The 7 Best & Worst Super Bowl 50 Ads

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The game, the commercials or the half-time show? I watched the commercials and wrote this post during the game as I waited for the half-time show. As much as I would have liked to attend the SF festivities, tix to the game were $3K plus and attempting a celeb-filled pre-party with a baby just wasn’t gonna happen.

With the cost of a Super Bowl 50 ad ranging up to 5 million dollars, they better be good. (Special shout-out to our friends at The City Supply Co. who got Wallee Dog featured for free on the set of The Dan Patrick Show all week in SF for the Super Bowl) In no particular order, here’s a few of my faves and others I felt missed the mark. What were your thoughts on Super Bowl 50 ads…

#1. The ‘Ryanville’ Commercial

I’ve never thought of buying a Hyundai once – I’m a Fiat girl – until yesterday and the ‘Ryanville‘ commercial. He’s been one of my favorite actors since his movie ‘Just Friends.’ Apparently, Ryan Reynolds can also make any woman want a Hyundai! Don’t you think it would be cute and sporty in ‘Electric Blue?’ I know Prius really really tried with its bandit commercial, but I think Hyundai won by a mile with their commercials!


#2. ‘Ultrasound’ by Doritos

Although I found absolutely nothing funny during my personal delivery story last year, I thought this Doritos commercial was a crack-up. Especially after she throws the chip in the final seconds of the ad.


3. The T-Mobile ‘Drop the Balls’ Commercial with Steve Harvey!

Yes, he was capitalizing on his big time bone-head mistake during the Miss Universe contest, I loved the commercial because the original Verizon commercial that slams T-Mobile having none of those little ‘lottery looking balls‘ has bothered me. It’s so extreme, so I laughed seeing T-Mobile poke fun at Verizon (which has been ripping off my parents for years now) with family plan confusion.

PS – I switched to T-Mobile since moving back to the US and get service every where (even the boonies up in Nor-Cal) and pay less than $60 a month. Plus, T-Mobile is HUGE in Europe so if you travel a lot, it is very convenient to get service.

**I also thought the Drake T-Mobile was very clever too! Maybe that’s just because I am a T-Mobile fan now and HotLine Bling is one of my fave songs


#4. The Persil ProClean Commerical

I know what you’re thinking. Why a detergent commercial with the Dr./Scientist looking guy? I’d never heard of Persil (have you?) until moving to Switzerland when my husband told me it’s a really good German brand of detergent. It’s a premium European brand of detergent with a ‘self-activating powder‘ that’s been around over 100 years!

According to Wikipedia, Henkel & Cie, founded in Düsseldorf in 1876 launched Persil in 1907. The manufacturer had created (what the marketing department called) a “self-activating powder” detergent. During the washing process, oxygenated perborate forms small bubbles, doing the “work of the washboard”—saving consumers time.

I seriously love this detergent and have used it the past 3 years. It has a clean scent, doesn’t give me allergies if you have sensitive skin and cleans clothes like a champ! Now that it’s sold in the US  – I’ve bought it in Walmart – we’ve been using it daily in Dallas. It’s also lower priced than Tide and other brands. It’s essentially the German no-frills marketing, but premium quality, I learned all about while living in Europe. It’s like buying a Mercedes for the price of a Ford to wash your clothes. Premium detergent imported from Germany to keep your Lululemons and designer denim in pristine condition. Yes.

As for Percil’s Superbowl commercial, I don’t know why they didn’t show that it comes from Europe. Maybe for the Super Bowl crowd, a scene in the middle of Münich’s Oktoberfest with a bunch of guys in Lederhösen and women in Dirndls celebrating in true Oktoberfest style (music, German beer, dancing). Then showing how Percil can wash out the beer and mustard stains so the outfits are perfect for the next night of celebrations. Tagline: ‘Persil. Germany’s Premium Detergent. Now Available in America.’ Closing out with clinking beer steins in celebration with the crowd saying ‘Ja!’ in unison.


#5. The Budlight ad with Amy Schumer & Seth Rogan

I am a big fan of Seth Rogan, but a much bigger fan of Amy Schumer. Plus, I have a special ‘fun zone’ affinity in my Chico State memory bank for Bud Light. I loved the duo in their Bud Light political commercial! It was quirky, clever, Amy looked great, and it had my vote for top 10 faves!


