Favorite Celeb Look of the Week

The MTV Video Music Awards may have opened with Lady Gaga in drag, but the bubbly, bootylicious and beyond fab Beyonce stole the show in her citrus colored Lanvin gown. AND she revealed to the world that along with her alter-ego “Sasha Fierce” inside of her, she is also pregnant! 
               Beyonce was beautiful in her one shouldered gown with her hair pulled to the side.
beyonce pregnant baby bump 2011 mtv vmas video music awards 08282011 01 430x644
My favorite aspects of this look: the dress color is stunning on her and the green stones in her jewelry complements the whole look perfectly
   Other Celebs at the Show Starting with Britney:

Britney in her ill fitted romper. She looked really happy at the show, but I thought it was sad she had to read her acceptance speech on a telepromter after she won her award.
deena nicole cortese 2011 mtv vmas video music awards 08282011 07 430x571
The Women of the Jersey Shore
All of these dresses are tacky, but Deena wins for worst look in her rainbow ensemble.
Justin Beiber…Uh, what is he thinking? 
If I was Selena Gomez, I’d avoid all photo ops with him this night. He even accesorized his red skinny pants and leopard booties with a real snake coiled around his hand.
And there was Lady Gaga (looking like a modern day Ponyboy) who opened the show with a monologue that ran a little long. I thought her look was creative and loved how she stayed in character, but I kept thinking by the end of the show she’d change into one of her elaborate outfits. What did you think?
If you watched, did you have a favorite look at the
MTV Video Music Awards?
And congrats to Beyonce and JayZ of course. 🙂


It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding (Ivory for Kim)

Billy Idol sang about It. Kim Kardashian is living It. And I’m loving It. That “It” is wedding season! While it may be hectic for the planners, I enjoy the bridal showers, bachelorette parties and the BIG event is super F-U-N of course!

My good friend Gianna (you can see her blog here) is getting married in Napa next month and then I’ll be attending my cousin and his lovely fiance’s October wedding. Earlier this month I spent a weekend in LA for Gianna’s memorable bachelorette party. A few important details I noticed for a successful bachelorette party.

1. Pick a good location. Maybe it’s your fave restaurant or traveling to a city you’ll enjoy! We flew to LA and went to Nic’s Martini Lounge the 1st night. Chilling in the vodka freezer (Vodbox) with Nic’s fur coats. 🙂


2. Transportation In LA with 10 women, a limo bus with champagne on ice was the only way to go!

  3. Don’t try to plan too much. We relaxed, tanned and enjoyed the the day at the Shangri-La pool in Santa Monica. I’m a slow reader, but I WILL finish “Something Borrowed” by the end of the summer. 

Bachelorette+Party+in+LA4. Have a Ball! This bachelorette party was planned perfectly in LA so I was taking notes! (Special Thanks to Whitney & Camille)

Finally, I can’t write a wedding post without mentioning the wannabe “Royal” HOLLYWOOD nuptials that took place in Montecito Ca. on Saturday as Kim K. tied the knot with her man Kris. I have a few comments and observations:


The Dress ~ I think ivory was a pretty choice. She’s gorgeous and he’s handsome, but every time I hear his voice and see them I think of the movie “The Princess Bride.” 

andre the giant princess bride

Awkward ~ His voice is similar to ‘Andre the Giant.’

Kim KardashianKris Humphries

More Awkward ~ The size difference isn’t a big deal, but when they hold hands, it’s like a baby grasping an adult’s finger.

kim kardashian kris humphries kiss

They don’t seem to have the greatest chemistry or know each other that well (at least it seems that way on ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’)

How long will the marriage last? Here’s my Kardashian Subtraktion:

On average, I’m guessing most couples hope to be married 60 years.

So, let’s cut that number in half to account for the nearly 50% divorce rate in California. Then, minus 20 because she’s a ‘celeb’ so it’s down to 10 years.

