Khloe Kardashian UnKomfortable in her Own Skin

I know there ARE millions of more important topics to discuss than the Kardashians, but I couldn’t help but sympathizing with Klhoe as she broke down in tears on the latest episode “Khloe and Lamar” (I’ll admit I watch that show) after being called “fat” by the media and “overweight” by her mother. I feel it’s an issue most women can relate to, especially if she has sisters.

kim kardashian khloe kardashian odom and kourtney kardashian bu1NZ
Khloe posing recently with her sisters (I think she’s bending her knees to appear shorter) 

In case you think any Kardashian show or spinoff is a total waste of time, here’s a quick recap. Khloe received a phone call from her class act mom telling her to stop talking about “eating cookies” to the media because her “size” was bad for the image of the diet pills the three sisters are hawking.

Earlier in the episode, her brother Rob told her tabloids and bloggers were calling her “fat” after her husband, Lamar, was quoted as saying Khloe was “not small.” Yes, it was her choice to allow all of this body bashing to go on the show and she’s making lots of money, but her feelings being crushed seemed genuine.

kardashians redbook may 2011

                                                       The family on a recent cover of Redbook

The reason I think it’s such an important topic is women occasionally compare themselves to other women, their friends or their sisters at all points of their lives. It’s surprising how fast their body confidence can change in the matter of hours. For example, my freshman year of college I was 5’7″ and I outweighed my high school sister by 25 lbs.

I went to borrow one of her shirts and she said,

“No, don’t wear that, you’re too big and you’ll stretch it out and ruin it.”

Honesty between sisters can be brutal. 😉 Within a few years she had a growth spurt and we were almost the exact height and weight, but I’m sure many women can relate at some point feeling like the “big girl” or maybe the “runt” of the family. 

khloe kardashian 0010

Recently, I was going out with a group of girl friends who were shorter than me and petite. We took a few photos and I thought to myself, “Wow..I look huge, like as big as Khloe.”

I’ve read Khloe is 5’9 and about a size 6, but she’s called “huge!?” Plus, I’m sure a lot of women might feel “big” having to pose next to Kourtney (5 ft) and Kim (5 2″) all the time. What do you think?

Khloe Kardashian And Her Sisters At Burlesque Premiere In Hollywood 01
Khloe is much closer in size to her younger sisters, ages 13 & 15

So in conclusion, not to sound like self-esteem camp counselor, but I think it’s so important to keep everything in perspective when it comes to body issues, especially if you compare yourself to others because it’s like comparing apples to pears.
If you’re at a happy weight for yourself or even if you’re not, there are always going to be women who are shorter, taller, slimmer, more petite or bigger.
And speaking of more important topics, who’s excited to see all the Royal Wedding coverage? simple smile
Cheers to William & Kate!


Arm Candy is the Perfect Spring Accessory

Demi Moore has flaunted her arm candy for years, Donald Trump has a pretty new thing by his side every decade and this Spring I’ll be taking mine out on the town.

I have a bulky one, a studded one and all of my arm candy is certainly bright. And when I’m bored with one, I’ll just switch it out for another. I’m talking about crazy neon, candy colored purses, clutches and hand bags so bright they’ll make any outfit POP!

 MG 5450
I’m wearing my new yellow one I found at TJ Maxx- Big Buddha
White aviators– Express, Earings -Forever 21
 MG 5463
 MG 5421

And the nice part is a bright handbag doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Check stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack for bright purses so when they go into style hibernation for winter or you’re just tired of a certain color you won’t feel guilty that you spent too much.

 MG 5426
I’m loving the color orange this Spring

WHO WHAT WEAR recently did a post on all types of bright bags

Red is always fun– 3.1 Phillip Lim
kate spade summerville jenkins

Kate Spade 

Blair+good+ purse

Blair on Gossip Girl showing you can pair a bright purse with another bright color

gucci handbags2010 thumb

Bright clutches look great with neutral outfits –Gucci

Are you a fan of bright, bold colored purses this Spring and what color(s) would you choose for your wardrobe?
Hope you had a nice Easter. xoDale


Get her a Stylist ASAP Please

I understand Brooke Mueller is going through a messy custody battle with her ex, Charlie Sheen, and she’s dealing with her own drug addictions so her fashion sense may not be intact during this difficult time, BUT there is no reason to go out of the house in an outfit like this.


She showed up to court this week in a blouse that looks like something I would have bought at Bebe eight years ago paired with a thick buckled belt and an ill-fitted flowy black skirt that did nothing for her figure.

I applaud her for dressing conservative for the judge (unlike some Hollywood stars), but I just think a black pencil skirt and a white or blue collared shirt would have been much more flattering for court.

Hopefully some of the settlement from the divorce can be set aside for a stylist. 😉

What do you think about this outfit……
Is she guilty or not guilty of bad fashion sense?  


My Weekend Adventure in HOLLYWOOD

I LOVE LA! Actually, I love visiting Southern California to see my good friends, enjoy the unbeatable warm weather, and the endless shopping. Plus, there is so much going on in sunny So-Cal like Coachella this weekend, although I didn’t go. Maybe next year. Sooooo, Friday after work I packed up and drove the five hours from San Francisco to LA down Interstate 5. (If you want to make the drive faster, I suggest investing in a radar detector).
Near Universal Studios in LA

There’s nothing like a little Hollywood Hollyweird hit-and-run accident to start off the weekend. frownie

My friend and I were stopped at red light on Sunset Blvd. around 10:30 pm when all of a sudden, there was a loud BAM!!!!

Ugh, who hit my car? After my neck finished slamming back into my headrest, I turned around to see a Britney Spears circa ’07 look-alike, only more bloated and disheveled, behind the wheel of a silver Lexus with a blank drunken looking stare on her face.

