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Fashion Sins in Sin City

Ladies Guide to Vegas: Vol. 1
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless you’re caught wearing something in the pictures below. Before I can get started on my tips for an affordable and fun girl’s trip to Vegas, I need to mention these fashion crimes witnessed by my friends and I this weekend.

Stay tuned for Vol. 2-“Flying in Style or Drive from Hell. How Should I get to Vegas?”

I understand short, tight dresses are sexy when clubbing, but what I don’t understand is how some women don’t take the proper precautions to prevent showing…um, too much.  Let’s just say if this pic wasn’t snapped at the top of the escalator, I’d need a “Must be 18 Years or Older” warning to enter this blog.

You know it’s winter in Las Vegas when platform Timberlands start popping up around the Blackjack table. Unless you’re doing construction in at least two inches of standing water, there is no reason to ever wear these boots.

It’s difficult to read from this distance, but the back of these black and yellow
T-shirts say “Wolf Pack Member.” Yes, The Hangover was the best comedy in years and hearing people crack themselves up in Vegas reciting classic lines from the movie hasn’t gotten old, yet. But Allen was the one man wolf pack and I hope these guys wear something other than matchy matchy movie line T-shirts for their next boys outing.

I know his career hasn’t exactly skyrocketed since “Gangsta’s Paradise,” and he was nice to my brother so I won’t be too harsh. But c’mon Coolio, you can do better than this.
Who is his stylist, the Lucky Charms Leprechaun?

It may be warm and stuffy in Vegas casinos, but it’s just too cold during the day in February for this revealing lower-backless shirt. It’s also important to check how you look from the front and back before heading out the door.
(Special thanks to Drew and Gigi for helping me spot these)

UpdateJust saw this a few minutes ago so I thought I’d share:

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  1. WOW! that backless one is horrible!!
    Isn’t she aware that chubby people shouldn’t
    wear certain things?!?

    Great post =)

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