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Khloe Kardashian UnKomfortable in her Own Skin

I know there ARE millions of more important topics to discuss than the Kardashians, but I couldn’t help but sympathizing with Klhoe as she broke down in tears on the latest episode “Khloe and Lamar” (I’ll admit I watch that show) after being called “fat” by the media and “overweight” by her mother. I feel it’s an issue most women can relate to, especially if she has sisters.

Khloe posing recently with her sisters (I think she’s bending her knees to appear shorter) 

In case you think any Kardashian show or spinoff is a total waste of time, here’s a quick recap. Khloe received a phone call from her class act mom telling her to stop talking about “eating cookies” to the media because her “size” was bad for the image of the diet pills the three sisters are hawking.

Earlier in the episode, her brother Rob told her tabloids and bloggers were calling her “fat” after her husband, Lamar, was quoted as saying Khloe was “not small.” Yes, it was her choice to allow all of this body bashing to go on the show and she’s making lots of money, but her feelings being crushed seemed genuine.

                                                       The family on a recent cover of Redbook

The reason I think it’s such an important topic is women occasionally compare themselves to other women, their friends or their sisters at all points of their lives. It’s surprising how fast their body confidence can change in the matter of hours. For example, my freshman year of college I was 5’7″ and I outweighed my high school sister by 25 lbs.

I went to borrow one of her shirts and she said,

“No, don’t wear that, you’re too big and you’ll stretch it out and ruin it.”

Honesty between sisters can be brutal. 😉 Within a few years she had a growth spurt and we were almost the exact height and weight, but I’m sure many women can relate at some point feeling like the “big girl” or maybe the “runt” of the family. 

Recently, I was going out with a group of girl friends who were shorter than me and petite. We took a few photos and I thought to myself, “Wow..I look huge, like as big as Khloe.”

I’ve read Khloe is 5’9 and about a size 6, but she’s called “huge!?” Plus, I’m sure a lot of women might feel “big” having to pose next to Kourtney (5 ft) and Kim (5 2″) all the time. What do you think?

Khloe is much closer in size to her younger sisters, ages 13 & 15

So in conclusion, not to sound like self-esteem camp counselor, but I think it’s so important to keep everything in perspective when it comes to body issues, especially if you compare yourself to others because it’s like comparing apples to pears.
If you’re at a happy weight for yourself or even if you’re not, there are always going to be women who are shorter, taller, slimmer, more petite or bigger.
And speaking of more important topics, who’s excited to see all the Royal Wedding coverage? 🙂
Cheers to William & Kate!

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  1. theres nothing wrong with being bigger but khloe’s ugly

  2. Dolls Factory says:

    Actually I hated the Kardashians before even watching one single episode of their show. One night I viewed one on Tv, and after seeing them eat Baklava (which is a typical armenian/turkish dessert) I thought that these girls were totally awesome. They eat all the time chips and other things and exercise so I think they are a role model more than the bulimic models.

    And Khloe is my favorite, she is the sweetest of all. She is not skinny but the is in shape for one of her height. If my friends read this comment they’ll kill me 🙂

  3. Lost.in.Idaho says:

    So, in the redbook picture, she only looks 3 inches taller than Kim. Maybe 4.

    But when you look at un-shopped pictures, Kim barely comes up to her chin.

    Even mass media is trying to make her shorter.

  4. she is tall!

    what’s more concerning is people who go on diets and get extremely thin (like jennifer hudson who got so thin that i’m concerned for her health).

  5. La Mode En Rose says:

    i don’t think tht she’s fat, she’s very tall and she has an amazing body. I think it’s because we (women) keep comparing ourself with the super models at the magazies, we have to own our body and accept us as we are, work in our body to make it better and don’t care about others

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  6. Aww, I don’t think Khloe is fat at all!! The media can be so mean, I always thought she was okay with her body, she’s always so confident! Great post!

    Diary of a Short Girl

  7. ChaosButterfly says:

    Khloe is my least favorite Kardashian, next to the mom. The mom is the worst.

    But I do always feel bad for Khloe, because I’ve always been fatter than all my sisters, and it does suck.
    It sucks even worse for her too, because everyone calls her the fat Kardashian, even though she’s not fat at all. If you look at her pictures, she doesn’t have flab or rolls or anything.
    The issue is that the way that her body is constructed just makes her look huge. Like she’s tall and has a big frame. And her sisters appear to have more lean musculature, and Khloe’s is kind of bulky.

