Oscar Fashion: Masterpieces or Future Pillowcases

Last night was the 83rd Annual Academy Awards and if you didn’t catch it, I’m sure you’ve already seen many of the dresses worn on the red carpet. Here’s my thoughts on 10 gowns that I either loved and would like in my own closet or dresses I hated and would like turned into pillowcases for my parent’s patio furniture.

hudson+ best
Loved it: Jennifer Hudson’s dress was one of my favorites of the night and fit her perfectly. She said the color of this dress was called “tangerine orange.” Whatever citrus fruit it’s named after, it’s amazing.

navy amy+adams
Hated it: I know a lot of people really liked this dress on Amy Adams and while I love the sparkly midnight blue color, I don’t like the cut at all coming up so high on her neck with the jewelry and the cap sleeves aren’t flattering.

jennifer+lawrence+ best
Loved it: Winters’ Bone actress Jennifer Lawrence looked stunning, and although it was a simple Calvin Klein dress with minimal jewelry for the Oscars, it was red hot.

scarlett+johansen worst
Hated it: This dress reminds me of a table cloth I’d use for a summer picnic. And Scarlett Johansson’s hair was all wrong, like a toned down 80’s perm.

gweneth+ best
Loved it: Gwyneth Paltrow was glowing and looked elegant and futuristic in this Calvin Klein silver dress. I liked that she kept her hair and makeup simple as well.

Doily+dress best+supporting+actress

Hated it: Melissa Leo won for best supporting actress and the only thing more irritating than her acceptance speech was this unflattering tacky dress. It would be perfect to cut out little hearts for homemade Valentine’s cards.


Loved it: True Grit’s Hailee Steinfeld, 14, is really setting the bar high for herself  because she looked perfect and age appropriate in this light pink Marchesa gown. She should Tweet Miley Cyrus her stylist’s number asap.

nicole+kidman worst

Hated it: Nicole Kidman may have towered over her hubby last night, but she fell short of winning any good remarks about this dress. It looks like the fancy cloth napkins I used to fold when I worked at a steakhouse in highschool.


Loved it: Natalie Portman looked so pretty in this beautiful gown. I’m not sure what color it is, maybe huckleberry? She arrived fashionably late on the red carpet and while she seemed a little down during those interviews, she was all smiles in her well deserved Best Actress winning Oscar speech.

worst+ Kate+Blanchett

Hated it: Cate Blanchett was getting so many praises from fashion critics on the red carpet about this unique structured dress but I don’t like it at all. She looks like an Easter egg.


As for hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway, I wasn’t impressed. Thankfully, Anne changed about 40 times which kept my attention, but I felt they were too guarded and while professional, a little boring. They weren’t really funny, except for the opening scene, and while they took one crack at Charlie Sheen (safe bet) they mostly avoided poking fun at any other celebrities which is part of the fun and can be done tastefully.
 Let me know if you agree or disagree on any of the choices. 🙂

Oh yea, speaking of Charlie Sheen, if you haven’t had a chance to see one of  his rambling, confusing, seemingly cracked out interview segments this morning, here’s a crazy one with Good Morning America:


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NBA Fashion Tip Off

Warriors getting crushed last night

So you’re going to a NBA game, now what do you wear? Please don’t roll your eyes sports fans, it’s something many women think about whether they are going with friends or asked on a big b-ball date.
I was excited to see my first Golden State Warriors game of the season last night because they’re having a decent year. Unfortunately, they were out played by the Atlanta Hawks in a total snooze fest of bad defense and worse shooting.

There are two lanes to choose from when getting dressed for the game; sporty or dressy, but not super dressy. If you choose dressy, then I recommend a pair of jeans, boots and a simple top with a blazer or sweater. If you like sporting team colors, wear a womens jersey with your favorite player’s name or a cute t-shirt. Here’s a couple pics of Eva Longoria, no stranger to basketball games, showing an example of each.

