Legs Legs Legs! Tricks to Flawless Looking Legs

We all have bad hair days, and I’ve found there are bad leg days too. Spring is here and summer is around the corner so you will most likely be wearing shorts, skirts, and not just Maxi dresses in the next few months. Ever had those days where your legs are more pale than you’d like, not as toned as you want, or maybe you have a scar, a bruise or anything you want to try and cover?Celebs face the same leg issues, but they have secrets to mask them and appear at events looking flawless. CELEBRITIES get custom airbrush spray tans and use all types of body makeup and shimmer lotions on their legs. 

Blake+Lively+ Whiter+legs

Blake Lively has great legs.

Blake Lively in Marchesa  GOOD

With a Sally Hansen spray tan & leg makeup, Blake’s legs look flawless and defined.

Celebrities and supermodels have been caught in bad lighting and had the images unfairly plastered all over the internet. For example, most recently JLO and Kate Moss in the photos below:

Jennifer Lopez suffers from cellulite
kate moss cellulite
Even celebs can have a bad leg day

SO, here is what you will need to get the “flawless leg” with Sally Hansen:

SallyHansen AirbrushLegs1

Loreal Sublime Bronze-$10.79 at Walgreens

Victoria’s Secret Sunkissed Bronze with Tint-$12

*To Prepare your legs, shower and shave. Then moisturize with a light lotion (no body butters)

1. Spray the Sally Hansen Airbrush (choose a color closest to your skin tone) on your legs and start from
your feet moving up
2. Squeeze a quarter size amount (per leg) of your shimmer lotion in your hand and start rubbing into your
legs mixing it with the Sally Hansen applying evenly
3. Wait 15 minutes before you put on your clothes

NOTE -The reason I add a shimmer lotion is because Sally Hansen Airbrush alone tends to make legs look chalky or fake looking by the end of the night. Adding the bronzer is not enough to make a significant tan so you don’t need to worry if you hate self-tanner.

SOOO, here’s real results of how it looks on my sister, my friend and me.

(Showing you examples of all 3 products)


AFTER a custom spray tan and with a light coat of the Loreal/Sally Hansen concoction

HINT-Airbrush tans where someone sprays you generally looks much better than a spray tan booth. They can contour your body, for example making calves look more defined.

2. My friend Jaclyn -This was her first time trying Sally Hansen
IMG 5945
As you can see, her right leg has the Sally Hansen Medium Spray and her left doesn’t
IMG 5946
Jaclyn ready to go out with her flawless application on both legs
3. Me BEFORE in my nude Steve Madden heels
IMG 6063
AFTER– 30 minutes after applying Sally Hansen mixed with the Victoria’s Secret lotion. It was darker so I needed to switch to my darker nude heels hehe
1. If you’ve never used this, be sure to rub it into your skin evenly and add more if you want extra coverage
2. Be careful if you’re wearing white although it’s water resistant and doesn’t come off easily
3. Don’t go too dark if you’re not tan, make sure it matches your body and face
4. Sally Hansen is not fake tanner and washes right off in the shower. Tanner will leave you slightly bronzed
5. DO you hate self-tanner? Use the Sally Hansen alone or add shimmer lotion without tanner for extra glow
Finally, you may be wondering if this is a BIG hassle?
Answer-It only takes about 5 minutes and looks great for an event
But wouldn’t it be nice to have assistants to do it for us 😉
minka kelly LEGS
Minka Kelly spray tanned recently on the set of her new movie.
If you have your own leg tricks, feel free to share. simple smile

UPDATE: I just created a YouTube tutorial of me showing you how to get the look of flawless legs with one added celebrity tip:

Here’s to a summer of happy legs!

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  1. You have such slim & long legs. They look nice with and without the tan =)

  2. mac-and-me says:

    wouldn’t do pantyhose do the same and look better?

  3. Ashley Rae says:

    I agree with Squeeze the Pug. You already have gorgeous legs and don’t need this trick!! But thanks for the insight. I’ve lost my “tennis” legs and need some help in this department.


