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Pour Some Sugar on Me…

Swimsuit season is around the corner and every magazine I open has some new diet “secret” or workout plan to get into swimsuit shape. But what if you’re addicted to sugar?

Nooo….It’s that time of year again when these covers start showing up everywhere!

Every night after dinner, I HAVE to eat dessert. I’ll eat a handful of sugar cubes if it’s the only sweet in sight. Luckily, I have a few dessert options I love and they’re low-cal because I think it’s so annoying and unrealistic when these magazines advise people to cut out ALL sugary sweets from their diet.

Here are my favorite desserts at home. You can find them in your grocer’s freezer. 😉
(ALL of them are UNDER 150 calories each)

Just 110 cals each, much less than the normal Drumstick. Lucerne (Safeway brand) is just as good!

The Classic Creamsicle comes in Rasberry too (100 calories each)


Trader Joe’s Mochi  ( I love Mango or Strawberry) Yummm! (115 calories each)
The tried and true Skinny Cow. These are SO good and the ice-cream doesn’t taste low cal (140 cals)

Occasionally, I run into people that say “I’m not really a sweet person actually,” or “I don’t have much of a sweet tooth.” If you’re not one of them, what’s your favorite dessert and do you have any halfway healthy options you want to share? 🙂

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. Sweets is def something I can go without if I have to (although I don’t prefer to.) My carb-heavy vice is wine. But – I loooooooove skinny cows! They are probably one of my all time favorite desserts, and I love how low-call they are.

  2. Incidentally I have decided to give up all things sugar (except fruits) for about 6 months starting 1st June!!!

    Wish me luck!!! I NEED IT!!!!!!!!

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  3. omg i need dessert with EVERY MEAL, it’s an addiction!!!

    i just got these and they’re friggin good. don’t know if they’re that low cal/fat but they ARE weight watchers…


    i think if all i had to do for my job was sit on the beach and look good all day, go shopping, and then shoot a reality show, i’d cut the sugar. =P

  4. I think we share the same fridge!!! xoxo

  5. Chic Studios NYC says:

    I love deserts))))), my favorites are Trader Joe’s Mochi, chocolate cake and tiramisu!!

    xoxo Anastasia

  6. The ice-cream cookies look so delicious!!! Yummy!
    Thx for following!
    Sure I’m following you! Great blog, dear! 🙂

  7. Leeann @ Join the Gossip says:

    I’m not a huge sweets fan, I’m more of a meal fan lol. Like I don’t snack on chips, I’d rather go for something bigger. Not a good thing! BUT I am loving the Weight Watchers icea cream bars. Vanilla with chocolate covering. So good 🙂

  8. I LOVE DESSERT! “Now i have to start running because my love of chocolate for breakfast has caught up with me.

    Thank you for your sweet blog visit! Now following!

  9. Shawna, Lauren and Sandi says:

    I looove Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches! The peanut butter flavor is my favorite!
    x Lauren

  10. LOVE the Trader Joe’s Mochi…so yummy!

  11. What’s a mochi??? That looks so unique!
    Those mini drumsticks look super cute too haha.

  12. @Becky: Mochi is a japanese candy made from rice and I’m not exactly sure how they do it, but the Trader Joes ones have ice-cream in the middle 🙂
    @Holly -The English Toffee ones sound good, thanks for letting me know

  13. travelkate says:

    I have such a sweet tooth-as I’m writing this I am eating chocolate chips, haha. Love these options-I’m a big fan of mochi and used to buy them from Trader Joe’s all the time, but they don’t have a Trader Joe’s in Dallas yet 🙁

  14. I love mochi, haven’t tried those from Trader Joe’s, must give it a try sometime. Thanks for following. Lovely blog, by the way, your newest follower!


  15. I’m not fond of chocolates but I love salad and tiramisu. yummy!

  16. I love sugar too. And salt. 🙂 I do a workout routine called p90x and insanity. Whipped me into shape and I can still eat whatever I want. You should look into it if you want to eat your sugar and get bikini ready! xo
    strawberry freckleface

  17. ahaha, i often have an urge for the sweets, but luckily we often have lots of fruits at home (watermelons, bananas, etc.).

    and btw, those bodies… mmmm….

  18. ChaosButterfly says:

    Ahhh I am addicted to sugar too!!
    I tried to go a month with no sugary sweets and two days in, I was grouchy as a momoflucka. Like godzilla after it got shot or something. -___-

    But I love to eat the skinny cow ice creams and the Edy’s Frozen Fruit Bars. Especially the fruit bars, because they have real chunks of fruit in them.
    Fresh fruit with greek yogurt is also really good for a sweet dessert. Or del monte tropical fruit salad in the can. And Ben and Jerry’s Fro-yo Half Baked. And if I’m not in the mood for sweet stuff, I’ll just have some trail mix with cheese popcorn. Oooh me gusta.

