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Pregnancy Style Dale Janee Chico Old Navy Dress

Old School is one of my top 5 favorite comedies! Remember Mitch-A-Palooza?  When I first saw the movie in 2003, Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell seemed soo old trying to relive their college glory days in their 30’s. Then I had a little wake up call a few weeks ago in California visiting the home of my Alma mater, Chico State. We were there for my cousin’s baby shower and I have a ritual of driving down 3rd Street on the way out of town past Jon & Bons Fro-Yo and the house I lived my senior year of college.

So this is where I went to college,’ I told my husband as we drove down the peaceful tree-lined  street late Saturday afternoon. ‘See! It’s not a party school,’ I said trying to dispel a few rumors he’d heard or read online. Before I could finish my sentence as we approached 3rd & Ivy, I spotted a frat party with college coeds in skimpy denim shorts and tanks playing an extreme session of beer pong on their wilting front lawn. Next door to my old house was the same scene with over 100 students crowded around kegs in the sunshine laughing, day-drinking and Snapchatting away.

It was like a scene straight out of Old School and exactly what I remembered a decade ago. I reached for my phone to snap a pic, when suddenly it crossed my mind that I was in my mom’s minivan and didn’t want the college kids to think I was some snooping parent. Then it hit me as I lowered my phone and glanced down at my belly.  ‘I am a mom-to-be in a Honda Odyssey and my college days are so.totally.over.’  I couldn’t join that college party if I wanted to, but that’s life. When one chapter closes, a new one opens. So today’s pregnancy post (and tips for simple spring glam) is in a location where I was a bit more comfortable earlier that day; a couple miles from Chico State’s campus in a sweet suburban neighborhood…

Old Navy pregnancy style Dale Janee

<The Scene – Chico, CA about 1 hour north of Sacramento visiting family and friends including a chance to sip an ice-tea with the beautiful in blue, Heather, of StyleMindChic>

Gold chain necklace Dale Janee TJ Maxx

<Goldschläger Glam - I found chunky gold chain neckalce at TJ Maxx and couldn’t resist! It’s heavy duty and would go with any wrap dress or white collared shirt this Spring>


<Old Navy Flashbacks - In Jr. High I shopped at Old Navy all the time and then I stopped, until recently. I love their workout clothes and they have a BIG maternity section online. I found this  striped dress (which also comes in black) in the women’s section (it’s not maternity) but it’s really comfy and the length is perfect for summer. (Sidenote) It’s also very stretchy. This one is XS and I am definitely not extra small.

Savvy Spice DSW Nude Heels

<No Streaking…But Nude Heels are a Go! - I buy a new pair of nude strappy sandals or heels on sale once a year from DSW or Macy’s. After all, you need different shades depending on your faux tan level and they elongate legs, or at least that’s how I justify it>

Dale Janee Old Navy Dress

<Bold School - I’m feeling bigger every day, but I learned years ago a layer of Fake Bake self-tanner, red lipstick, aviator shades and fresh blond highlights are glam pick-me-ups that never fail>

Old Navy white black striped dress

<DETAILS by Dale> striped dress – Old Navy (recent/almost sold out online) also in black / heels – Marc Fisher (Last seen here) /nails – new OPIThat’s Hularious‘ / purse – Ferragamo (shop the looks below)

 Have you ever visited an old city or house where you lived in the past just to reminisce?


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My California Baby Shower

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Savvy Spice

Green or yellow?  We decided to wait to find out our baby’s gender until he or she gets here because I love surprises, but it definitely complicates the ‘prep‘ part for the color scheme of shopping, the nursery and the shower. Thankfully Pinterest is always there to rescue the day and I’m pretty sure Pinterest should be thanked for improving communications between mothers and daughters across the world.

I talk to my mom almost daily on the phone when I’m in Switzerland (6:30 am my time is 9:30 pm her time) and from my ’13 wedding to the baby shower, we had fun pinning cute ideas we loved, but couldn’t quite describe over the phone. My mom, sister and aunt put on a beautiful California baby shower for me last Saturday and I’m excited to share photos of last weekend celebrating with family and friends… [Read more…]


South Park Style

Savvy Spice fashion Casual SF

Have you seen any ‘Stars at Coachella‘ stories pop up this week? That’s what I get for subscribing to 10+ gossip sites and while I was there in 2012; nowadays I couldn’t squeeze my belly into a high-waisted pair of Levi cutoffs if I wanted. Waddling around Indio pregnant is not on my Spring bucket list, but I still enjoy seeing all the Hollywood starlets in their festival styles.

