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My Cuz Goes Retro! How to Create Your Own Pin-Up Look

As you’ve heard, sadly Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor passed away earlier this week. While she will always be known for her acting, jewelry collection, her personal life, and charity work, she will definitely be remembered for her timeless beauty and glamour.

Have you ever wanted to create your own retro Pin-Up look?

                                                                 Elizabeth Taylor

Last year I dressed up my cousin, Yovana, in vintage high waisted short shorts, which were actually her mother’s from the late 60’s, and a white collared shirt I found around the house. It brought back memories of when we used to play barbies a decade ago. Then I did her makeup creating a vintage, retro look.

Here’s some basic makeup essentials to follow if you’re going retro:

1. Makeup should not be too shimmery or glittery. I used my favorite “going out” foundation on Yovana. It’s
    Makeup Forever Mat Velvet. Her skin is perfect, but this gives skin a flawless look for evenings or if
    you want more coverage. This brand is a celeb fave and makeup artist fave. I buy mine at Sephora.

2. Always use black eyeliner. It makes the difference in defining your eyes. My favorite, which lasts all day
    is actually a brand called Prestige, which you can find at CVS and Walgreens for under $5.

3. Once you’ve added a slight pop of blush and a little bronzer, define your eyebrows and add some
    light neutral eyeshadow and contour the crease with a darker brown. Cover Girl Brown Smolder 
    works well. Then curl your lashes and add black mascara.  🙂

4. Don’t forget the lipstick. I added a few different MAC shades like “Subculture” and “Spice” lipliners
    with MAC “Jubilee” lipstick. Red lipstick is always show-stopping if you’re more daring.

And now for the finished look….
I Present Vintage Yovana:

Black and white photos are always classic

Don’t forget about the classic Marilyn Monroe pose:
A few more tips:
1. Don’t be afraid to wear vintage clothes. If you’re going out, you can pair it with something modern.
2. Big curls, and bouncy, wavy hair always helps. If you have shorter hair, you can do a retro updo.
3. Have fun and be confident like you’re a 50’s Pin-up girl.

Try the pin-up look sometime. If it’s too extreme or not your style once you’re done, you can always wash your face and call it a night. 😉
But I think you’ll love it.
Have a great weekend!  Coming Next Week on Savvy Spice…
“A Psycho Mom Obsessed with her Daughter’s Looks”
“How to Get Great Looking Legs Like Celebs on the Red Carpet”

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  1. thanks for the photo tips

  2. Lost.in.Idaho says:

    That bottom picture is the VA-VOOM shot. Pinup photos need a big smile and some rockin curves. That pic did them both well.

    Now pardon me while I put on my pinstripe suit and a fedora. Time to hit the town.

  3. those vintage shots look great!

  4. mac-and-me says:

    great shots
    i just love pin ups 🙂

  5. she looks absolutely beautiful! Great post. thanx!

  6. Jaryce21 says:

    AWESOME WORK!! Consider me your new faithful follower! 😉 btw, I featured you on my blog!

  7. love your shorts! great post xx

  8. Great blog! nice cuz =P

  9. tishiannae says:

    Great blog 🙂

    Plz follow back <3

  10. Aγγελική says:

    thanks for the tips!!!they are very useful!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Thanks for all the compliments about my cousin and the post 🙂

  12. Great outfit! I love the inspiration for it too! Definitely a fabulous look for Spring… yay for warmer weather! 🙂

    VPV Intern

  13. Chic 'n Cheap Living says:

    Retro is timeless – nice styling!

    Thanks for entering the spring wardrobe kick-off from J.E.M. Apparel – remember you can tweet every day!

    Good luck and have a fabulous weekend!
    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  14. great vintage look!
    the tie knot is so cute on you:)

  15. Great post!New follower,follow me?

  16. Beautiful, love the makeup and shorts!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, darling!


  17. two birds says:

    how fun! she looks amazing!

  18. Tanya WALL officiel says:

    Merci pour votre commentaire !
    thanks for your comment’; cool !

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