Beauty Behind Bars

Are you a courtroom drama junkie? If so, I’m not judging because I get sucked into the real life drama, lies and mystery surrounding high profile court cases. It started as a child watching Judge Wapner and then there was the summer of ’95. The summer of the O.J. Simpson trial waking up every morning playing barbies with my sister, coloring, snacking and watching characters like Kato and Johnny overtake our TV for hours on end. Fresh air was out of the question that summer, we couldn’t miss a second of the case.

As for Casey Anthony, guilty and yuck! But the Amanda Knox murder trial in Italy is one I’ve followed since the beginning thanks to the Today Show. When there’s a hottie in the hot seat, the media just can’t resist reporting day after day.

The BIG question now is a verdict in the murder conviction appeal trial is expected within the WEEK, so will she be released back to the US and her family or be faced to complete her 26-year jail sentence?

 We’ll know soon…..

Quick background: Amanda Knox, 24, has been jailed four years for her connection in the 2007 murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher, at the apartment they were sharing in Perugia, Italy. You can see read the full details of the murder and trial here or watch a Today Show segment here

Amanda Knox has had multiple nicknames in the press from “Foxy Knoxy” to more recently “Jessica Rabbit” and “She Devil” after prosecutors claimed she has a manipulative promiscuous reputation. Many also felt her behavior was inappropriate and strange after there were photos of her making out with her Harry Potter look alike boyfriend (also in prison for the murder) just hours after her roommate was found dead.

(Sidenote🙂 Amanda “Noxema” Knox:  Her looks have always drawn added attention to the case. I’m curious. What kind of food, facewash and/or stress management skills do they provide in the Italian prison system? Could she have a more perfect complexion?

Amanda+Knox+ +clear+skin

The murder case surrounding Amanda Knox has already generated 10 books, endless news stories and even a Lifetime movie. I hope one day the real truth comes out for the sake of the victim’s family, but I don’t think it ever will. 🙁

Amanda’s lawyers will deliver closing arguments tomorrow so if you’ve been following this story, what do you think?

Will she go free or will her sentence be upheld?

Hope you’re having a good week.


What to Wear on a First Date: Pleats and Sheer Polka Dots

Where did you meet the person you’re with now? Do you remember your FIRST date ever with them? I don’t care if you met in a bar, out with friends, on a tropical vacation, in a coffee shop or online and then you tell people you met in a coffee shop; first date jitters can happen to anyone at any age.

Knowing what to wear on a date is half the battle. Why? Because if you feel good and comfortable in what you’re wearing, it can only make the night go as smooth as the butter you’ll be spreading on your dinner roll whether you hit it off or decide they’re just not right for you.

Here are a few outfit suggestions for date night (ladies first):

1. Flirty and fun. Wearing something relatively short? Apply the age old rule of covering your cleavage.

Dale+Steliga+ +Savvy+Spice
My top &skirt(actually shorts)-H&M, Black Patent clutch- TJ Maxx, heels- Jessica Simpson

2. Blue Suede Shoes: I normally wear 4 or 5 inch heels. On a first date, use discretion. Nothing is worse than falling, slipping, tripping, or being awkwardly tall on a first date.


3. Fall ’11. It’s been the warmest week in months here in San Francisco. I’d definitely wear this on a night out. Pleated skirts are one of my favorite trends right now. Polka dots are back and fun too.

4. For added touch of glamour, if your hair or hair extensions are long enough pull all of your hair to one side. It adds a bit of old Hollywood.

Guys:What to Wear
For a casual dinner, jeans are totally fine as long as they fit well. But if it’s a nice restaurant, dressy slacks and collared shirts are better. I’m liking skinny ties right now too. And always let your date know whether it’s a casual or dressy occasion so she knows what to wear. 😉

5. Most importantly: Be yourself and have fun 🙂

Makeup tip– When I go out and want to make my eyes more dramatic I use Salon Perfect Lashes
If you want a more natural look I prefer #53. They are super affordable and easy to apply 



Avoid a Dating Disaster: (Men & Women) What I mean by this is to watch for signs, clues and sloppiness on a FIRST date so you know that dating this person more than once might be a BAD move.

1. Cell phone mood killers: If your date checks his or her phone more than twice at the dinner table on a date (even if they just need to “check the time”) it’s rude.

2. EX-FILES: On a first date, if someone talks about their ex more than twice and it’s the same ex they are probably either still seeing them, missing them or thinking about them too much for comfort.

3. “Blah, Blah, Blah“: If your date talks NONSTOP about themself, doesn’t ask you questions or doesn’t listen when you answer, CUT it off fast. They probably won’t even notice because they’re so self-consumed.

