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It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding (Ivory for Kim)

Billy Idol sang about It. Kim Kardashian is living It. And I’m loving It. That “It” is wedding season! While it may be hectic for the planners, I enjoy the bridal showers, bachelorette parties and the BIG event is super F-U-N of course!

My good friend Gianna (you can see her blog here) is getting married in Napa next month and then I’ll be attending my cousin and his lovely fiance’s October wedding. Earlier this month I spent a weekend in LA for Gianna’s memorable bachelorette party. A few important details I noticed for a successful bachelorette party.

1. Pick a good location. Maybe it’s your fave restaurant or traveling to a city you’ll enjoy! We flew to LA and went to Nic’s Martini Lounge the 1st night. Chilling in the vodka freezer (Vodbox) with Nic’s fur coats. 🙂

2. Transportation In LA with 10 women, a limo bus with champagne on ice was the only way to go!

  3. Don’t try to plan too much. We relaxed, tanned and enjoyed the the day at the Shangri-La pool in Santa Monica. I’m a slow reader, but I WILL finish “Something Borrowed” by the end of the summer. 

4. Have a Ball! This bachelorette party was planned perfectly in LA so I was taking notes! (Special Thanks to Whitney & Camille)

Finally, I can’t write a wedding post without mentioning the wannabe “Royal” HOLLYWOOD nuptials that took place in Montecito Ca. on Saturday as Kim K. tied the knot with her man Kris. I have a few comments and observations:

The Dress ~ I think ivory was a pretty choice. She’s gorgeous and he’s handsome, but every time I hear his voice and see them I think of the movie “The Princess Bride.” 

Awkward ~ His voice is similar to ‘Andre the Giant.’

More Awkward ~ The size difference isn’t a big deal, but when they hold hands, it’s like a baby grasping an adult’s finger.

They don’t seem to have the greatest chemistry or know each other that well (at least it seems that way on ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’)

How long will the marriage last? Here’s my Kardashian Subtraktion:

On average, I’m guessing most couples hope to be married 60 years.

So, let’s cut that number in half to account for the nearly 50% divorce rate in California. Then, minus 20 because she’s a ‘celeb’ so it’s down to 10 years.

Oops, he’s a professional athlete so cut that number in half again.

My final guess is 5 years tops!

(side note) Khloe has already been married 2 years to Lamar. I know how competitive sisters can be so Kim will probably want to outlast her (& Kim’s 1st marriage lasted 4 years). I could be way off though. 😉

What’s your favorite part of the wedding season and if you want to guess, how long do you think Kim’s marriage will last?



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  1. i really like your bachelorette party pix! but i’m not real big on wedding stuff, (gag). so dale, you’ll be in texas while i’m in nyc. remember it’s very hot & humid here! like we’re in a drought & everyday it’s over 101 degrees. try 105-110 throughout the day, & at night it’s still hot, around 85 degrees. hopefully this will help you decide what to pack. have fun!


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  3. The white cabbage says:


    I think you had a graet time !


  4. Lara {simply irresistible} says:

    haha I like your math on this one, made me laugh! Love the bachelorette party pics, its making me excited for mine!!

  5. ShinyPrettyThings says:

    something borrowed is 1 of my favorite books!! hope you’re enjoying it!!

    and yeah i noticed that Kim & Kris don’t have the greatest chemistry, it’s just kinda odd…or mb it’s just staged that way on the show. = I LOL’d at the pic where she’s grabbing his hand…wow HAHAHA

  6. beautiful photos, looks like an amazing day!

    from Amsterdam

  7. Bravoe Runway says:

    I am guessing 5 years for these two as well… I called it for Ryan and Scarjo and that was what happened splitzo. I have only been to 1 bachelorette party and unfortunately it was sad…the bride was in a horrible mood and went home after dinner crying. The rest of the people were put into a somber mood as well…certainly this party was WAAAAAAY more fun!

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  9. Sakuranko says:

    You have an intresting Blog!!

