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Marimekko for Target shorts set

Saying goodbye to summer is always sweet and sour. After spending the last couple weeks in Europe visiting family and enjoying the ‘summer season,’ we’re already missing our laid-back, messy hair-don’t care, makeup-free mommy & me days in Spain. We spent nearly 10 days in my favorite place, Majorca, an island off the coast of Spain – just a 45 minute flight from Barcelona. This summer, the island was packed with more than 13 million tourists.

According to The Guardian, ‘As Europeans turn away from Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, and any other destination tinged with a threat of terrorism, Spain – along with Portugal, Greece and Italy – is picking up the trade.’ In fact, ‘the three main Balearic islands of Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca have become the second-biggest destination in the Mediterranean for cruise ships.’ This may be good, but stressful news, for Majorca business and hotel owners looking to cash in on added tourism. It’s not so great if you’re trying to score a spot in the sand for your UVA umbrella or a table at a beach-side restaurant…

Ponderosa Resturant Majorca Spain

The ScenePonderosa Beach restaurant in Playas de Muro, Majorca (the northern part of the island). Reservations during high season are highly recommended.

best restaurant majorca for paella

Reservado? – In Europe, you can reserve a table for lunch and stay there 3-4 hours (aka: cocktail/starters/wine/cigarette break/talk/food/more food/cigarette break/dessert/talk/cigarette break/talk/espresso). Just a little pattern I noticed at eateries after living in Europe 3 years. So if a restaurant looks empty, but tables have ‘Reserved‘ signs on them, don’t wait around or think you can sneak in a quick meal.

Paella in Mallorca

Seafood fan? Personally, you couldn’t pay me to eat Paella, although my husband said this was one of the best he’s ever had! Paella portions are large at Ponderosa, so you’ll definitely want to split with one or two people.

Majorca Spain restaurant 1

Styled in Marimekko – Thankfully, the Marimekko for Target designer collab earlier this Spring was far from crazy, so I was able to score a matching set for myself and a few dresses and swimsuits for Wilhelmina. The lightweight fabrics were perfect for vacation.

Majorca Spain Savvy Spice fashion blog

Beach Time! – There are beaches like this surrounding the entire island. Majorca is also extremely budget friendly – especially if you do an Airbnb and find a great flight deal. My family’s trip to Majorca last summer coming all the way from San Francisco, was less than going to Hawaii a few years ago.


Family Friendly Por Favor – One thing I love about Spain (especially Majorca) is people are nice to kids and babies – especially restaurants and businesses. If you’re looking for the anti-kid party zone, I recommend the 3.5 hour ferry or 30 min flight to Ibiza.

Cap Formetor Majorca Spain

Cap de Formentor – Add this to your itinerary. Cap de Formentor overlooks the Mediterranean with beautiful views. Tip – Drive safe (super narrow roads) and go early during tourist season (before 8 am). There was so much traffic around noon, we had to turn around before getting to the top, but we got this pic above I posted on Instagram.


Adios! – Practicing her German, English and Spanish this trip.


Marimekko print top and shorts1

<DETAILS by Dale> Top & shorts – Marimekko for Target / sunglasses – Chloé (last seen here) / swimsuit (one-piece) – H&M / Wilhelmina in Marimekko for Target / hats borrowed from @SavvySenior

Is it already feeling like Fall in your city?


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Tassels, Thai & A BIG Restaurant Secret in Texas

Dallas Texas Style Thai food

Want to know how to get a table in Texas on a Friday night without a reservation during summer at the most popular restaurants? It just takes four little words. ‘Can we sit outside?’

Yep, that’s it. That’ll ‘er do the trick. Sure, the host will look at you like you’re a little crazy and contemplate which server to make take your order outside in the heat. But 99% of the time, you’ll be escorted to your table immediately and often have the entire outdoor patio to yourselves with misters and fans. This has happened to us constantly this summer. So is it really that hot in Texas? Let me explain from one of our favorite restaurants when we’re in the mood for Thai.