Oops, he’s a professional athlete so cut that number in half again.

My final guess is 5 years tops!

(side note) Khloe has already been married 2 years to Lamar. I know how competitive sisters can be so Kim will probably want to outlast her (& Kim’s 1st marriage lasted 4 years). I could be way off though. 😉

What’s your favorite part of the wedding season and if you want to guess, how long do you think Kim’s marriage will last?




Rompers and Railroads: A Walk Down Memory Lane

I remember way back yonder in the late 1990’s walking along these very same railroad tracks. It was the summer of ’99 and times were so much simpler. Before Facebook when you accepted friends in person, prior to Craigslist killers and when a ‘tweet’ was just a sound a bird made. These were the days before the cast of “Jersey Shore” disgraced our flatscreens and when a teenage girl could carry her baby brother down the sidewalk without people assuming she was a wannabe MTV “Teen Mom.”
During the Summer of ’99 I worried about the upcoming school year. Would I be able to fail every Chemistry test and still pass the class? Yes & Yes. Would I learn to master my little manual Honda Accord? Barely. Would I have my first kiss? Nope.
Moving on. The point of this post is to reminisce summer & try new trends. Stores are already stocked with Fall apparel so we have a month to enjoy summer ’11 and wear your favorite trends before they’re gone!
Dale+Steliga Goodbye+Summer+2011
   ALMOST time to say Goodbye to summer 🙁
Women’s Summer ’11 Trends
Maxi Dresses
Color blocking
70’s Glamour
Floral print
Bright or Neon nail polish
Wedges or neutral heels
Crocheted dresses
More here
Men’s Summer ’11 Trends
Patterned Dress Shirts
Leather loafers or Boat shoes (whites & brights)
Unlined cotton sport jackets
Khaki or Grey lined suits
Sunglasses- Wayfarers, Aviators or Ray-Ban
All year long Essential – Great pair of denim jeans
 (Not skinny jeans, BUT not too baggy either)
More here
Do you have a summer fashion trend you’ve been wanting to wear?
If so, GO for it! BONUS– They are probably ALL on sale now. 🙂
Have a great weekend!


Favorite Celeb Look of the Week

Actually, she was my fave look last week at the Teen Choice Awards. The pretty posse of Kardashian sisters strutted their stuff on the blue carpet last Sunday. With so many sisters, their closets must be overflowing with designer clothes. But some chose more wisely than others.
One of them was my FAVORITE
Time to narrow it down…
                 Kylie and Khloe are out and Kourtney’s electric blue dress is a beautiful color, but it’s
                        unflattering and does nothing for her figure, unless she’s preggers again? 😉
Kendall+Jenner+ fave+celeb+look+of+the+week
Sorry Kim, Kendall was my FAVE look of the Week
 I think this Aurelio Costarella mini dress was perfect for Kendall’s slender frame and age-appropriate.
              Her hair and makeup was a little severe, but it was styled well with the structured dress design.
I like that her YSL Tribtoos heels matched the beaded embellishments on her sleeves. Plus, I think she is the only sister that could pull off this dress so well.
Do you agree or did you prefer a different Kardashian?
Also, I wanted to say thank you to Fifi, MiMi and Heel in Mint for mentioning my blog recently.
Thanks! 🙂
Fifi at Lepetififi here
And special thanks for awards from Heel in Mint  here