    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Page Fan

  10. hm yeah i dunno – ive been with my bf for over 2 years and we STILL arent ready to get married- i dunno why they feel the need to rush but I would give them 5-10 years too- i think you were pretty accurate! I mean I hope they will last forever but we know celebs and marriages go hand in hand but do not last – regular people’s dating is celebs marriage. wtf was the whole thing about Khloe not taking a crap when Lamar was around?? uhm no- if your not comfy enough to take a dump while he’s in the next room, then you shouldnt be married

  11. LOL…literally!!! Absolutely enjoyed reading this post and OMG…can I party with you and your girlfriends it looks like you ladies travel and party in style! LOVE IT.

    Kim K wedding absolutely agreed with you it doesn’t seem like they have the best LOVE chemistry ever so not sure and I think you being very generous giving them 5 years…I’m giving them 3 yrs…BUT of course hoping for the best for both of them.

    On a side note…OMG you’re coming to the Santana Row Fashion Show..Please email me I leave 15 minutes away from there and I would love to meet girl. Here’s my email


    <3 Marina

  12. Thanks for sharing the bachelorette party pictures, looks like you all had a fab time!:D

    Your wannabe royal wedding comment made me laugh.. because it’s true!;D

    ***** Marie ******

  13. Ice Pandora says:

    Love your party pictures ^__^
    About Kim.. I give her 2 years max.
    And eeps! His hands are huuuge holy cow…


  14. Those are great pictures, looks like you had a blast!

    I’m with you, I really don’t think they have much chemistry. I think he’s only in it for the publicity and she just wants to be married to anyone.
    That picture of her holding his fingers was hysterical!! I’ve never seen that before and your analogy was perfect!!

  15. haha probably at least a year! But no longer. Ummm that hand picture is creepy! gross.

  16. A Daily Mishmash says:

    Haha I love your marriage logic! Totally makes sense 😛 However, because I’m a sad sap, I actually hope Khloe and Lamar make it…they’re kind of my favorite couple on tv (reality or otherwise) right now…

  17. adore this post. I just got a look at all the people pictures of Kim’s wedding, and other than her first and third dress, it’s simply stunning. Going to post them all tomorrow so everyone can see a sneak peek a day early. I know what you’re saying about his voice, it sorta drives me crazy. and the last episode of the kardashian’s did not show him in a good light. a lot of tension. I give the marriage a year. Or at least until the end of the their first spin off season. lol. 🙂 thanks for another amazing post. xoxox


  18. It looked like such a good time…congrats!
    Love K

  19. hmmm…let’s revisit this post in five years and see if you’re right. ;D

  20. Ask Erena says:

    First picture is amazing! Looks like you guys had a fantastic time! Great tips!
    Ask Erena

  21. haha! great post!
    i think they won’t last more than 2 years…she needs the breaking up publicity, etc!

  22. indie.electronic.alternative. says:

    awww- i hope they stay married forever. her mother and stepfather are in it for the long haul so hopefully it will positively influence her marriage!

  23. Christina says:

    Hahahaha, love the post. First, thanks for the tips about the bachelorette parties. You are soo right. Second, I don’t give Kim and her now hubby even five years. Their whole relationship confuses me


  24. im so excited to watch the kardashian wedding! and looks like you had a blast at the party 🙂

    btw, we’re doing a jewelry giveaway!


  25. Natalie Leung says:

    wow, wedding fever!! i hope you had a grande time 🙂


  26. Georgia Peacock Albons says:

    thank you !
    i follow you aswell you have a great blog! 😀

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  27. HAHA their hands do look funny! I love how all of the girls wore black so the bride could stand out in white at the bachlorette party! It looks like it was a really fun time!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  28. WOW,Thanks for sharing the bachelorette party pictures, looks like you all had a great time!!!
    Your wannabe royal wedding comment made me laugh… bsimply amazing!

  29. That sound such a fun! 🙂 Photos are fantastic, looks like you had a blast. I’m not that fond of weddings and I’m never going to any. Love all the decorations though, flower arrangements, wedding dress etc. 🙂


  30. Miss Independent says:

    looks like u guys had an amazing time at the bachelorette party! kim looks so gorgeous during her wedding day!

  31. Lost.in.Idaho says:

    Of all the voices from the Princess Bride, at least he doesn’t sound like the Abbot…

    My pastor who married my ex and I sounded like that. We couldn’t keep a straight face through the ceremony… the marriage was doomed from the start.

