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Dear Sketchers CEO, Please Ship Out the Shape-Ups

You know there’s a problem when Kim Kardashian and Joe Montana can’t sell your shoes. Even with names like that attached to Sketchers, I’ve seen three people in San Francisco wearing Shape-Ups including a couple of women at my gym and a homeless lady in the Tenderloin. Do you know anyone who wears them? No offense to anyone who has a pair, and if they truly have toning wonders and are ever less than $20, I’ll buy some. But these are some of the silliest, ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen. Kim is a former celebrity stylist herself, so she should try to avoid awful fashion despite endorsements. So if you’re ever having one of those, “I need to go on a shopping spree to cheer myself up,” days, make sure to visit a Sketchers store, try on a pair of Shape-Ups and get ready to laugh.

Sketchers in Union Square, SF

My brother, Drew, in Shape-Ups. Does he remind you of someone in these boots?


My other friend tried on a pair of men’s Sketchers Shape-Ups. I guess one good quality is they make people’s feet look small. He’s a size 14 so I’m guessing in reality, these shoes could double as a lifeboat with a capacity to hold four people and a small dog.

The Sketchers Shape-Up sandals. He did say they were really comfortable and made him about 2 inches taller. The “No Socks With Sandals” rule went out the window because would it even matter?
I tried on the Original Shape-Ups and felt like a cartoon character. It felt like I was walking on a trampoline.
25 minutes of brisk walking followed by an hour of laughs at Sketchers 😉

I know they’re an old design from the 90’s but I’ll be sticking with my Nike AirMax shoes for now

I helped myself to a complimentary gumball. Nice touch!
In conclusion, I’m guessing there are warehouses full of Shape-Ups that will never be sold until they get a better design. I think Sketchers should donate all of the unworn shoes to schools across America for kids to wear during physical education classes. Michelle Obama launched the Let’s Move campaign last year to help combat the epidemic of childhood obesity. Sketchers could partner with Let’s Move and maybe, this is a long shot, but just maybe Shape-Ups will be the “it” fitness shoe with younger generations. If all the students are required to wear them during P.E., kids couldn’t make fun of each other based on footwear. Who knows, maybe they’ll be as “cool” as Converse in 20 years, but I doubt it. 🙂
                                                                           Reebok Easy Tone shoes
If you’re looking to try these toning shoes, I’d go with Reebok Easy Tones above. They are cuter and more eye-pleasing.
Another option is to order these slippers I saw on the Today Show yesterday. Actually, wait on that because I’m already having buyers remorse after ordering these so I can do a review for you first if you want. They are supposed to help tone and strengthen your legs by wearing them 15 minutes three times a day. I just liked them because they match my bathrobe. Maybe I should consult a chiropractor first after seeing these pics. 🙂
“Weight Loss Slimming Slipper Shoe”-$11.95 on Amazon

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  1. HAHAHAHHAAHAH those pictures of your brother and friend are HILARIOUS!

  2. Thanks Estee…yea we were all laughing a lot there 🙂

  3. cute!

  4. Oh my.. I laught like half an hour when I saw those Napoleon Dynamite boots on your brother 🙂

    Interesting slippers. Never seen them in Holland. Curious now.


  5. haha 😀 lovely post 🙂


  6. @Angie haha, Thanks…I’ll let you know how the slippers work 🙂

  7. Yeah those boots really suite my style…jk hehe

  8. Could not agree more- ugliest shoes ever! Kim can’t even pull them off (no offense Kim!)

    You are too funny! I’m loving your blog.
    your newest follower Hannah

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