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NBA Fashion Tip Off

Warriors getting crushed last night

So you’re going to a NBA game, now what do you wear? Please don’t roll your eyes sports fans, it’s something many women think about whether they are going with friends or asked on a big b-ball date.
I was excited to see my first Golden State Warriors game of the season last night because they’re having a decent year. Unfortunately, they were out played by the Atlanta Hawks in a total snooze fest of bad defense and worse shooting.

There are two lanes to choose from when getting dressed for the game; sporty or dressy, but not super dressy. If you choose dressy, then I recommend a pair of jeans, boots and a simple top with a blazer or sweater. If you like sporting team colors, wear a womens jersey with your favorite player’s name or a cute t-shirt. Here’s a couple pics of Eva Longoria, no stranger to basketball games, showing an example of each.

Cute jersey although I’m guessing it was burned months ago

A dressier look, but not too much…now back to the Warriors

Casual option

Here are some spectator fashion DON’TS:
1. Don’t wear heels, and if you do, make sure they’re not over three inches. You don’t want to fall in front of thousands of people during half-time.
2. It’s not a club, don’t wear halter tops or short skirts. Unless you’re the Warrior girls then it’s ok.
3. Going with a jersey? Wear one that fits. If it’s over sized and knee length, it’ll look like PJ’s.

Kim K. at a NJ Nets game last Oct. WAY over the top!

And now, last night’s highlights:

And the crowd went wild:
The loudest cheers of the night came when baby parachutes attached to McDonald’s gift cards dropped from the rafters

Getting to see fan favorite Jeremy Lin play, but he only got like a minute of playing time

And finally, a little etiquette if you’re on a date at a basketball game whether it’s a high school, college, or  NBA game. If you’re not a basketball fan, just try to show some interest and pay attention. The woman in front of me was texting non-stop while her bf was watching the game and occasionally he would look at her ignoring him, then look at his own phone to take a picture of his ticket stub pretending like he was doing something important. It’s weird when people compete with how distracted they can be by their phones on a date. Why go out?

Also, refrain from using F-bombs every other word. Another woman next to me was cussing out the refs, the Hawks, the Warriors and in between cursing she would scream repeatedly, “This is a contact sport!” In any case, her non-stop foul language was offensive and scared kids around her.

Sidenote- My thoughts on Warriors “big man” Andris Biedrins:
I’m tired of hearing fans bag on Biedrins saying he’s weak, can’t shoot free-throws, and should be traded. Deep down, I get the feeling if he just spent more time working on his game and less hours in tanning beds and slicking back his hair he’d be doing just fine. GO WARRIORS!

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  1. eva looks gud in both pics! lol sighs celebs always look gud hahah

    thanks for letting me no bout the VS shimmer powders. great to hear gud things about VS makeup! 😀 usually their lingerie overshadows everything else ahaha

    thanks for following btw – 😀 hope u enjoy the reads!

    Lara xo

  2. Thanks…yea she does look great. I like your post on the nail polish. The mint color is really cute

  3. Great looks! Thanks for doing this write up. Here’s my dilemma, I go to a ton of games and I love wearing either my favorite jerseys or vintage team t-shirts…but I never know what shoes to wear with my jersey and jeans! Can you help me out?!

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