  32. i love your blog¡¡¡ is very cool kisses from Mexico 🙂

  33. looks like you had such a good time. and i’m giving them 3 years. you’re totally right about the chemistry.

  34. That bachelorette party looked awesome. I’ve only seen much less fancy affairs. This one looks like something out of the movies.

    I really like your equation about Kim’s marriage. It’s quite funny.


  35. In Love with San Diego says:

    Omg, I’m dying over the the Russian theme at your friend’s bachelorette! DYING!

    Thanks for stopping by my bloggie-blog. Love what I’m seeing, and I can’t wait to read more.

    Your newest follower!

  36. Dolls Factory says:

    Love your friends partying style before getting married. I might take notes for my own wedding. Maybe flying to Barcelona.
    The Dolls Factory

  37. Great post, and from the photos alone, that was one awesome night. Best wishes (in advance) to your friend 🙂 And haha, I was really amused with your Kardashian Subtrakion, I say the marriage will last just as you predicted lol.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you now.


    A Single Girl’s Musings

  38. Bachelorette’s party…how fun. I have never been to one but it seems like fun. Onto Kim’s wedding, I have never realized until you pointed out that Kim’s hand looks like that of a baby’s size when holding her man’s hand. Well as long as they really love each other, all is good but who knows what is going on in her mind.

    **I am hosting a small handmade jewelry giveaway on my blog**

  39. CutestPrincess says:

    haha, i like your guessing game about the wedding… i also wonder how long they will lasts?

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  40. love ur photos!!! looks like u had lots of fun!

  41. love ur photos!!! looks like u had lots of fun!

  42. love ur photos!!! looks like u had lots of fun!

  43. Some observation you have their on how long they will last. So entertaining to read. Why does it get lower because he’s an athlete? 🙂 Wasn’t sure. Loved the post.. Great photos – all of them!

  44. HAHA love this! I can’t WAIT for my bachelorette party!
    Thanks for your comment!
    Style in the City

  45. Tinfoils Tiaras says:

    Bahaha a baby grasping an adult- that picture is so eerie! Your friend’s bachelorette party looks amazing- I love the limo and fur coats- fabulous!

  46. Malibumara says:

    cute party! and LOL at your formula for the wedding!


  47. Fashion Cappuccino says:

    Wow, looks like a lot of fun! I’ll keep those tips in mind when I have my own party one day! I’m not really into celebrity weddings..I just feel like they’re a sham and not very sincere. xxooxxoo

  48. Looks like you had an amazing time! Love the leopard furs — very Kate Moss! xo style, she wrote

  49. haha, it’s a great entertain to read post like this, great job!! i love that party with all leopard coats!!and I don’t really care how long they will last, not long at least:P

  50. omg your party seems so fun! I love the matching fur coats! and lol on Kim K’s wedding, ya I say 5 years too, though I’m surprised that Lamar and Kloe’s marriage has lasted this long so far!

  51. Dressy Celeb says:

    Great post! I love the pics of the bachelorette party! 🙂

    I think Kim’s marriage will not be so long!

    ♥ Dressy Celeb ♥

    Vote for “Next Shoes of the Day” on my blog!

  52. a story about M says:

    love your blog! following now 😀

  53. Chick Flick Journal says:

    LOL OMG he’s a giant next to her! I think they wont last a year!

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  55. ChaosButterfly says:

    Omfg, I cannot stop laughing right now. You are SO right he does sound like Andre the Giant! And that picture of her holding his finger…how did I not notice that before, like wtf!!
    But I do hope that they are happy together for as long as possible…they’re a cute couple.

    And the bachelorette party looked like tons of fun! My older sister is planning one for her best friend and all she does is grumble about it. :/
    I’m gonna send her this post to read though LOL. ^_^

  56. LaynahRose says:

    awesome bachelorette party tips, you guys look like you had a blassst.

    haha awesome post on KK, i never noticed the size difference that much either till now! and you’re probably about right on the 5 years thing. lets just hope your friend stays happily married her whole life.

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  58. hahaha LOVE all the fur at the bachelorette party! so cute

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  59. awesome post! 😀
    love it!

