Bye Bye bebe

I remember cashing my first pay check after college thinking, “Wow, I can afford some cute clothes at Bebe now.” Oh, how times change. Nowadays I subscribe to Bebe’s emails just to get notified of their newest selection of cheap and tacky designs.

For example, I got this email a few days ago from Bebe. It’s a bold guide of “what to wear” the entire 4th of July Weekend.

Bebe 4th+of+July
I admit, the white dress is cute with a blazer for dinner and drinks.

But the black “dress” looks more like a tank the Real Housewives of OC would wear to Pilates. I’d never “hit the dance floor” with a rhinestone “Bebe” across my chest.


Bebe+dress grandmas+blanket

The Sunday dress looks like a throw blanket my grandma could sew. Stripes are great, BUT the “Downtown Fireworks” dress is all WRONG. Bad color combo, bad design, unflattering and it’s $79.


                  Cute                   Isn’t this a shirt?                Ew                       Tacky 

So why am I bagging on Bebe? Because 90% of the clothes I bought there in the past fell apart, lost buttons or had bad zippers that broke after the first few times I wore them. Plus, their designs are poor (for the most part) and their cute clothes are NOT worth the prices they charge. I said bye to Bebe years ago, but maybe you’ve had better luck shopping there.

Do you have any stores you liked in the past, but you’re just so OVER now? 😉

Have a great 4th of July Weekend!


Favorite Celeb Look of the Week

I guess Shia LaBeof is cool in an annoying yet entertaining little brother sort of way, but I could care less about the new ‘Transformers 3’ movie. However, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s stunning fashion choices promoting the film have NOT gone unnoticed. The 24-year-old Victoria’s Secret Angel model turned actress is Megan Fox’s replacement in the newest Transformer’s movie. And Rosie had one AMAZING look after another at the movie premieres in Europe last week.

My FAVORITE: The sheer maxi lower half of this Fall 2011 Gucci gown, the side swept hair, bold lips and one shoulder detailed top below. What do you think, like it or not a fan?

Rosie Huntington Whiteley+Gucci+Gown+Transformers+3
Rosie at the Transformers 3 red carpet at at the Moscow Film Festival on June 23rd in Moscow
Photo Credit: Lucian Capellaro/Paramount Pictures International

Her NEXT look in Berlin, Germany was gorgeous as well…
Rosie Huntington Whiteley 25Jun2011A+ Germany+silver+dress
I’m a huge fan of this dress, it’s simple, elegant, sparkly…..

Rosie Huntington Whiteley 25Jun2011B Silver+back+dress
And has an amazing open back!
Photo Credits: Sean Gallup/Getty Images for Paramount



In Moscow wearing Michael Kors


Rosie in a gorgeous dark blue gown yesterday at the UK premiere

Rosie Huntington Whiteley 25Jun2011D Low+cut+dress

At a press conference in Berlin, Germany last week
All Photo Credits: Getty Images

Sure, she’s a supermodel but some actresses with stylists don’t have this many knockout looks throughout their entire red carpet career. For Rosie to be seen in this many beautiful dresses in ONE week is impressive and she’s setting the bar high for herself. simple smile
What did you think of her ‘Tranformers 3’ fashion and which look is your favorite?

Hope you had a great weekend!

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Swimsuit Season is Officially Here

Why do I even buy bathing suits? I hate swimming because I’m horrible at it, I rarely take tropical vacations and sunbathing days in San Francisco are practically nonexistent and yet every year I buy a few new bathing suits. Why!? Because they’re just so cute. Of course, how could they not be super cute on a Victoria’s Secret model? simple smile

This year I was going to refrain, until I got this email from WhoWhatWear yesterday which led me Victoria Secret’s site after #4 caught my eye.


Whether you like Victoria’s Secrets’ bras and panties or not, they do design some nice affordable bathing suits. I’ve been buying them online for a few years and they’re almost always great quality. Plus, they’re always on sale early and will be 75-80% off by the end of the summer. 

