Amazing Style Transformation Featuring Mila Kunis

It’s always comforting to see old pictures of an ultra stylish starlet who, gasp, went through a decade of one fashion disaster after another only to totally redeem herself as a dressed-to-kill leading lady. Mila Kunis transformed her style from a teen with bad fashion on “That 70’s Show” to a bona fide beautiful star.
BUT, it didn’t happen over night. US Magazine posted these pics last week. MILA went from THIS:
Mila in 1998
                                             Yikes! During her role one “That 70’s Show” in 2000

Rebellious teen style in ’04

Yay! Getting much better in 2008
                                                        Mila was stunning in white in 2010
                                       Mila at the 2011 Academy Awards lovely in lilac. A+
While Mila’s style transformation is impressive, my vote for best celebrity style Make-Over goes to Nicole Richie
                                                 Nicole starred in”The Simple Life” in 2004
Nicole and Paris the simple life
                          Nicole transformed her STYLE from the “trashy girl next door” to……….
House+of+Harlow+ Nicole+Richie
   THE definition of boho chic complete with her own clothing line called “House of Harlow”
Nicole+Richie+ Pea+in+the+Pod
                     Her newest business venture is designing a maternity line for “Pea in the Pod”

I think style transformations are SO fun, although painful at times, because I’ve been through a few myself. In junior high I was a walking billboard for Old Navy. My closet was stocked with lame tech vests and performance fleece. High school was awkward, I dressed like a boy. In college, I had a casual 4-year-phase in Abercrombie jeans and Chico State sweatshirts. Finally, following college I worked on my fashion.
Reading style blogs, online articles, and fashion mags help (Glamour is one of my faves). A person’s style can change over night or evolve throughout years. It’s NEVER too late for the perfect dress or a flattering pair of jeans in your wardrobe. Mila & Nicole (initially with help from stylists) are perfect examples. 🙂
We all have those outfits we look back and think, “Why did I wear that!?” BUT, have you ever had a STYLE TRANSFORMATION?
Hope you had a great weekend!


Country Strong: Design Your Own Denim Cut-Offs

I may live in the city, but I’m a country girl at heart. I miss the days running outside barefoot which I’d NEVER recommend on the sidewalks of San Francisco. They can be pretty filthy. Besides being a little bit country, I’m thrifty when it comes to certain trends. This summer, that trend is denim cut-off shorts.

Denim shorts are EVERYWHERE! There’s super cute cut-offs all over fashion blogs, in stores, magazines and celebs are loving them. But, I don’t want to pay $150 for a distressed designer pair of cut-offs. Part of the fun is making them, so I tried a few weeks ago.

Dale+Steliga+ denim+cut+off+shorts+1
 First, I went to a thrift store and bought a pair of Levi’s for $6.99
O 3670

                                Then I cut and washed them a few times so they’d fray at the end.

Dale+Steliga+ Denim+Shorts+%25232
 I love nautical stripes so I went with a simple navy and white H&M tank.

Dale+Steliga+ nuetral+heels%252C+leather+purse

Vintage leather clutch from Crossroads Trading Co. ($9)

Dale+Steliga+ Denim+Cutoff+shorts+Aviator+sunglasses
My favorite part of this trend is you can take a pair of jeans in any color AND…
1. Cut them (it’s always best to be conservative at first, you can always go shorter)
2. Add holes and cuff them if you want
3. Shred & wash until they’re as distressed as you desire
4. You can even let the pockets hang out (but not butt cheeks) -That’s the ONLY rule 😉
5. Wear them with flats, sandals, wedges, sneakers or boots

Hollywood in super tiny shorts to faded washes I haven’t seen since the 80’s


Kate Beckinsale


Reese Witherspoon

Rosie+Hungtington Whitley+in+denim+cut+off+shorts

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Do you like denim cut-offs this summer?
If so, do you prefer to buy them new or create your own?



Favorite Celeb Look of the Week

Emma Watson has been a show stopper on her “Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows” (Part 2) tour. I wish I was more excited about this movie, but sadly I’ve never seen a Harry Potter flick. In college, I lost a bet to my bf at the time and was forced to watch his favorite movie. I wasn’t allowed to read fashion mags or nap through it, and those 3+ hours watching “Lord of the Rings” were pure torture!

Since then, I never gave Harry Potter a chance until NOW.

So first, Emma’s week of fashion……

Emma+Watson Look+of+the+week
My favorite: Emma in Oscar de la Renta. She looks like a princess.


I’m not so sure I like this Bottega Veneta gown she wore in NYC , BUT
if anyone can pull off her pixie cut and this dress, it’s Emma

She looks adorable from head to toe in this Elie Saab couture dress
at a Harry Potter after party.
Emma+Watson Getty+Images+press+tour+black+dress
Finally, in a Rafael Lopez black dress with lace detail in London
pics from Zimbio & Getty images
After reading posts and hearing all the build up about this NEW movie, I want to go SEE it! 
If you’re a fan, I need your advice.
Should I go see “Deathly Hallows” or wait and start with “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone?” OR should I read the books first?
Decisions..decisions…Have a great weekend! 🙂


Miss South Carolina is Not Your Typical Beauty Queen

Here’s something you don’t hear often; a beauty queen loses over 100 pounds and is running for Miss America. At 5’7″ and her heaviest weight, Bree Boyce was 17 and 234 lbs admittedly binging on junk food and hiding it from her family.

Her doctor gave her a wake-up call and three years later, she’s lost over 110 pounds naturally. Last week, 22-year-old Bree was crowned Miss South Carolina and she’ll compete in January for Miss America.

Bree’s pageant platform is “Eating Healthy and Fighting Obesity”
Becki J Owens Photography


I usually think of pageant winners as growing up looking “perfect” and never having a chubby or awkward stage, so Bree’s story is both inspirational and unique 
pic of Bree as teen


Bree shown here as a teenager before she lost the weight without surgery or dangerous diets

pic from Today Show

Her personal platform had me thinking about a recent outdoor event I attended with a lot of families and kids there. I was playing table tennis and a few girls ran up and wanted to play. One 8-year-old girl asked me to help her and after about a minute it was apparent she’d never held a ping pong paddle.

“You’ll get it,” I said. “Just keep practicing, you’re doing great,” I encouraged her.
“Yea, I play all the time,” the little girl said as she returned the ball over my head.
“Really?” I asked.
“I play Ping Pong on my Wii, but I’ve never played like this before,” she answered. 
I felt a little sad to wonder how many hours of Wii Ping Pong she’d played, but NEVER in “real” life. How many kids and teens today are amazing at Madden NFL or mastered Tiger Wood’s PGA Tour 10, but have never actually thrown a football or had the chance to swing a golf club?
         Random pic from Google
This reminds me of when I used to babysit my younger brothers and how
 impossible it is to tear kids away from video games.

Recent pageant winners have gained national attention for bad behavior and nude photo scandals so Bree’s story is refreshing.
What do you think?

Have a great week

You can see the full Today Show story here

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