#6. The Budweiser PSA with Dame Helen Mirren


#7. Hyundai Again with Kevin Hart

This was the ad with Kevin Hart as the over-protective dad. The car didn’t matter for me in this commercial. I just found it hilarious and after having the exact opposite over an over-protective dad, I always wondered what it would be like for girls who had to feel nervous bringing home the guy they were dating.


#8. Savvy Sleepers Shout-Out

Since it takes place in the host city, we have to share our ‘Love Note in San Francisco‘ Valentine’s Video which is just around the corner already! P.S. Our Savvy Sleepers Luxury Satin Pillow Case V-Day Flash Sale just started today. Shop Here.

So, what was your favorite Superbowl Ad this year?


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A Tale of Two Levi’s Girls

Damsel in Denim Levis vintage jacket Savvy Spice

We arrived in Dallas exhausted and slightly overwhelmed with 7+ suitcases and a crying baby. ‘Can I help you with those, Ma’am,’ a friendly man working at the airport offered. ‘Oh sure, thank you,’ I replied. ‘You’re welcome, Ma’am,’ followed by a, ‘Have a good day, Ma’am.’ He was so friendly and polite, but I cringed inside. I was called ‘Ma’am’ 3 times in one minute. I’m was used to California casual when it comes to titles and manners, and then in Switzerland, it was ‘Frau,’ for three years. But now I’m in Dallas, I’m in my 30’s, I’m a mom, and clearly my new title is ‘Ma’am,‘ – NOT Miss.

What do I need to do to be called ‘Miss‘ around here I thought? Hmmm… Perhaps hot pink Ray Bans? A higher ponytail? And Abercrombie & Fitch tee? Maybe a bright yellow Fiat Pop? Snapchat? Yeezy Sneakers? I know I’m a mom, but do teen moms in Texas get called ‘Miss’ or ‘Ma’am?‘ Clearly, sleep deprivation and life in a new city was causing some seriously superficial concerns. After three weeks in my mom uniform, last weekend I stepped up my game. If my new title is ‘Ma’am,’ I needed a bit of Dallas glam, plus a wardrobe staple that screams ‘youthful at any age‘ in my opinion – a classic denim jacket. With that, Wilhelmina and I stepped out in Levi’s for an afternoon in the sun…

HM beige dress Savvy Spice fashion blog

The Scene – Dallas, Texas in a fitted H&M tan dress. I copied the look straight from a dress I saw on Kylie Jenner, then I added a layer of Fake Bake faux tan.

Blo Knox blow out Savvy Spice

A Texas Blow Out – Next, I went to Blo Blow Dry Bar in the Knox Henderson neighborhood and got a blow out with Eric who was amazing!

Vintage Levis denim jacket baby denim jeans

Levi’s Girls – She wore her baby stretch Levi’s (gift from Wallee Dog at The City Supply Co). I wore my vintage Levi’s jacket – it was my dad’s when he was in college at SF State (last posted here in San Francisco years ago on my sister in front of the Full House ‘Painted Ladies’ set). PS – ‘Fuller House‘ is out on Nextflix Feb. 26th. So excited!

Savvy Spice White Nike Sneakers mom style

Sneaker of the Day – The only section of my wardrobe growing these days is my sneaker collection. Now that she’s crawling, heels are out of the question and thanks to Nordstrom Rack in close proximity, with all the cute Nike’s and Adidas out there – it’s tough to resist.

Blo Knox Savvy Spice Dallas Fashion blog

Ma’am or Miss? How do people address you? Do you prefer being addressed formally, by your first name, or something else when you’re out and about?

White Nike Sneakers with Gold Swoosh

<DETAILS by Dale> dress – H&M /  Nike Court Royale Shoes (Nordstrom Rack) also love these in black & white / Prada Sunglasses / Levi’s Vintage jean jacket / Ferragamo mini bag

Have a great weekend and enjoy your Superbowl Sunday!