  19. best way to diet is not stock these sweets in your fridge

  20. mary louise says:

    i love mochi! great post – very realistic.


  21. Hi, my name is Bobbi and I am a sugaraholic!
    I’m the exact same way. I have to have something sweet, even if it’s just chocolate milk.

  22. the Honey B says:

    this post is absolutely delicious! I would kill someone for those mini drumsticks right now! LOL

  23. Shop N' Chomp says:

    I’m the same way! I have to have sugar even if it’s just a bit. I really love those Skinny Cow sandwiches!

  24. The Fashion Rebel says:

    Awesome blog darling! Followed you offcourse

    Thanks for checking mine and leaving a comment ! hope you keep visiting me and follow me too !!


  25. Oh, how I’d love to be one of those people without a sweet tooth! I’m notorious with chocolate especially, hahaha. Do you have a Bloglovin account I can follow you on, sweetie? lots of love from your follower, Veena <3


  26. Andrea Reh says:

    I always think I’m not a sweet tooth… But in fact, I think I just love all food! I wish we had Skinny Cow in NZ.. sigh. I’m a sucker for cake… any cake (unfortunately there aren’t many low-cal versions!).

    Just discovered your blog, would love it if you popped by mine sometime.

    Andrea x

  27. It looks so yummi!

  28. I think no one should stop eating sweets or reducind their sweet eating just because they want to have such a perfect body they can see on magazine covers etc.. If you try to control it, you just want it more ;D I think we should eat as much as we want, but do some sports more!
    (or if you’re too lazy like me, just eat and don’t do spors, but don’t care too much! XD hahh)

    Jonna xx

  29. Raquel Fernandes says:

    My secret for losing weight and keep the good shape is never but never eat after dinner. I eat a soop and a grilled steak, sometimes a piece of bread about 8pm. I go to sleep about 1 am so i’m always so hungry but I struggle not to eat and I can see results 😉

  30. www.timetochange.over-blog.com says:

    I know the feeling!I also try to downsize the calories, but it’s hard!!!

  31. Thank you so much for your amazing comment 🙂 I just finished my last assignment for the semester just then but I still have so much studying to do for exams ahh! Just wanted to sneak in a little comment to you though ^_^ x
    PS- If you have Facebook and a spare second, I would love if you voted for me in this huge blogging competition. It ends in one week! Just visit this page, click ‘vote now’ and heart all of my blog posts xx

  32. Thank you so much for your comment. You made my day! It felt great to be done with my bachelors dissertation. Hope you’ll stay tuned on my blog! Like the tips you posted here as well.


  33. Loooove itt!! 😀 i want one of those!



  34. i could totally live eating only sweets!! so i understand you completelly! i’m craving right now, i have to go and get me some…

  35. mmmmm I will eat the screen now! It looks delicious!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  36. MMM. That ice cream looks….amazing. Especially because its 100 degrees where I’m at right now. 🙂

    Thank you for following, love! It means a lot to me. Following you back on twitter!

  37. I am so addicted to sugar it’s not even funny !!!! delicious photos

  38. Fashion Mom says:

    i am not a sweet person, I prefer the champagne with toasts 😉 not good for diet too! x

  39. Carlinn says:

    All those look yummy! i am a huge chocolate and cake fan but for the last 6weeks i havent had any and i actually feel fine 🙂 I cut it out because of headaches though but will def have to treat myself soon!

  40. NANCYXO says:

    i love green tea mochi. its my favorite =]


  41. I have the biggest sweet tooth…I’d never give it up! Just important to have a balanced diet…

    xo Cara

  42. Jennifer Fabulous says:

    OMG you may have just saved my life! I also am addicted to dessert and trying to diet the past few months has been HORRIBLE. These will help immensely. 🙂

  43. Fruits definitely help with my sweet tooth! Also, I basically have the whole mantra of how moderation is key. It’s a fact (can’t find the article where I read it) wherein if you prohibit your body something, you’ll crave for it more, and if you don’t get it, you’re body will try to find alternatives for it which may cause you to eat more.

    This is such a great list! i want skinny cow!!!


  44. Jessica French says:

    Thank you for you’re lovely comments on my blog 🙂 I love this post and can relate to you on this one… We have these mini lollys in the UK called Twister and they are only 40 calories! amazing! Not sure if you have them in the US but you should definitely look out for them 🙂 Following you too, Hope you’re well coco

  45. Melissa: Write it in Lipstick says:

    i use to be the same way now I just drink lots of water to fight the craving

  46. heatherheartsfashion says:

    i am inexplicably jealous of people who do not have hardcore sweet cravings!! it is my only weakness when it basically comes to food (not a big meat eater and i love healthy food) but it is a baaadd weakness. i am a chocoholic till death.

