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What to Wear Wine Tasting? Reds, Whites & Purple

Are you planning a trip to wine country anytime soon? A pour of Pinot Noir here, a sip of Chardonnay there and after about five wineries you may have a pounding headache and a serious craving for some H2O. Or at least I did the last time I went wine tasting in Napa Valley. I caught a glimpse of myself before heading to the last winery and my eyes were bloodshot, my teeth were stained purple and I looked like I hadn’t slept in three days. It was a long day.
I also had no idea what to wear so I was in jeans which was too casual for the occasion.
I’ve learned some wine tasting survivor tips since then and hopefully they’ll help whether you’re in Napa Valley or anywhere else in the world. And if you’re going to Napa, don’t hesitate to venture farther down the road to a little gem of a city called Calistoga, California.

What to wear?
I recommend dressing up a bit and you can’t go wrong with a sundress paired with 
wedges or comfy heels. Maxi’s, florals, color blocking & neutrals are all IN right now.
Nice pants and a cute top work too.

                                                Don’t Forget Your Shades

Whether you’re taking an outdoor tour of a winery or feeling a buzz
after your 2nd tasting room, sunglasses always make a nice difference. Also…
Rohto eye drops are super strong and work wonders, (ask any highschool stoner).

                                                              Stain Free Smile

Don’t worry about wine stained teeth after sipping reds all day. Carry a travel
toothbrush or Colgate Wisps and you’re good to go!

I’m wearing: Dress-Forever 21, Heels-Steve Madden, Purse-TopShop, Pearls-Gifted from Greece

Pics taken in Mendocino County, CA


                                                              Kinda Obvious, But…

1. Always have a sober driver!
2. Drink water during the day so you don’t have a splitting headache.
3. It’s ok not to finish wine. Just pour it out if you don’t want to drink it (wish I knew earlier
Whether you’re heading to Napa Valley on vacation or have lived in NorCal your entire life, Calistoga is definitely worth a visit. You can explore the town and pop into tasting rooms along Lincoln Avenue. If you make it into Envy Wine’s tasting room, ask for Phil.
Here’s a few places to GO:

The Calistoga Inn serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, has a relaxing patio and some of the most affordable room rates in the area starting at $49-$119 a night.

Chateau Montelena is a unique winery famous for its Chardonnay winning a blind taste test in Paris in 1976. You can read more here. It was also featured in the film “Bottle Shock.”
I just want to go here because it looks like a castle. 

Solage Calistoga is a high end resort and one of the top rated Spas in the World.
It may be out of my budget, but it doesn’t mean I can’t have lunch at the Solage’s Solbar. 😉

For all Calistoga info about shopping, wine tasting etc. visit Facebook.com/Calistoga or click here

Finally, do you ever feel overwhelmed by a restaurant’s wine list? From fine wine to Franzia, I’m pretty clueless which is why I love having my friend Gianna around when it’s time to order a red, white or sparkling wine. Her beautiful blog, Decantress Wine Diary, is topped off with fantastic photos, valuable vino factoids and gives you an insider look at Napa Valley’s most amazing wineries.
You can tour Gianna’s rich reserve of posts here 🙂

So, where is your favorite area to go wine tasting AND do you prefer a glass of red or white wine?


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  1. Lost.in.Idaho says:

    Great post, but I don’t think I could rock a purple dress like you can.

    I love me some Napa wines. Stag’s Leap Cabernet is one of my favorite ‘under $100’ bottles. It just goes with everything.

  2. What a vibrant and bright coloured dress – you’re rockin it! Cute outfit girly 🙂

  3. Great tips! You look gorgeous!


  4. You’re dress is super cute!

    I’ve never been to a winery but have always wanted to go wine tasting so thanks for the advice!

  5. great tips..you look stunning!


  6. Mrs. Julius says:

    i love that dress! u look lovely. i would love to go to a winery in Napa Valley but the closest one to me is in Niagara Falls. i love red wine.:)


  7. I really want to go to a wine tasting event since i turned 21 in december and this would be a great outfit to wear!

  8. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! That dress is so cute!
    I would love to visit San Francisco one day and I will hopefully!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  9. btw. that bag is perfect, to die for!

    • VitnersDaughter says:

      The bag is darling, but I’d recommend a bag with shoulder strap for wine-tasting…you don’t want to lay a bag (spillage on the counter) & you need your hands free to taste, take photos, to make tasting notes so that you remember what to buy!