Sinha Imported Thai beer

How Bad is the Heat? Although I’ve been told this is a ‘mild’ summer in Dallas, it is definitely not as hot as I anticipated. Dallas is also not as humid as many of the Southern cities which helps. In fact, there is something comforting about being able to walk outside in August during a rainstorm, at midnight or 6 am knowing you will never be cold. Yes, mid-afternoon walks aren’t happening and your makeup will never look flawless, but it’s not unbearable to be outside- especially after sunset.

Thai food Royal Thai Dallas Texas

Royal Thai Shout-Out* – I know it can be ‘hashtag lame‘ to take pics of food, but my husband and I love Royal Thai in Dallas and the food is always fresh and sooo good. It was voted Readers Choice for ‘Best Thai Restaurant in Dallas‘ this year by DMagazine.

Louis Vuitton handbag

Style Sidenote – I’m Totally Crushing on Tassels – Both my top and sandals had little tassel details which I’ve been loving all year from necklaces, purse details and especially fashion. Are you loving tassels too?

Frizzy hair humidity Dallas Texas

Frizzy Hair, Don’t Care – If you’re grabbing dinner at the last minute and don’t have time to do your hair – it’s no biggie. If you’re sitting outside, it’s most likely so hot with a dose of Dallas humidity to make your hair frizz.

Louis Vuitton Tote with Red inside

<DETAILS by DALE> top – recent Tommy Hilfiger (more cute Tommy tops here) / sandals (recent) – Celebrity*Pink (random brand from Ross) / tote – Louis Vuitton / jeans – Armani Exchange / shades – Prada

*Texas Diet Tip – One secret I’ve learned to eating less without trying in Texas is that when you sit outside, the heat helps curb your appetite and you drink more water. It’s a WIN WIN! If you’re from Texas, have you noticed this too? Do you mind sitting outside in the heat?

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New! Geox Italian Sneakers Finally Sold in the US

Geox Shoes Savvy Spice Barcelona Spain1

Hey casual shoe lovers! You know how ‘sneakers‘ have been the ‘it shoe‘ for the past few years? When I was living in Europe, I discovered Geox shoes, thanks to my husband who filled me in on what ‘fashionable Italian women‘ wear. My feet fell in love with them! Geox were never sold in the US until recently on Zappos and last weekend in Dallas I discovered they are new at Nordstrom.

Nordstrom Sidenote – Their amazing return policy and customer service is the cherry on top and one of the only reasons I drag myself to the mall, and Nordstrom Rack of course, instead of going on ‘Amazon Prime‘ for everything.

Back to the shoes. When you find a comfy, well made shoe, you can walk miles in and wear with almost any outfit while feeling youthful, stylish and fun all at once – spread the news. That’s why I have to tell you about Geox shoes – specifically the ‘New Club’ High Top Sneaker! Here’s why you’ll love them…

Dale Janee Barcelona Savvy Spice

  1. Comfy! No offense to Converse, but my heels ache after long walks in chucks, eventhough they’re a classic fave. I wore my Geox shoes here sightseeing in Barcelona when I was three months pregnant for at least 5 miles. Even on cobblestone, my feet were fine.

Geox Shoes Savvy Spice fashion blog

2. Easy to Clean! Canvas can be so annoying to keep clean, but the ‘New Club High Top Sneaker‘ in patent leather is a breeze to wipe off if they’re dirty. They have the same ‘Off-White’ color I’m wearing here available at Nordstrom. PS – For amazing tips how to clean your white sneakers – check out this post by FunkyForty.

Black Geox sneakers

3. Geox Shoes are Made in Italy. You can really see the difference (aka they don’t fall apart after a few months). I still have both my black & off white pairs I’ve worn so many times and they are still in great condition. I bought my first pair on this trip in Venice back in 2014.