Eva Longoria 3
Cute jersey although I’m guessing it was burned months ago


A dressier look, but not too much…now back to the Warriors

warriorsshop 2143 17049949
Casual option

Here are some spectator fashion DON’TS:
1. Don’t wear heels, and if you do, make sure they’re not over three inches. You don’t want to fall in front of thousands of people during half-time.
2. It’s not a club, don’t wear halter tops or short skirts. Unless you’re the Warrior girls then it’s ok.
3. Going with a jersey? Wear one that fits. If it’s over sized and knee length, it’ll look like PJ’s.

kim kardashian attend miami heat vs nj nets game
Kim K. at a NJ Nets game last Oct. WAY over the top!

And now, last night’s highlights:

IMG 20110225 212657
And the crowd went wild:
The loudest cheers of the night came when baby parachutes attached to McDonald’s gift cards dropped from the rafters

Getting to see fan favorite Jeremy Lin play, but he only got like a minute of playing time

And finally, a little etiquette if you’re on a date at a basketball game whether it’s a high school, college, or  NBA game. If you’re not a basketball fan, just try to show some interest and pay attention. The woman in front of me was texting non-stop while her bf was watching the game and occasionally he would look at her ignoring him, then look at his own phone to take a picture of his ticket stub pretending like he was doing something important. It’s weird when people compete with how distracted they can be by their phones on a date. Why go out?

Also, refrain from using F-bombs every other word. Another woman next to me was cussing out the refs, the Hawks, the Warriors and in between cursing she would scream repeatedly, “This is a contact sport!” In any case, her non-stop foul language was offensive and scared kids around her.

andrisblog blue 250x3001

Sidenote- My thoughts on Warriors “big man” Andris Biedrins:
I’m tired of hearing fans bag on Biedrins saying he’s weak, can’t shoot free-throws, and should be traded. Deep down, I get the feeling if he just spent more time working on his game and less hours in tanning beds and slicking back his hair he’d be doing just fine. GO WARRIORS!


Laughter is the Best Medicine

Comedian Whitney Cummings (cute shoes)
There’s nothing like laughter and a 2 drink minimum (comedy club rules) to warm your heart on a freezing cold night in San Francisco. I saw comedian Whitney Cummings last night at Cobbs Comedy Club and I haven’t seen many female comedians, especially as the headliner, but she was definitely worth the trip.
You may recognize her from the Chelsea Lately Show or some of the Comedy Central Roasts like Joan Rivers or the beloved David Hasselhoff. She is not afraid to say anything, which is her job of course and also why I won’t be posting any of her YouTube clips. This is a family blog afterall. 😉

david roast

She’s performing at Cobbs in SF until this Sunday if you’re in the Bay Area and want to check her out. Some of my favorite material of the night included:

1. Talking about her relationship with her boyfriend while she was dressed in an old sweatshirt and faded jeans saying she could get away with wearing it all weekend in San Francisco.
2. Telling us stories about how Pamela Anderson was so offended by her jokes at the Hoff Roast she got in  trouble with Comedy Central.
3. Going over her jokes with us for her upcoming Donald Trump Comedy Central Roast later next month to get our feedback. If we laughed, she had her list and checked it off as a keeper.

Always keep comedy shows in mind when the dinner and a movie routine starts to get old and don’t forget to check out sites like goldstar.com for discount show tickets. 🙂 Her tour heads to Detroit, Las Vegas and Houston next. http://www.whitneycummings.com/

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Wanna Play the Water Game?


First, I must ask you what is your favorite bottled water? I’ve been trying to drink more water instead of soda and strawberry lemonade these days, and I’ve always loved Dasani. I could be wrong, but it’s manufactured by the Coca-Cola company and I swear they put a drop of cola in every bottle because it has a slightly sweet taste.

