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Sweet Valley High Letterman Varsity Jacket

Living in Europe is a big change, and being married to a European has its differences too as you could imagine. Over the weekend, my husband’s childhood friend from school in Germany was visiting when the BIG sports story about Tom Brady popped up on our Apple TV.

‘Who is Tom Brady and what is the ball story all about?’ they both asked. I can honestly say two men asking me about the latest news in football never happened once living in the US. Apparently, ‘Deflategate‘ was sailing over their heads, so I decided to explain.

‘Well, Tom Brady is like one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL – that’s the football league – and they won the Superbowl this year.’¬† I watched as their eyes glazed over.

And Tom Brady is married to Giselle,’ I said. Suddenly, I had their attention.

Ohhh, Giselle B√ľndchen,’ my husband replied in a perfect German accent.

Yea, you know who she is, right?’ I laughed.

Uh…Jaaa!!‘ they both replied practically in unison. Ok, calm down Hans and Franz. So I went on to explain the deflated balls, the NFL investigation, the 4-game suspension next season and how some people think Brady is a big liar, but oops…I lost them again.

While my husband could care less about professional football and I occasionally miss the sound of NFL games on the TV Sunday afternoons, I don’t really mind that he’s not a sports nut. He did play sports in high school after all and I have his Varsity jacket to prove it along with my TOP 6 Sporty Chic Styles I’m LOVING this Spring…


<Turns out my husband was a German foreign exchange student in Orange County, California on the swim team and kept his letterman jacket. Go Dana Hills Dolphins! Since I never got one in high school – I don’t think any guy on the Varsity football team even knew my name – now I have his>

Stan Smith Savvy Spice fashion blog white Adidas shoes

<Sporty Style #1 – Stan Smith I am LOVING these original Stan Smith sneakers that are everywhere this spring. They’re comfy too!>

Swatch white watch macarrons Savvy Spice

<Sporty Style #2 – SWATCH Watch – The classic Swiss brand is one of my favorites because they constantly have new designs at great prices (especially for gifts) and they’re Swiss made – meaning won’t break. Check out the huge selection at Macy’s or this Hit the Line Tennis watch>

Varsity Jackets Savvy Spice Golden Bear Jackets

<Sporty Style #3 – A Ponytail - Of course I don’t wear my hair on top of my head like I did in high school, but a ponytail can always give off a fun, sporty vibe>

Dale Janee Savvy Spice sporty style

<Sporty Style #4 – Striped Tanks! – Stripes are always in style, but I love this vintage inspired striped maternity tank from H&M. Look for baby blue or grey and white stripes – something fresh for Spring>

Dana Hills High School Orange County

<Sporty Style #5 – Show Your School Spirit – Buy a tank or sweatshirt from your old college or high-school and wear it with a pair of distressed jeans! Or if you prefer to leave those memories behind, there are SO many vintage sports tee’s and Varsity jackets from random schools at 2nd hand stores>

Savvy Spice fashion blog Dale Janee

<Sporty Style #6 – Letterman Jacket! Last week Julia Roberts sported a black & white Varsity jacket on one of the final episodes of David Letterman. Turns out that brand, Golden Bear, is based in San Francisco and is famous for stylish Varsity jackets>


<DETAILS by Dale> Stan Smith Originals – Men’s / white denim & tank – H&M Maternity / watch c/o- SWATCH last summer (more I’m loving below) / silver bracelet – Zara (Miansai knock-off) / jacket – ’98 Vintage >

So by the end of the Tom Brady convo, they were both asking why the deflated balls were such a big advantage? The truth is I didn’t know the answer. The only thing I really know about football is ‘Laces Out‘ and after that discussion along with my Dana Hills Dolphins Varsity jacket, I just felt like watching Ace Ventura with a bowl of Swiss ice-cream. What did you think about Tom Brady’s punishment? Was the league too harsh, is he a cheater, or could you care less?


Screen Shot 2014 02 26 at 12.19.14 PM 22


Party Like a Pop Star

Weekend Germany Savvy Spice

It’s the weekend – time to ‘Party Like a Rock Star!’ Or in my case ‘Pop Star.’ And by that, I just mean a blogger who’s about to pop. When we found out I was expecting, I decided to wait until the 2nd trimester to start telling people I was pregnant. But there was one little problem with my typical weekend during those first three months – faking the alcohol thing. I tried the faux sip, the ‘Oh, a soda sounds better than a margarita tonight,’ or pretending I wasn’t in the mood for an ice-cold beer. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad thing that some people figured it out (or at least guessed) early on because I wasn’t drinking. Not that I was ever a big party girl, but I’d never turn down a cocktail with friends, so it was a dead giveaway.

