Yum! Mini Homemade ‘Apple Gobbler’

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Do you prefer to bake, cook, bbq or microwave? I fall into the latter category, but a couple weeks ago I was having a major craving for my dad’s homemade apple pie. He prides himself on his pie-baking skills and it’s typically one of his Thanksgiving duties. So last November we gathered around my parents dining room table with my cousins, siblings and husband, who grew up in Germany, celebrating his 1st traditional Thanksgiving. I noticed one of my dad’s pies was baked in a casserole dish (he’s more concerned with taste over presentation) and teased, ‘Yum, it’s a cobbler.’

Apparently, my husband had never heard the dessert term ‘cobbler,’ but loved it and there were plenty of leftovers. The next day he kept calling it ‘Gobbler,’  but I decided not to correct him and we all nibbled on it like little vultures. Our good family friend, Ryan, who grew up in Taiwan – also unaware of the dessert ‘cobbler’ – overheard my husband complimenting the delicious leftover ‘Gobbler.’

Maybe it’s one of those ‘you had to be there’ moments, but I had a giggle attack that evening when Ryan asked my mom, ‘is there any more of that Gobbler?’  She looked totally confused and replied, ‘Are you talking about the leftover turkey?‘  It was our own little ‘Modern Family‘ moment. All we needed was Sofía Vergara in the mix.

Now back to a couple weeks ago in Switzerland when I decided one Sunday afternoon to bake. Here’s how to satisfy an ‘Apple Gobbler’ craving with a fraction of the calories and time is takes to bake a pie…

Homemade Oatmeal Cookies

<The Dough - I decided to pass on making an actual pie and decided to make my mini dessert with homemade Oatmeal Cookies using this recipe. This is right before they went in the oven>

Oatmeal Cookies Savvy Spic Dale Janee

<Cook + Cool - After the Oatmeal Cookies baked about 10 minutes, I scooped them onto this tray. Then it was time for…>

Movenpick Ice cream Switzerland Vanilla Dream

<Vanilla Dream - I wanted to add a mini-scoop of vanilla ice-cream for that homestyle apple pie dessert feeling. I’ve mentioned it before, but Mövenpick is truly the BEST ice-cream I’ve ever had in my life. It is a true Swiss delicacy and since it’s made by Nestlé, I hope they expand beyond Asia, Europe and the Middle East to the US one day. Fingers crossed>

Hermes Magazine Dale Janee

<Blogger Sidenote – If you’re a blogger or fashionista, get on the free mailing list for the Hermés. In the US, they will even send you a complimentary perfume sample, scarf or tie book by emailing service.us@hermes.com (according to their site). The fashion and styling photography inside their marketing look-books are inspirational and will give you seasonal ideas for posts>

Dessert Savvy Spice fashion blog Apple Gobbler

<Mini ‘Apple Gobbler’ - Finally,  I cut up a crispy apple called Braeburn. For the apple experts out there, it tastes like a cross between Granny Smith and Lady Hamilton. I mixed it in with cinnamon and sugar, garnished it on top of the Vanilla Dream and my dessert was ready-to-go. I presented it to my husband with a Nespresso coffee…>

New Bon Appetit Savvy Spice

<The Result – Having zero expectations of my baking abilities, he was really impressed. This mini ‘Apple Gobbler‘ dessert was the perfect solution to my dad’s apple pie craving and I’ve picked up the ‘European‘ trick of tiny dessert portions. This bowl is only about 3″x3″ with a mini scoop of ice-cream, 3 apple slices and the fresh Oatmeal cookie – approx 250 calories total. A Thanksgiving portion of apple pie with ice-cream can easily run over 600 calories>


Thanks for joining me in the kitchen on this very rare occasion. PS – the Oatmeal cookies were really good right out of the oven, but by the next day they tasted so stale and weren’t soft at all. If you have any tips for your favorite homemade cookies or a recipe for soft Oatmeal cookies, please let me know.


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The Italian Handbag You Need to Feel

New Cover Italian Style Investments

Chocolate, cheese, Ricola and banking might come to mind when you think about Switzerland. Living in the land of Swiss banking has been a unique experience from the super serious vibe inside UBS branches to its online system. Logging in to my online Swiss bank account to transfer 5 bucks Francs is like a top secret mission. You would not believe the process. Yet, when it comes to style investments; it’s slim pickins. There are some clothing stores that only exist in Switzerland selling designs that make H&M look Hermès. And yet these low quality stores are 10x the price of Forever 21. This is where Italy saves the day…in terms of style!