  60. Great tips!!!

  61. your bach party looks like ti was fun!! we had a fake one last night here in luzern and it was hilarious 🙂 totally goofy and not at all fancy like that though!! nice kim prediciton 😉

  62. Rachel {Da Paura ♥} says:

    Such gorgeous ladies and great tips!! It looks like so much fun!


  63. such a great post!

    xo Camilla

  64. Lol! The Kardashian Subtraktion makes a lot of sense! Love the bachlorette party~ looks like a lot of fun!

  65. Thanks for all the funny comments and i liked reading all of your predictions
    @ShinyPrettyThings I really like Something Borrowed, can’t wait to read what happens with Dex 🙂
    @Christina – The reason I made the pro athlete comment is they generally don’t make the best husbands 🙂

  66. Claudia Lane says:

    Hi Dale, thanks for visiting my blog and for following 🙂

    Claudia xo

  67. Polish and Charms says:

    I love going to weddings! I have one to go to in December and I am already thinking of what to wear. Thanks for the comment, now following you too!

  68. Thanks for your sweet comment in my blog! I’m following you now, your blog is awesome and you girls look gorgeous! Loving the bacherlorette party!

    I want a Vegas wedding! The spontaneous and fun one 😀

  69. Ok I am laughing so hard about the Princess Bride comparison and the fingers. Too funny…and yet so true!

  70. What Sadie Did says:

    Ahhaha I didn’t know there was such a size difference in Kim and Kris’hands, that pic is great!!

    The bacherlorette night (or hen night as us Brits call them!) looks like SO much fun – and i didn’t even know there was such a thing as a limo bus!! awesome!

    Im going to a double (not joint, they’re on separate days and apparently it’s important to mention that!) wedding in Mauritius in January and am very much looking forward to that, and some sunshine!!

    Sadie x

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  72. Fleur d'air says:

    I love animal print coats! 🙂


  73. Flashes of Style says:

    Looks like such an amazing time! <3




  74. Some of the first photos are so funny 🙂 I love this type of wedding party!

    Come visit,new post!

  75. Leeann @ Join the Gossip says:

    What a fun bach weekend! I live in LA so now I want to go to Nic’s!

    Kim’s “head piece” wasn’t my fav. I wan’t a fan 🙁 And I agree, this wedding seems so rushed. How long ago did they meet? I feel like it’s a Reggie rebound, hope not though.

  76. Thank you for the Princess Bride reference! Always welcomed. Great Russian hats!


  77. looks like a fun day babe:)
    and i love the piece about kim k.

    New outfit post – Lace dress

  78. It looks like you ladies had a great time! I love the animal print coast! Your math on Kim’s marriage seems spot on.


  79. Patricia Paramo says:

    OMGGGGGG LOL LOL!!! YOU made me laugh so much!! you are so right with all those subtractions hahaha and he does look huge!!


    i dont think there is much chemistry either!

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  81. i think they look great together but i see what you mean however i wish them a happy life together:)

  82. BresBaubles says:

    Great post. The Bachelorette party looked amazing and I def. agree with your KK observations! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’m going to follow yours!


  83. omgosh this post is hilarious.. i never realized how ginormous his hands are.. freakin she has her entire HAND wrapped around one finger.. that’s a little creepy hahahah.

    omgosh that picture of you gals in the vodka bar is so hot!! you girls look like you’re russian. hahaha. is it weird that i want that leopard print coat?? hahahahha

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  85. ashleighjoan says:

    i love keeping up with the kardashian’s and all of the sisters. the show makes it seem as though kim’s decision to get married was the result of pressure from the fact that she was the single sister. either way, i hope things go well for her. she is SO tiny compared to her new husband.

    your photos look like you had a great time! 🙂

  86. i was laughing as i read your observations on kim’s wedding/marriage! i agree, you are so right! it feels like their relationship is more just on the surface, there’s no depth there. i’m guessing 2-3 years…

    <3, Mimi
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  87. Hey Dale! Thank you so much for following and having the time to read my blog 🙂 Your right, whether if it’s your 1st or 10th bachelor party, always have fun. 🙂 I love your blog btw, alot of cool pictures 🙂 x

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