So when we went to a house party last weekend for a family friend’s birthday in Germany, I slipped into a BCBG dress I bought years ago. Then I paired it with a pair of white jeans and nude lace-up heels out to celebrate with fruit juice and sparkling water. I may have been slumped into the sofa by 10 pm with swollen feet, but pregnant or not, I still have some party style secrets up my sleeve in case you’re going out this weekend…

White Denim BCBG top

<Let Me See Your White Jeans! – I found these maternity jeans at H&M, and for a stylish selection of white denim, check out this month’s How I Wear My White Jeans hosted by Adrienne of Rich Life on a Budget and Jill of Everything Just So>

Pregnancy Style Savvy Spice

<Update Your Extensions - Last month in California, some of my clip-in extensions were looking dull and damaged so my aunt gave them a trim and highlighted them for a blonder. This is definitely something you could do at home to give your extensions more dimension. Just test one piece first to see how it turns out and extensions bleach faster than the hair on your head so 15 minutes was enough to see a big difference>

Orange juice cocktail Savvy Spice

<Cocktail Hour – I enjoyed chilled OJ and here’s nice selection of non-alcoholic drinks or check out Cheryl’s post today on Oh To Be A Muse for summer cocktail recipes that have my mouth watering for summer – especially the Orange Julius Ceasar>

What to Wear 8 months pregnant

<Pregnancy Style Trick - I still have some party dresses from my mid-twenties. They’re the stretchy ones that I wore with 4-inch heels and a shimmery layer of Sally Hansen Leg Spray. It turns out these former club style dresses are just the right length to wear as maternity tops>

Lime green chairs Ikea

<DETAILS by Dale> White Jeans – H&M / heels (old) – Nine West Last Seen Here / dress – BCBG (old) / purse – Ferragamo>

It’s only a weekend before Memorial Day, but of course that rule is outdated, so are you wearing white jeans already? Cheers to a great Friday night!


Screen Shot 2014 02 26 at 12.19.14 PM 22


Mixing Prints in Missoni

Missoni for Target Savvy Spice fashion

A piece of clothing should be like a work of art.’ - Rosita Missoni

This quote definitely makes sense coming from one of the founders of the high-end Italian fashion house known for its iconic zig-zag designs. While I agree with the quote, my wardrobe is a total mix. A mini selection of fine art mixed with plenty of basics that might be considered status.

Yesterday, we celebrated Mother’s Day with my mother-in-law in Frankfurt, Germany with a weekend in the city, brunch and fresh raspberry cake before our drive home. We snapped a few pics mixing a maternity dress by H&M with a Missoni for Target (during that crazy 2011 collaboration) because mixing prints in the same color family can fun. Think of it as creating your own little work of art with your wardrobe… [Read more…]


Pregnancy Update, Plus Kate’s Blowout Backlash!

Savvy Spice pregnancy style Dale Janee

Lucky Kate! She followed up her flawless pregnancy style by giving birth over the weekend to Princess Charlotte (they just announced the name) debuting her adorable royal bundle of joy along with the most talked about blowout! The UK Daily Mail asked, ‘How does Kate do it? Mothers share their shock on Twitter as Duchess of Cambrige steps out looking immaculate.’ Some women cried she looked ‘too good‘ just 12 hours after giving birth and leaving the hospital. I was more surprised how fast she left after giving birth and now I’m curious what most women do. I’ve heard the standard here in Switzerland is that many women stay about 3 nights in the hospital. If you’ve had a baby or know someone who has, how long did you stay in the hospital?

May marks the beginning of my 8th month of pregnancy and I’ve noticed major changes including swelling in my legs, ankles, feet and my face! Some mornings I wake up looking like a pufferfish with a trout pout, before a 20-minute attempt to contour like a Kardashian. Now I know what The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills feel like on the morning of the reunion show taping with Andy Cohen after a Restylane binge. But beyond my plumped-up in polka dots look below; I’m enjoying our low-key weekends back in Zurich as summer approaches… [Read more…]


Savvy Sleepers Mother’s Day Sale!

Mothers Day Sale

I just wanted to quickly share our Savvy Sleepers annual Mother’s Day Sale going on this entire week because we have so many women who tell us stories about their mom or grandma who always slept on a satin pillow case for her skin and hair. It’s a classic beauty secret and we want to make this perfect gift a little sweeter for mom. Here’s the Deal…

The Wine Country Collection is 25% off

Use Code ‘Mom2015‘ at checkout for an automatic $50 off when you add $149 to your cart

All orders this week will be shipped within 24 hours USPS Priority to get it there faster!

Plus FREE US Shipping on all orders $50+

Need a gift card or gift box? Just leave a note at checkout and we’ll add it complimentary.

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Girl’s Getaway in Vegas!

Girls Getaway Las Vegas

Vegas without a hangover? Earlier this month when I was visiting my family in Nor-Cal, we took a short mid-week trip to Vegas. A bit of business and fun so I invited my mom and sister who were both on Spring break from teaching at a local college and elementary school. I thought a pre-Mother’s Day celebration in Sin City would be fun since we won’t be able to spend May 1oth together (that’s next Sunday already if you still need time to shop for mom).

Virgin America was having a super sale and temps were in the 80’s the entire time so we had some R&R in the sun, minus the pool parties, during our 48 hours in Vegas. Here’s my little Sin City diary along with my mom and sister… [Read more…]