked spectacular and paired the sparkler with Balenciaga heels at the Elle’s Women in Hollywood Event.

Jennifer Aniston is my fave celeb look of the week, but I feel like she wears strappy sandals like this for every event. Also, she is rocking a spray tan and some leg tricks I recognize

There was some criticism on blogs and E!’s Fashion Police that the dress might be showing too much skin for Jen who is 42 or any women for that matter. I’m not gonna use the played out “If you got it, flaunt it” phrase, but she clearly works out very hard and diets like crazy to look this great so I think it’s okay for her to wear this dress.
And she happened to look better than some celebs half her age. Look at actress Elizabeth Olsen below at the SAME event…
                Elizabeth Olson opted for this shapeless silver Calvin Klein dress
She is the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson so I wouldn’t tell her to run and ask for fashion advice from her older sisters who went through their own sack-like fashion phase, but she definitely needs some style help. Elizabeth is only 22 and this dress is aging her.
What do you think? Is Jen’s look showing too much skin?
I hope you’re having a great week so far!


My Favorite Celeb Look & Legs of the Week






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The Evil Notebook

Have you ever worked in a restaurant? Tips can be the least of your worries when you have a table of rude demanding patrons. Waiting, hoping, wishing they’d skip dessert and leave as soon as the bill’s paid.

And I’ve heard horror stories about bad tips, but this one really takes the cake. I saw a Today Show story yesterday about a waitress in Seattle, Victoria Liss, who was left NO tip along with a note scribbled under the credit card signature (not a smart move) saying “P.S. You could stand to lose a few pounds.”

As Stephanie Tanner would say “How RUDE!!” And while I’m not surprised by anything, why would a customer ever write such a snarky inconsiderate comment? Totally unnecessary.


The waitress, Victoria Liss, took to her facebook page and the story went viral outraging people over the man’s snarky stupid move. I wonder how great of food service he’ll get now that his name is all over the Internet? He should carry cash.

The actual receipt and note complete with a spelling error

This story made me think about a psycho note left on my car a couple weeks ago. My brother borrowed my car to drive to class at San Francisco State. He parallel parked on a busy street near campus and there was a 20-something year old Caucasian woman sitting in a mid-size reddish car parked behind him.
When he came out from class he noticed the entire driver’s side of my car was KEYED. But that’s not all, there was this note on the windshield:
Dear whoever keyed my car,
I’m guessing you’re not an art major. Oh, and thanks for letting us know the “appropriate amount of room” to park in SF.
P.S. I wish you made a key for this diagram. Is that 5ft or 10?
Sincerely, Dale
(Sidenote) Having a car in SF can be a huge headache. You’ll need Austin Powers parking skills, plus there’s citations, super steep hills and your bumper is guaranteed to get scratched and hit on a regular basis. My car is nearly 5 years old and it’s a C-class (I’m not a baller), but I really try to take care of it. I put a helpful “Bumper Bully” protector on it when it’s parked which she watched my brother do that day.
   It will cost $1800 to repaint the entire side of my car so I just want to give a little shout out
to State Farm Auto Insurance 
I wish people didn’t key cars. I don’t like it and neither does my neighbor’s dog, Wallace simple smile
We reported the vandalism, called my insurance and tried to see if the likely SF State student(s) who did this parked in the same area the next week. No luck. I’m sure she had a bad day, so boom, she ripped out a piece of paper from her evil little notebook for an afternoon arts and crafts session that took way longer than it would have to just pull out of the parking spot.
So if my Nancy Drew detective efforts remain fruitless, there’s always Karma. hehe 😉
What do you think of either story?
Have you ever received a crazy rude note?
Have a great weekend!


Wanna See a Guy Makeover? From “Oh No” to Hollywood Joe

Have you heard LMFAO’s new song “Sexy and I Know It“? If you’ve seen the music video, then it’s clear a guy’s confidence can go a lot further than his sense of style.While I usually focus on women’s fashion, I can’t forget about the guys because good style is just as important for them (whether they know it or not).

As my friend Ryan and I drove from LA back to San Francisco last Sunday, I made a pit stop in Santa Monica for PHASE ONE of Joe’s wardrobe makeover. Joe, my friend who I mentioned in a recent fashion show post, was looking to spiff up his style.