The scene of the accident

I flung my door open and rushed to check the damage on my car’s bumper and exchange insurance info. She motioned as though she was going to pull over and that’s when I saw a crazy look in her eye. She swerved around my car, took a right at the first corner and floored it!

“WHO did this girl think she was, Lindsay Lohan!?” 

Get back in my CAR!” I screamed to my friend. 

“Did you get her license plate number?” I asked over and over as I frantically started my car.

“Yea, I think I got it,” he said ,but he wasn’t sure.

I took a right at the same corner just in time to see her brake lights making a left on a side street a few blocks down. To make a long, tense story short, by the time we hit Sunset and Vine, I was right behind her and my friend was dialing 911 with the Lexus license plate number. Then I pulled up along side her car to make sure I had a good look at her future felon face as we snapped a blurry pic with my cell phone.

The dispatcher told me to stop and file a police report as she sped off when the light turned green. The two LAPD officers who showed up to take the report seemed less than competent to be dealing with minor traffic collisions, but hopefully she’ll get charged with a hit and run. What a night!

If only these two guys were around to help me that night.

cd chips vol1
Ok, so moving on….The weather was much warmer than I anticipated so I had to go buy some summer clothes on a major budget to get me through the weekend.
There are SO many stores in LA with affordable clothes.
Here are some of the LA fashion bargains I found: (Under $20) 

IMG 6104
Black Cotton Maxi Dress -$16.99 (Fashion Q)

IMG 20110418 132947
Fedora with floral strap- $13.99 (Fashion Q)

IMG 6119
I may not wear feather hair extensions, but feather earings can be fun. simple smile
 (Under $5 at Forever 21, Denim shirt is also F21)

IMG 6159

Floral top-$11.99 (It was too hot outside to wear with my high waisted flare jeans)
(Sandals-SODA, top-Fashion Q)

AND here’s a few tips for a happy California road trip:

 Stay fueled: There are IN-N-OUT’s everywhere

Yum! My favorite fast food ever! 
Did you know they have chili peppers on their “secret menu?”

 Nothing spices up a road trip like daring your passengers 
to eat a SUPER hot chili pepper simple smile

3 road trip essentials -Sunflower seeds, mags and Red Bull

 Don’t forget your patience because driving through central California gets BORING

UPDATE: My favorite Summer hairstyle is the fishtail braid (not pictured in this post because I couldn’t figure out how to do it). Here is a great tutorial below simple smile

Here’s to a SUMMER of FUN road trips!



Wanna see the Ultimate Man Cave?

Do you know a guy who has a Man Cave? The entire concept can be pretty annoying to women. A man cave is a room that is full of TV’s or one absurdly huge one, sports memorabilia, an endless DVD collection, perhaps a mini fridge or a kegerator, etc. It’s where men hibernate and spend hundreds upon thousands of hours playing video games and watching sports. And the most important feature or rule, “Girls aren’t allowed in the Man Cave.” Ugh!

This converted warehouse is unsuspecting from the outside

Last night, I went to an open house of a new property on the market in San Francisco and I have to admit it was the most amazing loft I’ve seen in the city and can only be described as the ultimate man cave. Oh yea, a 3.1 million dollar man cave.

I brought my 21-year-old brother along knowing how much he’d appreciate this loft which includes an 18 ft. Ficas tree in the livingroom, surround sound speakers throughout all 3 floors and an indoor basketball court.

And now, let’s take a look inside!
After confirming my name was on the list with the Man Cave bouncer (whew), you enter through a lit tunnel:


My favorite part was the private balcony and jacuzzi
My brother’s  favorite part: the indoor basketball court of course

Hope you enjoyed the tour and if I had an extra $3 mil I’d definitely buy this place for my younger brothers. There were RUMORS swirling at the open house that this loft will be sold by Monday and serious potential buyers include professional athletes and Facebook founders.
I’d love to see Mark Zuckerberg’s jump shot. 😉

And now, I leave you with a scene from “Stepbrothers” with Dale and Brennan who understand the concept of the Man Cave all to well.

Have a great weekend!

Here’s more on the listing if you’re interested:


What do you Think of this “Controversial” J.Crew Ad?

Some parents and media groups are fuming mad after seeing an image of a five-year-old boy getting his toe nails painted neon pink by his mom in a J.Crew ad that was emailed to customers on April 5th. The story was first reported a few days ago when the ad started generating Internet buzz and outrage. The ad features J.Crew designer Jenna Lyons showing some of her favorite products including an Essie neon pink nail polish.
Here is the ad:

jcrew pink nail poilsh

The Today Show did a poll asking parents whether they thought the ad was “inappropriate” or “adorable” and apparently people were split down the middle. Of course, if this was a mom painting her 5-year-old daughter’s nails, no one would have cared.

The J.Crew ad exec who decided to run the ad is probably having a great week because the photo is generating massive press from the mainstream media, increased website traffic and sales for the company.

“Lucky for me, I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink.” -Jenna Lyons in the J.Crew Ad

After reading about the “fire storm of controversy” this ad has caused, the only thing on my mind was that I’ve never met anyone named “Beckett” before and what Essie color is this, because I definitely want it for my next mani/pedi. simple smile

Also, I think I need to add a new navy and white striped J.Crew top to my wardrobe because I love the nautical look. Maybe I’ll even  pick up a white skirt and a new belt while I’m there or better yet, I could just go order everything online.

Bravo J.Crew!

And, here’s a few striped outfit options on celebs below.

stars love stripes

What are your thoughts on this J.Crew ad?

Here’s more of the the story on ABC.



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