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CLOSED: My 1st Giveaway: Clothes & Couture Candy

Did you hear about Kim Kardashian and her million dollar sucker? And I’m not talking about the debut of her new song. She posed with a million dollar diamond encrusted lollipop earlier this month when she attended the opening of The Sugar Factory American Brasserie in Las Vegas.

Anyway, it’s Friday so I decided it’s time for my first giveaway as a new blogger. 🙂

I thought her top was bad…

Until I saw the satin skirt, eww. Her heels are cute.

First, I love candy! I think it’s safe to say I’m addicted to sour candy and throughout my life some of my favorite candy has been discontinued. I went to the Sugar Factory candy store last summer in Vegas and their sparkly lollipops were cute, but I’ve never thought of a celebrity endorsed candy as an accessory so I decided to hold off until the next trip. 🙂

According to their site, “Couture Lollipops make candy exciting, fashionable and collectable.”
I can’t argue with that.

A Signature “Couture Pop” retails for $25

Since some of my favorite candies have been discontinued, I’ve had to design my own candy recipe over the years creating sour licorice out of good old fashioned Red Vines.

I’m calling them Tiger Blood Sour Stix for the time being. Sorry, they’re not in stores….yet. 😉


ONE person will Win:
A Signature Sugar Factory Couture Pop (Flavor is Winner’s Choice)
Flavor options: Green apple, Blue Rasberry, Pina Colada, Watermelon, Creamy Orange, Cherry, Bubble Gum
A $25 Giftcard for a jumpstart on your summer wardrobe to one of the following: H&M, Forever 21, or Norstrom. 
(Store is winner’s choice)
I’m keeping the rules sweet and simple. And it’s open Internationally!

Just be a follower on Google friend connect, anyone can enter, meaning as long as I see your name in the follower box: YOU ARE ENTERED! (1 Entry)
Extra Entries once you are a Follower:
* Leave a comment on this post and include telling me your favorite candy. (1 Extra Entry)
* For my blogger buddies: Post a link about this giveaway or about my blog in general on your’s and leave me a comment with the link to your blog, so I can count it. (2 Extra Entries)
Soooo, there are 4 Entries possible
Giveaway ENDS April 8th 2011 at 12:01am PST 
Random.org will pick a WINNER and I’ll announce it on my blog and email the winner on that day. I will cover the shipping and handling, of course. 🙂
Entries not abiding by rules above will be disqualified. And I’m not endorsed by the Sugar Factory or anything, but I wish I was. 😉
You can check out the Sugar Factory site here

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  1. My favorite candies are Swedish Fish =)


  2. Thanks Anna…I love Swedish Fish too. 🙂

  3. good on you to give away free candy. 🙂

  4. good blog, I wait for next post

    + follower:)

  5. Follower Google name is Keisha, please make sure to follow my site as well! I love making new friends!

    My favorite candy would have to be anything sour! (: Or a good chocolate candy bar!!!Its hard to pick
    my favorite candy, I love love love candy, hahaha (: But chocolate and anything sour is the best! I really like sour patch kids (: and snickers though haha!

    POsted a link to the giveaway here http://lovethepersoninthemirror.blogspot.com/2011/03/savvyspices-giveaway.html

    4 entries ♥


  6. I’m a follower, I love your blog!

    My favorite candy is definitely chocolate! More specifically, milky ways 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  7. Hey Dale! I love sour candy too! Those Tangles from Barbara’s were the best!! 🙂

  8. I love sour candy too! Sour Starburst I think are my fav

  9. Ou, hard to choose just one.
    I really like fuzzy peaches, though!


  10. I’m a follower. My fav are the licorice sweets!

    Ana Belén R.M

  11. The Fashion Writress says:

    Very cute giveaway!! Licorice for suuure <3

    You have a new follower ^_^


  12. Hey friend! How are you?
    I have three awards for you on my blog, I hope you like 🙂

    Kisses xoxoX

  13. Bohemian Life says:

    Candies are for everyone, and I love sweets too… 🙂 And those sparkling ones are really interesting, nice 🙂

  14. Yes we following youu with GFC and we loveeeeeee chocolate!!


  15. mac-and-me says:

    great post

  16. silvia Navarro says:

    love love love it!!!!
    great style
    follow u now!

  17. your welcome! I’ m glad you like my page (= if you ever need help with anything just let me know



  18. augustalolita says:

    love the kardashians!! and love me some candy <3

  19. Lost.in.Idaho says:

    This is a very cool idea. Where I think the candy is a bit overpriced, I can see its allure.

    I’m in! Just found ya, and I’m loving what I’m seeing so far.

    My two favorite candies are Hot Tamales when I want something spicy, and Good N’ Plenty’s when I want something sweet. I love me some red vines, but I like the black licorice a little better (call me crazy).

    Anywho, glad to be following you now. Cheers!

  20. Aγγελική says:

    congrats for the blog!!it’s amazing!!!my favourite candy is swedish fish!!!
    kisses from Greece!!!

  21. God, Kim looks fantastic!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely, kind words!


  22. I have to agree with Kim’s skirt.. It is very tragic. LOVE her hair though!
    My favourite candy is..anything Galaxy related
    Love your blog!


  23. Wow, this is such a neat giveaway…yay for free candy! I love dark chocolate, but the sour licorice you created looks really good too!