  10. Wow what a great post 🙂 One day I’ll put it to good use!


  11. hehe looks like fun <3
    cute blog!

    <3 http://eccentricdaydream.blogspot.com/

  12. Great post. Love the pictures and your dress is awesome. I prefer red wine and I so want to see Napa valley.


  13. Salina and Olivia says:

    Love these tips and outfit ideas!
    I’m a huge white wine fan, but I feel like wine tasting would help me figure out exactly what kind of reds I do love… Love the eye-drop tip by the way 🙂
    Xo Salina

  14. Love this post!great look (i adored the shoes).nice tips too!!! 🙂

  15. FleurLapin says:

    your clutch is so adorable! I love your whole outfit 😀

  16. that third shot (full body) is awesome. your legs look great! 😀

  17. I dont think my taste buds have fully grown to appreciate wine but what I can appreciate is your outfit ^_^ love it babe xx

  18. Francesca R says:

    Amazing outfit and pictures!
    I’ve been in California several times, next time I am going to check out this lovely city!

  19. wow that dress looks so amazing!

  20. the pearls necklace really make the dress perfect!
    cute dress anyway

  21. Speedy Ed says:

    i like that purple dress, she looks beautiful

  22. what an amazing photos!
    loveit girl
    love your dress so pretty

    NEW outfit post;

  23. Anja @ Dolls Factory says:

    wow that place looks wonderful , It feels like you are in France actually. I have read that california wine has been winning prices but I’ve never tried some wine made in LA. In Europe can’t be found easily.

  24. Liliana says:

    So beautiful pictures!
    And you look gorgeous!
    Thanks for follow me!


  25. Oh my Dior! says:

    that is a cool dress i am following your blog now please follow back 🙂


  26. Love the purple dress, U look gorgeous!

    xo Emma


  27. Jennifer Fabulous says:

    Ohh I haven’t been wine tasting in YEARS! And it was in Missouri, not California, so much less glamorous. Lol.

    I love your tips for wine tasting. I wish I had known to drink water all day beforehand. Haha.

    I love your outfit as well. These photos are stunning! xoxo

  28. fashionwise says:

    amazing !! what an amzing place !!

    have you seen my new post ?

  29. Rogerio Rinaldi e Glorinha Rinaldi says:

    We love your blog and here we are always checking the news.
    Glorinha and Roger Rinaldi
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    Creators earring icon LIKE.

  30. Louise Cecilie says:

    Really nice blog! 😀

    Louise Cecilie // http://www.LouiseCecilie.blogspot.com

  31. le sorelle says:

    looks like you’ve chosen the perfect outfit! i saw that same dress the other day and loved it!

    sorelle in style

  32. Melisa Salazar says:

    Beautiful pictures.

  33. Lovely dress!

    Jonna xx

  34. Hello Darling, amazing dress, great look i like this blog and i am following You 🙂
    Follow me back if You like my blog 2 Thank You


  35. I really love that dress you wore – amazing colour!

  36. omg you have the most beautiful legs, dear! +A gorgeous purple dress, woooow<3

  37. Amazing post! You look absolutely STUNNING!!!

    xx Ivana


  38. Love this outfit! Perfect for wine tasting. I’m a red wine fan : )

  39. awesome photos !! 🙂

    you look amazing and you’re beautiful ! :)great dress 🙂

    love your blog !


  40. Fashion Mom says:

    you look amazing! lovely post , thank you for sharing these amazing places ! x

  41. so fancy, too fancy for me.
    nice pics

  42. Kristyn says:

    You look gorgeous in your pictures! I love your dress very much. And i wish O could go wine tasting! I still have a few years till that will be legal for me 🙂

  43. An Hour After Yesterday says:

    Cute outfit!!
    I love those colors 😀
    Great photography too!


  44. La Boheme says:

    Just went to Calistoga on Friday and again realized how beautiful it’s up there…Heard about Solage so will have to try a lunch sometimes (out of my budget too!). You look lovely! xoxo

  45. Sizzle and Zoom says:

    Beautiful dress from Forever 21. Lovely photo of the winery.

  46. Great tips doll. You look gorgeous, stunning! Most beautiful pics too.


  47. Sabrina says:

    Amazing photos! You look great 😉

  48. Woooow! You’re very beautiful!!!!!

  49. beautiful pictures….amazing dress….