    If she’s sad about it, she should go get some kind of therapy or something though, because there’s not really anything she can change. That’s how her body is. She can work out and tighten up a bit, and that will help a little, but she’s always gonna be the big Kardashian. *shrug*

  8. @Chaos Butterfly..I agree with you totally that she just has a different body type and their mom is the worst. She seems to only care about $$$
    @LostinIdaho-totally right, I just saw looked and her height definitely seems photoshopped

  9. poor girl! body diversity should be celebrated, not discouraged.


  10. Well,people made fun of Jennifer Aniston for being fat when she was ok and then made fun of her losing weight and being “too thin”. Some people are weird like that..you can never satisfy them.

    Heel in Mint

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. i completely agree with this post (and also am a fan of the kardashains..i watch all their shows 🙂 ) i feel for khloe as well but i think she is such a strong person for being who she is! great post! xo

  13. A Daily Mishmash says:

    I’m a sucker for the Kardashian shows and Khloe is by far my favorite sister. It’s so ridiculous how they focus on her size when she’s got the best personality of the three

  14. vintageglammz says:

    I’m not a huge fan of the Kardashians, but some of the fat comments are quite harsh. I would never have thought Khloe met my definition of fat. Yes, she’s curvy, but she’s in no way dangerously obese!

  15. thechyrelgomez says:

    i find khloe gorgeous among all the kardashians.

  16. Maddalena says:


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  18. Michelle's Style File says:

    Love em! I think they all look fabulous!!


  19. Great post 🙂
    You have a lovely blog here 🙂

    I am your new follower:)

    Have a great day, Honey 🙂

  20. mac-and-me says:

    who are those girls and why the hell are they in tv? and why do ppl care?
    i dont get it

  21. Khloe isn’t my favorite but you’re right having to stand next to two short and skinny girls it makes it seem like shes bigger. though shes not. her weight is healthy for her height

  22. Ruby Girl says:

    it’s really sad that girls as gorgeous as this one can start to believe that they are not beautiful. maybe people will give more attention to the inside, which matters way more! <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  23. love that you did a post on this when I watched that episode I felt so bad for her.. I know so many girls can relate to her.

  24. Erica Wark says:

    I think Khloe is one of my favorite Kardashian’s! She should be confident cause she is amazing! Not to mention the funniest of all the girls!

    P.S. ALL the girls look amazing!!

    I’m your NEWEST follower! I hope you will visit me and follow me back!

    xx Erica


  25. Maddalena says:


  26. An Hour After Yesterday says:

    I love the Kardashians style!


  27. Love this post Dale I’ve always had a problem with my weight and growing up my parents always called me fat. Luckily I found someone that loves me regardless of how I look 🙂

  28. i totally agree with you! women have diff body types. it’s tough for chloe to have petite sisters and chloe is big boned even if she loses body fat she will still appear thicker compared to her sisters. and size 6 isn’t huge even if you have an average height! media ppl should stop bashing khloe.

  29. I admit I watch it too! She’s my fave out of all of them because she seems so real. Thanks for being a self-esteem counselor! You’re totally right about keeping it in perspective. (p.s. found you through the always awesome indieelectronic! 😉

  30. I think the reason Khloe looks big (and I mean tall, because in those bikini pictures, she is in no way fat) is because her sisters are so dainty and there is so much height difference. Khloe in no way looks big next to her younger sisters, infact they are so slim but they would perhaps even look ‘big’ if they posed with Kim and Kourtney x

  31. I agree with Zoe. In that biki pic she looks tiny and fit. Myself being 5’6″ I am a 4 to 6 so there is NO WAY that girl is fat! She may bigger boned and taller than her sisters but definitely not fat. Ultimately the bottom line that she is healthy.

  32. Aw, she’s gorgeous and not fat at all.



  33. I think medias are cruel, because seeing her in a swimsuit I see a THIN girl ! Seriously, I’d like to have her body ! And I think it’s because she’s taller and because she has a round face that she seems “big” (even if she’s not for me). And I understand she feels bad because her siblings are just gorgeous, plus everyone compares them…
    And people should know that some people aren’t made to be skinny, I mean you can try but your body struggles against you, believe me I know what I’m talking about

    Nice blog !

