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Miss South Carolina is Not Your Typical Beauty Queen

Here’s something you don’t hear often; a beauty queen loses over 100 pounds and is running for Miss America. At 5’7″ and her heaviest weight, Bree Boyce was 17 and 234 lbs admittedly binging on junk food and hiding it from her family.

Her doctor gave her a wake-up call and three years later, she’s lost over 110 pounds naturally. Last week, 22-year-old Bree was crowned Miss South Carolina and she’ll compete in January for Miss America.

Bree’s pageant platform is “Eating Healthy and Fighting Obesity”
Becki J Owens Photography

I usually think of pageant winners as growing up looking “perfect” and never having a chubby or awkward stage, so Bree’s story is both inspirational and unique 
pic of Bree as teen

Bree shown here as a teenager before she lost the weight without surgery or dangerous diets

pic from Today Show

Her personal platform had me thinking about a recent outdoor event I attended with a lot of families and kids there. I was playing table tennis and a few girls ran up and wanted to play. One 8-year-old girl asked me to help her and after about a minute it was apparent she’d never held a ping pong paddle.

“You’ll get it,” I said. “Just keep practicing, you’re doing great,” I encouraged her.
“Yea, I play all the time,” the little girl said as she returned the ball over my head.
“Really?” I asked.
“I play Ping Pong on my Wii, but I’ve never played like this before,” she answered. 
I felt a little sad to wonder how many hours of Wii Ping Pong she’d played, but NEVER in “real” life. How many kids and teens today are amazing at Madden NFL or mastered Tiger Wood’s PGA Tour 10, but have never actually thrown a football or had the chance to swing a golf club?
         Random pic from Google
This reminds me of when I used to babysit my younger brothers and how
 impossible it is to tear kids away from video games.

Recent pageant winners have gained national attention for bad behavior and nude photo scandals so Bree’s story is refreshing.
What do you think?

Have a great week

You can see the full Today Show story here

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  1. Alexandria says:

    I think she’s a huge inspiration. I hope she wins it all 🙂

  2. Ohh this is sooo damn inspiring…

    thanks for sharing love.

    please check out my new post:)

  3. GlamourMe says:

    Its almost like a fairy tale! 🙂

  4. I *just* got done watching the clip of her and her story…AMAZING. I’m glad you are highlighting it because it truly is refreshing to hear of a pageant girl who has an inspiring story and a real drive for her platform. Incredible.

  5. fashiongamble says:

    haha great Fotos of the too boys!

    new post: Check it out!
    Would love to have you as a follower

  6. Definitely refreshing and inspirational! Go Bree!

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  7. Alexis the Honey B says:

    refreshing indeed! A beauty queen should be beautiful inside and out!

  8. The.Red.See says:

    What a great story! It’s so true that kids nowadays spend most of their time watching tv, playing video games or on the computer vs actually playing outside.

  9. Wifezilla Hekela says:

    I think its about time that they had a genuine story behind Mrs America! What a great post!

  10. She’s a great inspiration and it shows that nothing is really imposible, she was focused and made it happen. So cute the baby boy concentarted playing. That what happened w/ the little girl who never played ping pong in real life is so sweet, but finally she was able to play the real game.

  11. Leeann @ Join the Gossip says:

    I think it’s an awesome story and inspiration for women all over. She’s a great role model for young ladies!

  12. La Mode En Rose says:

    wow that’s amazing!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  13. Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou says:

    Wow, so inspirational! It would have been incredible to have lost all of that weight naturally, and then to win a pageant is like the cherry on top! Such an amazing story! xoxo

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

  14. r.alsharif says:

    I really hope she wins! 😀

  15. Bree is an inspiration… 😀

    …today’s kids…. 🙁

  16. Its such an inspirational story.

  17. PoetessWug says:

    Times have certainly changed since I was a kid in Georgia, running barefoot everywhere I went and not even owning a T.V. set!! O_0

  18. guns, babes and lemonade says:

    I totally HATE pageants and the girls that enter them. This although, is a huge exception. She’s a great role model. x

  19. I saw that her story on the today show. Totally inspiring, she is RIPPED! makes me wanna hit the gym ! ha


  20. JelenaDoll ~ says:

    wow this is seriously inspirational and so amazing! She looks so gorgeous now! such a good story!

  21. Salina and Olivia says:

    Wow this story is amazing… I had no idea that she used to be obese! Talk about being inspiring for young girls.
    Pageant shows are my guilty pleasure… I love them. I never go out of my way to turn them on but when I see them I will watch them over prettty much anything.
    Anyways… awesome post, AND going back a few days thanks for the Vegas advice, I will be there end of August so any tips definitely help 🙂

  22. What Sadie Did says:

    What a great blog post…and what a gorgeous Miss America she is, that’s a tremendous effort on her behalf to lose weight so successfully. I agree that it’s becoming scary how much we rely on simulated experiences…hope things don’t go too far down that road!

    Sadie x
    ~LAST DAY to enter my giveaway!~

  23. B.Inspired says:

    What an inspiration! I saw this on GMA and was thrilled that someone finally did SOMETHING to realize their dreams! So many great ideas come to mind but people don’t do anything about it so the thought goes away! So glad to see you featured this story!


  24. ohmygoodness, that is an inspiring story. I agree with you all the way. Thanks for this post, honestly. I would’ve never known.



  25. WOw, what an inspiration!!

    Shasie of Live Life in Style
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  26. can i first say that i really love your blog? you blog about interesting stuff. i love it.

    i completely agree with you – she’s inspirational because she’s fighting something that she knows (from personal experience) can be beaten.