Last year I posted a ‘Too Old for Coachella‘ style post and a couple weeks ago in San Francisco I went ultra-casual when I met up with Brittany who helps handle sales and marketing for Savvy Sleepers in one of my favorite spots in the city – South Park. It’s tucked away off 3rd Street near AT&T park perfect for lunch and a casual get-together in the sun. Here’s a few snaps of our meeting, plus some of my momchella ultra-comfy styles I’ve been wearing this Spring… [Read more…]

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Baby Blue & Sunshine

Savvy Spice Halo Blow Dry Bar

Horizontal stripes aren’t exactly known for their slimming effect, but I have a few maternity tops I’m loving and last week I had my first glimpse into the pregnancy perks you receive as soon as you sport a bump in public. I’ve grown a lot the past month and suddenly strangers started noticing I was pregnant which resulted in unexpected smiles on the BART train, ‘Good Luck’ wishes, super friendly customer service at Bank of America and even complimentary shopping bags. Paper bags cost 10 cents in SF and I’ve never been offered one free prior to being pregnant. Even little gestures can make your day.

So last week when I had the chance to check out HALO Blow Dry Bar in Burlingame, I wore one of my comfy, striped stretchy tops that really shows my bump inspired by this maternity look I saw on Blake Lively when she was about 8 months along…


<The Scene ~ On our way back from HALO, we drove through one of my favorite spots in San Francisco on Potrero Hill that overlooks the city>

Blake Lively Pregnancy Style

<Bump Drama – Just as my stylist, Andi, had lathered up my hair, I started to feel a little queasy. I think the baby had a growth spurt this month, which caused some random moments of morning sickness. Suddenly I started feeling nauseous right in the middle of my hair appointment…ugh!>


<Halo Angels – Andi and Jen, the manager, were so nice and understanding. I was definitely a little embarrassed I wasn’t feeling well and dragging out the appointment. I took a couple breaks to take some deep breaths as they offered me ice-water and tea until I felt better. Whew! Andi finished my blow out after applying a bit of volumizer. I showed her a pic of how I wanted my blow out styled and within 20 minutes, she’d created the soft, wavy look>

Halo Blow Dry Bar Burlingame

<The Blow Out – I added in a few clip-in extensions toward the bottom for length, looked at HALO’s Makeup Bar and then Jen gave me a ‘Guide to Make Your Blow Out Last,’ plus some dry shampoo to send me out to enjoy the sunshine. So how long did the blow out really last?>

San Francisco Savvy Spice

<Halo Results – There are SO many blow dry bars across the country and I’ve had a lot I love, but so far HALO’s has lasted the longest* with minimal effort. To help protect it, I slept on my Savvy Sleeper satin pillow case each night, wore a shower cap and used a bit of dry shampoo on the following days. By the 4th day, my blow out still had its volume and shine when I braided it for an afternoon meet-up with Adrienne of Rich Life on a Budget.

*I think the big key was that she didn’t add a lot of products and just a tiny bit of finishing spray for my fly-aways, so my hair never felt weighed down or greasy. Mention this trick to your blow dry bar if you’re in a different city and want it to last longer>

Halo Blow Dry Bar <DETAILS by Dale> maternity jeans & top – H&M MAMA / Zara jacket (old) / handbag – Gucci (last seen here) / Heels Marc Fisher (super comfortable) – recent DSW (similar here at Macy’s) / Blow out special thanks to Halo Blow Dry Bar – Burlingame, CA (4 Locations in the SF Bay Area)

I’ve read different theories about how often women should blow dry or flat iron their hair. How many times a week do you blow dry your hair – either at home or a salon?

I hope you had a great weekend! I spent the past couple weeks catching up with friends and family in Nor Cal. New posts from California coming all this week!


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Feeling French in SF

Feeling French in San Francisco Savvy Spice

Parlez-vous français?’  I don’t speak French, but living in Switzerland has given me a peak inside the lifestyle. From the dijon to fashion designers, French style is in a league of its own. Last week we went to dinner in San Francisco and while I ditched tights and slipped into a navy dress too short by French standards; I was ready to bring back a bit of my old California fashion even if I am pregnant.

From my ‘Olivier Dachkin‘ blow out to a new pair candy colored Louboutin’s, here’s how I infused a bit of French into my night out in San Francisco… [Read more…]


Secrets to Starting Your Own Business

Dale Janee pic for SunnyDaysStarryNights

Earlier this month I was interviewed by two lifestyle bloggers (and real life sisters) Tracy and Jessica of Sunny Days & Starry Nights who I’ve followed for years for their style, DIY posts and home decor inspiration.

I shared my best tips for creating my happy work space, how to start your own small business, plus the biggest challenges of starting a business, plus how to advertise your brand on a budget.

See the full post here and big thanks to Tracy & Jessica for including me in their Career Spotlight series.


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