  4. I love the before & after pics, it really makes a difference!
    xo Cara

  5. @Mac-and-Me: A lot of women don’t like to wear Nylons in the summer :)

    @Ashley Rae &Squeeze: Thank you but I this still helps me 😉

  6. Thanks for sharing this trick! I have super short legs and I’d love to try this to see if it’ll make my legs look as long and slim as yours. :)

    -Gayle (Pen&Ink blog)

    By the way, I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Come check it out here: http://gaylewritesinpen.blogspot.com/2011/04/versatile-blogger-award.html

  7. Jaryce21 says:

    eeeek!! i love this post!!

  8. Sunny & Star says:

    Love this post. Such great advice. Your legs look amazing. Thanks so much for share.

  9. Sunny & Star says:

    Love this post. Such great advice. Your legs look amazing. Thanks so much for share.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wow, it’s amazing to see the 3 before and after pics. You each have great legs and it’s cool to see the difference that stuff makes. Thanks for the tips

  11. Inded, those before and after shots are worlds apart! Thanks very much for the info!

  12. Lost.in.Idaho says:

    My girl uses that spray from walgreens, and yeah it makes a difference. But be careful. If you don’t apply it evenly, you have orange stripey legs…

  13. Ive always loved Sally Hansen airbrush legs! it leaves my legs super smooth! almost like ive got a fresh pair of nude stockings on.

  14. Great great tips! For the changes of seasons this is awesome. I’m chocked with J.Lo and Kate Moss pics, what a photoshop can do? lol
    Well, I’m thinking that it’s much better work out, and I need to come to exercises soon…

    Kisses xoxo

  15. Keyla M. Rosas R. says:

    amazing! thanks for the tip! = )

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  16. thanks beauty! going to try out the VS one.


  17. The white cabbage says:

    thanks …going to try !

    come for a visit , and if you like sign as follower..I’ll do back

    ciao ave

  18. Tereza Anton says:

    Beautiful legs, it’s so hard with legs.

  19. GorJess Fashion For Less says:

    This is a great post! I love all the step by step tips and seeing the products in person!

  20. love blake livley! 😉

  21. Tea Joeli says:

    Great blog and pics:)

  22. Juillet Clair says:

    Great post ! 😀


  23. head-toefashion says:

    lovely post !
    please follow my blog .


  24. I’m going to try this, Dale! :-)

  25. omg great post dale!!! i have really awkward pasty legs.. and lots of bruises on them from falling down all the time hahahaha.. i’m going to try you tips out!!

  26. I like self-tanner, but it’s a hassle just putting it

  27. Wow, I’m impressed how different it looks with and without Sally Hansen.. you have good looking legs! :)

  28. this is a great post! i’ve been looking to get a spray tan at a tanning salon but have never tried it before… maybe i’ll try this out first! i’m pastey as paste can be… =/

  29. Pretty Affair says:

    you have a great pair of legs, girl! 😉 and yes, I have done this same trick (with Sally hansen) once before when going out – i liked the result xo

  30. Hi, Dawn from Suitcase Vignettes, I love this post. Thank you, I need all of the help I can get…seriously. You have great legs even without a tan. Following your super awesome very imformative blog. Nice to meet you! Dawn xo

  31. Hey! I’m an Indian with a tanned skin..light brown maybe..
    Would it work on me? I have skinny and long legs too..but I only want to cover my REALLY dark knees? Please help?

  32. I tested Sally Hensen for a night party and I can tell is sooo good! I always have bruises because my legs are so sensitive. and because they are so pale there´s no way of disguising it…but this was the perfect solution.
    lovely post! and btw, no matter what, JLO legs are amazing!
    Love your blog, dear! following!!

  33. I love this stuff Dale, great video and you are so gorgeous yourself. Thank you for these tips, I am so NOT a summer girl and often struggle in the summer with keeping my pasty white legs tan. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  34. Love your tips and it does make a huge difference! I love using mineral powders mixed with shea butter lotions or herbal oils and it works pretty well too (great way of eliminating all those toxic ingredients). Thanks for the tips :)

    Heel in Mint

  35. Jennifer says:

    where are those dark nude heels from?!!

  36. please tell me where you got your peep toe nude heels, i used to have a pair chucked them our and now ive forgotten the brand. i bought them in brisbane. where did you get them from? they are so cumfy!

  37. please tell me where you got your peep toe nude heels from?

  38. Yeah very Impressive post, Is it any trick for the Men also ?


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