We had 2 hours to shop and he made it very clear he was looking for casual fall attire. Nothing bright, flashy or too Scott Disick-y. He lives in t-shirts so I didn’t want to push his limits, but I knew we could make a big improvement.

So, let’s begin

IMG 7631
Before Pic…. Meeting and discussing our shopping strategy and budget
Where do I begin?
If I had time to go through his closet, this old “Survivor” T would have been voted off instantly. And I’m not sure, but those might be women’s sunglasses. He was ready and willing for a wardrobe makeover! Yay…
Being sport for my fashion blog. Thanks Joe 😉
I guess mis-matched socks aren’t the end of the world AS long as NO ONE can see them. And how do you tell someone delicately that their favorite old pair of Nike’s HAVE to go?
He survived shopping….So let’s see his NEW casual looks
Jeans –Paper Denim & Cloth, Shoes- Perry Ellis, White T- ESPRIT, Sweater-Buffalo David Bitton
IMG 7621
Perfect for a casual weekend. PHASE 1 focused on basics and jeans
He needed a comfy going-out shirt he could also wear to work on set as a camera man
Top- Beverly Hills Polo Club

Loafers- GUESS, Jeans- Lucky

He preferred these comfortable loafers over oxfords which will be versatile and dressier than sneakers. In total, he thought we’d buy a couple pairs of jeans, but we got more than five different outfit combinations and getting great deals on everything staying within the budget. Thanks Joe!

In the next couple months, PHASE 2 will focus on:

Haircut & Styling
New shades
Dress shoes
Possibly a nice Suit
& so much more 😉

Do you know a guy who needs a mini-makeover? Would you tell him? simple smile

Hope you’re having a great week!


Jump Up, Jump Up and Get Down….With this Trend?

Remember dancing to “Jump Around” by House of Pain? Something about the style of a JUMPSUIT reminds me of the early 90’s. At best they scream retro glamour, but when jumpsuits go wrong, it’s like a bad case of Hammer pants. And speaking of “House of Pain,” jumpsuits are the longer, more annoying cousin of rompers and bodysuits. A trip to the powder room is like “Mission Impossible 5.

Note to parents: If your teen daughter just started dating a guy you’re not excited about, send her out of the house in jumpsuits. There’s a reason you NEVER see women on the “Jersey Shore” wearing them. 😉

Besides the fact that jumpsuits are like adult onsies and not always flattering, I still really like this trend. So when I walked into H&M at the end of summer, I couldn’t resist this forest green floral jumpsuit:

Dale+Steliga+ Jump+suits+Savvy+Spice+Fall+2011
I wore this yesterday on an especially warm night in the city to my FAVORITE steakhouse in San Francisco, Epic Roast House

Jumpsuit (just barely long enough): H&M, Ivory heels – Jessica Simpson, Clutch F21

Savvy+Spice +Dale+Steliga+purse

(sidenote) I notice so many style bloggers add lots of cute accesories into their outfits. I’m going to try adding more jewelry in the future instead of losing it all over my house.

Dale+Janee+Steliga+ Savvy+Spice+ Jumpsuit+post

The hardest part of finding a good jumpsuit is making sure it fits well, I had to try this one in 3 different sizes before I found one long enough. I think they usually look best with heels.


My friend, Thomas, who takes these pics is a photographer in N. California. 
He uses a Canon 5DII camera. You can visit his site here 

Good & Bad, Jumpsuits are Everywhere this Fall…



FALL ’11 Do’s & Don’ts of Jumpsuits

I saw in Glamour magazine: 

Do Add a blazer to look pulled together
Don’t do High-Drama crazy prints
Do silky versions, especially in deep colors
Don’t wear them too tight

Fall Islaa 2011 line- Skip the crazy fur brimmed hat for sure. simple smile
Photo From Journalist in a Jumpsuit

Kourtney Kardashian+in+jumpsuit+with+orange+bag
BAD: This jumpsuit looks terrible on Kourtney. It does nothing for her curves (front or back) and her black bra is showing. But then…

GOOD (Kourtney): This is why proper styling makes a BIG difference. Kourtney totally redeems herself by adding a high pair of nude heels (hopefully) ditching the black bra in the same jumpsuit.
(BAD- Kim): Too much leopard is never a good thing.

What do you think of jumpsuits? Are you wearing them or avoiding them this Fall?
Have a great weekend!
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