Basic Blush in Champagne

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“When I ask how old your toddler is, I don’t need to hear ’27 months.’ ‘He’s two’ will do just fine. He’s not a cheese. And I didn’t really care in the first place.” ― George Carlin

Classic Carlin, right? I think we can all relate, but I’ve always thought it’s polite to ask a friendly question or throw out a compliment whether someone has a baby, cute pup, or even a nice pair of pants. Of course, no one wants to hear a crying baby in a restaurant or hotel so I was a little anxious when we took a little road trip to France last weekend as Wilhelmina hit her 1 month mark. After rushing her German passport, we took drove to France’s Champagne region to show my parents what I think of as the ‘Napa Valley‘ of Europe. We stayed in Nancy, France which is a beautiful city just hours from Paris without the crowds where you can sip champagne on a beer budget…

pink flowers Savvy Spice fashion

The Scene – Nancy, France

French Bull Dog Nancy France

<As we walked across the courtyard for brunch, this French Bulldog (I think) photobombed the blog post…>

French Bull dog France

<‘She’s so cute,’ my husband said leaning down to pet her. ‘Thank you, but she’s really too fat,’ her owner relpied in a thick French accent.>

light pink pants Zara blush

<Styled in Rosé – I’m still working out my new mom wardrobe, and decided to pair a simple burgundy tank with lace detail along with blush trousers I found last season. Just add nude heels which go with everything.>

blush pants Zara pink outfit

<High-Waisted Pants – I’ve been seeing high-waisted jeans on celebs and models like Kendall Jenner, and while I’m definitely not at the point of wearing my old jeans already, loose high-waisted trousers are definitely comfy, then add a blouse with a partial tuck>

Savvy Spice Nancy France all pink blush outfit

<DETAILS by Dale> pants – Zara (old) / top (recent) – H&M / Heels – Nine West  (last seen here) / sunglasses – Prada / bracelets – Banana Republic (old)

Cheers and I hope you had a great weekend!


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Chocolate Heaven in Switzerland

Swiss Frey Chcolate Factory Savvy Spice

Dark, milk or white chocolate? You probably have your go-to cocoa preference and Switzerland is a creamy, dreamy must-see destination for any chocolate lover. The quality of Swiss chocolate is the creme de la creme, and it’s not every day you’re able to tour the inside of the chocolate factory. After making truffles at Lindt earlier this Spring, we pounced on the opportunity to make our own Swiss chocolate bars at the new Chocolat Frey visitor center near Zurich.

Frey is one of the largest chocolate brands in Switzerland, so a day after my parents landed in Zurich last week, we made our way to chocolate heaven! Here’s a peak of our tour of Chocolat Frey and how this sweet little tour is more than just chocolate, as it was a perfect family day with Wilhelmina and my parents…

Savvy Spice new baby Frey chocolate center

<Chocolat Prep! We were all in light sundresses because it’s been so hot in Switzerland! My mom and I prepped Wilhelmina for the day. I wore my new Back from Bali Peacock Print dress which is belted and has buttons down the front – aka – ‘NEW MOM APPROVED‘ for going out in public>

My Switzerland Swiss Tourism New Frey Chocolate Factory

<Air Conditioning – WooHoo! As we entered the factory, there was the cool breeze of AC which was such a relief.  Europe does not have air-conditioning typically, but you can count on it inside a chocolate factory>

Frey Chocolate Savvy Spice Switzerland

<Vintage ChocolateDid you know the Swiss consume more chocolate per person than any other country? I eat at least one Frey milk chocolate bar a week and there were countless cocoa facts we learned throughout the tour, plus a chance to see vintage Frey chocolate bar wrappers throughout the years>

Savvy Spice fashion blog Dale Janee Frey Chocolate Factory

<Time to Make the Chocolate Bars – There were fountains of Swiss milk, dark or white chocolate. We each went to the front with our tray and Frey chocolatier would fill it with the chocolate we wanted. Then we could add nuts, coconut, swirls or any design we wanted to create>

Frey Chocolate factory visitor center Switzerland

<My Chocolate Bar – I added all 3 chocolates, then swirled and tried to make a little almond sunflower. As we went through the tour our chocolate creations cooled before they were packaged and ready to take home with us>

Frey Chocolate Savvy Spice Switzerland chocolate fountain Swiss chocolate

<A Look from Above – As we entered the visitor center, there was literally a chocolate buffet of Frey creations on a conveyer belt and a new attraction that wraps the chocolate bars right in front of you>

Frey Chocolate Factory Make Your Own Chocolate

<Yum! – After walking through the digital tour (offered in multiple languages) you can choose as many samples as you’d like off the chocolate conveyer belt. There’s even an interactive stop where you can dress up as a praline>

Savvy Spice Frey Chocolate Dale Janee

<After the chocolat excursion, someone was more interested in milk…>

Wilhelmina Schroeter Savvy Spice fashion blog Dale Janee

<Special thanks to Frey Chocolat for the tour and Of course, one of the best parts was my precious little praline slept through the entire 2 hour excursion until the last few minutes. Now, that’s sweet.’