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Skinny Jeans & Basketball Dreams

modesto california Savvy Spice

My family is obsessed with basketball. From the Warriors game on in the background when I call my mom, to my brother playing point guard in college, my sister coaching in Denver, and my dad’s weekday sports report on the radio in Mendocino County. It’s like walking into mini ESPN headquarters whenever I visit. My competitive nature when playing sports is about a 0.0, although growing up playing bball did instill my true appreciation of cardio. Playing Sports = feeling better + more energy. The bonus of burning carbs and dropping a few pounds is a major upside too.

Of course, after a baby it’s not as easy to find the time to work out, which is why I discovered a few style tricks to look lighter instantly. More on that below. As I visited California last month, we spent an afternoon in Modesto, California watching my youngest brother’s college basketball tournament. Ever been to Modesto? It has this ‘Breaking Bad‘ meets ‘Sons of Anarchy‘ vibe. Unfortunately, Walt or Jax were nowhere in sight, but I did have my partner in crime decked out in her leopard print tracksuit. I stuck to my ‘New Mom Uniform…’

Modesto California junior college

The Scene – Modesto Junior College in California

black skinny jeans Savvy Spice

How Basic is too Basic? This style concept may seem really boring, but I’ve been wearing almost all black lately. After moving out of our apartment in Switzerland realizing how much I accumulated in just 3 years, I’m on this anti-hoarding kick. I’m waiting for all my clothes to arrive on a container and I’m not shopping unless it’s something I really need. Plus, basic black has an instant slimming effect. Hence the last 3 posts wearing the same black turtleneck from under a poncho in Wine Country to this lace skirt in Dallas.

Savvy Spice fashion blog Dale Janee

#1 Pick for New Mom Style – High-waisted skinny jeans! They’re like ‘mom jeans‘ from the 90’s, but with more stretch and style so they suck in where you want it most. Even teenage top models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner love them! They are back in style again which is a total life-saver for anyone who’s had a baby or just wants to feel thinner.

Modesto California

Sidenote – Torta anyone?

Savvy Spice fashion blog mom style

The Soccer Mom Stamp – My weekends of fading night-club stamps are long gone. This bumble bee stamp marks ‘paid entry‘ into my brother’s junior college basketball tournament.  Ahh…Soccer mom life is on the way.

Wilhelmina Snap Chat

Bleacher Report – Countdown til the game. Wilhelmina Snapchatting with my brother.

Basketball gym Modesto CA

See ya next time Modesto…

Savvy Spice skinny jeans Dale Janee

<DETAILS by Dale> high-waisted jeans (more below I love)Zara, Nike Sneakers (Last seen here in my European Street Style post, shades – Chloé, Wilhelmina in Adidas, jacket (old) – Zara

Hope you’re having a great week!

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Key to the City

Rolex Building Texas moving texas

‘Once upon a time, being presented with the key to the city served a real function. In ancient times, when it was common for European towns to be ringed by walls, visiting dignitaries were presented with a key to the city gate as a gesture of trust and kindness.’ (source)  From the first moment we arrived in Dallas, we felt so welcome. Service is amazing here from restaurants, stores, to phone operators. People often don’t even have to park their cars, because there is FREE valet parking everywhere. More on this level of hospitality later. After such a warm welcome, it’s easy to feel at home.

Texas is a whole new world and while I didn’t realize how flat it was (especially compared to cities surrounded by the Swiss Alps), I’ve learned the key to any city is appreciating and exploring it! That’s exactly what we did Sunday before settling in to watch the Golden Globes (the first awards show I’ve been able to watch in 3 years.) Yet, there were little reminders of Zurich, like the Rolex Building in Uptown as I sported some of my favorite winter essentials (many of which are from Europe)…

Dallas Texas Uptown

The Scene – Weekend sightseeing in our new home town…Dallas, Texas

key print tights Calzedonia

Key Print Tights! – While it’s much warmer than Swiss winters here, the weekend was cold so I sported my key & rose print tights from the Italian brand Calzedonia.

black Zara sweater

And Speaking of Tights – If you want to take a basic black dress you’re totally bored of and make it seem new, add a pair of patterned tights with black heels or booties to pull the look together and elongate your legs. (The opposite also works if you have a patterned dress that is too short)

key and rose print tights

(Sidenote) Dallas is booming!? I noticed there is construction everywhere – especially in Uptown. After going to an open-house I spotted on Zillow just-for-fun in the suburbs near North Dallas, I saw walk-closets twice the size of my old bedroom in San Francisco. Ugh!

black lace forever21 skirt

Euro Style – I have so many more black clothes now after living in Europe that I find myself re-styling my Zurich basics like this lace skirt (with an elastic waistband) I last wore when I was 9 months pregnant.

