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08 /30
Favorite Celeb Look of the Week

The MTV Video Music Awards may have opened with Lady Gaga in drag, but the bubbly, bootylicious and beyond fab Beyonce stole the show in her citrus colored Lanvin gown. AND she revealed to the world that along with her alter-ego

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08 /24
It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding (Ivory for Kim)

Billy Idol sang about It. Kim Kardashian is living It. And I’m loving It. That “It” is wedding season! While it may be hectic for the planners, I enjoy the bridal showers, bachelorette parties and the BIG event is super F-U-N of course! My good friend Gianna (you can see

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08 /18
Rompers and Railroads: A Walk Down Memory Lane

I remember way back yonder in the late 1990’s walking along these very same railroad tracks. It was the summer of ’99 and times were so much simpler. Before Facebook when you accepted friends in person, prior to Craigslist killers and when a ‘tweet’ was

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08 /15
Favorite Celeb Look of the Week

Actually, she was my fave look last week at the Teen Choice Awards. The pretty posse of Kardashian sisters strutted their stuff on the blue carpet last Sunday. With so many sisters, their closets must be overflowing with designer clothes. But some chose more

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08 /11
Model Plastered with 365 Layers of Makeup in 1 Day

Do you (ladies) ever wake up to this real-life skincare nightmare? You come home after a fun night out, lay down and fall asleep only to wake up in the morning with the sun peaking through your windows. When this happens on rare occasion, I’ll open my eyes

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