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  34. Ashley Rae says:

    To be 5’9″ and a size 6 is not at all fat. If that’s what they call fat, then I’m humongous at 5’2″ and size 7.
    And I did feel bad for Khloe in that episode. Her mom could have been a little more loving discussing her daughter’s weight.


  35. Great post! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    xoxo Anna

  36. I love the kardashians. She is certainly not ‘huge’. She is a tall girl, but she is perfect shape for her size!

  37. Miss Katatny says:

    gorgeous blog! keep up the good work!
    would love ur support for mine too xo

  38. Really cool blog!!

  39. amazinggg post!!I dnt think shes FAT…but I think her mother is to be blamed,instead of supporting,she making it even worse for khloe

  40. Cool blog.

    would love if you check out mine too 🙂


  41. I very much admire Kim Kadashian’s brave personality. Many celebrity women are very pressured to be stick-thin in this society but Kim is sticking with her attractive curves and setting a great example for many young women. Thanks for visiting my blog and following, Im follwoing you now too! xo http://www.avenuemaria.blogspot.com

  42. Loving these girls! They are all so gorgeous! the little sisters are becoming beautiful ladies too!

    New to your blog and loving it!

    XO – Jami
    i m a g i n e

  43. I love that you blogged about this! I must admit that in the beginning of her fame, I did find Khloe to be on the bigger side, but she has lost A WHOLE LOT OF WEIGHT over the years and I think that she looks so gorgeous and that she’s in the perfect weight!

    It is really ridiculous how stars like Khloe (read, anyone who is a size 6 and up) is considered “big”, no wonder our world has such a skewed view on perfection.

    I personally had a struggle with my own weight growing up (I was 5ft, 135 pounds), and technically, I wasn’t fat, I was just chubby and had more to love (plus I had muscle), but people, even my family would tell me that I was fat and that I HAD to lose weight. I naturally got rid of the weight, but the past still haunts me, and I really don’t want other people to go through what I went through.

    Sorry for the long rant. Following you back! 😀


  44. wow i see the difference a lot. definitely cool how she lost that weight!
    ps. hope you’re having an amazing weekend lovely! 🙂

    <3, Kathleen.

  45. The Kardashians’ show was one of those show where I swore to myself I’d never watch such crap, and then I became totally addicted. It’s definitely one of the very few guilty TV pleasures I have. I hate that they keep referring to Khloe as “fat” or “overweight.” Yes, she’s a bigger girl because she is TALL. But if people truly believe she’s fat, they need to get their eyes examined. I know what it’s like to truly be fat, and Khloe certainly isn’t. I recommend that Khloe, and anyone dealing with negative comments from family members, read “Big Girl” by Danielle Steele.

  46. Surely we must be happy with our bodies!
    Love the blog and I’m going! obrifada for the visit, I loved it!
    kisses and a week beautiful!
    marina / Brasil

  47. I think she looks fantastic, certainly not fat!!! In my opinion she has nothing to worry about!!! Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment:)


  48. khloe is actually my fave out of the 3, love her!

  49. she is perfect 😉

  50. You are totally right! And khloe is my favorite one!

  51. hey! 🙂 love this!! it´s so true!! Khloe es my favoure, she has a lot of personality!!
    you have a great blog!
    i am following you now! 😉

  52. I love Khloe K!!
    Monique xx


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  54. I love the Kardiashans style!
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  56. great post, I don´t look Kardashians, but now I think I begin:)


  57. DanielaCarpino says:

    love the pictures! and the black dress!

  58. I like this post…and sometimes I feel like I can relate to Khloe. I’m a tall girl (or maybe just everyone else is short), but I have learned to live with it and be proud. But I was on the metro the other day, and this girl comes and stands next to me, and she was a SERIOUS midget (at least to me), think of the smallest, most petite girl you know, and that was her. I looked at myself in the reflection of the window and I felt gargantuan!!! But I know in reality, around normal people, I am not so tall. So you are totally right, its all about perspective. I would hate to be surrounded by my sisters all the time if they were a foot shorter than me. :/

  59. I watched this episode. I felt for her too, she is by no means huge. She looks great.

  60. I also watch the episodes haha. I don’t think she’s fat o_O I mean are Kim or J.Lo fat with that massive ass that they have? NO! She is tall with curves.
    I can’t believe their younger sister is 13, and already wearing big high hells and full on makeup, she looks older than she is in a way.