Savvy Spice Dallas Texas

<DETAILS by Dale> top – Zara (recent) / tights – Calzedonia / skirt – Forever21 / heels (old) H&M / purse – Ferragamo)

Hope you’re having a great week so far. Have you ever been to Dallas? Any recommendations…


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Savvy Does Dallas! Our BIG Move to Texas

Savvy Spice Move Dallas

Welcome to Texas! A couple months ago we found out my husband got a job in Dallas, so we packed up everything last month saying a sad goodbye to amazing family, friends, yogurt and chocolate in Switzerland. I’d love to say I stepped out of the plane last weekend in Dallas totally glam in a Texas style get-up, but the truth is, it looked more like this above…

We stuffed as much as we could into 4 Samsonite’s, 2 Tumi’s, 1 Ricardo and a Victoria’s Secret duffel bag full of Wilhelmina‘s onesies as we arrived into Dallas Love Field Airport. We were totally exhausted after living out of our suitcases for the holidays in California, but we’ve settled in nicely.

While Dallas is VERY different than Zurich, I’m excited for the challenges of living in a city again I’ve never visited. Not to mention the business bonus: Big hair, a much better time zone, plus the fact I speak the same language has me more eager than ever to explore business opportunities with Savvy Sleepers.

Of course, starting over in a new city is never easy – especially with a 6-month old – so bottoms up to new experiences and style here in Dallas! Happy New Year to you and your family.

Y’all have a great day now and I’ll be back tomorrow with my first post from the Lone Star State.

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Walk the Line

rsz western style burberry poncho knockoff trench

Happy New Year! The past few weeks I literally checked out of social media and blogging spending time with family in California. Like all of us the first week of January, I have resolutions I’m hoping to keep, and BIG changes coming this year. More about that later this week.

Just as I hoped to escape Switzerland’s frigid temps for the holidays by flying to California, Nor-Cal was actually super cold! Like puffy coat and scarf all day kind-of-cold. Good news for Tahoe fans, but a little too chilly for me. On a sunny afternoon the day after Christmas, I decided to bundle up in this Burberry inspired poncho over a sleek black turtleneck for a stroll through wine country. Are you loving ponchos, capes and shawls this season? Here’s why this is on my must-have list for winter and how to find the look-for-less in seconds…

burberry cape knockoff adora black bag

A $1395 Poncho? No Thanks ~ When Burberry launched it’s monogrammed blanket shawl last winter, celebs went wild buying it from Cara Delevinge to Sarah Jessica Parker. Unless you really love your initials and have a clothing budget like Carrie Bradshaw, I highly recommend a look-for-less. I found this multi-colored budget friendly shawl in Majorca a few months ago and cuddled up in it all December in California.

Black cowboy boots

All About the Boots ~ Yes, this year is all about suede (especially over-the-knee suede boots like these by Stuart Weitzman) but I decided to sport these black leather cowboy boots I got for Christmas! Yee haw…

Chloe black sunglasses burberry knockoff cape savvyspice

Turtlenecks to the Rescue ~ I hated turtlenecks as a kid, but they are perfect for layering under dresses, shawls and vests this winter. Especially when it’s cold. Zara has a huge collection of stylish turtlenecks right now!


Russian Red? Why Not ~ I’ve been a fan of this lipstick by MAC for years. The easiest way to add a bit of glam to a shawl and skinny jeans is over-sized shades and red lips!

burberry trench knockoff blue jeans

The Scene – California sunset near Ukiah. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Burberry Poncho knockoff skinny jeans

<DETAILS> Shawl (random boutique in Majorca) very similar below I found on Amazon/ Citizen of Humanity Jeans (old) / Ariat Boots / Adora handbag c/o – made in Italy (last seen here) /  Chloé shades / MAC Lipstick (Russian Red)

Hope you had a nice New Year’s and a great start to 2016! See you later this week.


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