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Good Riddance Spring

The weather was a bit haywire all over the US this spring and I’m so happy it’s SUMMER. The last few months in N. California it’s been rainy, windy, chilly and insane allergies are just the cherry on top.

Anyway, a couple months ago I had a Groupon to American Apparel about to expire.

Does anyone else subscribe to way too many of these discount sites and then find yourself frantically using your Groupon at the last minute?  I ran in and found this pastel dress far more practical in my wardrobe than a couple of cute, but ultra thin AA bodysuits.

One trend I like is LACE! It’s not just for lingerie and table cloths anymore….


                     I don’t really like the cut of this dress, but the lace detail is what caught my eye

 MG 5392
Lace is fun and I decided to definitely layer a white tank under mine

 MG 5647
Cognac or neutral colored sandals match so many outfits (BCBG)
 Dress-American Apparel, Jewelry -F21, Purse-LV, Trench -Juicy Couture
Some Rules of Lace
The ultimate balance of lace in 2011 is to be romantic but not over-girly; sensual but not over-suggestive.
Like taking beautifully crafted lace that would have once been part of a garment and making it the only layer.
The lace isn’t an added detail of a garment, it is the garment. And thus we come to lace skirts and lace dresses. Dare to wear them without a slip underneath.”
Lace on the catwalk
I prefer lighter lace colors during spring/summer like Olivia Polermo’s dress
What are your thoughts on lace, slip into it or skip it?
AND Summer is officially here tomorrow! Yesss :)

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12304596718908705463 Jay

    looking good! :D

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/18313994884692857301 Carrie

    Love that dress you have on! Looks great on you and the shoes too! Very cute!
    Well your really cute anyways…so you have great pics going on!
    XO Carrie

  • Joandy

    the dress looks great on you, and the shoes are fabulous!!!

  • InesT

    Love that dress and sandals :D

    Follow me, if you still aren’t ;)
    Have a fashionable day! <3
    IT *

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/01533462618577824518 LiezyL

    i love lace!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/05951120453962899172 gaby

    hello, love your dress, the lace up is amazing…look fab



  • Tanvi

    You look amazing. And great advice.

    ♥ from © tanvii.com

  • cryskay

    wow dale, you look amazing! love your dress & shoes. btw, i just received my nordy’s gc today! i actually stopped by my po box on my way back from nordstrom lol. no worries though, i’m there almost every week so it won’t go to waste. it came right in time for the anniversary sale. thanks once again! i never win anything!! xx

  • Adrienne

    You look gorgeous. The dress was a good choice.

  • Katie Elizabeth

    Gorgeous outfit! Great shoes, great dress, and love the jacket! You look perfect :)

    xo katie elizabeth

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09950764761626950473 A Heel in Mint

    You look amazing. I love the color and it goes so well with your green ring. I love lace dresses too so I am with you :)

    Heel in Mint

  • Lauren

    Olivia Polermo’s dress looks so nice. As do you! I’m totally down with the lace trend this summer!
    Totally know what you mean about using up your Groupons. I have a wine tasting groupon that needs to be used ASAP! I’m def going to use your wine tasting tips on our trip!
    x Lauren

  • Rosalia

    I love lace!…Very cute outfit..I love everything from head to toe! I am now following :)


  • Dear Girl Wallflower

    You look so modelish and very pretty, thank you for liking my facebook…I almost forget to give you back a comment, and yes, i would love to visit the Napa winery sometime….I love lace too, that dress on Olivia is gorgeous!

  • Lindsey

    I love lace! And that dress you are wearing is so perfect for summer. I can’t believe it’s from American Apparel! And could you be any prettier?!! Seriously!!! Jelly!

  • ChaosButterfly

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  • ChaosButterfly

    Gorgeous outfit!
    And I love lace…I always have, most in dresses and skirts. Not so much in shirts.
    I’m so glad lace is cool again. n_n

  • Miss Kwong

    this is such a cool lovely lace dress. u totally bring out the softness and sexiness. x

    Find me on:
    From Catwalk to Classroom.