I may not wear them, but I ordered these two yesterday:

        VS -Top $20. This suit also comes in peach or black here

VS Bottoms- $18

                   I really like tribal print right now, plus I was a fan of the gold hardware and color combo.
VS Top- $16.99, Bottom-$11.99
Bathing Suit Shopping Tips

1. I’ve read in magazines to apply self-tanner and take your time trying on suits in stores. I prefer to buy them online and try them at home.

2. Try your suit on with wedges or heels. That’s what all the celebs do nowadays when I see them in pool party pics. simple smile

3. Buy designs you like, not just what’s “in style” for the season. That’s why I like VS. There are so many different styles and color combos of tops and bottoms you can mix and match to pick exactly what you want.


                   I LOVE cute cover-ups. I got this H&M one above in lime and hot pink last year. 

Visiting Victoria’s Secret made me want about 20 more of their amazing suits.
*If you need a suit ASAP, VS has specials all the time and they have FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25 that ends at midnight EST today. Enter offer code SHIP25VS at checkout.

Where do you buy your bathing suits and
do you have any tips?

Happy Swimsuit Shopping!…If there is such a thing. 😉


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Good Riddance Spring

The weather was a bit haywire all over the US this spring and I’m so happy it’s SUMMER. The last few months in N. California it’s been rainy, windy, chilly and insane allergies are just the cherry on top.

Anyway, a couple months ago I had a Groupon to American Apparel about to expire.

Does anyone else subscribe to way too many of these discount sites and then find yourself frantically using your Groupon at the last minute?  I ran in and found this pastel dress far more practical in my wardrobe than a couple of cute, but ultra thin AA bodysuits.

One trend I like is LACE! It’s not just for lingerie and table cloths anymore….


                     I don’t really like the cut of this dress, but the lace detail is what caught my eye

 MG 5392
Lace is fun and I decided to definitely layer a white tank under mine

 MG 5647
Cognac or neutral colored sandals match so many outfits (BCBG)
 Dress-American Apparel, Jewelry -F21, Purse-LV, Trench -Juicy Couture
Some Rules of Lace
The ultimate balance of lace in 2011 is to be romantic but not over-girly; sensual but not over-suggestive.
Like taking beautifully crafted lace that would have once been part of a garment and making it the only layer.
The lace isn’t an added detail of a garment, it is the garment. And thus we come to lace skirts and lace dresses. Dare to wear them without a slip underneath.”
Lace on the catwalk
I prefer lighter lace colors during spring/summer like Olivia Polermo’s dress
What are your thoughts on lace, slip into it or skip it?
AND Summer is officially here tomorrow! Yesss simple smile


If Kim Kardashian Can’t Color Block, Who Can?

Has anyone else noticed that color blocking is a tricky little trend? Kim, a former stylist herself, could NOT pull off this look the other night. I’ve noticed even celebs are missing the mark on this trend lately.

Sure, it seems simple. Just wear a solid color and pair it with different bright, solid or neutral colors. But, I’ve had trouble putting together a cute color blocking outfit, yet I’m determined to try this bright bold trend before it fades.

I thought this outfit Kim wore last week was unflattering on her, what do you think?

                         Gucci models show off the amazing color blocking trend. (Kim’s exact dress)


                                             The look straight off the runway seems a little overkill.
                          (I like JLO and Olivia Wilde’s take on the trend but don’t think I’d wear it.)

Keys to Color Blocking
1. This current spring/summer trend combines the use of two or more blocks of color
2. The brighter the color the better. Usually. Pink, emerald green, tangerine, lemon yellow, turquoise all work
3. You can choose a dress or handbag that already does the color blocking for you

emma stone lanvin bafta
    I’m a little timid of this trend so I’d try two colors at first in the same color family with a pair of
    neutral heels or wedges. This Lanvin dress on actress Emma Stone is one of my favorites.

H%2526M dress 34 95
This H&M dress does the trend for you. Yay! $34.95
I think this is one of those trends where trying too hard with TOO many colors or copying the look straight off the runway will NOT work. I’ve seen a lot of great outfit posts lately with this trend, so it can be done. Here’s one very unique example I liked on the blog VivaLuxury. Check it out here
Do you like Color Blocking? And what colors or styles in your closet have worked best?
I might have to copy you. 😉


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