My dad and I have had a long-standing argument for years that I may claim Dasani tastes the best, but he’s never thought I’d be able to tell in an actual taste test. He’s a tap water fan, so I knew something was awry when I walked into my parents’ kitchen and saw a bottle of Figi chillin’ on the island.

“What’s with all the bottled water?” I asked because I’ve never seen him buy it.

“Well, it’s time for your water taste test,” he replied.

I’ll spare you the boring details of the process as it took an hour and everyone including my family, my aunt, uncle and cousins did the taste test as well. It was quite the Saturday night.


After carefully sipping a glass of each brand, including tap water, which one tasted the best? Of course Dasani, right?

WRONG!!! He tallied the results and I chose Aquafina as my favorite. I was disappointed in my taste buds, but at least I didn’t pick tap water so it was a slight victory. So how do you think you would do? There’s only one way to find out.


Fashion Sins in Sin City

Ladies Guide to Vegas: Vol. 1
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless you’re caught wearing something in the pictures below. Before I can get started on my tips for an affordable and fun girl’s trip to Vegas, I need to mention these fashion crimes witnessed by my friends and I this weekend.

Stay tuned for Vol. 2-“Flying in Style or Drive from Hell. How Should I get to Vegas?”

I understand short, tight dresses are sexy when clubbing, but what I don’t understand is how some women don’t take the proper precautions to prevent showing…um, too much.  Let’s just say if this pic wasn’t snapped at the top of the escalator, I’d need a “Must be 18 Years or Older” warning to enter this blog.

You know it’s winter in Las Vegas when platform Timberlands start popping up around the Blackjack table. Unless you’re doing construction in at least two inches of standing water, there is no reason to ever wear these boots.

It’s difficult to read from this distance, but the back of these black and yellow
T-shirts say “Wolf Pack Member.” Yes, The Hangover was the best comedy in years and hearing people crack themselves up in Vegas reciting classic lines from the movie hasn’t gotten old, yet. But Allen was the one man wolf pack and I hope these guys wear something other than matchy matchy movie line T-shirts for their next boys outing.

I know his career hasn’t exactly skyrocketed since “Gangsta’s Paradise,” and he was nice to my brother so I won’t be too harsh. But c’mon Coolio, you can do better than this.
Who is his stylist, the Lucky Charms Leprechaun?

It may be warm and stuffy in Vegas casinos, but it’s just too cold during the day in February for this revealing lower-backless shirt. It’s also important to check how you look from the front and back before heading out the door.
(Special thanks to Drew and Gigi for helping me spot these)

UpdateJust saw this a few minutes ago so I thought I’d share:

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How Much is that Dress-ie in the Window?

While window shopping this weekend in Vegas, I noticed this dress on a poster in the window of Versace. I carefully made my way in the store scanning the collection for the bright blue dress. I’d never been in Versace before and I’m guessing by the lack of friendliness of the staff, they knew as well.
Finally, as I made my way to the back of the customer-less store a salesman appeared. I asked him to point me in the direction of the dress in the window. He smirked, “Uh yea, that dress isn’t even out yet so we don’t even have it here,” he said before walking away as if that were common couture knowledge. I decided I’ll do a little more research online this week. It’s pretty cute and would be perfect for spring and summer.
Oh yea, note to self: If I ever actually buy Versace one day, I’ll be shopping online.
Update from Feb. 2nd post:
I mentioned earlier this month I saw this dress in the window of St. John on Market Street in SF. After calling the store, I learned the dress was on display for the SF Ballet as a promotion.
I shot over an email to the PR director of the SF ballet and she replied the dress was not for sale, but she would pass my email on to the costume department just in case. A day later I got a call from the costume department director who was very helpful and told me the dress is a one of a kind design by Martin Packladenes, an award winning costume designer in New York, and they don’t have license to sell his costumes.
She gave me the information to contact him and said the dress is a proprietary design for a full length ballet and they never give out patterns or sell dresses from the ballet, but I could still try to contact him. And with that, I closed the curtain on this little dress hunt.

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