What do you think? What are your first date deal-breakers?
Have a great weekend!


Favorite Celeb Look of the Week & FNO Fall Fashion Bonus Pics

Whew!  The frenzy of fashion week has come to a close. But September is all about fashion and there has been non-stop chatting about the gowns actresses wore Sunday night at the 2011 Emmy Awards. The theme of the night was RED! Literally, the red carpet was one beautiful actress after another in a variety of cherry colored gowns.

All+of+the+red+dresses+at+the+Emmys Red Dresses
 From Right to left: Kate Winslet, Lea Michelle, Nina Dobrev & Kerry Washington.
pic from

But, one was my favorite
My winner: Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries stunned in her Donna Karen gown.
What do you think and if you watch this show, is it good?


Also, I wanted to share my Fashion Night’s Out (FNO) photos after I attended the perfectly planned (FREE) event held at Santana Row in San Jose on Sept. 8th. The upscale outdoor shopping center even had a fall fashion show hosted by Peggy from the “Real Housewives of Orange County.”

In case you don’t watch that show, she’s the blond one with lip injections and fake… (oh wait…they all look like that).  But she did look pretty and was really friendly.

Savvy+Spice +Dale+Steliga+and+Peggy+from+Real+Housewives+of+Orange+County
I knew it would get chilly because it was outside, so I wore white skinny jeans from Express under tan boots with an H&M scarf & a knit top.

Peggy wore a detailed dress I could only expect to see on a “Real Housewife of OC.”
(Sidenote) These women look skinny on TV, but seeing them in “real life” puts it in perspective just how thin they are. I guess it’s the Hollywood pressure diet with lots of Pilates.
The last fashion show I saw at Santana Row in the Spring was hosted by Taylor of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” only a few months before the tragic suicide of her husband.

 The catwalk at Santana Row was set up perfectly featuring clothes from the stores there and the models strutted the entire length. If you live in NorCal, definitely check out their Spring 2012 show next year.

My favorite look of the night was this girly sparkly dress layered under a chic leather jacket. Perfect for a night out. Outfit by Ted Baker London

Pinkberry break. I LOVE Pinkberry!
    I  liked the metallic shorts on this model. Tights under shorts is a perfect solution for Fall weather.

 I was having some blogger issues yesterday, but everything is working now! I have all entries for the Missoni for Target Clutch GIVEAWAY 

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Hope you’re all having a good day and enjoyed fashion week!

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CLOSED: My Missoni Clutch GIVEAWAY Fresh from Target

May I have your attention please? Will the real super shoppers please stand up, please stand up! If you made it to Target this morning to snag some Missoni designer deals, CONGRATS, you’re one of the few lucky fashionistas so you should pat yourself on the back. 🙂

I’m interrupting my regularly scheduled blog broadcast because MISSONI madness has swept Target stores nationwide and it’s getting a little crazy! The high-end Italian designer’s new line hit stores this morning and created so much online traffic, Target’s website crashed. Thousands of women across the country who waited in line for hours before the doors opened in hopes of the unique, uber-hyped zig zag designed merchandise at discounted prices were left stressed and actually leaving Target empty handed (and how often does that happen?)


Luckily, San Francisco shopping isn’t Los Angeles (where I heard lines started at 5 am) and my friend was able to stand with about 100 people in Colma, Ca, get in fast, and grabbed a few Missoni designs that were still available. The store was wiped out by 8:15 am with only children’s clothes still hanging.

There was cart snatching, sweater dress hoarding and mad dashes for merchandise. The website “error” message frustrated online shoppers as they crossed their fingers and frantically typed in their credit cards.

I started hearing the buzz and seeing TV commercials the past few weeks that Missoni would be launching it’s line in Target Sept. 13th for only about a month. The GOOD news! The stores may be emptied now, but there will be some re-stocking and people who took loads of merchandise home will make returns.


When I first saw clothes and home items, I thought the designer bike would be cool ($399). But seeing how $10 single speed bikes are stolen in San Francisco, I knew this would be a terrible investment.

I was able to get a clutch, but I have a 2nd one! 🙂 One winner will get the bright colored Missoni for Target zig zag clutch outlined in black leather with a cute leather tassle (below).
Also the winner will get the Missoni eye-mask below (in case you have a headache from all of this) 
I’m giving away this Missoni for Target CLUTCH

Missoni+for+Target+eye mask+black+and+white+design
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I’ll announce the winner on my blog and contact the winner on that day. Good Luck! 🙂
UPDATE: Winner will be announced later in the day Oct. 4th. Thank you for everyone who has entered!
AND what do you think of all of this Missoni madness?


