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Oscar Fashion: Masterpieces or Future Pillowcases

Last night was the 83rd Annual Academy Awards and if you didn’t catch it, I’m sure you’ve already seen many of the dresses worn on the red carpet. Here’s my thoughts on 10 gowns that I either loved and would like in my own closet or dresses I hated and would like turned into pillowcases for my parent’s patio furniture. Loved …read more →


NBA Fashion Tip Off

Warriors getting crushed last night So you’re going to a NBA game, now what do you wear? Please don’t roll your eyes sports fans, it’s something many women think about whether they are going with friends or asked on a big b-ball date. I was excited to see my first Golden State Warriors game of the season last night because they’re having …read more →


Laughter is the Best Medicine

Comedian Whitney Cummings (cute shoes) There’s nothing like laughter and a 2 drink minimum (comedy club rules) to warm your heart on a freezing cold night in San Francisco. I saw comedian Whitney Cummings last night at Cobbs Comedy Club and I haven’t seen many female comedians, especially as the headliner, but she was definitely worth the trip. …read more →

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Wanna Play the Water Game?

First, I must ask you what is your favorite bottled water? I’ve been trying to drink more water instead of soda and strawberry lemonade these days, and I’ve always loved Dasani. I could be wrong, but it’s manufactured by the Coca-Cola company and I swear they put a drop of cola in every bottle because it …read more →


Fashion Sins in Sin City

Ladies Guide to Vegas: Vol. 1What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless you’re caught wearing something in the pictures below. Before I can get started on my tips for an affordable and fun girl’s trip to Vegas, I need to mention these fashion crimes witnessed by my friends and I this weekend. Stay tuned for Vol. 2-“Flying in Style …read more →

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How Much is that Dress-ie in the Window?

While window shopping this weekend in Vegas, I noticed this dress on a poster in the window of Versace. I carefully made my way in the store scanning the collection for the bright blue dress. I’d never been in Versace before and I’m guessing by the lack of friendliness of the staff, they knew as well. Finally, as …read more →

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