  • TheStylishShoeGirl

    Stunning outfit, Dale! Thank you for your very kind comment on my blog, I am now following you too!

  • Sere no Sekai

    I love white dress!

  • Chococcuro

    That’s a beautiful dress! It looks lovely on you!

    I don’t subscribe to the discount sites…I am suspicious they are trying to rip me off somehow!!! xD

  • emmarose

    i love love love lace. too much can be a bit wedding-y though but these dresses are all amazing. the pastel looks amazing on you. love the shoes you paired with it too. xx


  • Vanessa@Luxuria

    You look gorgeous!! I think you have to be able to carry lace off (as you can!) otherwise you can end up looking like someone’s matronly aunt ;-)

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09111379117258978328 Megan

    you look gorgeous dale and can rock the lace like none other!

  • Mandy

    so pretty! i love your bcbg shoes too.


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/10154940632714513483 FASHION ICE

    that dress is so pretty! i really want to wear more dresses!

  • the Honey B

    Happy Solstice beautiful! Is that DVF lace in the first catwalk picture on the far right? I am IN LOVE with it!!!! Lace is always a staple for my wardrobe. Classic and feminine, especially white lace. You look gorgeous in your American Apparel outfit!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04834380002651640635 Cinderella’s Closet

    Hi Dale! You look stunning and love your T-strap heels. Lace is timeless, if only I could fit into my old dresses.


    Cinderella’s Closet NYC

  • Elegance Nancy

    Thank you !
    Love your dress! :)

  • Bad Joan

    Love your coat and trench! Your dress is gorgeoues! You look so great.


  • Laura

    Thank you for following me and your sweet comment on my blog!
    You look so great! I love lace!


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/13104430834127197725 Bobbi

    That is a super cute dress!

    I like lace but not lace overload.

  • Mell

    These pictures are amazing.
    And i’m totally in love with that dress.
    How cute is it.
    I love your blog.
    Xx Liefs

  • Oh to Be a Muse

    i love what you got at AA–definitely one of the better finds there. i would love a groupon to a store! and the lace detail in your dress is fab–definitely a fan of lace.

  • Charlotte B

    I love the dress! Will have to have a look in AA for this! Beautiful shoes too! xx

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07095898649369993774 Susie

    Nice pics ! :) and I LOVE lace, too. :)

  • lil miss Sauniya’

    i really love your dress!! :)
    Now i feel like i need a lace too :P :)


  • Danielle Barbe

    i love lace! i like the lighter colored lace as well! you look fabulous.

    thanks for following me – i’m following you now too, darling!

  • What Sadie Did

    Hi! Thanks for your lovely comment, am now following your blog!!

    Love the detail on your dress, I’ve not tried lace myself. I reaaaaly love Olivia Palermo in her dress too!

    Sadie x

  • http://lucyandtherunaways.blogspot.com natalie

    you have fantastic style, that lilac dress is very amazing!!

    new follower :)


  • Andrea Grace

    thanks for following, you are too cute! love your blog, following back:)

  • Dana Paramita

    perfect! <3
    you look so pretty. anyway check mine if you have a chance sweety ;)


  • Sada

    I heard you were finally getting some nice weather…enjoy! I’m so jealous! Thank you x million for visiting my humble little blog. I am LOVING your blog, it’s amazing and I am most def ur latest follower. I look forward to popping over often. btw–this is a stunner of an outfit. I think you look FAB!

  • Lynzy

    I am loving that lace dress on you! You are making me want to go back into my bang phase, love yours!

    xo Lynzy

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03113030764223438010 Cindy Whitehead

    ahhh Groupon – scrambling to use one right now! LOL Love the dress you picked – so pretty on you!!