Like a Rhinestone Cowgirl

Howdy Y’all! I just got back from visiting Texas this week for the first (and not the last) time in my life. The past few weeks I’d told my friends and family I was fix’in to visit Texas and they’d ask, “Really, why there?” or “It’s going to be SO hot and humid, are you crazy?”

Don’t rain on my parade, I thought to myself. If anything, cross your fingers Texas gets rain SOON because they really need it.

So, here’s why I’ve always wanted to visit Texas:

1. The rumors about San Francisco being super COLD in the summer are REAL, so I’m always craving HOT weather in the summer

2. I’m a meat and potatoes girl. Filet mignon and mashed potatoes drizzled with truffle oil is my kind of meal

3. After scooping spoonfuls of sugar into tea I order in SF, I was looking forward to Southern Sweet Tea

4. I eat Chevy’s every week, so the thought of authentic TexMex had my mouth wattering

5. Most importantly, there is history, culture, unique cities and super friendly people worth seeing
    (Special thanks to Jean and her family for ALL the hospitality there)

Here’s a quick tour of my trip and maybe you’ll give the Lone Star State a visit yourself sometime. 🙂
One of my favorite parts about San Antonio was the Riverwalk which runs throughout the city
At the lake house we visited at Canyon Lake the day fires were starting around the state 🙁
Back to the River Walk

  Luckily we caught a cooling trend after a stifling HOT summer there. After talking to locals, Texas is   having one of their worst droughts in decades and it’s rained less than five times this entire year.

San Marcos Outlets near San Antonio has a Neiman Marcus discount castle. Thanks to some seriously slashed Labor Day prices I was able to buy a couple fall items I’ll show later 🙂

A day trip to Austin, TX 
After one of the best dinners ever, we decided to walk some of it off on the Riverwalk. The humidity made my hair SO flat.  How do Texas gals get their hair big? I need their tricks 🙂
One of the best steaks and Margaritas I’ve ever had at Bohanan’s in San Antonio
The Alamo in SA
No trip would be complete without souvenirs for my family and maybe 1 for myself. 🙂 I found this old belt buckle at an antique shop near the Alamo

Whether you’ve always wanted to visit a city an hour away, go to a different state or fly halfway across the world, I’d encourage you to plan it, save for it and go! AND don’t let anyone “rain on your parade.” hehe

Not to sound like a timeshare sales pitch, but is there a place you’ve always wanted to visit but haven’t made the time…yet?
Have a great weekend and I can’t wait to post in a few days on the amazing Fashion’s Night Out event I went to at Santana Row last night in San Jose. 🙂


Are You a Copy Cat or a Trendsetter?

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Do you agree? From the school yard to the office, kids and adults imitate each other’s style copying everything from hair cuts to complete outfits. I say, “So what, consider it a compliment,” but some people find it very irritating. I’ll admit, if I like a woman’s outfit or see a trendy look in a magazine I will totally copy it or find the look for less if it’s too pricy.
Earlier this Spring when I started my blog and had about 12 readers, I wrote a post about a mint colored Versace dress OUT of my budget I saw online. It inspired me to look for my own 70’s look! A few days later, I was shopping in the Mission district in San Francisco at a store called “Vintage by the Pound.”
Here is the Versace look:
Mint spring Versace
My favorite details of this dress were the color, the collar and the sleeves.
SO, Here is the vintage Dress I found…
IMG 5894
Uh, NOT so cute
The label described the dress as “70’s Brady Bunch” so I wanted to mimic a modern day Marcia Brady look. But I was feeling a lot more like a Jan & Cindy combo in polyester pj’s. I gave my seamstress a call.
If you like Vintage shopping, a GOOD seamstress is a MUST because clothes often need adjustments.
After I got the dress back, here is my best attempt at re-creating my Vintage number into the Versace Summer 2011 look
I used the yellow bag I found at TJ Maxx from my past Arm Candy post
Dale+Steliga+70%2527s+dress+ +orange+heels +yellow+Big+Buddha+handbag
I had no idea what shoes to wear with this dress so I borrowed my friend’s orangish/red pair.
I also have no idea where I would wear this dress. Maybe an end-of-summer date night. 😉
If people didn’t “copy” each other, there would be NO fashion trends. You can always put your own personal stylish twist into every trend. And even if my non-designer dresses will never look as perfect as the Versace models in the real thing, it’s fun trying. Plus, I only paid $14 plus $25 for alterations for my version. hehe 🙂
I think most men and women have a person or celeb they look to for a little fashion inspiration. If you could have 1 person’s wardrobe, whose would you choose?
My answer is Blake Lively 🙂
Have a great Labor Day weekend!


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