Patent black leather high top Geox shoes

4. ‘Big Foot’ Protection! If you’re a size 9 like me, these are one of the few sneakers that won’t make your feet feel huge and they have a cute zipper design on the back! PS – the sizing is a little different and in EU sizes – I’ll explain below.**

Is San Francisco Safe for Babies

5. You can Wear them with a Dress – These were so convenient in San Francisco when I was trying to walk off my baby weight last fall. If you’re traveling abroad this summer, Goex has stores all over Europe including Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

White banana republic dress

Shop Geox Here…



Info about Sizing**

I am a size 9, but like my shoes to fit on the smaller size. In Geox I wear a size 39 EU – which says US Size 9 inside the shoe. It would definitely be tight if you’re a true Size 9 and wear thick socks. My recommendations…

  • If you are size US 7, order Geox size EU 37
  • If you are size US 7.5 or 8, order Geox size EU 38
  • If you are size US 8.5 or 9 (on the small side), order Geox size EU 39
  • If you are a US 9 or 9.5, order size Geox EU 40

Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions. Are you wearing sneakers this summer?


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Pistachio On-the-Go in LA!

Pistachio LV purse

‘I Love LA!’ Randy Newman’s 1983 hit song did a bang up job highlighting the sunshine and fun-loving vibes of So-Cal life, but could you actually handle living there? After sitting in traffic on our way to LAX last weekend, dealing with baggage delays, wannabe socialites in the airport, and crowds everywhere; it makes day to day life in Dallas seem like a piece of cake.

During our quick trip to California, we navigated down Highway 1 on our way back to LAX last weekend and had 30 minutes to spare to grab a quick lunch with friends at a Vegan eatery in Venice Beach. Here’s my LA diary in a new Calvin Klein sheath dress that boldly matched my favorite pistachio handbag…

beach Santa Barbara palm trees

California Sidenote – ‘How can people handle this traffic everyday?’ we complained stuck in gridlock near LAX at 10 pm. The next morning, we woke up to the fresh ocean breeze and this view on our walk.

Question answered.

Venice California Vegan resturaunt

The Scene – Venice, CA on Abbot Kinney St.

Plant Food Wine Vegan restaurant LA Venice

Vegan Curious? I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but as we met up with friends at this restaurant in Venice Beach called Plant Food + Wine, I was really impressed!

looking for celebrities pumping gas

Celebrity Sightings? As we re-feuled our Ford Fusion rental, I kept an eye out for Kylie, Caitlyn, Orlando, or anyone. No luck. We passed by Malibu, Calabasas and Venice Beach, but didn’t see any A or D listers.

Calvin Klein pea green dress

Matchy/Matchy LA Style- During out last trip to So-Cal I wore all red in the OC. This trip, I couldn’t resist this pea green pistachio Calvin Klein dress that matched my brightest handbag perfectly.

Wall with Dolphin painting

Real Estate in LA? I loved this wall advertising a boutique real estate company in Venice Beach. If you’re in the market for a 2-bedroom apartment starting around $800K – $2 mil, check out Lighthouse Properties LA.

Louis Vuitton Pistachio W Handbag1

<DETAILS by Dale> dress – Calvin Klein (recent ROSS find – PS – they have tons of Calvin Klein dresses $20-$50) / wedge sandals- Versace / purse – LV (last seen here) / / vintage watch / Chloé sunglasses

Hope you have a great weekend. Quick Savvy Sleepers note – our HUGE SUMMER SALE ends this weekend. Shop the collection of anti-aging satin pillowcases below…


Screen Shot 2014 02 26 at 12.19.14 PM 22

Sale summer sale Final Days


Too Hot, Too Cold. Who Wins the Thermostat Battle in Your House?

rsz floral tommy hilfiger top

Today’s outfit is in white distressed jeans, again. Why? Because when summer hits in Texas, choosing ‘what to wear‘ is more tricky than dealing with those deceiving Bay Area micro-climates. It may be 100+ degrees outside in Dallas, but when you walk into a mall, museum or restaurant, temps drop fast. I feel like Dallas establishments set thermostats around the mid-60’s (aka – summer in San Francisco). You’re either boiling up outside, or freezing indoors dealing with goosebump city. Brrr! If we’ll be indoors a few hours, I keep my legs covered and usually bring a sweater.