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Savvy Sleepers Summer Giveaway!

Savvy Sleepers Newsletter

The same week I had Wilhelmina, we launched our Savvy Sleepers Limited Edition Summer 2015 shade – ‘Rendezvous Blu.’ The shade inspired by the cool blue waters of the Mediterranean and fashionistas worldwide is one of my favorites!

I’m excited to announce our Summer Giveaway! One winner will win a set of ‘Rendezvous Blu‘ Luxury Satin Pillow Cases ultra-smooth for skin & hair (shown above)! Giveaway details below. Ends 7/31 and it’s Open Internationally. Good luck! To order or see the full collection click here.


Screen Shot 2014 02 26 at 12.19.14 PM 22

a Rafflecopter giveaway


1 Summer Dress Styled 3 Ways!

Savvy Spice maternity style

Not only does pregnancy change your body, but it completely impacts your wardrobe. My daily outfits now consist of what will work when I need to feed her out in public. Many dresses and tops do not have my ‘new mom‘ stamp of approval including my favorite pregnancy dress. I assumed it would work after the baby arrived, but it hasn’t been the case.

If you’re looking for a casual summer dress to wear 3 ways, I’ll show you how I styled a casual jersey knit grey dress (that is not maternity). It was my go-to style staple when I was 9 months pregnant. It also comes in blue and black, and here were my top 3 ways to style it…

Savvy Spice grey hm dress

This was the look from my ‘Kim Kardashian Stole my Pregnancy Style post after she wore a very similar dress. It was the easiest style to throw on during the last few weeks of pregnancy during our hot summer here in Switzerland.

Savvy Spice casual grey dress pregnancy

 <DETAILS> Grey Dress – H&M styled with Nine West Heels from last year

Funky Forty Savvy Spice pregnancy dress 3 ways

I found this dress so easy to layer on breezy afternoons in Zurich. I wore it with casual Stan Smith Adidas sneakers under an olive jacket on a blogger meet-up with Yvonne of FunkyForty!

Savvy Spice 1 dress 3 ways pregnancy style

<DETAILS> Same dress / Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers (last seen here) / Ferragamo purse / Zara jacket (old)

Photo credit – the lovely Yvonne of FunkyForty

How to Wear 1 Pregnancy dress 3 ways

About a week before my due date, I just wanted to feel comfortable (which was nearly impossible) so I added a basic cotton tee over the H&M dress and wore my faux snakeskin Geox sneakers (although I recommend sandals as my feet were swollen in the heat after 30 minutes).

Savvy Spice grey hm dress 3 ways

<DETAILS> Grey Dress – H&M (PS – just checked and it’s on sale for just $7) /  styled with Geox shoes, H&M tee & white denim jacket (old)

I hope you had a great weekend! Rendezvous Blu Savvy Sleepers Giveaway coming tomorrow.


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Walk It Off

Savvy Spice fashion blog new mom life

Taylor Swift may ‘shake it off‘ again this summer, but I’ll just stick to walking. The past week I’ve started to feel like myself again and I take Wilhelmina out for a walk every day. She loves it and I need it. While the thought of running makes every bone in my body cringe, walking has been A-okay. Especially as the sun sets in Switzerland on long summer evenings, we take her out for a stroll. Forget dessert – fresh air and a happy, quiet baby is a true delicacy for any parents with a newborn.

