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Arm Candy is the Perfect Spring Accessory

Demi Moore has flaunted her arm candy for years, Donald Trump has a pretty new thing by his side every decade and this Spring I’ll be taking mine out on the town.

I have a bulky one, a studded one and all of my arm candy is certainly bright. And when I’m bored with one, I’ll just switch it out for another. I’m talking about crazy neon, candy colored purses, clutches and hand bags so bright they’ll make any outfit POP!

I’m wearing my new yellow one I found at TJ Maxx- Big Buddha
White aviators– Express, Earings -Forever 21

And the nice part is a bright handbag doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Check stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack for bright purses so when they go into style hibernation for winter or you’re just tired of a certain color you won’t feel guilty that you spent too much.

I’m loving the color orange this Spring

WHO WHAT WEAR recently did a post on all types of bright bags

Red is always fun– 3.1 Phillip Lim

Kate Spade 

Blair on Gossip Girl showing you can pair a bright purse with another bright color

Bright clutches look great with neutral outfits –Gucci

Are you a fan of bright, bold colored purses this Spring and what color(s) would you choose for your wardrobe?
Hope you had a nice Easter. xoDale

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  1. Lost.in.Idaho says:

    From a guy’s standpoint, a woman with a bright purse has its advantages.

    Think of it like trying to find your car in a busy parking lot. If your car stands out, it’s easier to find, right?

    If we ever lose you in Nordstrom, we know to look for the bright neon-green purse. I like it.

  2. Stephanie says:

    wow!1 amazing colorss!!
    Here comes the summer 😉

  3. Maddalena says:


  4. great photos <3 lovely colors !!


  5. I want a yellow purse sooo bad!!

  6. super cute bag and cute pic! i love the idea of not spending a whole lot on such seasonal colors. colors scare me, but this totally motivates me to get more color into my spring/summer wardrobe! =)

  7. ZuckerKleidchen says:

    i love all these colors!! i would have problems to pick one ;D
    love this post!

  8. DanielaCarpino says:

    love the colorss! xoxo

  9. theyre pretty pricey, do not want

  10. Sunny & Star says:

    I love bright color purses. I think my favorites are greens and yellows. I usually stick to neutral color purses but I think I will branch out when I go shopping with my sisters in a couple weeks.

  11. Sunny & Star says:

    I love bright color purses. I think my favorites are greens and yellows. I usually stick to neutral color purses but I think I will branch out when I go shopping with my sisters in a couple weeks.

  12. pancakeSTACKER says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Always love to meet fellow Bay Area bloggers 🙂 I love your new bright yellow bag! I am definitely one for the bold accessories! I love all the colors too much to choose just one, but I think I’m going to try to incorporate a lot more orange into my wardrobe!

    Stop by again soon!

  13. Cool bagsssss!!!

  14. wowza! look at those prices! 😐

  15. I love those purses, I’ve always loved purses like that. Theres this shop in Orlando where I like to go that has the cutest ones and their very cheep. Now I want to go, like now.


  16. I am dying over bright colored handbags right now too! I want that Proenza Schouler bag on the WWW page!!!


  17. wow. those bags are really attractive! perfect for summer right?!

    btw thank you for following 😀
    followed you back! 🙂

  18. Анна says:

    amazing colour and pics 🙂

  19. Dale… you are absolutely adorable! Great photos!

  20. Closet Hound says:

    I personally have always wanted a bright, patent colorful Kate Spade handbag. Still need to save up for that great purchase <3

    xo Sherrie
    Closet Hound

  21. i love these bags! they make such a statement!!!

    i love your blog too girl 🙂 hope u had a nice easter!

  22. Love your blog!!!! Those bags are fantastic! Love Big Buddha! Following you now!!
    XO Carrie
    thank you for stopping by at my blog!

  23. I love them all…I’m so totally into bright color handbags. They’re the perfect punch of color to any dull outfit.


  24. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment 😀 I think I would go with bright blues or yellows..Anyway, nice blog! followed you back xxx

  25. Bright colours are definitely in this year. I would probably try a red bag 🙂 Love the PS green one too!


  26. thechyrelgomez says:

    love blair waldorf.

  27. Oh I love your bag and your earrings !
    I’m obsessed with that orange at the moment, I want such a clutch, right NOW ! 🙂
    Xx. S

  28. Chic 'n Cheap Living says:

    I totally was just looking at a vintage yellow Chanel bag. Your yellow bag is too cute!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  29. i love that first shot! the colours in this post are just amazing.

  30. Love these bags! Following and supporting. alphabetalife.blogspot.com

  31. Tereza Anton says:

    Love the first orange clutch!

  32. That is a gorgeous bag! You have a lovely blog 🙂

  33. LOVE the DKNY one and both orange clutches… I love bright colors for spring!

    Thanks for following, following you too! Hope you’ll check back soon.


  34. Your blog is amazing! Love it!♥

  35. i am certainly in need a new bag!

