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White Haute Savings! Get em’ While they’re HOT!

Have you ever seen a designer dress and thought, “I would like to buy that, but then I might not be able to afford rent or food this month?” Of course you can find a knockoff, but there’s another way to get the real deal at a fraction of the price.

And I’m not talking about those sites where you can rent a designer dress for an evening. I’d rather not wear a leased Herve Leger at all if it’s just for one evening and I can’t hang it in my closet for keeps.

Most major cities have a plethora of consignment shops or second hand stores. There is a chain called Crossroads Trading Co. in the Bay Area and throughout California. You have to be selective and shop carefully, but I’ve sold my clothes here and found many designer items almost new or brand new with the tags.

For example, the Marc by Marc Jacobs dress in the photo I’m in above and worn by different celebs in the pics below. I walked into Crossroads a couple years ago and found this dress hanging on the wall that I’d seen Blair Waldorf wear at a white party in a Gossip Girl episode. But let’s get down to the nitty gritty; Serena is better than Blair and this dress retailed for $458 when it first came out in the 2008. My price at Crossroads: $55

So with that, happy shopping and keep your eyes peeled because designer dresses at more than 80% off don’t last long. 🙂
Marc by Marc Jacobs Joelle Scalloped Dress

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  1. hey!

    white is hot!! i never seem to pull if off completely thoooo lol

    thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

    i think i need to try MAC’s Crem D’ Nude out sometime!

    lara xo

  2. Thanks for reading…you can definitely wear white 🙂


  3. This is such an odd question but I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for that dress! Would you be looking to sell it?

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