When it came to shopping for a baby stroller while I was pregnant, my husband took the reins. He started doing serious research while I was still in my first trimester. Style, design, safety – he was Googling every stroller you could imagine, so I let him make the final decision. What a surprise? Apparently he likes his baby buggies like he does his automobiles – classic black and made in Germany. ‘Wow, check out the suspension on this,’ he said pushing it along the dirt path last night. ‘And do you see these tires are for off-roading too? We can even get snow tires in the winter!‘ he added. The baby bells and whistles impress me too, but the truth was, I was just soaking in the sights and sounds of the Swiss countryside during a moment out of the house…

Nikes Savvy Spice walking shoes Switzerland e1436769849347

The SceneSuper casual sunset walk in Switzerland

Britax black stroller Dale Janee

<Our Britax stroller that she seems to love and naps in during the day inside so I can easily move her to different rooms>

Baby Wilhelmina Savvy Spice fashion blog

<Wilhelmina 2 weeks old>

Wilhelmina Savvy Spice baby name

<Hot Pink nails by Sinful Colors called ‘Bikini‘ – the only bikini I’ll be wearing this summer>

Sunflowers Switzerland Expat mom blog

<Sunflowers in full bloom>

SBB Switzerland train Savvy Spice Expat blog

<The always punctual Swiss trains pass along every few minutes>

Mom Style weight loss tips walking Savvy Spice Switzerland

<DETAILS by Dale> I Love these Nikes and had to go up in size during my pregnancy so I wear them daily now / nail polish – Sinful Colors (Sold at Walgreens & Walmart) / basic black outfit – top & shorts Old Navy / sunglasses – Prada>

Hope you had a great weekend and are you a fan of sunset walks?


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Newborn Life on Cloud Nine

Savvy Spice hot air balloon print

I can only describe the past few days with baby Wilhelmina as ‘floating on cloud nine.’ Well, I guess it’s not really floating, but more like strategic hovering with my husband as we watch, hold, feed, burp, change and smile at her. We did a ‘can we go out in public with a baby?‘ practice run on the 4th of July at an expat BBQ in Zurich and it went surprisingly well! She even perked up when the band sang the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ and we lasted a whole 90 minutes before she started crying for her preferred beverage of choice, so we decided to call it a night. There’s been a heat wave sweeping Europe which made for a weekend mostly cooped up indoors with a portable air conditioner we move room by room. I won’t pretend taking care of a newborn is easy and thankfully, my in-laws have been here to help.

Life is on her schedule now which I realized in the hospital two days after she was born. The nurses had taken her for a weigh-in and to check her temperature so I thought, ‘Yay, I have 20 minutes to get ready.’ Just as I started blow drying my hair, I heard the nurses tap on the door. ‘Frau Schroeter, your baby is here.’ They gave me a look like ‘Are you really going to keep blow drying your hair?’ and I realized then and there, my daily ‘getting ready time‘ is over. So hello air-dried hair! Here’s my top 5 low-maintenance style tips (especially for any adjusting new moms) on a quick AM day trip with the family yesterday to Meggen, Switzerland…

Switzerland Savvy Spice hot air balloon shirt

1. Your Pre-Pregnancy Wardrobe that Won’t ‘Fit’ – I learned this the hard way trying to put on a few dresses I thought were roomy enough over the weekend and none fit. One simple idea I recommend is a button down blouse which is easy access if you need to feed. I tied a little knot in front to conceal my belly and paired it with a high-waisted skirt (that actually didn’t zip all the way to the top), but it was good enough.

White nails new mom style Savvy Spice

2. Will You Have Time to Paint Your Nails? – Newborns sleep A LOT so there was a few free moments for mini-pampering, but I recommend quick drying nail polish like Sally Hansen Quick Dry formulas to be on the safe side.

Hot Air balloon print Savvy Spice

3. Error on the Side of Busy Patterns ~ Babies are messy so I recommend wearing darker shades or busy patterns to conceal any issues. I LOVED this hot air-balloon print top I found at Zara a few months ago and I found other brands that have it too (see below).

Steve Madden flats Savvy Spice Dale Janee

4. Heels Aren’t Happening – I spent the weekend in these Steve Madden mustard flats, Converse and flip flops. I’ll still wear heels again, but not while I’m running around taking care of a baby.

Savvy Spice Switzerland new mom style

5. Go with your Natural Hair – If you are used to blow drying your hair, I recommend nixing that idea and finding a hairstyle that works for it naturally. I found pulling my hair back in a messy 60’s style twist works well by using 5 bobby pins (half-back first) then twisting the bottom layers and adding bit of hairspray for fly-aways.

Mixing prints Savvy Spice new mom style

<DETAILS by Dale> black leather handbag c/o – Adora / top (old) – Zara (dresses & top in the same print below) / Skirt (old) – JCrew / sandals – Steve Madden / sunglasses – Chloe / nails – OPI Alpine Snow>

Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend! Any tips you have for new moms are definitely welcome…

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