  • Xoxo ☺

    I like it, it’s so girly! love Olivias dress so fabulous!! xo

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11861364897195945078 Cara

    Your dress is beautiful, so summery, and I love the heels you chose. Olivia’s dress is gorgeous too!
    xo Cara

  • pinkmate

    lovely outfit! and fabulous shoes!



  • marissa at the boot

    you are so gorgeous! i love this outfit so much, you have no idea.
    love your blog!

  • Irusja
  • Bree

    Happy Summer! Nice dress, girl! :)
    I totally love lace!

    It’s elegant and sexy at the same time. <3

    xoxo, Bree


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11838418062977142005 Luísa Lión

    Hey Dale thanks for your sweet comment! I am flattered :) Love your style too do you model on the side?



  • Leeann @ Join the Gossip

    I’m a fan of lace for sure. There is something about it that just screams elegance. Love your dress – great find! I agree, I buy too many Groupon and Living Social deals and use them last minute. In fact, my current post is a Groupon purchased used on the last day possible lol :)

  • Natalie

    Ohh I love your dress! I’m loving this trend, just got a lace top that I’ve been wearing with everything!

  • Nnenna

    I love everything about the dress! The lace, the cut, the color! :D I would definitely say click it for lace!

    star-crossed smile

  • Dirt On The Rocks

    i love lace it definitely works for spring and summer it’s just so frilly and girly :)

  • Jessica Weingarten

    Great outfit! Your blog is fantastic as well, I can’t believe that I didn’t stumble upon it until just now! Following you :)


  • Love Camie

    I love love love lace! I love your outfit! I know what you mean about the cut, but on you seriously you rock it!

    Thank you so much for following and commenting on my blog it mean so much for me, especially someone like you to actually follow my blog. Thank you again, and I’m following your awesome blog as well.



  • Dolls Factory

    Love your dress. And you are right about the lace rule. I would add the rule of not wearing lace if you don’t know how to pair it with shoes and bags and accessories . many people just don’t get the lace look right.

  • Monia

    I actually like this dress on you! You look very romantic, love it!
    Monia, Rome

  • http://travelinstyle.creatorsofdesire.com Phuong

    the lace dress is gorgeous!

    Travel in Style | New Blog

  • DailyGlamour

    you have a great pretty look !


  • http://www.savorhome.blogspot.com Tiffany @ Savor Home

    Hi Dale! You look fabulous! I am loving those shoes!

    Thanks so much for stopping by yesterday. Im following you now, too!

  • very married

    i love the lace look. i imagine that I would wear it but i never seem to find it in my closet!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/10221237283162502492 Lippylash

    This is so beautiful!! really gorgeous!!!! Love the lace dress and just everything. Lace can look really good girl like but this is amazing..

  • Gigi

    You look gorgeous in that dress…suits you perfectly xoxx

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15994112162655490024 Dale

    @everyone, thanks for all the nice comments and I’m happy there’s a lot of lace fans :)
    @dolls factory-great tip

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11633460296370354803 LOVE JOICE

    I love lace! these pictures is really beautiful, it look so serene and you look gorgeous! love everything from head to toe! xx Joice

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15884954183429490762 Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful}

    Definitely a fan, it’s so gorgeous and girly…nothing says feminine like lace, right? (c:

  • Giasaysthat

    Thank you for your comment :)
    I just followed you.
    How awesome can a blog be?
    I loved your blog!


  • Sabrina

    Love that lilac dress! It’s so pretty <3

  • TheMadTwins

    Love this dress and those shoes :D

  • Gaby de Modacapital

    Amazing dress, you look gorgeous!

  • Courtney B

    Wow… you are gorgeous girl!! And I love that dress!!
    Yes to lace :) So pretty and dainty and sexy at the same time!

  • Nic Nic

    the lace skirt is really beautiful on you and i love your shoes. I have cream a lace dress but it doesn’t work on me :(

  • Nic Nic

    i mean lace dress*

  • Chick Flick Journal

    sometimes slip sometimes skip hehe

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