Okay, so before the outfit pics, I have two questions for you. Who controls the thermostat in your house and what temperature do you prefer indoors during summer? In Switzerland, we had no AC so my husband and I never had an issue. In Dallas, he installed Nest and controls the thermostat from his iPhone despite my attempts to sneak over and turn the dial. We have varying degrees (literally) of what’s comfortable and usually compromise around 74. But enough about our Texas thermostat spat – whether you’re as cool as a cucumber or carry a portable fan with you at all times; here’s one look to have you feeling cobalt chic all summer long…

Uptown Dallas Savvy Spice blog

The Scene – Uptown Dallas

flora top Tommy Hilfiger

Hey Preppy! I haven’t worn Tommy Hilfiger in years, but there is a crazy summer sale going on at Macy’s (and Nordstrom of course – in case you haven’t seen the #NSale all over social media). Check out Hilfiger tops, polos and summer shorts. You might just start having a little Tommy crush too.

White jeans with floral top

Navy Blue Summer Tote – the Bigger the Better! I switch off between 3 oversized totes that act as my diaper bag + office-on-the-go + mini fridge because I carry a bottle of water every where in this heat. This leather navy tote goes with nearly all my summer outfits.

cobalt blue heels

Cobalt Blue Heels – I love Dallas because women wear fun colors (bold, neon, floral -you name it!) so I find myself reaching for the brightest heels in my closet lately.


Distressed White Denim! Not sure if I would have sported distressed white jeans so often in Europe, but they’re my go-to in Dallas. White jeans are easy to dress up on date night or lounging around the house in pineapple print Keds.

Navy Blue Zara tote bag

<DETAILS by Dale> top – Tommy Hilfiger (same prints & more Tommy tops I love below) / jeans & tote (old) – Zara / belt – Hermés (also perfect over a printed dress) / heels – Kurt Geiger )

How have you been handling the heat this summer in your city (or has it been mild?)


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Are Off-the-Shoulder Tops Actually Flattering?

cover  pineapple print shoes

Have you jumped on the trend of the year? No, not Pokémon GO. Push Pikachu aside for a moment while we discuss the off-the-shoulder trend revealing clavicles across the country (and world) this year.

‘Do you have one yet?,‘ I asked my sister last week. ‘No, she replied, adding, ‘those shirts will make my shoulders look too big. I don’t think they’re flattering.’

Although style experts have been raving about this ‘universally flattering trend,’ I was a little uncomfortable first wearing it as well. Although my post-baby romper was so comfy last summer, here’s a few of my favorite tips if you’re looking to dip into the bare-naked-shoulder trend this summer…

Pineapple print Keds

The Scene – Dallas (indoors) because I’m finding the best accessory during summer in Texas is AC.

off the shoulder print top

Stay away from Cropped or Elastic Waistbands – Too long, and an off-the-shoulder top can look like a PJ shirt and too short can leave you feeling boxy. You can also instantly make your shoulders look and feel more slender (while erasing tan lines) with a layer of fake tanner the night before.


Pineapple Print Sidenote – I feel like there is a pineapple obsession in Texas from prints, pool floaties to home decor, so I couldn’t resist these Keds when I saw them in the perky pineapple print. They’re also SO comfortable.

off the should print top Savvy Spice

Find an Off-the-Shoulder Top that’s Comfy for Your Lifestyle – Having a 1-year old who is constantly pulling on my tops can cause a major wardrobe malfunction with off-the-shoulder tops. You’ll most likely be wearing a strapless bra which is why I loved that this top had a little built-in bra giving it more structure.


Don’t Splurge on a Designer Off-the-Shoulder Top – I found this very basic neutral off the shoulder top at ROSS and love pairing it with skinny jeans.

off the shoulder top

Feeling Like You Have Broad Shoulders? –  Wear your hair down. If I had more time to spend on my hair this day, I would have, but a side pony or braid helps too. Also, avoid off-the-shoulder tops that have lots of layers and ruffles which can add more volume to your upper body.

DSC00079 1

<DETAILS by Dale> top (recent ROSS find) / Pineapple print Keds c/o (love these on sale now at Nordstrom) / Zara white jeans (last summer) / OPI nail polish (‘Do You Take Lei Away?’)

Are you wearing off-the-shoulder tops this summer?


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