  50. il était une fois... says:

    amaze place and dress


  51. www.timetochange.over-blog.com says:

    Love the tips! This color looks amazing on you! Hope you had a great time…Will you tell us about the wine you taste? Were they good? Worthy blogging?

  52. NerdGlasses says:

    Thanks for your lovely comment!
    You’re so pretty!!!!
    Following you too
    Keep in touch!

  53. I love your dress and heels! Your photos look really nice 🙂

  54. cute outfit! i love that purple dress on you!

  55. alannah. says:

    love purple & it looks divine on you. & those leg lengthening nude pumps help make your legs look even more amazing!x


  56. Dear Girl Wallflower says:

    Omg!! this is such an informative and very stylish and classy post, I am a wine drinker and we drink every night if possible, more of the red wines! Thanks for the tour guide, the tips and you look amazing, i thought it was a different model, seriously! We have some various selections of wineries/vineyards in Oregon and this is a great idea for summer! Plus I saw that movie=) P.S. Thanks for following, im ff-ing back and liking your FB, will u like mine too?

  57. @www.timetochange.over-blog.com -I actually like sparkling wine best 🙂 One of my favorites is in Anderson Valley, CA called Roederer Estate. I really like it
    @Dear Girl Wallflower -Thanks so much and I’ll have to visit Oregon wineries sometime, I’ve never been
    @Everyone..thanks for all the comments 🙂

  58. styleforlife says:

    First love your style and outfit.
    Second, I adore Sonoma. THE BEST! 🙂
    Love it all.
    PS_ Do you want to follow each other???
    I hope you do. Let me know.
    XX Emily of EL Vintage

  59. Hey, thank you for your nice comment.

    Great photos!

  60. dale!! you look smokin hot! hahaha.. but a lady too.. HAHA.. the purple dress is so gorgeous!!

    did you know there’s a reason why people eat cheese and wine together?? because the cheese actually creates a waxy barrier between your teeth and the alcohol 🙂 so it prevents you from staining your teeth!

  61. I like your dress and i like ur blog..:.) do u mind follow each others?

    i hope u visit mine http://www.theivyfashion.blogspot.com and check out my giveaway from h&M as well…hope u stop by and let me know:)

  62. You look amazing in purple!

    Monique xx


  63. Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou says:

    Beautiful post … love the outfit (your adorable!) and it’s given me the craving to go to a winery! Have never done it yet and it’s on my list of to do’s!

  64. Great tips and fab outfit!:D

    I prefer red.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  65. Looks like the perfect wine tasting outfit! And what gorgeous buildings!

  66. your pictures are amazing! you look great!


  67. two birds says:

    great post! it makes me want to head out to california (but to forever 21 first so i can get that lovely dress!) you look beautiful!

  68. Bad Joan says:

    That’s such a great dress! Love the map you attached for the wineries also.


  69. i don’t know how i didn’t see this post! you look gorgeous! and i love the photos! the dress does NOT look like it’s from f21, it looks like it could be designer! =)

    good idea on the crest wisps, i HATEHATEHATE having stained teeth! i pretty much only gravitate toward cabs and dessert wines! i love napa, my fave is Hall winery, it has the best cabs for decent prices!

  70. the colour of your dress is so cool, love it!!

  71. Fabulous outfit! x


  72. pinkmate says:

    i miss Napa Valley! I remember going there during summer! It was a nice place to visit while in california. i love the dress by the way!



  73. Love it!
    New lovely post on my blog: Vacation finally came!!!
    kisses from pepa:X

  74. Stephanie says:

    Love your dress!!! Thanks for finding my blog…I’m your newest follower now!! 🙂

  75. glam fashionista says:

    love the dress and the color


  76. joannade says:




    http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fashion-Passion/127087060700971 – FASION PASSION because we all love to be a little fashion victims! 🙂



  77. Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle says:

    You look just beautiful in purple! Don’t you just love wine tasting trips…sounds like you had a lovely time and very true tips! Wonderful blog too!

    Liesl 🙂

  78. one of my next places to visit! hahahaha. thanks for the tip! love the outfit!


  79. Gaby de Modacapital says:

    I really love your blog and your style!!
    I follow you 😀
    Maybe if you want, you could visit my blog too and follow me back 😉
    Kisses from México city!

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