    -Gayle (Pen&Ink blog)

    P.S. Thanks for the comments on my blog. 🙂

  24. Chic 'n Cheap Living says:

    Thanks for the fun contest. Hmm that’s a tough one – my favorite candy is either Haribo mini gummy bears or green tea kit kats.

    Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  25. ~L~ of Avid Accents says:

    nice giveaway. you should have included the tiger blood sour stix too 🙂

    my entry: my favorite candy will always be Reese’s. i move to other chocolate every now and then but always come back to Reese’s.

  26. featherfactor says:

    Beautiful photos! Thanks for posting and I followed you <3


  27. Lu Pourbaix says:

    My favorite candy is chocolate!
    love it!

  28. 11gHiEsZeLLe07 says:

    I love cry baby because I love sour candy so much!!

  29. I love dark chocolate… or sour patch kids (thanks to your sister).

  30. GFC follower as mhoward.
    I love Hersheys Bliss in White Chocolate…sigh:)
    howardreviews at gmail dot com

  31. Hi Dale!!
    Thanks for stoppin in and showing me some Love..Please enter Me 🙂 I am a Follower and my Favorite candy of all time are the Cadbury Mini Eggs 🙂

  32. Rhubarb & Custard hard sweets. They are so typical British & absolutely gorgeous 🙂
    But they are in close competition with Creme Eggs


  33. @BeatyBabiex…I’ve never heard of Rhubard and Custard sweets. Sound good 🙂
    @Jacyln…Gotta love sour patch kids. haha

  34. Jewels For Hope says:

    I follow you on gfc! 🙂

  35. Jewels For Hope says:

    My favorite candy is the peanut butter m&m’s. omg, i’m addicted. It’s getting to the point where I shouldn’t be allowed near them because I will devour the whole bag hahaha

  36. My fave candy is red berries.


  37. Manicure Time says:

    Hi:D Thanks for visiting and following my blog! I’m following you too now (also would’ve done that without the giveaway;)), and my favorite candy is liquorice, what else? 😀
    manicuretimeblog (at) gmail (dot) com

  38. shirley says:

    wow! this is a cute and awesome giveaway 🙂 i found your link through lisa’s blog and your blog is pretty awesome, got a new follower in me!

    I love candy!! My favorites are: Swedish Fish & Hi-Chews


  39. heartbreaker says:

    Came across your link on Lisa’s blog 🙂 really nice blog you have ^^

    I love sour ribbons! yumm and sourrrr XD


  40. o0SerenityAngel0o says:

    I saw this giveaway in Lisa’s blog. Your blog is very lovely. Definitely following you now to see what else you post about.

    Follower: o0SerenityAngel0o

    My favorite candy are Sour Soda Bottles my aunt sends me from Australia. They’re kind of like sour patch kids only they’re colas instead lol

  41. Jooyeon says:


    MMMM!!! Your candy looks so yum!
    I miss the “north american” candies.
    Since moving to Greece, I miss my stops at
    7-11 or just plain candy shops!!

    I am following you via Google (+1)
    My fav candy is CHARLESTON CHEWS..mm!! (+1)
    I posted about your giveaway on my blog
    http://www.jooyeonjen.blogspot.com (+2)

    specific post: http://jooyeonjen.blogspot.com/2011/04/couture-lollipop.html

    Thanks for the SWEET giveaway!

  42. Wendebee says:

    Lisa was right! You are gorgeous 🙂 and a girl after my own heart, CANDY <3

    My favorite candy is Reeses pb miniatures. Not the original n not the new tiny ones. It has to be the individually wrapped miniatures. I am obsessed n always keep a bag around.

    Love your blog!


  43. Jarucha says:

    OOO, these lollipops remind me of Chula Chups? I don’t think I spelled that right. I’m a GFC follower – fav candy would be pop rocks with the lollipop!

  44. Jarucha says:

    forgot to add my e-mail – wastedlivingsoul@yahoo.com

  45. sparkim says:

    Fav candy has to be chocolate covered gummy bears!

  46. Jessica says:

    follower! what cool prizes:) my fave candy are sour skittles!


  47. Richelle says:

    My favorite candy is the oyster shell or praline from Godiva. LOVELOVELOVESIT!

    I had also started following you on google friend connect 🙂

    email: richl.iphone@gmail.com


  48. GorJess Fashion For Less says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! My fav. candy is anything chocolate! Those lollipops are so cute!

  49. Viva la Fashion says:

    i lvoe swedish fish! YUM!

  50. cryskay says:

    i hope i win! everything looks delish! fave candy – chocolate covered gummi bears. xx

  51. Viva la Fashion says:

    here’s a post telling my readers to come check out your giveaway!


  52. My favorite candy is Haribo gummy bears

  53. I love candies! thanks for comment and follow, follow you too, you’ve got an amazing blog.

  54. Kim is so pretty!

  55. Filosofo says:

    Hey, I’m Heather’s friend. Check out my page and follow me if you like 🙂

  56. Maybe you liked your Charleston Chews frozen and cracked. Or you had to separate your m&m’s by color. Candy was adventure and escape and it was a communal experience between kids.

  57. ken varenas says:

    Hi all! does anyone know where i can get a hold of some tiger blood sour stix or the recipe?


  58. ken varenas says:

    I can remember when i was a kid in high school back in the 80’s going to candy stores and they used to sell old fashion sour licorice…. haven’t seen this type of red vine type sour licorice in “years.” after checking our this website and seeing that someone has a recipe on tiger blood sour stix and i’m guessing that they taste the same as the licorice i remember as a kid.


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