  61. i agree completely! Khloe is not huge at all! it’s because she’s always next to her tiny-ass sisters! i always think to myself that Kim and Kourtney must be SO skinny in person because Kim is 1 inch shorter than I am but her curves make her seem like she’s much taller. i can’t imagine having curves like she does! she must have like a 18 inch waist!

  62. alisaVerde says:

    i was going to write a post on this, but you beat me to it. well done! I am 5’11” and both my sisters are 5’6” so I can relate so much with Kloe. Unlike her sisters, I think Kloe has a really amazing personality and humor, a great husband, and it’s sad she let’s her body image get to her so much. We’re all so pressured to be one thing or another, right. I love her and I think she is BEAUTIFUL.


  63. I love everything about this post. Khloe is my favorite out of the Kardashians, she keeps it real. And at 5’9 and a size 6 she is far from being overweight. I myself am no skinny minnie but I model (swimsuits) on the side and I am damn proud of my curves!


  64. I love Khloe! She is amazing and looks like a real woman. She knows who she is and lets everyone know. I’m only 5’6 but I’m 4 inches taller than my older sister and we used to get compared all the time and with me having 4 inches on her it meant I had some pounds on her too. She’s my best friend and the only I got made me realize that we’re both fantastic in our own ways and our own bodies. I’m glad Khloe realizes it too, now if only the media would.
    You go Khloe!!!

  65. Among all the Kardashians, Khloe is my favorite one. I just love her and i think she’s really preety. I watch Keeping up with Kardashians and then Khloe and Lamar, I started liking her a lot 🙂


  66. Really good post 🙂 !


  67. Anonymous says:

    so so true!! Skinny sisters with half the personality factor!! Khloe is more of a whole person all round! Far better package!! I think people need to try bring the best out of themselves, make the most of what you have rather then trying to be like other people, model yourself on certain celebs, by all meand nick a few styling tips, clothes hair , make up….but life is about finding balance with everything….time,your weight, what you eat, how much you exercise, how much you spen£££!! Everything in moderation. We all know media…look for flaw’s not beauty, so why do we let them sway or influence our idea’s of what they percieve to be beautiful. I really think its how you feel and what makes you happy, iv been way to slim in my teens, and iv increased weight after having my little one, and lost it gradually…and i i like where im at curves but toned…i think in there own way the Kardashians are pretty , how much is natural and not asthetically inhanced is debateable, in this day and age fake boobs,bums,tums,nose’s,cheek implants, hair exstensions,nails etc etc…is there such a natural beauty?! Most women wont go out with a bit of ‘slap n go’ aki ‘Make-up’….because society ..media take’s pics of celeb’s without make-up and calls them ugly!? Women are pressured alot to adopt a certain look-image, so much is put emphasis is put on outside beauty…i feel alot in the mags and catwalks-redcarpets look like drones! They all pout, pose the same, Botox frozen look, half of them dont relise they look far more beautiful when they can actually crack a smile!! Rather then striving to be pin-ups, sex symbols, maybe these women should be striving to be skilled women…read more,study,take up sports …hobbies,volunteer work at the local homeless joint, charity work etc….i fear for the generations to come…and how vain society can become??

  68. I Agreed. Khloe is super pretty and she is big bones, but is her body shape, you can’t just call her fat, that is so wrong. Besides personality is what matters before a “Body shape” and she is the best and honest of her sisters.

    Visit me! ♥

  69. Love this post! Khloe is super sexy.

  70. Khloe is definitely not fat. She is just a bigger individual. She is very tall, a lot taller than her sisters, which of course makes her heavier. Khloe is also very sweet and funny, I love her personally. It’s ridiculous that people keep calling her fat, because she is far from it. She is very fit, too. She has curves though, so she’s hella sexy. She might not have the Kim Kardashian butt, but she has the Khloe Kardashian butt. And if you hate on her, your loss. Love you Khloe. XOXO

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