  47. Girl sweets are my downfall! I can give up chips, and junk and fast food, but I crave sweet and sugar

    Live Life in Style

  48. eimi.desu says:

    Oh my gosh, I love your blog! It’s so charming! Waaaah! I wish I could like half that stuff! Sadly, I’m lactose intolerant 🙁 *sniffles* I was hoping we could follow and friend each other! Thanks!

  49. Koltunovskaya says:

    I eat sweets every day, can’t live without it! And these pictures are so… yummy!

  50. cocktail says:

    thank you for following you 🙂 i’m following you back 🙂 and ofc check my blog if you want to 🙂

    great post full of sweet 🙂

  51. LOL…great post and yes swimsuit magazine covers are in full effect everywhere (ooouucchhh)…I love sweets too and my favorite are by far the Mochi’s from trader Joe’s…YUMMY. 🙂

    <3 Marina

  52. ♥ sugarpuff ♥ says:

    Oh.. it’s creative post!
    yes, sometimes we may addicted to some sugar foods 😀

    Anyway.. Drool over your lovely desserts!
    you’re really know how to make me hungry <3

    *hugs from your new follower*

    ♥ sugarpuff ♥
    Pinkie Anggia ☺

  53. Huda Kaake says:

    Everything looks amazing. I may have drooled all over my computer a little bit >.< lol Anyways, thanks for sharing! These sweets are definitely something I can go without, but I choose not to. Sweets are obviously addicting, but it is something you can treat yourself and still lose weight instead of depriving yourself of them. http://lebanesebeauty21.blogspot.com/

  54. haha, I’m not addicted to sugar, but I do love fast food! which is equally bad!

  55. Fashionfifth says:

    I can’t live without chocolate!

    x Fashionfifth

  56. hello.
    thanks for stopping by me, i like sugar so much more than i wish i did..
    love baking and im a sucker for sweets and candy..
    this weekend i made carrot cake and oatmeal pie with berries. it felt a bit more healthy than the usual chocolate cake..
    Hope you’re having a good week so far

  57. jamie-lee says:

    great post! I always have to eat something sweet after dinner too, usually a piece of chocolate 🙂

  58. wow….so yum….great pictures….


  59. GorJess Fashion For Less says:

    Great post! Loving your options! I have trouble with cheese and salt, not sweets myself.

  60. I’m right there with ya – HAVE to have something sweet after dinner. And it’s usually chocolate 😉

    xo jess

  61. Salina and Olivia says:

    I dont really have much of a sweet tooth but I have to admit, all of these desserts are making me crave one 🙂 We don’t have Trader Joes in Canada, but based on these mochi alone I wish we did!
    Mostly though I prefer to eat more of my meal than to save room for dessert..

    xo Salina

  62. yummy i want them!! XD you make me hungry dear. such a great blog. thanks for following. now im following you too. 🙂

  63. Amber Blue Bird says:

    oh my goodness you have no idea how much i needed this. I seriously eat ice cream just about every night even in the winter. Its like my day is complete without it. Those drumsticks look like something I could sink my teeth into.

  64. Nice blog!. Love the pictures!

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  65. Oh my goodness! Yummy! Especially the Mochi!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  66. bravegrrl says:

    i love skinny cow and mochi! yummmmmmmmmmm!

  67. i LOVE the body from kourtney kardash!
    amazing one


  68. Tinfoils Tiaras says:

    I’m going to have to start eating Skinny Cow because I’m also addicted to sugar and sweets but want a beach body for my trip to Hawaii! Thanks for sharing your fave desserts- and low cal at that!

    **Enter my giveaway for your chance to win a beautiful jewellery set!**

  69. Those skinny cow cookies are my absolute favourite!!

  70. Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou says:

    I’m JUST like you, crave a little somethin somethin sweet always after a meal! I also put sugar in my coffee and love caramel macchiatoes and frappuccinos from Starbucks! I’ve tried all of the yummies you mentioned except the Trader Joe’s one and love them! xoxo

  71. CHAOTIC COOKIE says:

    Those ice creams look delicious!!

  72. I really really like my candy!! sour candy for me please?! That thing from trader joe’s looks great.. But I have no idea what it is. Might have to try it out in the sumer when I’m in the states. A healthy kinda sweet I would say fruit? Like strawberry, pineapple,… It can be pretty sweet but healthy

  73. samecookiesdifferent says:

    yummy ice cream
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling

  74. I agree!! You totally need to look into Yasso. It’s frozen greek yoghurt. Blueberry and Strawberry flavored, creamy, sweet, full of protein, and light on calories! I found them at costco!


  75. Maryam Maquillage says:

    those tj’s mochi ice cream balls are tdf!!!

  76. vnikali says:

    my fav ice cream is HAGAEN DAZ
    their ice is so rich and comes in so much flavours:P
    hahah i should go work out instead of thinking about all these sweetsxx

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