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Friends With “Fashion” Benefits?

Every woman needs to have at least one friend with “fashion” benefits. This is a true friend who you trust to tell you how you really look in an outfit. It’s a friend who knows what styles work best on your body, and who genuinely wants you to look your best. I know I want the truth when I ask my mom, sister or friends how an outfit looks and visa versa if one of them asks me or texts me an outfit pic asking what I think.

I thought about this concept when I was shopping last week and saw a group of three friends in their 20’s at Forever 21. One of them popped out of her fitting room wearing shorts (without heels) similar to the these in the pic I found below. Let me mention, this was a small, petite girl, just a smidge taller than Snookie.

She looked at her two friends who peaked their heads out from their changing rooms and asked,

“What do you think of these shorts, are they cute on me? I feel like they might be too boyish.”

“Oh no, those shorts are totally cute,” one friend replied.

“Yea, they look good. They’re flattering,” the other girl lied.

I walked into my fitting room and was annoyed this girl’s “friends” weren’t telling her the truth. Not only were these shorts wrong for her body, they weren’t flattering or cute at all. I was so close to saying something to her about trying a different style, but then I caught a glimpse of my reflection after spinning class and my makeup was smeared, my ponytail was looking crazy and I was in gym clothes so I knew there was no way they’d take my advice.

She would have been much better off with her small frame in a shorter denim pair like these below from F21 with wedges or heels to elongate her legs.

Why wouldn’t her friends tell her the truth? Apparently it’s more common than I thought. Did you know there are popular fashion websites now like “Fashism.com” and “GoTryItOn.com” where you can bypass your friends and family (especially if you don’t trust their fashion opinion) and upload a pic of your outfit asking total strangers who visit the site to vote whether they “like” or “hate” your outfit?

And now I’d like to introduce you to just a couple of my friends with “fashion benefits” who I can always count on to give me great style tips.

Laura: We can always count on each other for the honest, often bluntly put, truth. She visited me a couple weeks ago and I was loving her outfit on that chilly, rainy day in SF.

Here she is in a Burberry trench, leopard scarf and Seven skinny jeans.

Reminds me of this trench Blake Lively wore recently.

Shirt- Joey, Watch-Michael Kors. And the purse is Gucci (Little Miss Fancy Pants 😉

Oh yea, she bought some Tory Burch flats that day.

“Oh, those shoes are so cute, I want to get a pair,” I said as Laura revealed her new purchase.

“Yea, you definitely should, these are perfect for work too,” she replied.

Before I could get too excited about buying a pair of my own, her fashionisto fiance, Sean, chimed in, “Those Tory Burch shoes have been around so long, for years!”

Yea, Laura and I both knew that. The point is a real friend doesn’t care if her friend copies her look and buys the same dress, jeans, shoes or purse. (As long as she doesn’t wear it to the same event)

NEXT Friend: Gigi
We have so much fun shopping together in Southern California a few times each year and if we both find the same dress and like it, we buy it. For example, last year, we both bought the same dress below:

Which is a knockoff (under $30) of the Alexander Wang dress worn by Paris and Rihanna in ’09 ($795)  

Sorry to bore any guys reading this. From what I hear they don’t really share clothes, especially shoes, as much as women do. But, I think these are the three most important qualities to know if you have a friend or a friend with “fashion” benefits:

1. You can always count on the person to tell you the truth whether you look great or should change.
2. You can loan each other clothes with the expectation they’ll be taken care of and returned. But also with
    the understanding that drinks spill, dry-cleaning gets lost, etc. so don’t loan out family heirlooms.
3. A true friend genuinely wants you to look your best and doesn’t care if you copy her style.

Can you think of any other qualities?

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  1. Aγγελική says:

    I totally agree with you!!!!

  2. you’re blessed with good and honest friends. 🙂

  3. Lost.in.Idaho says:

    Hey, it may be a lil boring, but it rings true. The truth is the truth, and if you can’t be honest to your friends, who can you be honest to?

  4. This is so true! Friends don’t let friends wear ugly clothes. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    -Gayle (Pen&Ink blog)

  5. Lu Pourbaix says:

    I would also like to have a friend “fashion”, to tell the truth to me,
    when a machine is not satisfactory and does not speak the truth with lies to get me please!
    Loved your blog!


  6. lot of work looking good, lol

  7. Chic 'n Cheap Living says:

    Very good points and we need fashion friends like that. Someone who can recommend new brands, sites, and stores is also appreciated!

    Thanks for the sweet comment dear and glad to have found your blog as well!

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  8. two birds says:

    love this post…i have a few friends like that. i always believe that honesty is the best policy when it comes to fashion advice!

  9. Joanna K. says:

    love your blog!!
    check out mine I’d love to have your opinion!


  10. @two birds-totally agree with that policy 🙂

  11. Hey Dale! omg. what an amazing post. so much info. first, i love love love the demin shorts. f21. i want a pair right now please, lol. and i think Paris wore it better, even though that pains me to say. lol. thanks for the post love. can’t wait to read more. xoxo

    Please swing by and check out my picks for FASH FAVE and FASH FAIL of the week.


  12. Miss Couture Vintage. X says:

    Oh wow! Amazing pictures.

    I have the exact same dress, and I have featured it on my blog too.

    Keep following Miss Couture Vintage X.

  13. Jooyeon says:


    Wow – what a wonderful post! I especially enjoyed it since I just came back from a fashion outing with a friend.

    A close friend of mine needed a change, and a pair of fresh eyes. She allowed me to dress her up in whatever I thought was great.

    She got to try on different styles from what she was used to, and she bought some key items that made her look super hot!

    Navy blue leggings paired with silky ruffle top, Camel trench coat..

    I think it’s wonderful to have girlfriends that care about you and have your best interest, both inside, and fashion wise 😎

    Have a lovely day, lovely lady!

  14. Nice post, great outfits. Love those Tory flats. I have the same ones http://www.flickr.com/photos/39715038@N00/6515604063/in/photostream

    Thanks for sharing


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