Model Plastered with 365 Layers of Makeup in 1 Day

Do you (ladies) ever wake up to this real-life skincare nightmare? You come home after a fun night out, lay down and fall asleep only to wake up in the morning with the sun peaking through your windows.
When this happens on rare occasion, I’ll open my eyes and wonder “Did I remember to wash my make-up off last night?” I’ll slowly reach my hand to my face and gently brush my fingers against my eyelashes. If I feel the double coat of Loreal mascara still on from the night before I’ll scream, “Nooooo!” After accepting I commited one of the “Seven Deadly Skin Sins,” I’ll run to the sink and wash it off.
   “When skin is suffocated (with makeup) your natural collagen building process is compromised” –totalbeauty.com
WHY is it SO important to wash makeup off before bed?
“At night is when all of your skin rejuvenation happens. If you wear makeup to bed your skin can’t 
 get the oxygen it needs.”  –totalbeauty.com
Some women have what I call SUPER skin and aren’t really affected by sleeping in makeup. 
Are you one of them? It leaves my complexion tired the next day, my eyelashes brittle, plus it can cause blemishes & clog pores. I recommend women & men wash their face before hitting the sack.
When you’re wearing a full face of makeup, it can be easier to use makeup remover first (I like Clinique or Neutrogena) and then wash
I JUST heard about a Dutch study called “Natural Beauty” on Nowness.com. A model was applied with 365 day’s worth of makeup on her face in ONE day. It took 9 hours to apply using 228.40ml of makeup! 
Results are below:
From natural to 365 layers of makeup in 1 day
See the full video transformation here
I don’t really understand the point of this experiment. It’s kinda gross. And I wish they would have showed how long it took her to wash off all those layers. 🙂
I DO know I never want to accidently sleep in my makeup again!
Have a great weekend!


High-Maintenance Camping 101 & 7 Tips to Survive the Wilderness

If I told you I didn’t wear makeup camping, I’d be lying. I tone it down to mascara, bronzer and tinted moisturizer, but I grew up with a dad who’d choose a forest over the Four Seasons any day as our family’s annual vacation destination. SO, I HAD to learn how to be a happy camper.
Last week, my family drove up to our favorite crowd-free camping spot: Lassen Volcanic National Park in Northern California for 3 days in the wilderness. Are you a trooper when it comes to roughing it in the great outdoors? If not, there may come a day when you’re invited to go on a camping trip with friends or with your significant other.
 My parent’s minivan is my makeup vanity. No blowdryers so I rely on my mom’s french braid skills 🙂
Here’s my TOP 7 TIPS for surviving and enjoying a camping trip:
The initial STEP is ACCEPTANCE. You need to accept you’re going to get dirty! You’re going to get your blood sucked by mosquitos and you’re going to miss your favorite daily amenities (like showers).
#1  Forget about Fashion
    My Campin’ Fashion: Old jeans, imitation Uggs and sweatshirts (any clothes you don’t care about)

#2  Always take an expert camper 
  Take someone (in our case, it’s my dad) who has tons of camping gear and experience. My youngest 
   brother came in handy navigating the trails in all the unexpected snow.
#3 Who needs a 4-star restaurant? 
    After hiking all day, camping meals taste SO delicious. We had taco Tuesday and Italian this night. Yum!
#4  Learn to make the best of your surroundings
               The patches of snow around our campsite really came in handy keeping our beverages cold
#5 Your tent is your new home, make it comfy

                Bring lots of reading material, a deck of cards and ghost stories to tell around the fire

#6 Find an outdoorsy talent to impress your fellow campers
  I haven’t found mine yet, but my sister is an expert S’MORE maker. She searches for a good stick,  
   breaks the marshmellow in half (like a hot dog bun) puts the chocolate in the middle, stabs it on the
   stick and roasts it. It melts perfectly together before it goes on the graham cracker.

 #7  Relax and Enjoy the Fresh Air
More snow than we’d ever seen there before in the summer. It was 80 degrees with my siblings above
I was actually really scared right here so I got a running start. If I slipped, I was going into an icy cold lake. Luckily, I fell after I made it over the snow. 🙂
Hiking with the fam
     Unlike many National Parks, there are no crowds in Lassen if you’re looking for some peace and quiet
                                                   My brothers ready to head home
                        This lake on the drive out had me craving a 7-Eleven Blue Rasberry Slurpee
So, are you a camper (high-maintenance) or expert and if so, where is your favorite place to camp?

Hope you had a great weekend!



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