Earlier this year I bought a faux leather tote that unfortunately it smells like a mix of sour milk and the cow pasture across the street from our apartment. This leads me to my favorite outlet hotspot near Lake Como, plus an Italian handbag brand you need to know now sold in the US. Here a few reasons to consider allocating fashion funds to ‘Made in Italy‘ style investments…

Switzerland Dale Janee fashion blog Savvy Spice Zug Swiss

<The Italian Experience - You won’t catch me in Milan doing much damage, but every now and then, my husband and I go to Foxtown Outlets in Switzerland – just 30 minutes from Lake Como near the border of Italy. It’s like nothing I’ve seen before. Every Italian designer you could think of and the outlet stores are pristine. No piles of clearance items or changing rooms filled with unwanted styles. Store associates (both men & women) dress ultra-stylish wearing little leather purses as part of their uniform. It seems that Italians know their clothes are high-quality and treat them like gold>

Adora handbags Savvy Spice black Adora Florence

<Meet Adora – Made in Vinci, Florence – I was first introduced to Adora handbags by Adrienne of The Rich Life on a Budget who featured her blue soft leather bag. Each Adora bag is handcrafted in Italy with 100% Italian leather and hardware. The quality is on the same level as Gucci and Prada, and I can already tell I’ll be wearing it all year>

rsz adora leather bags savvy spice black

<Italian Quality - It includes a dustbag and this removal pouch made out of the same leather for my chapstick, cell phone, a comb and anything else I need. The leather is so soft and luxurious, you have to feel it to believe it>

Dale Janee Savvy Spice fashion blog black leather bag Adora

<Why Buy ‘Made in Italy’ - The best part about the trust I feel when I see an Italian brand is that they take fashion so seriously and truly care about quality and design. But that doesn’t necessarily mean over-the-top expensive. Some of my favorite Italian brands include Geox Shoes and Replay Jeans – both with selections under $180 and now the Adora bag for only $280>

Sisley jacket Savvy Spice fashion blog

<DETAILS by Dale> BCBG heels (old) / Jeans (old) ~ Citizens of Humanity / Bag (black) ~ c/o Adora / Coat (old) ~ Sisley (last seen here) / nails ~ OPI ‘Alpine Snow‘ / necklace ~ Target / ring ~ InPink

Do you have an Italian brand you love?


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Oscar Bling Look-for-Less

LOGO SavvySpice 020914 02

Perhaps the Academy Awards was a bit of a dud for you (if you tuned in), but at least you got to watch it. A bummer of living overseas is during awards season, I’m nine hours ahead and then have to cross my fingers it will be on Hulu Plus the next day. Actually seeing the movies nominated is almost impossible. as most still haven’t come to Zurich or AppleTV. But it doesn’t mean I wasn’t glued to the red-carpet coverage. and this year it wasn’t just the gowns that caught my attention; it was the bling.

The stunning jewelry draped across leading ladies classy clavicles and ooh-la-la ear lobes were stunning and yesterday I started searching for the look-for-less versions. Here’s a few of my favorite statement pieces from Sunday night…

Savvy Spice Oscar looks for less Academy Awards 2015

I thought Zoe Saldana was one of the best dressed with her curve hugging blush gown with a silver statement necklace. Beyond her arm candy, I also loved Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s jeweled belt and earrings. I know Miss Paltrow’s pale pink, rose-embellished dress had mixed reviews, but her earrings and hair were drop-dead-dazzling. Now, for the stars bling I loved most and how to get the jewelry looks-for-less… [Read more…]


Blonde Ambition in Hamburg

Savvy Spice fashion blog

We all have ‘blond moments’ now and then, even when it comes to our fashion. Like scrolling through old pics looking for a classic ‘Throwback Thursday‘ post of the week when you come across an old photo and think, ‘wow, what was I wearing?’

Sometimes I go to my closet and draw a blank, which brings me to today’s look in a graphic top with a blonde cartoon smack-dab on the front. It instantly caught my attention at Zara because I thought, ‘hey that looks like my hair without extensions,’ and thus, the no-brainer impulse buy was in motion. I wore it to lunch the last couple hours we spent in Hamburg last weekend, and literally copied the look right off my top. Come with me on a quick stroll through Hamburg, one of the most beautiful cities right on the water in North Germany… [Read more…]


4 Tips To Avoid Dating Disasters

Savvy Spice fashion blog Dale Janee Relationships

How was your Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re single, taken, married or in a grey area with an ex, I’ve learned that dating disasters don’t end just if there’s a ring on your finger. Over the weekend, my husband and I went to Hamburg, Germany for a romantic getaway including tickets to see the Lion King Musical Saturday night. After exploring the city, I took an over-extended power nap and slept through our original dinner plans. We rushed to make the 8 pm show time, grabbed two pretzels at the concession stand and made it to our seats just in time. By intermission, I looked at my husband and realized he couldn’t handle another second. [Read more…]


Tulips to the Rescue

Weekend Style Savvy Spice

Last week Pennsylvania’s famous little groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, saw his shadow meaning the weather-predicting rodent forecast six more weeks of winter. Great. Apparently this whole Punxsutawney Phil theory is based on an old German legend that takes place on February 2nd every year; and yet, I didn’t hear a peep about it around town in Zurich. I suppose once you’ve spent a couple winters in Switzerland, you know not to be so naive and hunker down for snow well into April despite lil Phil’s prediction.

Luckily, I have a few ‘Spring infusion‘ tricks up my puffy coat sleeve including fresh tulips, which according to this CBS article today – ‘Are tulips the new roses?‘ – reports a massive increase in imports of the beautiful blooms from tulip central (aka Holland). So here’s a few tips to bring a warm spring vibe to any city covered in fresh powder or frigid temps… [Read more…]