  36. i am definitely feeling the need for a bright colored bag! that clutch is such a nice vibrant orange!

  37. perfect bag for spring! i love that Blair’s look! 🙂

  38. I have a big surprise for you on my blog! I hope you like it 🙂

    kisses xoxo


  39. Ruby Girl says:

    great armcandy post. i’m with you, brightly colored bags are best! <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  40. Love the colorful bags and clutches!!!

    Heel in Mint

  41. those bags are amazing. my want list just got a big longer 😛


  42. I really want an orange and a yellow one!! Your yellow bag is gorgeous!

  43. What a perfect purse!! Yellow is currently my favorite color…I’m carrying a mustard bag now! My favorite pic on this post is the one of Blair in green & yellow…perfection, right? Love her.

    p.s. YOU are beautiful! So glad you found my blog so that I could find yours…following!! 🙂

  44. aw thanks so much lovely for following my blog! 🙂 i’m now following yours as well! 🙂
    and oh my, thank you for telling me about TJ Maxx and their bright bags/clutches, i’ve been dying to get one!! and i am in love with the bright bold colors for spring, esp for bags! Your yellow purse is gorgeous, and you’re so pretty girl! 🙂

    <3, Kathleen.

  45. I am SUCH a huge fan of bold bright colored purses for Spring! My favorite colors have to be teal or yellow. They add such a POP to any outfit 🙂

    love this post! new follower, please follow me back? 🙂



  46. Love your blog! Im your newest follower 🙂
    Follow me too? <3

  47. DROOLING! I love colorful handbags!

  48. cute bags! I love the teal colored one! Great blog…just started following =)


  49. hey thank you so much for commenting on my post! your blog is adorable i’m now following you! love this post especially the leighton meester photo! also thought it was so creative how you put the bags on fence posts! xoxo

  50. im in love with blue and orange this season! love the bright orange clutch 🙂

  51. coutureaholic says:

    hiii! love this post! i’m obsessed with orange right now too so i loved all the orange bags!

    thanks for the comments on my blog! and as for the clarins self tanner, i love it a lot for my body! I use it on my legs especially since our bay area weather has been bipolar! i haven’t tried it on my face yet because I am nervous about that but once I do i’ll let you know! 🙂

  52. Wow, I just love the color and shape, your purse is absolutely gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your kind words!


  53. Nice bags!=)You have got a really intresting and sharming blog!You found my fashion blog here:



  54. Nicole Richie Anonymous says:

    Love your bag, also love Blair’s green and yellow combo. Great post.

    Thanks for your comment & for following xx

  55. Polina Yunusova says:

    i started to follow u baby
    it will be great, if u will answer me in following and do it too <33


  56. colour blocking is definitely in atm!! great post x

  57. Thank you for visiting my blog & I`m glad you like it ! I like yours 2 & I`m following you now ;;) . Kisses :*

  58. Thank you for visiting my blog & I`m glad you like it ! I like yours 2 & I`m following you now ;;) . Kisses :*

  59. Superblondeep says:

    hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! not really love the school because I work on it: S heheheh
    I follow you … follow me back please! xoxo

  60. Hi Dale,
    Thank you so so much for visiting my blog and commenting and following! It really means a lot!
    You have such a great blog here! I love these bags! I’ve got a green one but have always been a bit unconfident to wear it. Maybe i’ll break it out now!
    Am now following you back =) have a lovely day!
    Abi xx

  61. GorJess Fashion For Less says:

    Great post! I love that you included a collage and the extra bag choices! I just love all three of your bags. I think I need an orange clutch bad for summer!

  62. Colored bags, so fun. Yours is super cute and you remind me a cuter younger version of Jennie Garth.

  63. adore the orange clutch !

  64. There’s totally something about a bright bag that just makes you feel happier! I have two that I rotate between when I want a pick me up: a turquoise clutch and a bright yellow hobo bag. You look like a ray of Spring sunshine in the first pic! LOVE that bag!!

  65. i love bright bags! they can make such a statement for an outfit 🙂

    xo galmeetsglam.com

  66. I love Blair’s outfit

    Thanks for stopping by and WELCOME!

  67. Anonymous says:

    your article it’s just amazing

    love love love this color



  68. this post comes in the right moment for me. I´m going to dye a chanel 2.55 look alike purse, and I was trying to decide the color. I know I want a bright color, but I don´t know which one. So this post is 100% inspirational for me! thanks!!
    lovely blog btw! besos!

  69. very nice colours ,i choose orange and green for this summer


  70. MariaMuse says:

    i love Blair`s style
    its fantastic!!!!

  71. Meisha.Style says:

    loving the bright colors!!!

  72. yehey for tj maxx! hahahaha.


  73. richardsmith says:

    That clutch bag is awesome. Please check out at http://www.blingvogue.com to get some latest designs of clutches with swarovski crystals .

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