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Have you Heard of Shopping Bulimia?

Well I hadn’t until this morning when the ‘Today Show,’ hurting for content, had a story about the signs and symptoms of “shopping bulimia.” They explained this disorder as a component of shopping addiction when someone goes on excessive shopping sprees in stores and online. Once the “happy buzz of buying wears off,” they immediately return the items. Unless you have an endless budget like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and celebrities, you may fall into shopping bulimia.

I don’t think she’ll be returning this

Here are the symptoms of what they described as shopping ‘binging and purging’ warning signs:

  • Shopping to ease depression and anxiety.
  • Damaging perfectly good products and telling elaborate stories so retailers will accept returns.
  • Feeling euphoria and excitement after a purchase is made, followed by extreme buyer’s remorse.
  • Buying pricey luxury items for social events with the intention of later returning them for refunds.
  • Having high expectations for how you should live your life, without the cash flow to maintain such a lifestyle.
  • If shopping is stressing you out, there is help.
    Because shopping should be fun. 🙂

    Personally, I hate return lines and barely have the space for purchases in my house that I am keeping, but do you know anyone who suffers from this “shopping bulimia?” Whenever I’ve bought too much, I just do a master closet cleanse and pass some clothes onto my sister.

    For more information and tips to help get the situation under control, here is the article: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/42036286

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    1. Girl,
      I’m with you on this one!! There’s no way I can suffer from this bcs don’t have enough money, space or time in my day to shop all day!! hmmm..it wouldn’t be too bad either if I had it! Love shopping!


    2. omg. this hilarious. great post love.

      Don’t forget to swing by Fash Blvd to check out my new post. xoxo


    3. Loren.Renee says:

      How weird that some people actually do this :O

      I’m a shopaholic but definitely haven’t got shopping bulimia haha!

      Love this post



    4. shopping bulimia? hahaha…how insane is this? I always love the things I buy and would never think about giving them back 😉 Great blog by the way, and thanks for your lovely comments 🙂 Following you! xoxo Vanessa

    5. lovely blog!
      i love her bag <3

    6. Hmmm, not sure if I really know anyone that does this.


    7. Ah, too funny! Great post! But, you know I do know someone who pretty much fits all of the criteria. She loves shopping, but doesn’t wear a lot of the stuff she gets!!! Love your blog and now following, of course. Maybe you’ll have time to visit mine:)


    8. haha, I’ve heard everything now, lol. I do love to shop and think its great for putting me in a good mood, but I would only buy things I wanted, I hate returning anything, I always think its too much hassle. Great post xxx

    9. Yeah I shop a lot too. Great post.

      Follow me, please?


    10. i definitely have a hard time returning things, buying too much yes, returning? no way!


    11. great blog, following you now =)


    12. Juliet's pen / Jovana says:

      love your blog,it is great! julietspen.blogspot.com

    13. I definately think I have shopping bulemia.. i always buy too much and return half of it!

      following you now, cant get enough of your blog!


    14. ♥Love your blog♥

    15. I buy a lot of things and never get to wear them bc i get over it before I get to them. bahh

    16. for as long as they return it and get a refund.

      nice blog btw, interesting to read about a woman’s perspective on little tidbits of fashion info. 🙂

    17. Crazy really. x hivennn

    18. That’s an interesting concept. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    19. I am sure it is the new “it” disease of the overconsuming society we live in!

      Have a wonderful weekend,
      Froso from Style Nirvana.

    20. Hey dale 😀 thanks a lot for your cute comment! The bodyshop showers smells great! I like them!
      Do you have also bodyshop in your country?
      Liebe grüße

    21. Wow! Very interesting information, I didn’t know anything about this. Thank you! 🙂

      Kisses xoxX

    22. Anonymous says:

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    23. @anonymous…Thanks!
      @Ina Yes we have the BodyShop here so I’ll have to try that product.

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