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Beauty Behind Bars

Are you a courtroom drama junkie? If so, I’m not judging because I get sucked into the real life drama, lies and mystery surrounding high profile court cases. It started as a child watching Judge Wapner and then there was the summer of ’95. The summer of the O.J. Simpson trial waking up every morning playing barbies with my sister, coloring, snacking and watching characters like …read more →


What to Wear on a First Date: Pleats and Sheer Polka Dots

Where did you meet the person you’re with now? Do you remember your FIRST date ever with them? I don’t care if you met in a bar, out with friends, on a tropical vacation, in a coffee shop or online and then you tell people you met in a coffee shop; first date jitters can happen to …read more →


Favorite Celeb Look of the Week & FNO Fall Fashion Bonus Pics

Whew!  The frenzy of fashion week has come to a close. But September is all about fashion and there has been non-stop chatting about the gowns actresses wore Sunday night at the 2011 Emmy Awards. The theme of the night was RED! Literally, the red carpet was one beautiful actress after another in a variety of cherry colored gowns.  From Right to left: Kate Winslet, Lea …read more →

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CLOSED: My Missoni Clutch GIVEAWAY Fresh from Target

May I have your attention please? Will the real super shoppers please stand up, please stand up! If you made it to Target this morning to snag some Missoni designer deals, CONGRATS, you’re one of the few lucky fashionistas so you should pat yourself on the back. 🙂 I’m interrupting my regularly scheduled blog broadcast because MISSONI madness has swept Target stores …read more →


Like a Rhinestone Cowgirl

Howdy Y’all! I just got back from visiting Texas this week for the first (and not the last) time in my life. The past few weeks I’d told my friends and family I was fix’in to visit Texas and they’d ask, “Really, why there?” or “It’s going to be SO hot and humid, are you crazy?” Don’t rain on my …read more →


Are You a Copy Cat or a Trendsetter?

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Do you agree? From the school yard to the office, kids and adults imitate each other’s style copying everything from hair cuts to complete outfits. I say, “So what, consider it a compliment,” but some people find it very irritating. I’ll admit, if I like a woman’s outfit or see a trendy …read more →


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