  27. Fabrizia says:

    What a fantastic story< !! I like this post!
    Come back soon, I’ll be waiting for you!!


  28. wow, that is a really cool story, and also very inspiring!


  29. wow, that is a really cool story, and also very inspiring!


  30. wow, that is a really cool story, and also very inspiring!


  31. behindblueeyes says:

    awesome photos!
    great story. Nice blog so I’ll visit you

    Visit my ! kisses

  32. So sweet. x hivenn

  33. Andrea Grace says:

    wow I didn’t know that, but it’s awesome! you’re right very refreshing!

  34. She’s so inspirational!

  35. I think that is a huge inspiration and a great story!!

  36. I just heard her story last night and she is such an inspiration to girls everywhere!

    What a sad story about that little girl you played ping pong with! When I have kids, they’re going to play outside whether they like it or not! When I was little my parents had to DRAG me inside and we even had an Atari! But I didn’t care about it, I just wanted to play outside all the time.

  37. Thankyou so much for your coment! i’m new and it mean a lot 🙂 your blog it’s amazing by the way xx


  38. Florence says:

    nice inspirational blog girl!

    visit me if you have time

  39. very refreshing! i think it will inspire a lot of young girls!


  40. cryskay says:

    wow that is amazing! good for her, she deserves it. xx

  41. Taylor K says:

    that is so great! Good for her!!!

  42. Thanks for the comment and for following my blog 🙂
    This is such an inspiring story, and I did not know about this! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  43. City Girl says:

    thank you for your comment and for following my blog! following you now! lovely post..

  44. Chick Flick Journal says:

    wow that’s very inspiring! Good for her. thaanks for sharing

  45. Virginia says:

    this is a great story! yes, i agree that the pageant have been disaster after disaster and this is a pretty big deal because now there can actually be a miss america worthy to be called a role model!
    great post!


  46. Miss Aa says:

    her story is an inspirational story 😀
    thanks for following me btw
    i’m following you now 🙂

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  47. Louisa Cindy says:

    so inspiring !!!

    u’ve a nice blog 🙂 mind to follow each other ? visit mine! hope we can be good friends 🙂


  48. Thanks for dropping by my blog. ♥

    I love her unconventional route to beauty, it just brings her closer to the average person and helps people relate to her via her experiences. 🙂

    The Cat Hag

  49. so i had seen this trending on the news but had noooo idea why!! this is sooo amazing and such an inspiring story to ALL! so glad you shared 🙂

  50. jamie-lee says:

    Wow I hadn’t known that about her – it’s so great that she conquered her demons, and she looks incredible now!

  51. what a great story. good for her. she does look sensational!

    love the last picture as well. so cute and true.

  52. This is quite a story. It’s great she realized weight was only bad for her and then lost so many pounds. It’s great to hear such a true stories, they are great inspirations and gives you something to think about. I am glad she was named for Miss South Carolina and I wish her good luck for running for Miss America.


  53. I really enjoyed this post, it is such a lovely story. You’re right, it’s so refreshing to hear a positive story behind a beauty queen.

    I adore your blog and will definitly return to read more of your posts! I wish you all the luck in the world with it.

    Take care,

  54. November Grey says:

    I had no idea! That makes me like her even more! Great post.

    PS – $70 Makeup giveaway here!

  55. Of course,I’l follow you,really interesting this blog 🙂

    Thank you so much 😉

  56. Ana Degenaar says:

    I agree with you. It is refreshing! I loved the story and your blog. Thanks so much for visiting me.

  57. so amazing to read this:)
    inspiration for shoo:)
    thanks babe

    New outfit post – Get your rock on

  58. I really love this post. I always think of pageant girls as growing up perfect, never having an “overweight” stage. This is really great. I love that she lost weight naturally, and she honestly looks gorgeous either way.

    Have a great day!

  59. Bad Joan says:

    Very inspirational! Another great post!


  60. Krystal says:

    ok that’s a scary story, imagine in 10-20 years from now when no one does anything in real life anymore?

  61. oh WOW that’s awesome

  62. Angelica Ng says:

    Wow this is refreshing! I can’t believe the before and after photos! She looks so different!


  63. i was reading about this yesterday — she is definitely an inspiration! losing weight the right and healthy way is something these pageant and fashion ladies need to emulate! thank you for your sweet comment and for posting this!! — i’m following you!

    visit again soon 🙂


  64. I think that this is wonderful, and she’s definitely an inspiration! Thank you for your comment 🙂

  65. I follow back:)



  66. Camilla's Secrets says:

    Ahah!..:D!..So fun!.. I love all your pics!
    I’m a follower of your blog!

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  67. fashion and frank says:

    Excellent well done her – it is shocking the obesity epidemic and so sad in children who lets face it did not have a lot of choice in what they were give to eat – although i dont think anyone deliberately afflicts obesity and its associated health risks it is just ignorance and cheap addictive junk food. Thanks for your comment x


  68. She looks beautiful, but most of all she is healthy now.
    Monia, Rome

  69. Nice blog. :))

    If you like my blog, follow me and I’ll follow you back. 🙂


  70. Snob fashion says:

    Thanks so much for your beautiful comment on snob!
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  71. il était une fois... says:

    haha the little boys playing the video game is too cute! x


  72. that’s amazing. she needs to win. she needs her story to be heard.

  73. LOVE THIS STORY! you know my weight goes up and down dale.. and i love that she’s the perfect ugly duckling story!!!

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